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Digital Publishing & Advertising solutions. Empowering ... · PDF file Empowering Digital Publishing & Advertising Turn content into revenue with our fully integrated digital publishing

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Text of Digital Publishing & Advertising solutions. Empowering ... · PDF file Empowering Digital...

  • Empowering Digital Publishing & Advertising Turn content into revenue with our fully integrated digital publishing solutions.

    Digital Advertising in Local Language

  • What We Do We assist publishers to build new audience and to turn content into revenues.

    Partnering with eReleGo ePaper enables publishers to create an engaging reading experience for their users, maximize the audience, measure readership behavior, and monetize the online content.

    Our digital publishing solutions are simple and intuitive, which makes for an easy, pleasant user experience. ePapers are a faithful reproduction of the original format, therefore, they answer your reader’s need for security and familiarity.

    We provide a digital platform for branding and advertising. The online local language platform helps to drive prospective customers to advertiser’s website

  • Our Service…. • eReleGo Digi Media Pvt. Ltd., conceptualised

    with a vision to create digital platform for readers and publishers

    • The availability of various screen sized multipurpose reading devices (smartphones, tabs, laptops, desktops etc.) have created high level expectation in consumers. Print media houses are trying very hard to cater but unable because of varying screen sizes of devices and incompatibility of vernacular font. To cater this segment, we came out with an innovative digital ePaper services, ePrint Pro, which will fulfill the expectation of those readers and publishers

    • eNews section of developed an in-house ePaper solution ePrint Pro to excite the reading experience. Our ePaper solution offers, shareable, responsive news pop up created on ePaper (soft image of printed newspaper). Utmost care is taken to create the feeling of newspaper and its easeness to read

  • eReleGo-Digital ads Publishing

    Unique advantages to Advertiser:

    • National and International audience: You have people visit your site from all over the country and all over the world. There is no other method for targeting such a diverse group and targeted to mass. Anybody and everybody who love to read news on electronic device will be our audience.

    • Inexpensive: Cost per visitor and cost per view it a fraction of offline print ads and lower than any other online alternative including email etc.

    • All newspapers under single platform It is supermarket of ePapers/eNews and digital contents.

    • Free content & news items to Readers and subscribers

  • eReleGo-Digital ads Publishing

    Few ad campaign options you can think of:

    1. Banner ad (Video ads or GIF format) on click back link to your website

    2. Banner ad on click redirecting to your vendor or eCommerce portal where your product listed.

    3. Banner ad to download your mobile app.

    4. Form filling (i.e. Name, Mobile Number, e-mails etc.) by those who are interested to know more about products

    5. Newsletter subscription

    6. Alert subscription (If you have any working module, where in new product launches etc.. will be shared with potential customers) etc.

    • In total we drive business for you.

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