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  • 8/13/2019 Home Instalation



    Electrical home installation planning is the planning or installation of an image to

     begin the installation so that what is needed and in need of the installation will be at the meet

    to begin the installation. 

    installation planning needed::

    1. Construction

    2. Electrical design

    3. Function each room

    4. Wiring

    5. iping

    !. ower re"apitulation

    #. $rounding

    %. lanning of arester 

    &. Electrical material

    1'. Contract with state electrical

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  • 8/13/2019 Home Instalation


    1. Construction

    (he first thing it does is ma"e or decide floor plan. Function of house plans is

    to gi)e *ou the idea to organi+e a room. (o ma"e a simple house plans, we can

    replicate and ta"e some part or entirel* of a simple e-ample of house plans. ut

    certainl* there is much land in accordance with the sample plan. /f it does not fit,

    then the room that was built could be too wide or )ice )ersa. Comparison between

    the land area of one room to another will be proportionall* less.

    2. Electrical design

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    /n the design of the installation, consist of wiring diagam , piping diagram and

    one line diagram. 0o we must ma"e wiring dagram , piping diagram and single

    line diagram. (his wiring diagram in the presence of an installer will "now more

    in detail, which will be in install wires and other components that will be in

    install.0ingle line diagram. with the aim that the installer can find the path to the

    installation of conducti)e components and "now how much that passes through

    the conducti)e pathwa*

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    3. Function each roo

    arious rooms in the house each ha)e a function different from one another.

    0uch as li)ing room used to recei)e guests, the dining room to eat with the famil*,

    the bedroom used for sleeping resting and so on. 0o e)er* room is different

    functions depending on the acti)ities carried out

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    fter we "now function each room, colour of room , wide of room can

    calculate lamp total

    !. "iring

      wiring diagram is used in the construction of homes to show where all thewires and circuits will be located. With home construction, a wiring diagram isdrawn out and planned prior to running electrical wires and circuits. Construction

    teams need this information to "now where to locate power ac"s throughout the

    home, where to drill holes, and to "now how much and e-actl* what t*pes of

    euipment and tools will be reuired to complete the proect. (he wiring diagram

    is used b* the electrician to properl* configure the fuses that control the flow of

    electrical current in a home. (his is a safet* issue because if current is sent

    through a fuse to a portion of the home6s wiring that is not designed to handle

    )oltage flow, it can lead to blown fuses, or worse, a fire ha+ard..

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  • 8/13/2019 Home Instalation


    #. $i%ing

    (he use of pipes on electrical installations ma* be installed in the wall

    concrete and outside wall on the surface of wooden boards, ma"ing it loo" clean.

    /nstallation inside the walls are )er* useful as well as the protecti)e conductor is

    also the time of replacement of conductors in the future will be eas* and efficient

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    &. $o'er re(a%itulation

    (able of materials with the installation of this table will ma"e an installer to

     pro)ide the material to be in need.

    Total o) la% * + 'ide , E +lu,-- + r , (d , /l -

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    0. rounding

    (he primar* function of electrical grounding is to ta"e awa* unwanted buildup

    of electricit*. When a point is connected to the ground, it sta*s in constant )oltage

    regardless of the rest of the s*stem. (he Earth is the ultimate ground, because it

    has the abilit* to absorb an almost unlimited amount of electrical charge. (he

    actual mechanism consists mainl* of a ground rod installed into the soil

    . $lanning Arester

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    Where to install a s*stem is needed arrester some of the main components

    such as, water terminations 7end arrester8, down conductors 7down conductors8,

    and earth terminations 7end of the earth8.

    1. 'ater terinations +end arrester- 

    End of the arrester or more often called the finial is the main de)ice that

    will ma"e direct contact against lightning stri"es in the air. (herefore, the

    tip of the spearhead finial catcher on the highest load on the station

     buildings and other buildings. For each s*stem the shape of the finial ma*

    )ar* depending on the plant where the finial was placed in production,

    materials selection and customi+able approach to the 9egulation of

    inister of anpower on / 70ur)eillance /nstallation Channel

    ;ightning8. 0imilarl* the decline and end of the grounding conductor.

