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How Pardot Sales Uses PardotTips and Tricks to Maximize Sales Effectiveness

Presented by: Derek Grant, VP of Sales

1We Drink Our Own Kool AidSales is a Power User of:Lead QualificationLead Activity TrackingLead ManagementSocial Profile BuildingSales AlertsVisitor AlertsProspect AlertsLeadDeckRep-Driven Nurturing CampaignsEmail Plug-inWe Drink Our Own Kool Aid

2A Team of 7 awesome sales prosand me.Its Easy Being GreenAll Pardot sales people have under 3 years experienceNo bad habitsOpen Territory Model:Like herding catsUnlimited OpportunityEliminates Bad territoriesCan be a management headacheA Little About Us

Sing One of these things is not like the other.We started in 2007 with meQ1 2008, we added Kevin GQ2 2009 we added Mathew Sweezey and SteveQ1 2010 we added Adam D, JordanAll have reached Quota in Q3

Q3 2010 we added Brittyn and Danny

Commodity Sales ExperienceCopier Sales, Cell Phone Sales, Cutco Knife sales (Door to Door) He convinced people to let him into their homes with a bag of knives

Open TerritoryReps arrive early to call UK 8 AM ET = 1 PM BST5-8 PM ET is key W. Coast Calling timeNo one gets Montanaor San Francisco

Who is Working Button on Lead / Contact Designed to stop reps being Stepped On60 / 120 Rule No contact in last 60 days and / or no contact scheduled in the next 120 daysCRM Lead Owner reassignLetter System for Visitor Capture

3Total Professionals

4Lead QualificationNot Just Score Score+Grade Identify the most active / best Fit prospects

Scoring Model Simple Customizations such as Test Drive FormPriority Pages + Score Increases

GradeOur Ideal Customer profileNot all grading data is automated

Scoring Model:Test Drive / Feedback Form:+50 Bonus PointsTwilio Alert Calls DG, Press 1 to connectSales Alert via email

Priority Pages We Only Have 2:Pricing & Demo+5 Points EachScoring rule of Thumb #1 The Number isnt as Important as the critical activitiesScoring rule of Thumb #2 KISS Principle. Dont over think it. Its designed to make the cream rise to the top

Grade:Simple Automation Rules Grade Prospects:Job Title Contains Director, Manager, VP, Vice, ChiefDepartment Contains Marketing, Operations, SalesLocation is US, UK, Canada

Some Criteria requires human intervention (e.g., Company Size).Use Jigsaw, LinkedIn (Button by the company name)Some not provided on initial interaction (e.g., Progressive profiling may not get Job Title or Department on initial passJS / LI to augment data thru CRMData syncs back to WMAGrade Increases5Pardot Doesnt Make You a Mind Reader..Focus sales cycles on the most obvious activitiesBuying Signals

Search:What did they call it?Captures Intent (e.g., Pricing)Lead Activity Tracking

Lead Tracking:Tracking doesnt make you a mind reader, but it does help Sales build a hypothesis as to what is of interest to the prospect.Know where the prospect seems to be the most interested, but dont make assumptionsYou know what happens when you assumeExample The image shows a prospect who seems cost conscious

Obvious Activities:Do they spend time in the Knowledge Base Technical Buyer?What Pages do they visit most frequently, for the longest time Focus Your Message

Buying Signals:Differ from organization to Organization Search for Pricing, Quick (Quick Start), Demo, Trial, etc.I dont care about all the pages in a visitor session What Priority Pages did they view?

Search:If they search for a specific feature, focus on that featureIf they use a specific term (e.g., Demand Generation), use that termIf the prospect called it Email Marketing, use that termRecent search for Leading Vendors of Marketing Automation Used that in the subject line, sent Analysts reviews of PardotSite Search That is a complementary item for all Pardot users, so if you do not have a search, Pardot provides one, or can connect with your current search

6Lead ManagementNot All Leads Should Go to SalesExclude Tire Kickers / SuspectsSales is drinking from a fire hoseROI will impact your bottom lineSimple Lead Management:Send an Alert when a lead meets the definition of MQL / who show Buying Signals The Eyeball Test

Tire Kickers:70% of leads who dont engage sales today will buy from a competitor in 24 months.They educate themselves on your materials, engage sales on their own terms

Bottom Line:Gartner noted that when greater integration is accomplished between marketing and sales on lead management processes, conversion rates for leads (defined as earning the designation as qualified and/or committed to the sales pipeline) can increase by as much as 50%.

