Designing effective advertising

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  • 1. Designing Effective Advertising Learn how advertising can increase your sales!
  • 2. Keep It Short
    • Research shows that you have about 3 seconds to catch the readers eye
    • Keep headlines to 6 words or less
    • Use colour where possible
    • Always check your spelling and grammar
  • 3. Make It Interesting
    • Involve the reader
    • Stress the benefits rather than the features
    • Make them think
    • Invite action
    • Avoid passive phrases
  • 4. Include a Great Picture
    • Use a quality photograph
    • Dont be afraid to make images big
    • Make the graphics stand out - try a thin border
    • Avoid cluttering your ad with too many clip-art images
  • 5. Tips for Taking a Great Picture
    • Never photograph a home straight on
    • Stand off to the side to give the photo more depth
    • Dont shoot into the sun
    • Get a piece of a tree or a branch with leaves in the picture wherever possible
    • Close the garage door and move the trash receptacle out of sight
  • 6. Focus Attention
    • When designing a headline pick the most important word and emphasize it
    • Make it BIGGER and BOLDER
    • If you are using colour, red stands out and is a great attention grabber and blue recedes, making it ideal for backgrounds
  • 7. Limit the Use of Exotic Typefaces
    • Keep the text style consistent throughout the ad
    • Never use an exotic typeface in the body of the ad
    • Bold headlines
    • Avoid the use of all CAPITALS
  • 8. White Space Is Good
    • Dont crowd every inch of your ad with text
    • Leave plenty of white space around your ad
    • Let headlines and phone numbers breathe
    • Research shows that people will look at an ad with white space longer
  • 9. Contrast Is Good
    • Contrast is the key to a successful design
    • Surround space in your ad with borders
    • When legibility, comprehension and retention go up so do sales
  • 10. Use the AIDA Formula A TTENTION: Your lead line I NTEREST: Features of the home D ESIRE: How will it benefit the buyer A CTION: Call Me!
  • 11. Advertise Regularly
    • You will:
        • Sell your listings faster
        • Receive more ad calls
        • Increase your bottom line