The Formwork Magazine 1/2011 ME · www.doka.com Fast project progress Algiers metro … Page 6 Staxo debuts in Qatar Shemoukh Towers … Page 9 Elite Tower Dubai in a 5-day cycle … Page 13 Pier head formwork custom-made solution … Page 15 Multi-purpose solution to handle a tough job Multi-purpose solution to handle a tough job

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Page 1: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

The Formwork Magazine

1/2011 ME · www.doka.com

Fast project progress Algiers metro … Page 6

Staxo debuts in Qatar Shemoukh Towers … Page 9

Elite Tower Dubai in a 5-day cycle … Page 13

Pier head formwork custom-made solution … Page 15

Multi-purpose solutionto handle a tough job Multi-purpose solutionto handle a tough job

Page 2: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

2 Doka Xpress


Multi-purpose formwork

Granada Business Park

Development on Al Reem island

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Doka News

Progress at Sukoon Tower Bahrain – the 45 storey luxury resi-dential development Sukoon Tower is set to become an iconic addition to the Bahrain skyline. Work on the project are progressing within schedule, and to the highest quality standards. The 4600m2 of Dokaflex table system in use here permit fast and efficient slab-forming opera-tions.

World’s tallest clock tower KSA – the world’s tallest clock tower has been completed in record time. The Makkah Clock is positioned on top of the fifth tower of the King Abdulaziz Endow-ment project in Makkah, at a height of 603 metres. Doka Saudi Arabia deliv-ered a fully customised solution and an unbeatable range of services.

Major bridge project in UAE Abu Dhabi – the 1,3 km long Hodariyat bridge will connect Abu Dhabi’s east coast with Hodariyat Island. Doka Gulf has supplied the formwork for the precast ele-ments of the piers. These are being cast on land using Top 50 and Dokaflex, and then taken to the construction site. The two pylons will be cast in 12 steps using MF 240 climbing formwork.

The ultimate load-bearing solution � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 3

Challenges on Doha sewage mega-project � � 4

Doka excels on metro project in Algiers � � � � � � � 6

The Middle East's largest grain silo � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 8

Staxo 40 successfully debuts in Qatar � � � � � � � � � � 9

Forming business lifestyle in Riyadh � � � � � � � � � � � 10

Elite Tower Dubai in a 5 day cycle � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 12

Benefits of perfect-fit formwork in Saudi Arabia � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 14

Innovative pier head solution � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 15

Doka rises to challenge on Al Reem Island � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 16

High-performance formwork for tunnel construction � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 18

In brief � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 20

After several consecutive years of spectacular construc-tion activity in the UAE, Doka Gulf has thoroughly and com-pletely adapted to the radical-ly changed market conditions. Even during this challeng-ing period, we have remained a reliable partner for our cli-ents by improving our serv-ice flexibility, promptness and sustainability. Doka is a resil-ient firm that has not been as badly affected by the global recession as many of its main competitors - in fact, we have even expanded our clientele and market share!

The centralisation of our yards, warehouses and offic-es in a new 50,000 m2 state-of-the-art facility at Jebel Ali South Free Zone will further strengthen Doka Gulf’s cus-tomer service capabilities.

With a team of young, capa-ble and highly motivated pro-fessionals in each department, Doka Gulf is well prepared and able to stand behind its technological advances and market leadership for the coming years, which - accord-ing to the predictions of econ-omists in the UAE - will still present challenging market conditions.

Sincerely,Peter VogelGeneral Manager Doka Gulf

Page 3: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

3February 2010

Manipal is a name famous throughout India for its excellence in science and engineering. Its new Dubai campus site, with over 25,425 m2 of infrastructure and a project value of AED 100 million, is situated in Dubai Academic City.

Dokaflex 1-2-4, Large-area formwork Top 50 and Staxo 40 systems were deployed here. On-time completion was the top priority, as a deadline of mid-2011 was specified for Phase 1. Also, the slab-support requirements were for up to 12.0 m in height in many areas, making Staxo 40 the ideal solution.

Versatility for slab-support requirementsTime and costs were tremendously reduced because Staxo 40 assembly required less labour than other com-petitor systems, especially on the high

The ultimate load-bearing solutionDoka Gulf’s Dubai Branch Office partnered with Sobha Contracting LLC to execute construc-tion of the first phase of the new Manipal Science and Technology University Campus.

The factsJoBSite Manipal University Science & Technology New Campus Phase 1LocAtion Dubai, U.A.E.cuStoMeR Sobha Contracting LLC PRoDuctS uSeD Dokaflex 1-2-4, Large-area formwork Top 50 and Staxo 40

The professional

Mr. V.K. Prasad, Project Manager, Sobha LLC

Doka's pathbreaking Staxo 40 system was ergonomical to handle

and our crew put it togeth-er with no difficulty. The time saved in erecting the shoring system certainly contribut-ed to the maintained project schedule."

t Doka expertise is contributing to maintaining the tight timeline for Manipal university's Phase 1 completion by mid-2011.