Lead Management:Lower the qualification for leads if you have an Inside Sales / Lead Qualification Team Dont exclude possible great leads. Err on the side of liberal lead qualificationIf the lead is bad, the Inside Rep will mark as Unqualified

Alerts v. Automated Lead Assignment:Software does as instructedMarketing / Sales Operations is still criticalHUMAN INTERVENTION - Let an objective eye review e.g., leverage the Eyeball Test prior to blindly assigning to outside salesLead May meet scoring / grading / activity criteria, however not be a good leadDream Crusher You cant use WMA to Market from Tahiti with an umbrella drink.With high volume, a final human review may not be possibleWith Inside Sales Team Use Automation to assign7Check out Comments and NotesComments are Prospect providedNotes are Lead Management ProvidedAssigned Lead Alerts

8Handoff to CRMYouve got the leadnow what?We track the Lead Status of each marketing generated leadThis is compared to the Pardot Lead Created DateIf not changed from Open, Why did we not follow up on Marketing Generated leads?Just because Marketing says they are qualifiedTake a look at the leadIf not good, mark UnqualifiedThis syncs with PardotNo more nurturing

SLA with SalesMkt generated leads are passed to salesSales responsible for tracking the lead status / changing from OpenMKT has visibility into un-contacted leadsContact Initiated / Contact SuccessfulIf the lead is no good, mark as UnqualifiedLead source is synced with PIAutomation rule marks Do Not Email No more nurturing / blast emails9Lead PrioritizationOnce a lead passes to the CRM, adjust your Lead / Contact ViewAdd Score, Grade, Last Activity as sorting criteriaSuggestion - Start with Grade, then Score, then Activity Date

Scoring Model:Simply - An A+ with a low score is better than an F with a high scoreActivity = Recency. Strike while the iron is hot.Whitepaper Call same day (Intro)Test Drive Call immediately (Intro)Return to site Call same day (LeadDeck) or Next Day Like talking to a friend after a login hiatus.dont let it get weird

10CRM Provides More Data PointsWe sync CRM data to PardotData points gleaned by Sales can help target email campaignsThings you wouldnt get on a formProvide a single location for call information

CRM Data:Passed to PI for more granular segmentationCan also help refine an offline messagePardot a Marketing Automation platform that helps you drive more value from your PPC campaigns, and automate your prospect nurturingsomething that MailChimp cant currently do

Or Pardots micro analytics provide actionable sales tracking data that LeadLander or Google Analytics cannot provide

11Better Understand the ProspectCheck Out their ProfilesValidate Information through LinkedIn & Jigsaw

Social provides another Touch Point:Twitter Follow ThemLinkedIn School & Prior Positions?Facebook Family?

Social Profile Building

Better Understand the Prospect:Use LinkedIn & Jigsaw for Data Augmentation

What are their interests?Example Amir appears to be a family manTwitter handle Abba_dad Shows hes proud of being a parent

The Social Touch:Follow them on TwitterIf they turn into a customer, you may elect to LinkedIn connectNever Facebook Friend Request

12Sales AlertsRespond to Prospect ActivitiesLeadDeck Did you call and they not answer?Jump into CRMProspect Report Did the Prospect Respond to a Nurturing Campaign?Did they return unsolicitedBest Practice for AlertsNever Indicate that you Saw they were activeCreepy

Sales Alerts Visitor CaptureVisitor Report Used as a Lead Generation VehicleValidation of responseScan QuicklyNumber of pages?Location?Search Term?Who do you call?You know your prospectsWho Gets What?First Letter of Name

Scan Quickly:Highest Number of Pages = Most ActiveLocation Do you exclude specific geographies? (e.g., - Japan)Search TermDo they know your company name (educated consumer)Did they search for a product featureWas it a small feature (e.g., Landing Page Builder would not be followed up on).Who do you call?Call who you would normally call. We call up and down the Marketing Hierarchy

Who gets what?We utilize the Alphabet principle I have U, N & G. Leads that start with that letter, who are not in the CRM are available to be called.

What Next? Click the company name.Does it fit your demo profile?14Triggered inside the CRMNon-Responsive / Longtail prospectsExamples of CampaignsUse Light HTMLReps dont create HTML messages.From address branding, makes it appears to have come from OutlookBrian Carroll Nurturing with the Human TouchHeavy HTML is for MarketingRep-Driven Nurturing Campaigns

Premise:The Lead was a MQL (passed to Sales)Keeps the Sales Rep and Brand Top of MindAutomates the delivery of repetitive, marketing focused content

Examples:Timeframe Based Delivers messages over a set timeframe (lost deal, educational, etc)Persona Based Sends messages based upon the title / role of the recipient (e.g., Technical Titles get tech content, while Executive Titles get ROI content)Vertical Based Sends out case studies and