Engagement Made Easy - Digital Media. Reasons to Use Digital Media in Your Classroom Students LOVE taking pictures and video They learn how easy it is.

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Engagement Made Easy - Digital Media

Engagement Made Easy - Digital MediaReasons to Use Digital Media in Your ClassroomStudents LOVE taking pictures and videoThey learn how easy it is to use a digital camera or video cameraThey become more involved and engaged in the subject matterAllows kids ownership and allows them to show off their creativity

Things to ConsiderInsuring careful and appropriate use of the cameraOfficial Photographer Passes for little ones once they pass their test over proper handling rulesNo nonsense pictures/firm rules on misusePrivacy check your schools policy regarding publication of picturesTeach kids to be choosy and delete unwanted pictures or videos off of the cameraTeach them how to frame and set up a good picture (tie in with art?)

Official Photographer Pass

Student Name HereMrs. Hermansens Class

Rules/procedures on the back of the pass as an easy to find reminderWays to Easily Integrate Digital Cameras into Your Classroom Curriculum

1st Few weeks of SchoolTeambuilding/Establishing RoutineBehavior/RoutinesYoung children experience success with visual cues and reminders

Assigning Jobs/Newsletter CommunicationCreate an extra job each week for a classroom photographerChoose one photo the child took that week to include as part of a Learning in Action section of your newsletter or website

Name Plates/Binder Design/Work DisplayKids love creating these AND theyre learning photo editing techniques

Welcoming NewcomersSchool celebrity booksRecognizing the people who often go unrecognized

SPECIAL EVENTSPublicizing and CelebratingField Trips5th Grade Field TripStudents share approved photos with each other and create Photostories with themThey can choose their music and add captions and burn them to a CD as a keepsake from their tripPhotoStory1.wmv

PortfoliosIf some things are too bulky to fit inside a portfolio, have students take photos of them to include as part of their portfolio or create a digital portfolio

Bulky Display BoardsInventionsPhoto BooksMixbook for Educationhttp://www.mixbook.com/edu

Lulu Education Photobookshttp://www.lulu.com/publish/photo_books/education_photo_books/

Creating Books on the iPadhttp://appsineducation.blogspot.com/2011/11/creating-books-on-ipad.html

Language ArtsGrammar/Reading/Writing ApplicationsLanguage ArtsParts of Speech Scavenger HuntReal World ApplicationUse it to create a quick assessment as well

PronounNounVerbVerbAdjectiveNounAdjectiveLanguage ArtsDescriptive WritingHave a child take a photo of an object and vividly describe its appearance without mentioning what the object is. Allow other children to guess and then allow the student to unveil his photo

Language ArtsVocabularyCould be used in foreign language as wellExamples:Fact Flipper Template


Brittle easily broken, snapped, cracked, not flexiblePlea an urgent request for helpLanguage ArtsEarly Emergent ReadersCreate an alphabet bookExample below

Language ArtsEmergent ReadersYou could consider adding pictures taken by students to your word wall

MathematicsMaking Abstract Concepts TangibleMathematicsGeometry Scavenger Hunt

Acute AngleStraight AngleObtuse AngleFour Right AnglesMathematicsReal World Uses for Mathematics (Scavenger Hunt)Find someone who uses addition in daily life

Find someone who uses measurement in daily life

Find someone who makes change in daily life

Mrs. Villegas is counting and adding book totals as part of the end of year library inventory check

Our nurse uses measurement anytime she takes a childs temperature

Mr. Chris makes change when students pay for their lunch23ScienceScience and Technology: A Natural Cross Curricular PairingScienceA study of plantsYounger kids a Kidspiration graphic organizer showing plant growth

Older kids Photostory of plant photos with observationsKidspiration Graphic Organizer

Plant Photostory

Document the Scientific MethodUse digital cameras in labs to help kids record their observations

Social studiesSocial StudiesResearch over various locations place yourself there (using Photoshop)Could be a cover page for a research project, etc.

Ways to Easily Integrate Video into Your Classroom Curriculum

Language ArtsGrammar/Reading/Writing ApplicationsLanguage ArtsAuthor StudiesHave groups imagine meeting a famous author or an author you are studying. Have them conduct an interview with the author.Book Chats/Book ReviewsAllow students to write critiques about books theyve read. Students can practice developing an opinion and presenting that opinion to others. Allow the student to share their video with the class.Autobiographies/BiographiesStudent can create autobiographical videos. They could interview individuals whove played a large part in their lives, film where they went to preschool, their favorite games or books, favorite restaurant or food, etc.Language Arts for Little OnesAlphabet AnticsAssign students or groups of students a letter and allow them to come up with a creative idea to showcase that letter. Have them enter and exit the video in a creative fashion. For example, two students could enter with milk mustaches and make an M with their arms and then act like monkeys on the way out of the video.Writers WorkshopVideo Writing ConferencesVideos can often times illustrate what a good writing conference should look like and sound like. Concepts like this are hard to explain in words videos might be a good alternative. Students learn from other students!

H:\Advancement\Tech Conference 2012\024.AVIScienceRecycling Scavenger HuntAssign each group a material that can be recycled (paper, metal, plastics, electronics). Have them go on a scavenger hunt for these types of materials in the classroom or around the school. Follow up by allowing them to research and teach the class about the type of recycling process the materials undergo.MathAsk students to illustrate math problems using various materials in the class. For example, 3X3=9. This could be shown by showing 3 groups of 3 marbles. Teachers can also video different ways that students solve problems. Kids teaching kids a proven strategy for success!HistoryStudents could reenact historical events such as the Boston Tea Party.They could follow up with an interview of the participants. Pop popcorn and make a movie day when all of the videos are shown.

Questions? Comments?A look at productsVado camerasCostco offering

Web 2.0 Resources for Digital Imageshttp://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Check out Image ToolsCheck out Video ToolsImages have been placed here: H Drive > 2012 Tech Conference > PHOTOS HERE

Ms. Michelle

She cleans theplates.


Mr. Huber and Mr.Jose

They fix things.They clean the school.



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