The solution The simplicity of the Dokaflex system, and the speed with which it can be erected, made it possible to form slabs in a less than 7-day cycle, while its versatility meant that the crew had no trouble dealing with the curved shapes of the building. Speedy erection of Staxo 40 towers by the site-crew made forming of high slabs almost 50% faster than with the traditional cuplock system.

slabs. Two sets of slab formwork were utilised in two blocks totalling 8000 m2 of Dokaflex. Simultaneously, a form-ing area of approximately 2000 m2 was shored by Load-bearing tow-ers Staxo 40 with an average height of 10 m. A special cantilever slab support design was required for the terrace floor of the building, which had a slab canti-lever of 2.10 m.

The deadline for finishing the structure was very tight, and Sobha had to pro-cure large quantities of formwork in addition to the vast number of labourers they employed on site. As usual, Doka Dubai delivered formwork equipment to Sobha at short notice, and provided the appropriate consultancy and foreman instruction services to ensure that Doka systems paved the way for timely com-pletion of this project.

Page 4: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

4 Doka Xpress

Doha sewage mega-project on progressOver the next four years, Qatar will spend more than $140 billion on infrastructure develop-ment. One of these major projects is the Doha North Sewage Treatment & Associated Works.

Doka dam formwork rises to a massive challenge The pumping station (PS70) is part of the Doha North Sewage Treatment & Associated Works program. The PS70

The factsJoBSite

Doha North Sewerage Treat-ment & Associated Works,

PS70 & Pumping MainsLocAtion Doha, Qatar

cuStoMeR VINCI Construc-tion-Grands Projets-QDVC-

Entrepose Contracting JVchALLenGe A very confined

site requiring extremely precise work scheduling and

safety measures.PRoDuctS uSeD D22 dam

formwork, Climbing platform MF 240, Guided climbing

formwork Xclimb 60, Framed formwork Frami and Framax Xlife, Staxo 40 load-bearing

tower, Stair tower D2

Doka formwork was used to cast the walls of both the Screen chamber and Lifting

Pumping Station shafts

project includes the construction of two 40 m deep shafts: the 20 m diam-eter “screen chamber” shaft and 40 m diameter “lifting pumping station” shaft. Doka formwork was used to build the

Page 5: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

5February 2010

walls of both the “screen-chamber” and “lifting pumping station” shafts. For this massive structure with its very confined site conditions, the high load capacity and operational safety of Doka's Dam formwork D22 made it the ideal choice.

The outer walls of the pump station were formed from one side with 412 m2 of Large-area formwork Top 50 and 74 D22 cantilever brackets, thus fulfilling the very high safety requirements imposed by the contractors, VINCI Con-struction. Doka D22 dam formwork was also used for the outer circular walls of the screen chamber. The climbing formwork started from the raft and the walls were done in 11 lifts with a typical casting height of 3.40 metres. On both structures, the outer walls were cast 3-4 casting steps ahead of the inner walls to enable fast progress and avoid any interruption during the forming opera-tions.

Multi-purpose formwork solutionA combination of Top 50 wall formwork, MF240 climbing platforms, telescopic shaft platforms and the guided climbing

The solution A 40 m deep water treatment plant. Doka’s combination of different climbing platform systems allowed simultane-ous casting of inner and out-er walls with maximum cost efficiency and an extremely high degree of safety – and all within an exact time schedule.

t Doka's multi-purpose solution enabled simultaneous casting of inner and outer walls with maximum cost efficiency and an extremely high degree of safety.

The professional

Christian Tricoire, General Project Manager, Vinci Construction Grands Projets

Working on the shafts required very care-ful planning and safe-

ty deliberations. Doka pro-vided and excelled at both. The choice of Doka technol-ogy was the right decision for our project. The Doka team delivered – on time – the tools that our production team was looking for to construct both shafts within the project schedule. Together with Doka engineers, we found solu-tions that gave us the confi-dence to achieve good-qual-ity works with the necessary safety for our workers."

platform Xclimb 60 was used for the inner walls. On account of the limited available craneage (only 2 cranes on the site), the number of platforms was optimised so that they could be shifted with a minimum of crane-lifts.

Doka also provided formwork equip-ment for all the remaining works. The Staxo 40 load-bearing tower system supported the floor slab, with an area of 323 m². Doka framed formwork Frami combined with Supporting Construction Frames was used to cast a wall area of 258 m2 on the mass concrete blocks in the pump station. In the adjacent Motor Control Centre 2 building, the contrac-tors used Dokaflex 20 and Staxo 40 sys-tems for the 246.00 m2 of slabs, and Framax Xlife wall & column formwork for 70.00m2 of two-sided walls

Exact planning, technical assistance and continuous training and support directly on the construction site made it possible to achieve this enormous output with clockwork precision and without any unexpected incidents what-soever.

