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  1. 1. Future of Connected Health Jody Ranck, DrPH GigaOM Pro AnalystRoadmap 2011 GigaOMNovember 10, 2011
  2. 2. What is the Problem were solving?
  3. 3. Source: Washington Post
  4. 4. Spending a lot, but not getting much.Source: New York Times/McKinsey
  5. 5. Connected Citizen-PatientsSource: IBM, The Future of Connected Health Devices
  6. 6. Connected Health Ecosystem
  7. 7. Source: PSFK, Future of Health Report
  8. 8. The Big Picture Health as Information Science Biocitizenship Sharing data Algorithmic Revolution
  9. 9. Information Organisms: Inforgs
  10. 10. Infospheres Transparent Body Shared Body Knowledge of the Body-Democratization Socialization of Health Conditions
  11. 11. Biocitizenship
  12. 12. Democratization of Health KnowledgeSource:
  13. 13. Algorithmic Revolution Health as an IT Field-rules based New Service Economy-products/services blurred,eg. Kindle as portal to a service, iPhone-iTunes Reconceptualizing the underlying healthenterprise Management of knowledge and exploitation oftacit knowledge in social networks Cooperation and Collaboration as OrganizationalCapacity Public Goods and Collaborative Markets
  14. 14. The EndJody Ranck, DrPHGigaOM Pro AnalystContact: