English Form 1 Year End Exam

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SECTION A(10 Marks)(Time suggested : 15 minutes)

The text below is about Kamali, the only student in her school.

Question 1.Read the text below. The first and last lines are correct. For the remaining lines there is one grammatical error in each line.

Write one word to correct the error underlined in the space provided. An example has been given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling and punctuation errors in this text.

I live with my family in an oil palm estate. Everyday, I go to school but it isnt easy. I miss my friends whose arent at my 104-year-old- school anymore. One by one, they have leaving with their parents to migrate to the city. Now, I is the only student left in the school. I feel lone. However, my headmistress and teachers are nice. They help my parents by taking turns to give us a lift to and back from school. I get undivided attention with my teachers. I can ask them questions about school work so they understand difficult topics well. However, there are no more games or competes at school. I miss the school events too, which the teachers uses to organise. I feel especially sad during recess. I sit outside my classroom to eat but I can only think on the fun memories I having with my friends. I reminisce about our friendly banter which makes me miss them even more. e.g who(a) _____________(b) _____________(c) _____________(d) _____________(e) ______________(f) ______________(g) _____________(h) _____________(i) ______________(j) ______________

SECTION B(30 marks)(Time suggested : 40 minutes)

Question 2Read the following text. Then, answer questions (a) (j).

A Visit to Sayang House

Last Saturday morning, the Caring Club members of SK Sri Megah organised another community service activity. After months of organising fund-raising activities, they had collected RM950 in cash and received donations of blankets, pillows and mattresses from kind well-wishers.

The donations were given to Sayang House. It is an orphanage which was set up by Ms Ananthi Sundram in 2002. The home relies on public donations to care for the 40 children living there.

The President of the Caring Club presented Ms Ananthi with the donations. However, that was not all the members had for the children. After a delicious treat of a fast food lunch, the members organised some games such as musical chairs, memory games and races.

Then, the members entertained the children with various performances. They sang and danced. The children joined in too.

Questions (a) (j)Using the information from the text, complete the following graphic organiser.Activities organised :

(a) _________________________

(b) _________________________

Organised by :

(c) ___________________________

A Visit to Sayang Donations :

(d) __________________________

(e) __________________________

(f) __________________________

(g) __________________________

Background of Sayang House :

(h) Founder :__________________________

(i) Established in the year :__________________________

(j) Number of children cared for :__________________________


(10 marks)Question 3.Read the brochure below. Then, answer questions (a) (i).

Hilltop Destinations in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands

This hill station is about four hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. It has small towns, tea plantations and grassy fields. Visit the breathtaking Sungai Palas Boh Tea Estate for a guided tour of the plantation and tea tasting. There are strawberry, honeybee and butterfly farms to visit. There are also several popular trails for trekking here.

Frasers Hill

This hill station is roughly 100km north of Kuala Lumpur. It is a cool and quiet place, popular among visitors keen on less strenuous hikes or bird-watching. It is situated across seven densely forested hills. Visitors can hike along the trails and get a glimpse of the abundant flora and fauna. You can go boating or visit Jeriau Waterfall for a swim.

Genting Highlands

This hill station is located about 50 km from Kuala Lumpur. Do not miss out on the 3.4 km-long Genting Skyway, which is an eleven-minute cable car ride above the thick rainforest. The indoor and outdoor theme parks are popular among tourists. There are water slides, a climbing wall, and a wind tunnel which stimulates skydiving as well as thrilling rides.

Question (a) (d) : Based on the brochure, state whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

(a) There are tea plantations in Cameron Highlands.______________(1 mark)

(b) Tourists can go on a cable car ride in Cameron Highlands. ______________(1 mark)

(c) Frasers Hill is a noisy and crowded place. ______________(1 mark)

(d) Genting Highlands has popular theme parks. ______________(1 mark)

Question (e) (i) : Read the brochure carefully and answer all the questions below.