Page 6: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

6 Doka Xpress

Doka excels on metro projectAlgiers continues to boom. This brings with it constant growth in traffic volumes, and so the city’s transport infrastructure is having to undergo a substantial makeover.

The extension works on the Algiers metro line between Hai El Badr and El Harrach (4 km) are due to be completed before the end of 2011. The extension includes an over 3.7 km tunnel, a 280 m viaduct, four stations and numerous underpasses.

Gaamex Group, a joint venture of Cosid-er, Trevi and Dywidag, is tackling this challenging venture, efficiently support-ed by Doka Algérie in cooperation with

The factsJoBSite

Algiers metro extensionLocAtion Algiers, Algeria

cuStoMeR Gaamex GroupPRoDuctS uSeD Large-area

formwork Top 50, Load-bear-ing towers Staxo 100, Dam

formwork D15&D22, MF 240 Climbing formwork, Framed

formwork Frami, Column formwork RS

The solution The Large-area formwork Top 50 system proved its

huge versatility once again, as it was the key solution for a

variety of uses including walls, slabs, viaduct piers, columns

and foundations. More than 6000 m2 of Top 50, supported

by 3000 m2 of Load-bearing towers Staxo 100, easily dealt

with the complex geometry and special requirements of

this project.

Deutsche Doka. The Formwork Experts were the only company capable of pro-viding an instant supply of large quan-tities of formwork equipment together with competitive engineering support and services.

extremely versatile formworkThe Large-area formwork Top 50 sys-tem proved to be the perfect solution to deal with the geometrical complexity and

Page 7: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

7February 2010

Dam formwork D15 and D22 was a key solution when it came to achieving safe and efficient climbing of the single-sid-ed walls.

heavy-duty shoring job3000 m2 of heavy-duty Staxo 100 load-bearing towers were used to provide dependable support for the slabs. These had an average height of 6 m, in some cases extending as high as 13 m.

The professional

Nawel Merzoug, Project Manager, Doka Algérie

The client was able to achieve its target and realise the project on

schedule by benefiting from Doka’s planning, overview of the required formwork quanti-ties, and the deployment plan which was prepared for each defined cycle by our techni-cal staff”

other special requirements of the various metro stations, including fair-face qual-ity. Known for its adaptability to chang-ing and unusual designs, Top 50 is the universal product for all uses including single- and double-sided walls, heavy slabs, viaduct piers and abutments, columns and foundations. More than 6000 m2 of Top 50 provided easy and efficient forming sequences. To meet the fair-faced concrete requirements, the Top 50 was fitted with Dokaplex sheet-ing. Thanks to its tight tolerances and superior format accuracy, the Dokaplex formwork sheet delivers smooth, top-quality concrete surfaces.

Safe forming of single-sided wallsIn 4 stations, 2 caverns and 2 junc-tion tunnels, on single-sided walls of up to 8.33m in height, Doka’s support-ing construction frames ensured that the concrete forces were safely and reli-able transferred. With ready-to-use plat-forms at all heights, they provided safe access for work inside the construction. Doka’s extremely versatile high-capacity

t Doka offered instant supply of large quantities of formwork, together with strong engineering support, enabling this project to move ahead swiftly

q high-load-capacity Staxo 100 load-bearing towers combine high safety with a versatile range of use.

Page 8: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

8 Doka Xpress

Middle East’s largest grain silo

There are currently four concrete silos on the huge site complex in Kuwait and the new investment saw two of these demolished to make way for the mas-sive new silo to be constructed along-side an existing silo.

Doka Kuwait was awarded the con-tract to supply the entire formwork design and all related equipment. In winning this order, Doka drew upon its in-depth knowledge to devise the most effective formwork solution for meeting the tight construction sched-ule. The contractor, Al Ghanim Inter-national, had previously partnered with Doka on a similar project, where it was extremely satisfied with Doka systems and technical support. Furthermore, Al Ghanim already has a large quantity of Doka formwork which it was able to re-use on the silo project.

huge wall-formwork challengeThe massive new grain silo consists of 140 separate storage cells, each 5 m2 x 5 m2 and with a total height of approx. 80 m. As well as the Doka equipment already owned by the contractor, the site is also using made-to-measure Large-area formwork Top 50 and the Climbing system 150 F for the walls. Top 50 is ideal for forming the fair-faced concrete required on this project. 70 of the 140 cells have so far been cast using 4 sets of Doka formwork plus 1 additional set for the 3 m high hopper walls. The 80 m high walls without any intermediate slabs are being cast using the Doka crane-lifted climbing system 150 F. Easy to set up and to operate, 150 F is equipped with railed-in working platforms and an integrated ladder sys-tem, ensuring the necessary safety for working at heights.

Construction of a new 150,000 tonne grain silo and processing facility, which will be one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East, is moving ahead in Kuwait.

