Everyone Deserves A Professional Coach

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  1. 1. Coaching Meeting & Hospitality Professionals to Achieve Their Greatest Potential Created by Everett T. Shupe II, MBA,Certified Association Executive (CAE) Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
  2. 2. Everyone Deserves aProfessional Coach
    • A Professional Coach
      • Is a great sounding board for you to share your frustrations, issues, dreams, and more
      • Asks important questions that will help you resolve issues and realize goals
      • Offers unbiased perspectives on issues and challenges you might have
  3. 3. Everyone Deserves aProfessional Coach
    • How to Select a Professional Coach
      • Choose someone who understands your industry and role
      • Not everyone works well together select someone who you feel comfortable
      • Budget is important choose someone you can afford (expensive does not always mean effective)
  4. 4. Everyone Deserves aProfessional Coach
    • Over 15 years in the meetings, hospitality and association industry
    • Involved in industry associations including MPI and ASAE
    • Knowledgeable and Certified
  5. 5. Everyone Deserves aProfessional Coach
    • Myers-Briggs Type
      • E xtroverted,
      • i N tuitive,
      • F eeling,
      • P erceiving
    • Strengthsfinder Top 5
      • Arranger
      • Ideation
      • Woo
      • Strategic
      • Futuristic
  6. 6. Philosophy
    • Everett is passionate aboutlearning , professional development and coaching professionals to achieve their greatestpotential .
    • Whatever your next step may be, Everett can help you take it - effective learning requires EVERY participant be an active participant.
    • Sitting on the sidelines doesnt work you have to be in the game to win .
    • Learning is areflective process- individuals thrive by the relationships fostered through involvement in the industry.
  7. 7. Everyone Deserves aProfessional Coach
    • Have you reached your greatest potential?
    • Do you want an unbiased perspective about a situation in your current position?
    • Have you thought about your next career move?
    • Do you need to prove the strategic value of meetings within your organization?
    • Do you want to design more effective meetings?
    • Let me help you!
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • Contact me at[email_address]to schedule your free individual consultation.
  8. 8. Everyone Deserves aProfessional Coach
    • Contact the following individuals to learn more about my capabilities..
      • Christine Faiman,[email_address]
      • Mary Ann Linder,[email_address]
      • Sandy Lynch,[email_address]
      • Safisha Mance,[email_address]
  9. 9. Contact Information
    • Everett T. Shupe II, MBA, CAE, CMP
    • 15700 Barnesville Road, Boyds, MD20841
    • Email:[email_address]
    • ~ Coaching Meeting & Hospitality Professionals to Achieve Their Greatest Potential ~
    • Add me as your friend onwww.facebook.comor connect with me throughwww.linkedin.com .