(e) Where can visitors go to swim in a waterfall?They can go to ____________________________________________ in Frasers Hill.(1 mark)

(f) How long does the cable car ride in Genting Highlands take?The cable car ride in Genting Highlands takes _______________________ minutes.(1mark)

(g) Fill in the table with an appropriate phrase from the brochure.


i. Hills covered with thick jungle(Line 9)

ii. Plenty of different animal and plant life(line 10)

(2 marks)

(h) Why do you think the phrase less strenuous is used to describe hikes in Frasers Hill?This is because the hiking trails there are ____________________________ to tackle.(1mark)

(i) Why do you think Genting Highlands may be popular among children?There are ___________________ theme parks offering interesting activities and rides.(1 mark)

(10 marks)(j) You plan to visit one of the popular hilltop destinations in Malaysia and would like to invite your friend to join you.In about 50 words, write an e-mail to your friend. In your e-mail:

encourage him/her to join you give reasons to support your choice add other relevant information to make your writing interesting

To :

From :

Dear _______________________ ,

I would like to invite you to join my family and I on a trip to _________________________. I think you will like the place because _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


(10 marks)SECTION C(20 marks)(Time suggested : 20 minutes)

Question 4.Read the letter from Jaya to Karina.

Dear Karina,

Its nice to hear from you. How have you been? I hope everyone at home is well. My family and I are relaxing after several hectic days of entertaining family and friends during the festive season.As for your question, I would be happy to share with you my struggle to prevent breakouts and get clear skin. I am sure you remember that I suffered from pimples especially on my forehead and chin. I had tried many skin products but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I found the simplest methods to be the most effective.First, dont scrub or wash your face too much. This will actually irritate your skin more. Only wash your face twice a day using warm water and soap specially made for skin with pimples.Dont pop your pimples because you could be infecting them. This could lead to more swelling and eventually leave a scar. Likewise, avoid touching your face unnecessarily because you could be transferring bacteria to your pores. Your pores will get inflamed and irritated. You dont want that! If you want to apply any treatment cream on your face, wash your hands first.Since you wear spectacles, make sure that you clean them frequently. This will stop oil and dirt on the spectacles from clogging the pores around your eyes and nose.Oh, another tip. Dont wear tight clothing if you have pimples on your body. They do not allow your skin to breathe. Dirt, oil and sweat can irritate your skin.Try out these steps and let me know if you notice any differences. I wish you all the best. Do write when you are free.

Your friend,Jaya

Read the letter carefully and answer questions (a) to (i).

(a) What had kept Jaya busy during the festive celebration?She was kept busy ______________________________________________________(1 mark)

(b) What question did Karina ask Jaya?She asked how to _______________________________________________________(1 mark)

(c) List two things that can cause skin irritation.

i. ____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)ii. ___________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(d) What is the best way for Karina to clean her face?She should use warm water and ___________________________________________(1 mark)

(e) Fill in the table with appropriate words/phrase from the letter.


i. a period of celebration______________________________ (line 4)

ii. two times______________________________ (line 10)

iii. burst______________________________ (line 12)

iv. often______________________________ (line 17)

(4 marks)

(f) How can Karina prevent scarring?She should not _________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(g) In your opinion, what will Karina tell Jaya after trying out the tips?_____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(h) What should Karina do to keep her skin free of oil and dirt?

i. ____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)ii. ___________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(i) Give 2 other suggestions to help Karina improve her complexion.

i. ____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)ii. ___________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(15 marks)Question 5Read the poem below carefully. Then answer questions (a) (d).

The River

The Rivers a wanderer,A nomad, a tramp,He doesnt choose one placeTo set up his camp.

The Rivers a winder,Through valley and hill,He twists and he turns,He just cannot be still.

The Rivers a hoarder,And he buries down deepThose little treasures That he wants to keep.

The Rivers a baby,He gurgles and hums,And sounds like hes happily Sucking his thumbs.

(a) In stanza one, what does the word He refer to?_____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(b) In stanza two, which word means motionless?_____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(c) In stanza four, what sound does a river make?_____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)

(d) Do you agree that the river is a hoarder? Give a reason.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(2 mark)

(5 marks) SECTION D(30 marks)(Time suggested : 30 minutes)

Question 6Using the picture below, write a story about Johans experience. You must provide an ending for the story. You must write between 120 to 150 words.

(30 marks)



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