The factsJoBSite Kuwait Flour Mills &

Bakeries Co. S.A.K. LocAtion Kuwait

cuStoMeR Al Ghanim Intl Gen. Trading and Contracting Company

RequiReMentS Construction of a 150,000

tonne grain silo PRoDuctS uSeD

Large-area formwork Top 50

The solution Doka supplied 6000 m2 of

Large-area Top 50 form-work to cast the 140 stor-

age cells of this massive grain silo project while ensuring the

required fair-faced concrete quality. The crane-jumped

climbing system 150 F was the most-efficient solution for

forming the 80 m high walls and maintaining maximum

safety for the site crew.

u the massive new grain silo consists of 140 individual

storage cells, each measuring 5 x 5 m2 and with a total height

of approx. 80 metres.

Page 9: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

9February 2010

The factsJoBSite The Shemoukh Twin Towers LocAtion Doha, Qatar cuStoMeR S.E.G.RequiReMentS 22-storey twin high-rise buildings with total floorspace of 107,000m2

PRoDuctS uSeD Automatic climbing form-work, Large-area formwork Top50, Load-bearing tow-ers Staxo 40 and Staxo 100, Dokaflex 20

The solution 8000-plus frames of the Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 sys-tem, as well as the Staxo 100 system, are driving fast, safe forming operations on this site. The Staxo 40 towers, each 7.75 m tall, are being erected in less than 20 min-utes by a three-man crew.

t Lightweight Staxo 40 load-bearing towers provide extra-fast assembly and safety, even at great shoring heights

Staxo 40 debuts in QatarOnly a few months after being launched, Doka’s latest addition to its range of economical shoring systems – the Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 – is demonstrating its benefits once again.

The Shemoukh Twin Towers in Doha will each be 22 storeys high and will have total floorspace of 107,000 m2. The con-tractor, S.E.G. Qatar, opted for Doka shoring systems in preference to all the alternatives.

extra-short assembly times8000-plus frames of the Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 system, as well as the Staxo 100 system, are driving fast, safe forming operations on this site. The new-ly developed Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 stands out for being extremely easy to handle. With its optimised lightweight H-frames, Staxo 40 can be erected in half of the time that a standard single-leg system would take. Low unit weight and the small number of separate com-ponents enable the site crew to assem-ble each tower in a very short time. Here, at the Shemoukh Towers, erection times of less than 20 minutes for the Staxo 40 towers, each 7.75 metres high, are being achieved on site by a three-man crew.

The system has proved to be very safe to erect and dismantle, even at large shoring heights, thanks to its extensive safety accessories such as integrated universal U-bracket for personal fall-arrest harnesses, and platform brackets for enhanced safety at slab edges. With all these features, Doka Qatar was able to offers its customer the most economi-cal and rapid shoring solution there is in the building-construction segment.

Known for its very high-load capac-ity, the Load-bearing tower Staxo 100 is being used to support transfer beams at a height of more than 7 m. The variable inter-frame spacing of the Load-bear-ing tower Staxo 100 means that it can be optimally adapted to the loads that need to be transferred, and this ensures optimum cost-efficiency. 262 rugged Staxo 100 steel frames are in service at both towers, delivering exception-ally economical and safe shoring of the heavy loads.

The testimonial

Miled El Dada, S.E.G. Construction Manager

The possibility to erect the towers horizontally has given us big time

savings, greater flexibility in our time scheduling and a very safe way of working”

Page 10: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

10 Doka Xpress

Due to Doka’s technical support and on-time deliver-

ies, the project is progressing well ahead of schedule

Page 11: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

11February 2010

Forming business lifestyleA very ambitious project is being undertak-en by Al-Latifia Trading & Contracting Company in Riyadh to construct a business park which will represent a new-age facility for the thriving Riyadh business community.

The US$ 400 million project started on 1st January 2009 and is expected to be completed by 31st December 2011. It consists of six 22-storey towers plus two 17-storey and two 15-storey build-ings. The business park also has four medium-rise (seven and five-storey) buildings.

Versatile formwork solutionThe biggest challenge presented by this structure was its mix of sloped, curved, elliptical and circular beams, which needed a customised Doka formwork solution to do the job properly. Two sets of Dokaflex tables are in use here to form the large slab areas (1200 m2 for a typical floor). Large-area formwork Top 50 and framed formwork Frami have been deployed for the vertical forming jobs.

The client specified fair-faced concrete surfaces, a requirement which was eas-ily met by the systems Doka proposed. The client has been extremely satis-fied with the functionality of the form-work systems, as they have enabled the forming tasks (especially the large-area ones) to be tackled very swiftly and effi-ciently. The tried-and-tested tableforms were fast to assemble and easy to han-dle, thus cutting the forming times. Large-area formwork Top 50 has been fielded for an astonishingly wide range of applications on this site.

