1. click SAPLOGON pad. 2. click new item. 3.description->anything 4.application server->Your computer name. 5.system ID->DEV. System number->00. 6.click logon.

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1. click SAPLOGON pad.2. click new item.3.description->anything4.application server->Your computer name.5.system ID->DEV. System number->00.6.click logon.

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1.client ->8002.user->DDIC3.PASSWORD->19920706.4 ENTER. Following screen apear

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1.give t.code- > su012.ENTERFollowing screen appear

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fill up last name first name language and comm..meth as mentioned above.Then click logon data tab.Following screen appear.

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1.only give initial password and repeat password2. save.3.click profile tab.Following screen appear

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1.write sap_all and give ENTER.Again write sap_new give enter.2.save.3. Now close the screen4.Again click to log on and following screen appear.

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1.give client 800.2.user sapuser.3. give the password same as you give it as initial password and repeat password in log on tab.4.enter5. change your old password with your new password.Following screen appear

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1.give t code se382.enterfollowing screen appear

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1.give program name as zcreate and click on create.2.it will ask for access key.3.give access key as 366876632212612786944.enterfollowing screen appear

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1.give title as program and type as executable program2.click save.3:following screen appear.

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click local object.Following screen appear.

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close that screen.

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And again logon to sap.