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    FAMILY HANDBOOK 2015 2016

    St. Philips Episcopal School admission and financial aid policies do not discriminate on the

    basis of race, sex, or national or ethnic origin. Applications from all races and creeds are welcome.

    The Reverend Dr. Mary E. Conroy


    The Reverend Dr. Gregory B. Blackburn Head of School

    This St. Philips Episcopal Church and School Handbook is published solely for the communication of school-related matters among

    members of the St. Philips Community. Its use for any other purpose is not authorized.

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    MISSION STATEMENT St. Philips Episcopal School, the largest and most expansive outreach of St. Philips Episcopal Church, provides an excellent educational experience guided by outstanding professionals, in a safe, caring community. Our mission is to educate each child intellectually, physically and spiritually in an atmosphere of acceptance and inquiry.

    PHILOSOPHY St. Philips Episcopal School is the educational member of the Parish of St. Philips. Therefore, the School and the Parish are integrally united in spirit and purpose. As an Episcopal School, we see ourselves as providing a strong academic program within the broad context of the values, traditions, and tenets of Christianity. It is in this context that the appreciation of the dignity and worth of every member of the community is nurtured. We recognize that many of its functions are extensions of family life and encourage parents to work in partnership with the School. How we teach, how we discipline, how we work and play together, how we strive toward common objectives, ultimately determines the quality of life of the entire school. St. Philips Episcopal School has consistently sought to develop and to challenge its students since 1953. To accomplish this, the school provides a challenging, traditional academic program in a supportive environment. Teachers are dedicated to a view of the whole child, and are thus responsive to children as persons. We seek to awaken in each child a sense of himself or herself as a significant, creative, and responsible individual. We believe, therefore, that education works best through a program, which stresses intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development; social involvement and responsibility; and moral understanding. Our vitality as a School and our success with each student depend upon our ability to help each child recognize, appreciate and develop to the fullest of his/her potential. Community is central to who we are. We are committed to assist families in their faith lives and journey, respectful of individual faith preferences. As one body in Christ church and school are blended in each other daily lives. As part of our mission to educate children their spiritual development and health is essential. Our rector and chaplain and all church resources are available to our school families to assist them during any crisis or to celebrate moments of great joy.

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Mission Statement 2


    Accreditation & Memberships. 4 School at a Glance... 4 Purpose of this Handbook... 4 Students Expectations. 4 Family Expectations .... 4

    Policies, Programs & Procedures Acolytes & Flag Raisers....5 Admissions Preference Policy 5 Attendance.. 5 Arrival & Dismissal Times... 6 Behavioral Dos & Donts 8 Birthdays. 8 Cell Phones..9 Charitable Giving 9 Communication between School and Home9 Discipline 9 Dress Code..10 Emergency Procedures 11 Early School Care 11 Extended Day Activities.. 11 Facilities Use... 12 Health Plan and Policies.. 12 Homework.. 15 iPad and Laptop Acceptable Use Policy... 16 Lost & Found..18 Lunch.. 18 Parking, Drop Offs & Pick Ups.. 18 Religious & Spiritual Life. 19 Re-enrollment..19 Report Cards & Evaluations20 Safety.. 20 School Supplies... 21 Visitors21

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    Accreditation and Memberships St. Philips is accredited by the following organizations:

    Florida Council of Independent Schools Florida Kindergarten Council The National Association of Episcopal Schools National Association of Independent Schools.

    St. Philips School at a Glance

    Founded in 1953 Grades: PK-3 Grade 5 Faculty and Staff: 46 Faculty with Advanced Degrees: 30% Operating Budget: $4 million

    PURPOSE OF THIS HANDBOOK This Handbook was developed to answer many of the commonly asked questions you as family members may have during the school year. This handbook contains information about students rights and responsibilities; parents and students are responsible for knowing its contents. Please take time to become familiar with the information available to you on-line. It can be a valuable reference during the school year and a means to avoid confusion and misunderstanding when questions arise. The school reserves the right to revise or amend this Handbook and the policies and procedures contained in it at any time. Significant changes will be distributed to students and parents as appropriate. If you have any questions about the handbook or any of its policies, please contact the school office. After reading the Handbook, please all families are required to sign the Consent Form on the Magnus Health Website. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS

    Students need to stress courtesy and consideration of others at all times, on campus as well as in classrooms. Students need to give respect and honor to those in authority at all times. Students should strive for self-control and try their best to cooperate with others. Students need to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity at all times. Students may not do physical or emotional harm to others.


    Expect kind, respectful, and mannerly behavior from all students, not just your own. If you observe behavior inappropriate to St. Philips expectations, please notify a teacher or administrator so they

    may address the situation. Please follow all school rules and be a good role model. Always show respect and courtesy to teachers, other families, and students.

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    POLICIES, PROGRAMS & PROCEDURES ACOLYTES & FLAG RAISERS Serving as an acolyte is a special privilege at St. Philips. Acolytes participate in all chapel services and many evening programs held in the Church. Acolytes from Grade 5 are chosen based on interest, responsibility and dependability. Student Council and Grade 5 students are responsible for raising the flag each morning. All fifth graders enjoy the privilege of participating in the Wednesday morning Eucharist. ADMISSIONS PREFERENCE POLICY FOR PARISHIONERS, SIBLINGS, AND FACULTY St. Philips Episcopal School is committed to extending parishioners; siblings of currently enrolled students, and children of full-time faculty and staff a preference in the admission process. Our preference policy is as follows:

    First Priority: Applications from parishioners Second Priority: Siblings of currently enrolled students at St. Philips Third Priority: Children of full-time faculty and staff are considered before applicants from the general applicant

    pool. Qualified applicants from this group are given a preference for admission to St. Philips Episcopal School. Preference is not a guarantee of admission. Acceptance is subject to available space.

    This priority is extended only to those parishioners, siblings, and full-time faculty and staff for whom St. Philips Episcopal School is a first choice. Students from this group entering PK-3 who have applied to another school will forfeit this priority and will be considered for admission together with the general applicant pool. ATTENDANCE Punctuality is vitally important to a students education. This includes on-time attendance at all meetings, church and other school-related events. Family members are responsible for bringing their child to school on time. Families are requested to observe the school calendar and to arrange their childrens activities accordingly. St. Philips strongly discourages requests for childrens exemption from regular attendance. Students removed from class for personal family reasons find it difficult to compensate for the time lost and disruption of their routine courses.

    Absences: A family member should notify the School Registrar between 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. to report an ill child who cannot attend classes.

    Excused Absences: If a child must miss school for non-health reasons, permission must be obtained from the Head of School in advance.

    Request for missed work: When a student is absent a family member will call the school office in order to advise the school of the students absence. In order to get the students homework for the day a family member will contact the teachers via e-mail. The homework will be sent to the office where it will be ready for by 3:00p.m.

    The School is required by Florida law to take, record and classify daily attendance.

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    Arrival time is from 8:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.

    Children must be accompanied by a family member to the PK-3 playground. On Wednesday, please do not take your child directly to Chapel.

    No one may enter the classrooms before 8:00 a.m.


    Dismissal time is noon (12:00 p.m.).

    The gate by the cross will be open at noon, 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. for 15 minutes. Once the gate opens, please proceed to the preschool classroom and wait at the door until the teacher dismisses each child. Children who are not picked up at 12:15 p.m. will remain in the classroom in order to participa