Doka Top 50 was used for the founda-tions of the towers, covering an area of 1302 m2. The retaining walls of the car parks were formed with 1076 m2 of Top 50 supported by 3.30 m high Doka load-bearing towers d2. The Top 50 system was also used with great preci-sion for the 208 m2 of core walls, and

on the towers’ 564 m2 of retaining walls. In addition, the contractor deployed 940 m2 of Doka framed formwork Frami for the tower shafts. Lightweight Frami panels can be erected very quickly by hand and combine high-performance safety with optimum adaptability to all job-site conditions.

customer satisfactionThe systems supplied by Doka proved to be ideal, and met the contractor’s expectations in full. Being so easy to install, they delivered a significant boost to efficiency, as the tableforms were quick to assemble, the wall shuttering was very stable during casting, and the joints were strong and durable. Doka systems comprising workplace acces-sories provided safe working conditions for the labourers. The client is also very satisfied with the sound technical sup-port and well-trained site supervisors who always help resolve any complexi-ties related to the formwork. Apart from the detailed drawings, a very transpar-ent site delivery system has made it easy for the client to handle the mate-rials. Two towers have been already completed and work on the remaining jobs is on schedule.

The professional

Ahmed Rady – Formwork Coordinator – Al Latifia Trading and Contracting

We prefer Doka form-work solutions because they are fast, safe,

and easy to assemble, and the technical support is very good”

The factsJoBSite Granada Business ParkLocAtion Riyadh, KSA cuStoMeR Al Latifia Trading & Contracting Company cLient General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI) RequiReMentS A complicated structure with a mixture of sloped, curved, elliptical and round beams, as well as fair-faced concrete finishes.

The solution Doka was chosen as it offered a combined practical solution with Doka’s wall and slab form-work, to meet both the design and concrete-quality specifi-cations and the safety require-ments.

q When completed, Granada Business Park will provide a state-of the-art facility for many different businesses.

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12 Doka Xpress

The factsJoBSite Elite Residence LocAtion Dubai, U.A.E.

cuStoMeR Arabian Construc-tion Company (ACC)

RequiReMentS 381 m high luxurious residential tower to

be built at record speed. PRoDuctS uSeD Automatic

climbing formwork SKE 100, Large-area formwork Top 50,

Table Lifting System TLS, Dokaflex tables

u to meet the ambitious 5-days-per-cycle timetable, Doka

designed a crane-independent system for the exterior columns,

beams and slabs.

Practical TipSpecial solution

for the façade In co-operation with the

cladding company Cladtech and the main contractor ACC, Doka designed an

innovative method of installing the façade panels

on the existing concrete structure. Doka provided an additional suspended

working platform to enable Cladtech to integrate

their dual-rail system and also to use the platform

for preliminary works i.e. installation of adapters for

the façade panels.

Page 13: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

13February 2010

Elite Tower Dubai rising in 5-day cycleTameer’s 91-floor Elite Residence, ideally located in the heart of Dubai Marina, is destined to become one of the most exclusive and sought-after addresses in the Middle East.

The post-tensioned slabs, downstand beams and exterior columns have been built at record speed using the efficient Dokaflex tables combined with Doka large-area formwork Top 50, which is lifted using the high-capacity Automatic climbing system SKE 100. To meet the ambitious timetable of a five-day cycle, Doka’s Abu Dhabi branch worked with the main contractor Client Arabian Con-struction Company (ACC) to design a forming workflow which would allow the punctuated façade to be split into two zones by climbing one zone always one floor ahead of the other. This high-speed workflow, in conjunction with a well-organised construction site, made for the most effective method for erect-ing this high-rise building. Different work teams were shifted from one zone to the other without any “standby time”.

customised formwork design saves time For this challenging construction project, Doka planned a flexible solu-tion which allowed the formwork to be quickly and easily adjusted to the changing geometry of the structure.

With the versatile Large-area formwork Top 50, the constant changes in geom-etry were incorporated into the form-work design and so were accomplished very easily, in only a short time. Fur-thermore, the formwork for the outside of the downstand beam and the entire column formwork consist of the same formwork element. The L-shaped side panels for the columns were integrat-ed into this element and can be hinged back to facilitate climbing and shifting of the formwork.

craneless slab forming With only two different sizes of Dokaflex tables for the slab and one for the bot-tom support beam, Doka optimised its formwork solution to have a sim-ple system that kept work on-site mov-ing rapidly throughout the project. With the Doka shifting trolleys for horizon-tal repositioning and two Table Lift-ing Systems TLS, the tableforms could be moved up to the next floor quickly and safely, independently of the crane. By making the crane unnecessary, the entire site workflow was optimised for maximum speed and efficiency.

The professional

Dean Corke, Project Man-ager, Arabian Construction Company (ACC)

The Doka SKE 100 sys-tem has proven to be an invaluable formwork

solution. We were initially attracted to the system due to its flexibility, speed and safe-ty attributes. Its flexibility has also allowed a dual-rail system (for façade panel installation) to be integrated. The co-oper-ation and support received from the Doka UAE team has always been first-class, with all challenges met!”