    Each s*stem has a finial shape and si+e are different, this is due to be

    adusted to the needs of both the le)el of protection, building aesthetics,

    safet* and other factors. 0ome form finial outstanding especiall* in

    /ndonesia showed that each firm can produce the same end of arrester was

     but a different t*pe of shape.

    2. o'n conductor

    Connecting between the end of the earth is a conductor of arrester to this

    fall. $enerall* used for this connection t*pe of bare copper conductor wire

    7bare copper8 C

    lightning current to ground. =tili+ation of the tower as a conductor is not

    reliable gi)en that the constituent components of the connection of the

    tower itself sometimes in an isolated state with a coating of paint. lus the

     properties of materials in general is corrosi)e. 0o it is necessar* to add a

    conductor is directl* connected to the earth. 9eduction can be put on the

    cable conductor or a metal plate which generall* use copper or aluminum.

    For cable is certainl* more fle-ible and eas* to plat has the ad)antage of

     being mounted lower impedance. (he bare conductor must ha)e a ris" of

    mo)ing the high )oltage because there is no insulation

    3. End o) the rounding and Connection

    $rounding of euipment or >earth terminations> in uestion is >part of the

    grounding of the euipment did not pass the normal wor" flow.> /n

    uestion is the tip of an earth grounding electrode.

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    (he obecti)es are the limitation of )oltage between parts of the

    euipment is not energi+ed and the soil to a price that does not harm either

    in normal or not. Furthermore in order to obtain the impedance as small as

     possible to the road behind the short circuit current to ground.

    (hus the end of the earth is an electrode which is embedded into the

    ground with a specific method to achie)e the abo)e obecti)es and thus

    the current can flow down from the conductor to the ground as uic"l* as


    (he connection in uestion is the bonding between the cable into the cable

    and cable to another conductor. /t has also recei)ed attention because the

    failure of the connection can also hinder the performance of a lightning

     protection s*stem.

    4. Electrical aterial

    1. Fuse.

    Fuse is basicall* an tools circuit brea"ers because of the e-cessi)e use

    of electric current. (he occurrence of e-cessi)e current in a circuit can becaused b* a short circuit.

    2. 5"h eter

    (he main function of the ?W@ meter is to calculate the electrical

    energ* consumption. With the tremendous technological de)elopments, the

    ?W@ meter de)eloped into an automatic measuring instrument that can send

    the measurement result to the power compan* concerned

    3. MC6

    cron*m ini Circuit rea"er C is a safet* de)ice functions as an

    o)ercurrent. C are o)ercurrent protection of which is caused b* o)erload

    and o)ercurrent because of the short circuit. (hus the basic principle of

    operation is terminated due to more load with instantaneous o)ercurrent rela*s

    are used electromagnet.

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    !. Electrical %i%e

    function to protect the electrical wiring installation. (here are se)eral

    t*pes of such pipes and pipe p)c pipe union. ipe si+es commonl* used in theinstallation of the home is 5% >.

    #. Connection 7o,

    function as connection bo- place the cable connection to ta"e


    &. S'itch

    0witch function is to connect or disconnect the electrical current from

    the source to the user load.

    0. Fitting

    Fitting the lamp function as place holder 

    . Contact 7o,

    Contact bo- is a bo- where the )oltage source that is read* to use.

    4. Electrical ca7le

    cable function as conductor of electric power 

    18. Contract 'ith state electrical

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  • 8/13/2019 Home Instalation


    fter "nown )oltage and current, we contract with ;A, ;A is state

    electrical. 0o ;A will suppl* the )oltage to the home. nd we can use for

    turn on the (ele)ision , radio , lamp and etc.

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