HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (Pre School) HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (Pre School) Dear parents, As the summer vacations are

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Text of HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (Pre School) HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (Pre School) Dear parents, As the summer vacations...


    Dear parents,

    As the summer vacations are approaching, some fun filled activities have been planned for

    the little ones, giving them the practice of phonic sounds, counting, pre number concepts,

    healthy living, life skills etc...All these in addition to the 'quality time', spent by the parents

    with the children, as they guide them through these activities, will indeed make their vacation

    time more fun and fruitful.

    1. EVS

    Personal Hygiene

    Learning Objective: The children will learn why personal hygiene is important in one’s life. They will be able to compare the importance of good hygiene with poor hygiene.

    Personal Hygiene for Kids:

  • Song on Hygiene:

    Activity 1: ‘Fishing for Good Hygiene’

    Please help your child decorate two boxes (shoe box or any other box available) – one box on which “YES” is

    written and the other on which “NO” is written. Various things, which are used to keep the body clean like soap,

    brush, handkerchief, nail cutter is mixed with the things like Pencil, eraser, sharpener and pen etc. can be kept

    together. Let you child pick up an object one by one, identify it and discuss its use. The child will put the objects,

    which are used to keep the body clean in the “YES” box and other objects in the “NO” box.

    Activity 2: ‘My clean hands’

    The importance of washing wands and the correct way to do so can be discussed with the children, as it is very

    important now-a- days to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus disease.

    Activity 3: Strong and healthy are my teeth

  • Importance of healthy food and unhealthy food should be discussed with your child. He/ she can be told about the

    importance of keeping our teeth healthy and strong. As adults we have learned how certain foods are better for our dental health than others. We’ve learned that fruits and vegetables are in general a lot better for our teeth than

    things like soda or ice cream which bathe our teeth in sugar or other elements that can damage our dental hygiene.

    By using this chart that has pictures of an assortment of foods you can talk with your child about what kinds of

    food-items are better for our teeth than other kinds and help them learn about what should be eaten more or less


    Here is an image of Happy Tooth and a Sad Tooth with pictures of healthy food and junk food. Make your child

    paste pictures of healthy food around the happy tooth and pictures of junk food around the sad tooth.

  • Template for printing:

  • Tooth template

  • Print the template or draw and colour. Brush away Hippo’s germs and have some fun.

    This paper hippo can be assembled to have a mouth-flap which children can then

    brush with the (also printable) paper toothbrush!


    *Pattern writing writeup- Pre writing skills involve the skills a child needs in order to learn to write. These skills include sensor motor skills which enable a child to hold and use a pencil which gives them the ability to copy, trace, draw and colour. As a child practices pattern writing through copying and tracing this will give them the confidence and ability to write letters and numbers correctly. Patterns help a child to use fine motor skills, observations, eye-hand coordination and encourages them to draw in a specific direction or pattern.

    Worksheets (4 pattern writing sheets)-attached *Creating Alphabet Dictionary

    Activities help in inculcating a "Learning by Doing" approach in young

    learners. Letters play a very important role to help build words that

    further increase vocabulary. As the child understands the pronunciation

    of letters, it inculcates creative thinking skills in them. To make this interesting, a "Personal Picture Dictionary" will be created by the child making it a fun and memorable experience using different activities.

    Material Required:

    - A4 sized sheets (coloured)

    - Old magazines for pictures

    - Scissors

    - Glue

    - Decorative material available at home for the Letters activity

    *Fun with Phonic Sounds Children are like sponges- they absorb what they are being told. So, this is a great age to introduce them to phonic sounds for learning how to read. While teaching phonics, focus on the sounds that each letter makes, instead of the name of the letter. While some letter names automatically translate into the sound the letter makes, such as “b” says /b/, others are more confusing, such as “c” says /k/. Children just beginning to learn their phonics are often confused by the letter names, and it can take them a little longer to learn the sounds. As the child becomes more confident in his sounds, the letter names will quickly come. So let’s learn phonics in a ‘Sing-Song Way’.

    Link Attached:

    Time to learn ‘PHONICS’

  • 3.MATHS *Number Value activity Counting is the building block of mathematics as the meaning attached to counting is the key conceptual idea on which all other number concepts are based. In this activity children will prepare 5 corn cobs (either using clay or paper cutouts ) and number them from 1 to 5. They will then paste as many corn kernels (can be made using clay or small newspaper balls) on the corn cob as per the number mentioned under each corn cob. This activity can be done either on chart paper, newspaper or any cardboard according to the availability. This activity will help children recapitulation and recognition of numbers. Reinforcing one-to one correspondence as children will be able to match each spoken number with one and only one object.

    4. ART & CRAFT * Socks Puppet Children have fun playing around with a puppet and if it is one they create

    themselves, then his/her joy knows no bounds. Creating puppets by

    themselves will open up their mind to the world of imagination. You can use

    material, which is easily available at home and introduce your little ones to

    the joy of creating with their own hands.

    Link: No-Sew Socks Worms

    *Branch Painting Branches are easy for children to hold onto and strong enough to survive

    the painting process. Choosing a non-traditional (yet safe) surface for kids to

    paint on can be very motivating.

    For this activity, you can use a small branch, twig or stick for painting. With

    4 or 5 painted sticks they can create a colourful bunch of sticks for home

    decor. These can then be displayed for all to appreciate!

    Link: Painted Twig Bouquet

  • 5. Let's experiment with cooking without fire and become little chefs:

    The kitchen can be a fascinating place for our little ones as they are intrigued to see their moms working briskly in there, watching the steam rise from the pots and smelling what's on the menu for the day. It isn't always convenient to invite them to the kitchen to help but at times doing so will provide them with an opportunity to practically get a hands on experience, experiment and gain a sense of accomplishment. Putting dishes together in which they eat or helping out in simple tasks like stirring, whipping or pouring something will seem like fun to them but in a way they will learn the importance of working together and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. So, let's help our children acquire these life skills which will be a life long learning and what better time than now when we are all at home. Some easy to do recipes with our young ‘Sou Chef’ can be lemonade, fruit salad, ice lollies, cookies etc. Do give it a try and enjoy the expressions of wonder and amazement in their eyes!

    6. Bed time Meditation Stories for listening skills to calm yourselves after a long and hectic day.

    Sadie The Fairy Earns Her Wings -

    Children's Bedtime Story/Mediation

    This is a sweet story about a little fairy called Sadie. Sadie

    needs to earn her wings. This meditation has a underlying

    message for your children that will ...

  • Martina The Unicorn Was Afraid Of The

    Dentist - Children's Bedtime


    Martina is a Unicorn that loves Gymnastics! Her winning

    smile is important when she competes or performs. One

    wiggly tooth means she has to go to the denti