The solution Automatic climbing formwork SKE 100 combined with Top 50 and Dokaflex tables for casting the slabs, downstand beams and columns of this 381 m tall tower. TLS enables craneless repositioning of tableforms. With the versatile Large-area formwork Top 50 used for downstand beams & columns, all geometry changes of the columns were accomplished without diffi-culty and in very little time. An innovative method was used to install the façade panels using the SKE 100 system.

t A dual-rail system for façade-panel installation was integrated into the SKe 100 system.

Page 14: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

14 Doka Xpress

Service at its bestDoka Saudi Arabia has successfully launched its Ready-to-Use Service, offering its customers a brand-new service experience.

Market-oriented approach It is Doka’s priority to offer customers new and cost-efficient solutions. The new service offered by Doka Saudi Ara-bia was welcomed by many clients as it reflects a type of reliable support that is almost unique in the region. Some of the main reasons for launching the service were the insufficiently qualified labour force and lack of requisite equip-ment often found on-site. Furthermore, the Ready-to-Use Service is also the perfect remedy for jobsites located in built-up areas where available working space is very limited.

customer feedbackDoka Saudi started the Ready-to-Use Service in Jeddah at the beginning of 2010. To ensure a professional mar-ket launch they put together a team

The facts Established in 1980, Doka

Saudi Arabia is one of the pioneering suppliers of form-

work solutions in the King-dom and over the last three

decades it has established a strong presence in the market

as a reliable formwork part-ner. The debut of its Ready-

to-Use Service was very well received by clients and it has already been used on several

major projects in KSA.

The solution Ready-to-Use Service is a per-fect solution for non-standard formwork requirements. Doka specialists pre-assemble the

formwork units and deliver them ready for rapid deploy-

ment on site. The Service also includes the option of just-in-time deliveries. It is the ideal

solution when complex struc-tures need to be built within a

short timeframe.

of experienced engineers, technical experts, technicians and site managers and set up the necessary infrastructure. The market has reacted very positively to this extra service and Doka has suc-cessfully supported some of the biggest projects in Saudi Arabia such as Shami-yah in Mecca, Lamar Towers in Jeddah, Burj Rafaal in Riyadh and Capital Mone-tary Authority (CMA) Tower in Riyadh.

Service benefits Doka customers profit from smooth project processing, significant time sav-ings and shorter hire periods. Also, site logistics are greatly optimised, as is the need for specialised personnel and equipment. The exactly fitting finished formwork units significantly accelerate the work procedures and make an over-all contribution to cost reduction.

p Pre-assembly of column forms. custom formwork is

very precisely crafted to ensure smooth assembly on site.

u extension of holy Mosque in Makkah - Shamiyah Project sup-ported by Ready-to-use Service.

Page 15: Doka 2011 01 middle east doka xpress

15February 2010

Innovative pier head formworkThe main link road between Wadi Adai and Al Amerat in Muscat, Oman was completely destroyed by flooding in 2007. The government was looking for a solution that will be safe from flood water.

The solution that they decided on was a 7.5 km road that touches the flood-endangered valley of Wadi Adai in just two places. It will start from Al Nahda Hospital, and end at the first Amerat roundabout. Although a mere 7.5 kilo-metres long, this project has become one of the most technically challeng-ing to be undertaken in the Sultanate in recent years. It will involve moving over 6 million m³ of rock over an 18-month period, demolishing the old road and spanning the Wadi Adai with two 50 m high viaducts. Costing approximately RO 56.549 million, this project will rank among the most expensive infrastruc-ture undertakings of its kind.

custom-made formwork solutionThe project involves the construction of two new wadi-bridges of differing lengths, and nine box culverts. Given the ruggedness of the terrain

through which the new link road will run, accessibility has been a major constraint for the nominated contractor Nagarjuna Construction Company International LLC (NCCIL).

Doka Muscat is supplying the ideal formwork solution for this major project. For Madhusudhan P., the chief execu-tive officer of NCCIL, construction of the hammer heads of the two piers at a height of over 40 m was a spe-cial challenge where The Formwork Experts really came into their own. Doka designed and supplied three tailor-made support structures and formwork sets for the ten hammer heads, each 16 m long, 4.50 m wide and 2.80 m high. Doka supporting construction frames were fixed to the bridge piers and used in the horizontal to serve as the plat-forms for the Top 50 formwork at this lofty height.

The professional

V.R. Mehta, Project Manager NCCIL

The pier-head support structure designed and supplied by Doka meets

all technical & safety require-ments and was immediately approved by the consultant. It helped us to work with utmost safety, quality and economy – and on schedule. We appre-ciate the Doka team for their support and expertise”

The solution Doka has supplied tailor-made support structures and form-work sets for the ten pier heads, each with a length of 16 m, a width of 4.50 m and a height of 2.80 m. Doka supporting con-struction frames, used horizon-tally, served as the platform for safe casting at a breezy height of over 40 metres.

