Everyone deserves healthy indoor air. 2018-07-01آ  Everyone deserves healthy indoor air. Distributed

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  • Everyone deserves healthy indoor air.

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  • The cleanest air for the healthiest environments.

    At Intellipure, we have a vision of a world where the indoors is as refreshing as the outdoors. Our vision also includes creating

    the safest, healthiest indoor environments protecting individuals and families around the world. Inside our headquarters,

    the most determined and creative minds in the industry are hard at work developing solutions to make this vision a reality.

    Indoor air pollution is rising to alarming levels, and only Intellipure Premium Plus air purifiers have the patented technologies

    and streamlined design required to combat it. From homes to hospitals, office buildings to cruise ships, our purifiers eradicate

    harmful breathable particles, mold and bio-toxins as well as volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) with unmatched efficiency.

    Because your health and wellness is our number one priority.

  • Indoor air pollution is a serious problem. It’s a disturbing trend: Harmful breathable particles, mold, microbiological bio-toxins and chemicals are polluting our indoor air at rising levels. Indoor spaces can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor spaces. On top of aggravating allergies and disturbing sleep patterns, indoor air pollution has been linked to lung cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Children and the elderly are especially at risk, because of developing or weakened immune systems.

    The Environmental Protection Agency recommends eliminating the source of the pollution when possible, and running a high-quality portable air cleaner that can trap the three kinds of pollution that live in our indoor air.

    These microscopic toxins are capable of negatively impacting every cell of your body. Mold • Viruses • Bacteria • Bio-Toxins


    Volatile Organic Compounds


    These pollutants range from those you can see floating in the air to dangerous ultrafine particles. Dust mites • Dust mite feces • Pet dander • Pollen • mold • dust

    Chemical vapor air contaminants that often originate from household products. Paints • Solvents • Aerosol Sprays • Cleaning chemicals • Formaldehyde • carpet fumes • Furniture

  • We spend 90% of our t ime indoors. With each breath, we inhale 45-75,000 particles of pollutants.

    More than 6.5 million people are dying prematurely every year as a result of air pollution.

    F E R T I L I T Y P R O B L E M S

    C A R D I O V A S C U L A R D I S E A S E

    C A N C E R

    A L L E R G I E S

    A S T H M A

    S T R O K E

    C H R O N I C I N F L A M M A T O R Y R E S P O N S E S Y N D R O M E ( C I R S )

  • The only purifier that eliminates all three indoor air contaminants.

  • The Premium+Plus Edition from Intellipure was designed to neutralize particles, volatile organic compounds and microorganisms, leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh air. It’s the only air purification system in the world with this capability. Purifying the air not only in the system, but also delivering 3D purifying protection in the air and on surfaces beyond the system. How did our engineers pack so much performance into such a customer-friendly package? By streamlining the design and making the most of every inch. It’s something we call Total System Performance:

    Proprietary capacitance touch control provides seamless fan speed operation.

    • Utilizes DFS filtration as well as DBP Dual BiPolar Purification and Sanitization

    • Highest-quality EC motor results in 50% less operating cost

    • Incredibly energy efficient, using only 5 watts per hour when on low

    • The quietest air purifier of its kind, with highest CFM per decibel level of noise in its category

    • Less dense media filters span the full height of the machine for maximum airflow and filtration power

    • Lightweight, compact, portable construction

    • Designed for quick and easy filter maintenance and change out

    • Sleek design that looks great in every room environment

    i n t e l l i p u re a i r . c o m

  • High-energy Grid – Patented DFS technology greatly enhances filtration efficiency while inhibiting microbial growth

    The only technology capable of actively preventing microorganism growth in the filter.

    The Intellipure Premium+Plus utilizes our patented DFS Disinfecting Filtration System technology, which we developed through a United States military grant. A technology so powerful it could protect our troops from harmful chemicals and bio-toxins, now available to families and businesses. It removes 99.99% of harmful viruses, mold, and bacteria, down to 0.007 micron – that’s 40 times more efficient than HEPA. The Premium+Plus Edition takes purification to the next level and adds DBP Dual Bipolar Purification. A powerful technology not only able to purify and sanitize the air within the system, but also proactively leaves the system, purifying and sanitizing the air against airborne and surface microorganisms and neutralizing chemicals. A true 3D Filtration-Purification combination not found in other system.

    Integrated Pre-filter- Durable cleanable poly mesh with high flow multi layer changeable media captures large visable particles such as hair and lint

    Main Filter - Integrated with DFS technology to create perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Captures particles down to 0.007 micron and prevents microorganisms from growing in the filter

    DBP Dual BiPolar Purification – Proprietary and patented 3D technology that not only purifies and sanitizes the air within the system, but also creates safe and nature based positive and negatively charged ions. They are sent out into the air and onto surfaces to neutralize microbiological toxins and chemicals (VOCs). This is the very same process that naturally occurs outside from the power of the sun, wind and water

    VOC Post-filter – Proprietary blend designed to adsorb TVOCs, including formaldehyde, benzene and toluene, that come from furniture, chemical cleaners and paints






    1 2 3




    Laboratory test research shows that DFS system significantly reduces airborne bioburden in cleanrooms. It trapped and inhibited bacteria, and also improved the filtration performance of a filter media by two to three orders of magnitude.

    (Control and Monitoring of Bioburden in Biotech / Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms Jaisinghani, et al)

    Exposure of bacteria on the surface of the internal filters in the DFS Air Cleaner can significantly reduce their survival rate.

    (Effect of the DFS Air Cleaner on the Survival of Microorganisms Fannin)

    The DFS system units can remove all particles passing through the system with near-zero count at the exhaust side of the DFS system of all particles larger than 0.007 micron.

    (Supporting case study by University of Buffalo IUCB, Baier, Ciriano, et al)

    Captures particles down to 0.007 micron Captures particles down to 0.3 micron

    Less dense media filter Resulting in higher output per DB of noise

    Dense media filter Resulting in lower output per DB of noise

    Higher gram holding weight of filter, lower maintenance cost and higher performance over life of filter

    Lower gram holding weight, higher maintenance cost with lower performance over life of filter

    Proven to prevent Microbiological growth within the filter

    No Protection of Microbial growth within HEPA filter and potential breeding and release of bacteria back into the air

    DFS vs. HEPA

  • Dual BiPolar Purification Technology: Truly Fresh Air.

  • There is a reason why people feel better when they’re near mountains, waterfalls or beaches. There are much higher levels of

    naturally occurring positive and negative ion-charged molecules in these environments. Introducing Intellipure’s Premium

    +Plus Dual BiPolar technology. Combined with our DFS technology, this is the first and only air purification system that

    replicates a true fresh air experience through the use of positive and negative ionization and NO ozone.

    Where other air filters are reactive, waiting for the air to come to it, Dual BiPolar purification is proactive. The purifying positive

    and negative ions actively search out harmful breathable particulates, volatile chemicals and dangerous microbiological toxins.

    Not only does it purify the air within the Intellipure Premium+Plus system, but it also goes out beyond the system’s radius,

    creating safe and healthier air throughout your indoor environment.

    • Positive and negative ions actually convert contaminants into hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor

    • Neutralizes odor-causing and harmful VOC chemicals

    • Completely safe for families and pets, yet very powerful against chemicals, breathable particles and microbiological bio-toxins

    • Reduces static electricity

    • No ozone

    • No replaceable or moving parts

    • Extremely low energy usage

    • UL & E