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Designing effective vehicle wraps

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1. OverviewDesigning A vehicle wrap is a mobileeffective billboard you can drive allaround town so it is importantthe design that youll have forthe next three to five years iseffective. 2. Integrate traditional with socialof Facebooks 900 million of all smart phonemonthly users access Facebook users have theiron their phones. These people phone within armsare twice as active on Facebook reach 24/7as non-mobile users . Here is a photo of the easily visible links located on the frontpassenger side of PIP Printing & Marketings new vehicle wrap. 3. Wheres your call-to-action?of all mobile searchesresult in action withinThis is why its vital to let your clients know you have information readily available for them online. Here is a photo of PIP Printing & Marketings call-to-action, which islocated on our new van wrap. This lets clients know what we do. 4. Show me your QR code Mobile coupons get theredemption rate of traditional coupons.This is why its important toput a QR code on your vehiclewrap. When your vehicle isstrategically parked in a lotthat receives a lot of traffic,interested leads can take aphoto of your QR code withtheir smart phone. WithoutHere is a photo of PIP Printing &Marketings QR code, displayedeffort, they will then be lead on our new vehicle wrap. to your mobile coupon, offeror website. Pretty smart, huh? 5. Oh baby! Look at that mobile billboard! 6. Need a banner?Are you looking for a quality banner thats inexpensive?PIP Printing & Marketing in Kissimmee, FL is giving youoff abanner.Make sure you dont miss this offer.Fill out this form to get your 50%discount.