The factsJoBSite The main link road between Wadi Adai and Al Amerat LocAtion Muscat, OmancuStoMeR Nagarjuna Construction Company International LLCconSuLtAnt Parsons Interna-tional and Company LLCPRoDuctS uSeD Large-area formwork Top 50, Doka supporting construction frames

t these hammer heads are being concreted using Doka supporting construction frames at a height of over 40 metres.

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Doka rises to challenge on Al Reem IslandThe Sun and Sky Towers, and with the Gate Towers, are part of the stunning Shams Abu Dhabi district, a mega-project on Al Reem Island, a natural island 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

Al Shams Abu Dhabi, translated into English as “The Sun of Abu Dhabi”, will eventually house around 100,000 resi-dents. This impressive urban develop-ment will have a significant impact on Al Reem island’s burgeoning skyline. The landmark Sun and Sky Towers have already been completed, and construc-tion on the Gate Towers complex is cur-

The solution Two sets of pre-assembled

Dokaflex tables are being quickly and easily repositioned

with Doka’s shifting device, enabling a smooth 5-day cycle

for a typical slab covering an area of 1988 m2.

The factsJoBSite Al Reem Island, Abu

Dhabi, U.A.E. cuStoMeR Arabian Construc-

tion Company (ACC) PRoDuctS uSeD

Automatic climbing SKE 50 & SKE 100, Climbing formwork

150F, Large-area formwork Top50, Dokaflex 20 and

Dokaflex tables

rently progressing on target with Doka. Three of the Gate Towers that form part of Shams Gate are rising steadily toward their 2012 completion deadline.

Sun and Sky towers erected in record time The Sky Tower is a 74 storey commercial and residential space. The 64 storey Sun

u two sets of Dokaflex tables allow the contractor to cast a

typical slab, covering an area of 1988 m2, in only 5 days.

q Al Shams district will have a significant impact on Al Reem

island’s burgeoning skyline.

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17February 2010

height of 65 storeys. Doka’s wall, slab and climbing solutions were selected to meet the rigid schedule.

The formwork methodology uses two sets of Dokaflex tables allowing the contractor to cast a typical slab, cov-ering an area of 1988 m2, in just 5 days. The pre-assembled “site-ready” Dokaflex tables are easy and practical to set up and can be repositioned very quickly using Doka’s shifting devices, resulting in a cost-effective and effi-cient way of carrying out large-area slab projects. These systems have a smaller number of separate compo-nents, making for higher speeds as the formwork assembly and striking times are greatly accelerated. A meticulous forming plan, short delivery times and the non-stop support given by Doka all assure timely progress.

Doka’s versatile Top 50 system, com-bined with Climbing formwork 150 F, is being used to enable faster form-ing of the shear walls and columns, at reduced cost to the contractor.

Tower, located next to the Sky Tower, is an elliptical structure. Both these futur-istic urban towers were built vertical-ly around a central core. To deliver the towers on time, lead contractor Arabian Construction Company utilised a spe-cially designed formwork solution from Doka to meet the project-challenges.

Doka delivered a full range of systems enabling the contractors to reach great heights safely and on schedule. Auto-matic climbing formwork SKE 50 and SKE 100 were used to lift Large-area formwork Top 50 units together with the climbing scaffold in one single step and without any crane assistance, one cast-ing section at a time. This was an opti-mal method for most of the climbing assignments. A tight schedule was main-tained for both the 300 m tall Sky Tower and the 244 m Sun Tower.

5-day cycle for Gate towers with Doka’s high-speed systemsConstruction on Shams’ Gate Tow-ers is progressing on schedule. Once finished, the Gate Towers will reach a

q the Sun and Sky towers were erected in record time using the Doka automatic climbing system SKe

Safe. Fast. EfficientTop 50 for shear walls and columnsThe 1800 x 1200 mm col-umns and 5500 x 800 mm shear walls on the typical floors are formed using the high-strength column form-work Top 50 in conjunc-tion with Climbing formwork 150 F. Using only a very few standard components, this system can tackle just about any column.

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Beat Blindenbacher,Project Manager AGN Strabag

Fully hydraulic formwork for tunnel constructionTwo Y-branch structures of Switzerland’s Gotthard Base Tunnel are being constructed in record time using a fully hydraulic and highly adaptable Doka tunnel formwork traveller.

