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Havixbeck YoutH SYmpHonic band - Havixbeck YoutH SYmpHonic band Jugendorchester havixbeck 1 The Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band was founded in 1973 and is one of the

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  • Havixbeck YoutH SYmpHonic band Jugendorchester havixbeck


    The Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band was founded in 1973 and is one of the few highest degree Youth Concert Bands in Germany today. Since June 2002, the group is being conducted by Rainer Becker. Mainly, the ensemble focuses on concerts and band competitions. At the German Orchestra Competition, which took place in 2004 and 2008, the ensemble represented its federal state North Rhi- ne-Westphalia. Both times it won the second prize in the category »Youth Concert Bands«. In 2006, the young musicians gained the second prize in the »Open A Grade Competition« aligned by the music festival of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg with 97 points out of 100. As part of the 8th German Orchestra Competition in 2012, the ensemble won the first prize for the first time. A special highlight was the winning of a competition offered by the West German Bro- adcasting, which included a special prize: together with the »WDR Symphonic Orchestra Cologne«, the Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band gave a winner’s gala concert at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall. In September 2015, the band qualified for the 9th German Orchestra Competition in Ulm in May 2016. There, the first prize was won a second time with the special rating »extraordinary« and thus, the Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band can still claim the title of the »Best Youth Concert Band in Germany«. Being a cultural ambassador of the Goethe-Institute, the ensemble already gained international experience by several concert trips abroad: In 2009, the musicians went on a journey to South Korea, in 2012 to Croatia. Before that, the ensemble had performed in other countries such as the USA, Canada, Norway, Greece, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The repertoire of the ensemble, which comprises about 60 musicians, ranges from original compositions for symphonic bands, over arran- gements of symphonic opus to modern, entertaining music. The effort put into the work for the orchestra’s work, aims at providing mea- ningful projects for young people through musical education. A tho- rough education of the students with their own individual instru- ments, accompanied by their education in music theory and regular rehearsals, are the conditions of the success of this young ensemble.

  • conductor | headmaster havixbeck school of music RaineR beckeR


    Rainer Becker (born 1971) studied conducting, euphonium and trom- bone at the »Conservatoire de musque de la ville de Luxembourg«. As a musician, he joined the »European Union Youth Wind Orche- stra«, the Symphonic Wind Band of the Conservatoire de Luxem- bourg, »Bläserphilharmonie Süd-West« and »Luxembourg Philhar- monia«.

    His first lessons of conducting were taught at the Music Academy Marktoberdorf by Wilhelm Koenen. After he successfully passed the national conducting exam and B-course for concert band conductors at the National Academy Trossingen taught by Prof. Felix Hauswirth, he began a conducting degree at the Conservatory of Luxemburg taught by Prof. Carlo Jans. Further private studies and master classes, for example with Jan Cober, Pierre Kuijpers and Walter Ratzek, fol- lowed. He gained conducting experiences with the National Chamber Orchestra of Lettland, the symphonic band of the conservatory Lux- emburg, the Southwestphalian Philharmonics and the Radio Concert Band of Leipzig. Rainer Becker gained special impulses during an internship at the »Staatskapelle Dresden« at the Semperoper where he observed Sir Colin Davis in 2010, as well as through the master class of Kurt Masur in 2011.

    Since 2002, Rainer Becker is the director of the Music School Havix- beck and conducts the Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band, which won the title of the best German Youth Concert Band in 2012 for the first time. German Music Council has awarded him with a support scholarship for his achievements with the Havixbeck Youth Concert Band.

    Parallel to his job in Havixbeck, Rainer Becker is a guest conductor of different orchestras and music ensembles. Since 2006, he teaches Euphonium at the University of Dortmund. Additionally, he has degrees in law and politics.

  • havixbeck school of music as part of the havixbeck Youth sYmphonic band

    StudYing and teacHing muSic aS teamwoRk


    The Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band was founded as an association in 1973 by committed parents and its first conductor Günther Mer- tens. At the same time, the association developed its own system to teach musical theory and the work in an ensemble. In 1984 the former primary school complex could be converted into the association’s own music school because of the support from the municipality in Havix- beck and honorary helpers. Up until today the music school still is completely under the orchestra’s maintenance. Due to the local tea- ching, the orchestra wins young professionals and as a well-known orchestra, it acquires new students. The offer stretches from Pa- rent-Child-Classes, instrumental lessons and ensembles over ballet classes to adult education. The main emphasis of musical education focuses on wind instruments, which are taught, additionally to the one-to-one lessons, on four different levels and orchestras. To enter the next level, the musicians have to absolve an exam, consisting of a theoretical and practical part.

    During a common annual orchestra trip, which is accompanied by top-notch – even international – instructors, even the youngest are integrated into the structures of an orchestra. The possibility of an early entrance in an ensemble and the social support – especially during puberty – provide that only few musicians quit their instru- mental education. On the other hand, the socio-economic changes do not allow everyone to learn an instrument and be a member of an orchestra or other associations. Because of this, the association coope- rates with the local facilities for general education: In kindergartens children can participate in early musical education classes. In the local elementary school a musical class has been established. Classes of the local Middle School with students aged 10 to 15 also developed their own musical class system together with the music school. Both systems include instrumental education in small groups and in class – both of these are part of the students’ schedules. Following that, the students have the possibility to continue their education at the music school. A fund established by the Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band and other local associations enable socially disadvantaged as well as ext- raordinary musicians to be specifically supported. For the latter there is the possibility of one-to-one lessons during school time in the rooms of the music school, if they are students at the local comprehensive

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    05/2016 852 students

    12/1973 25 students


    school. This applies if their results in main subjects are not endange- red.

    At the moment, 62 instructors teach about 850 students. Regarding the 11,500 inhabitants of Havixbeck, this is a share of 7%. Cologne’s music school would have about 73,000 students, if they had a similar percentage. The community of Havixbeck can manage without a communal music school due to the private maintenance, which would not be financially manageable because of its extent. The association of the Havixbeck Youth Symphonic Band employs only one person full-time, as the orchestra’s and music school’s head. The leading of the association is the honorary board’s task, which comprises out of former members, parents and two orchestra spokesmen. The honorary work is taken on by the board and about 100 more supporters from the family environment and the members itself. Besides the everyday work at the music school, the orchestra and the archive, administrative or caretaker tasks, every year there takes place a big music school festival, diverse concerts and projects together with soloists, as well as the one-week orchestra trip, which has to be organized.

    As a member of the orchestra one automatically takes on tasks like organizing program for leisure time on tours or rehearsals that take place on weekends, but also the whole organization for the concert trip f antasia, which takes the ensemble to Singapore and Malay- sia in August 2016. Furthermore, the high commitment allows far-re- aching projects to take place: For example in 2012, when many of the orchestra’s members helped renovating the music school’s building, which was threatened by closure due to fire safety conditions. Addi- tionally, the association’s and community’s budget is only limited and so many active helpers were needed, who even had to tear down walls themselves. At the moment the extension of the attic is the current project in cooperation with the community of Havixbeck and the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia due to their project »Hilfen im Städtebau für Kommunen zur Integration von Flüchtlingen«, which means “Help with city’s infrastructures in communities for further integration of refugees”.

    The association finances itself through the member’s fees, different

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    promotional funds and donations, a sponsors’ association, which many local companies joined, and an annual communal grant. Havixbeck’s community also rents the building quite cheap to the board. In return, the community not only profits from the musical education, the connected cultural events and a lasting youth work, but also because of the constant purchasing power guaranteed by the students, their parents and

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