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  • Praxis communications presentsThe golden corridor

    A marketing support initiative for technical colleges

  • Scope of the campaignThis campaign is incumbent upon all institutions who seek enhanced enrollment in their institutions. Homogenization of infrastructural facilities and decreasing differential of service quality has necessitated a new approach to give ones institution a distinctive identity. Brand building exercise and impressive communication with the target group is all the more essential for this purpose

  • ObjectiveThe main focus will be on creating a brand that a person can recall when he has to make a choice from a group of similar options and naturally feels tilted towards your institution. It will be our effort to keep your brand uppermost in his mind so that he opts for your institution in preference to others.

  • DescriptionThis program will strive to create a distinctive identity for your institution and put your unique differentiating features in a captivating perspective. We will engage peoples attention through a series of activities where all forms of media and communication platforms will be used. Our innovative and creative approach will generate new opportunities for your institution in comparison to your competitors.

  • Our roleOur role is to conceptualize the program and develop strategies to implement it. We will choose the marketing mix and develop the right media plan to make sure optimal utilization of the marketing spend and circulation of the communication among the target audience. We will create engaging models of customer interaction which will facilitate personalization of relationships and an enduring affinity with the customers.

  • Advantages for your institutionWith the marketing and branding responsibility lying with us, you can stay assured of a better return on your investment.There will be no scattering of resources on disparate spend heads as there will be increased accountability.You will be in a position to appraise and analyze results and measure periodic improvements in your achievements.

  • Solutions to your problemsWith a proliferation of technical institutions , the major challenge is to draw the attention of your target group and generate goodwill towards your institution. As competition is intense, it requires strategic planning to stay ahead of your competitors. We can take up this challenging assignment as we are in possession of research generated insights which could be applied to solve your problem.

  • Plan of Action We will formulate an integrated plan which will help you enroll more students in the short run and will create a sustainable brand image in the long run. This will sought to be achieved through a number of platforms like media- traditional, outdoor and digital, events, PR campaigns and other interactive engagements.

  • Media campaignsThe role of media in our campaign will depend on the nature, spread and reach of our target group. We will select the appropriate media so that we can reach our target group optimally utilizing our time and resources. We will locate our target group through a market research and will precision focus on that group.

  • PR exercise As an affable image is key to the success of your institution, we will launch a PR campaign to generate goodwill and eliminate negative propaganda. We will undertake various programs that will highlight your social responsibilities and endear your institution to the community around you whose cooperation is vital for the success of your organization.

  • Tactical eventsWe will organize cultural and infotainment events and duly publicize them so that your brand could be visible to a larger section of the population. The brand message of your institution will be embedded in the theme of the event so that it could be subtly passed into the subconscious of the audience.

  • Brand steering programsAs brand development is a long term process and involves integration of consistent performance and conscious effort at carving a distinct identity, this needs a series of strategic plans to achieve that. By developing a identifiable theme and patterning all promo activities on that we will create a cohesive, professional and organized character of your institution and generate faith and trust towards your brand.

  • Interactive engagements We will organize seminars and symposiums on relevant topics and subjects having pertinence to the academic field. Other formats of engagement like inter college quiz shows, fashion shows and a host of competitive programs will keep your institution in the limelight subsequently sparking up interest and curiosity in your brand.

  • Publicity stuntsWe will make your presence felt at multiple forums by ensuring your participation in community events, functions and other social engagements. We will also see to it that celebrities and persons of eminence in different fields visit your institution periodically so that your institution remains in news and you reap its benefits.

  • Social media campaignsAs more and more people are coming under the loop of the internet, it has become a handy means of reaching out at the people. Social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, My space etc offer a good platform to interact with people and map their responses in real time. This sites are also are a good source of obtaining consumers insights based on which we can reconfigure your marketing strategy.

  • Online propagandaApart from viral campaigns involving social media , email and Instant messenger etc, another potent tool to carry out online propaganda are blogs. We will launch blogs, feed its content and popularize it so that idea and information about your institution spread to a larger online audience. The subject matter will of course about the business proposition of your organization.

  • SummaryWe can deliver measurable results and create a shining brand image through the means we elaborated. We will take recourse to all innovative and creative means to generate a distinctive identity as we have promised. Tools and mechanisms will be varied according to the ground compulsions. All mediums of marketing communication as has been stated will be employed and new models of campaign will be devised in accordance with the insights obtained from continuous market research.

  • Outcome of the initiativeThe final outcome will be increased students enrollment, trust and faith of the public goodwill for your institution and a distinct brand image. Operational benefits include optimization of the marketing spend, organized and focused administration and a disciplined management of resources. Our professional service will ensure you get the best deal from your current efforts and a comparative advantage over your competitors.