The AGN consortium of Strabag AG Tunnelbau Schweiz and Strabag AG Spittal/Drau is working on the Amsteg and Erstfeld contract sections. The Doka tunnel formwork traveller is in round-the-clock use for casting the inner shells of two Y-branch structures in the 7400 m long Erstfeld section. The contractor is relying on this machine to maintain extremely short cycle times.

the systematic approach to versatilityA significant change in cross-sec-tion from 5.72 m wide by 7.92 m in height in the first concreting section to 17.65 m in width and 10.40 m in height in the last concreting section is a cru-cial design feature of the Y-branch structures. Construction work is big-end first, so the Doka tunnel formwork traveller, consisting of rentable sys-

tem components, has to be "trimmed down" for each successive concret-ing section, 37 in all. Each time it has to adapt to the newer, tighter cross section. The tunnelling specialists at Doka planned an all-hydraulic form-work traveller attuned in every detail to the project specifics but with rent-able system components nevertheless accounting for 75% of the make-up.

tremendously strong and totally safeAs the name says, Doka’s SL-1 heavy-duty supporting system is built for heavy loads and provides the torsion-ally rigid bearing structure for the two-part crown-arch formwork for the tun-nel roof. The formwork traveller has ful-ly railed-in platforms on all working lev-els and ladders with integral cages to maximise safety for the entire crew.

The professionalThe professional

support provided by the Doka site foremen

significantly speeded up assembly of the formwork

traveller and ensured smooth forming progress”

p A high-performance, fully hydraulic Doka tunnel form-work traveller is being used

to construct the two Y-branch structures in the erstfeld section

of the Gotthard Base tunnel.

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19February 2010

The solution A high-performance, fully hydraulic Doka tunnel form-work traveller is being used to construct the two Y-branch structures. 16 high-perform-ance hydraulic rams make forming-up and stripping-out, and lowering and moving the huge formwork traveller, ful-ly automatic operations at the touch of a button.

The factsJoBSite Gotthard Base Tunnel LocAtion SwitzerlandcuStoMeR The AGN consor-tium of Strabag AG Tunnel-bau Schweiz and Strabag AG Spittal/DrauchALLenGe The huge dead-weight of the traveller must be carried safely. Continuous changes in cross-sections, very limited site space and difficult geological conditions. PRoDuctS uSeD Large-area formwork Top 50, HD supporting system SL-1

t Forming-up, stripping-out, lifting, lowering and advancing are all fully hydraulic, pushbut-ton-control operations with this 170-tonne Doka tunnel form-work traveller.

The crown-arch formwork consists of Top 50 beam formwork sections and is carried by a total of 144 heavy-duty screwjacks. Adaptation of the form-work to the structure’s changing width has to be easy and practical, so the large-area formwork assemblies that make up the two halves of the crown-arch retract inward section by section on powerful hydraulic rams. The super-fluous formwork segments are then removed and the arched formwork is precision-closed. This solution ensures that rapid and regular working routines can be maintained through each con-creting section in turn.

170 tonnes repositioned at the touch of a button16 high-performance hydraulic rams make forming-up and stripping-out, and lowering and moving the huge formwork traveller, fully automatic operations with straightforward pushbutton control. Each routine advance moves a sup-porting structure and formwork weigh-ing 170-plus tonnes rapidly and accu-rately into position for the next concret-ing section. The heavy-duty roller units designed for this project and built to handle the traveller’s tremendous dead-weight are propelled by four powerful hydraulic motors.

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StAxo 40 cuStoMeR eVentMore than 50 decision-makers from con-struction companies in the UAE attended a customer event organised by the Dubai Branch in 2010. The event was part of the Staxo 40 market launch and aimed at showing all the benefits of this system. Doka Formwork Instructors gave a live demo of how easy to handle and fast-working this system is, by assembling and dismantling a Staxo tower on the evening. The participants then took an active part in the closing round of dis-cussions and exchange of experience.

DoKA DeMonStRAteS itS coMMit-Ment to SuStAinABLe DeVeLoPMentDoka Qatar took the opportunity to showcase the company’s leading prod-ucts and smart solutions for infrastruc-ture at the “Humanisation Of Cities of Tomorrow” Summit in Doha. Held in September, this high-profile conference was dedicated to Qatar’s sustainable infrastructure development. Doka pre-sented detailed information on the com-pany’s contribution to sustainability and

resource-efficient production technolo-gies.

SAuDi BuiLD 2010 Doka Saudi Arabia participated in the 22nd annual Saudi Build fair from 18th - 21st October in Riyadh. The 72 m² exhi-bition area was set up in the Austrian Pavilion and showcased Load-bearing system Staxo 100, Dokaflex Table, Frami Xlife, Framax Xlife, Doka H20 top beams and eco props. Doka also presented its unique "Ready-to-Use" service in the Kingdom. The response from the exhibi-tion was overwhelming reflected in the many enquiries received.

hSe in conStRuction, 5th Dec., DohA Organised by the industry’s leading trade journal in the region and co-hosted by Doka, the “HSE in Construction” con-ference saw the leaders of Qatar’s con-struction industry gathered to discuss and debate ways to increase both safety and efficiency on site. The event dem-onstrated the GCC perspectives on the subject of health and safety on site.

A Doka team assembled a Staxo 40 tower at record speed during the customer event

the Doka Saudi Arabia team did a fine job of presenting the company at Saudi Build 2010

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