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    nOTo: "Miss. Serv. Asso." 0.0Subject: Back In the States ^Dear Christian Friends,

    Wearrivedbackin the States a week agolast Wednesday and havesufferedjet laggreaterthan before. Maybe it is just our agpcatching up with us. :-)

    Wefound the people ofZimbabwe very discouraged. Especially the farmers who havebeentold that th^ are goingto have theirfarms takenaway from themandnot be paida penny forthem. This hasnot happened yet, but the threat is alwaysthere. Theycannot geta loan to plant crops so they might losethe farms any way. The inflation rate is very higji. The American dollar has goneup from 38 to 1--now is 52 to 1 injust two months. To fill your carwith fuel costsmorethan $2000.00 Zimbabwe dollars. Thatis when you can find it. I spent morethan 5 hours in3 diesel lines to fill the pick up truckandmorethan $1300.00 to fill the tank.Go to the g-ocery store with only a thousand dollars and you only can buy milk and bread.

    Thegood news is that thechurches arestronger thanever andg-owing Even Karoi Christian Fellowship isgrowing and that isinspite of the fact that theirnew minister quitovera year ago. The Shona churches arestill meeting andgrowing in theirattendance. Onceevery 3 months they havea teachingseminarin Karoiand the local evangelists teach them for 2 days.

    In our recent trip to Zimbabwe (wejust gotback a week ago last Wednesday) Weprinted 1500copiesof Willie White's studywhich we call"Pre-disciplin^' inShona and 100copiesinEn^ish and have 800 names of Shona peoplewho have promised tobegin this study last month, September. Andthis study is on basic doctrinal subjects suchas "God", "Christ","The Holy Spirit"andso on. It actually leads a person in howto become a Christian. Wcalsoprinted 100copiesof a study on the Holy Spirit(a 50pagestudy) by Nick Adams, and 650 copics of the samestudy in the Shonalanguage.

    Wealsometwith 5 Ton^men whoaretranslating the study on "TheChristian Marriage" by BobSheffler intothe Ton^langua^and theyaredoingthis on theirown. We toldthem, "You translate it, wewill print it." And they tookus at ourword.

    We also preached inseveral churches encouraging people in thistime of political crisis. Everyone iswaiting to seehoweverything will turn out. They carmot plant, th^ cannot, reap what is already forharvest, it isa very frustrating situation. Ifallofthe farms are taken overby thegovernment that they say they will take over, more than50,000 laborers will beoutof ajobandthejobless rale already is more than 75%.

    Weurgeyou to pray for allof the people ofZimbabwe. This need is critical.Love in Christ,Bill and Carolyn

    Printed for Mission Services Association

  • In ^ AUTo: "1st Ch Dyer" ^ \Subject: Year 32000 Report ^ 0 'Dear Christian Friends,

    The year 2000 has certainly been an eventfulyear. It began inan ordinary way but soon developed into a veryinteresting period. On January 25th20001 arrived once again in Zimbabwe. 1carried vAth methe offering forZanaBotha Colohoun whose husband had been struck by lightning more than 3 years ago. She was in desperate straightsand the fiinds weregreatly appreciated. She works every day while her 3 year old son plays outside the resturant.Also in n^ possession was the offering forthe Chamonyonga children whose father was evangelist. This enabledthe children to stay in school as it paid their school fees for the entireyear. The older son, Barnabas is interested inbecoming a preacher like his father.

    My trip in January lasted until February 22nd when I returned hometo wife. A lot ofprinting was done in thatshort time.

    Then in June ofthis year, both Carolyn and I returned to Zimbabwe in order to take Ben Penningtons place for apart ofhis furlough. In order the get the best price on our ticket we had to leave before June 14th. We went toKaroi where the worst intimidation was going on with the farmers and their workers as wellas the violence againstthe people in the bush. Itwas the run up to their election. We took the local people's advoce as to where and whento travel. I preached in Karoion 18June, stayed on several forms including an occupied farm, visited our ChristianHospital at Chidamoyoand then preached at Karoiagain on election day. Many ofthe folks ejq?ressed theirappreciation for the encouragement that we brought to them in their darkest hours.

    In July wewent to Nairobi, Kenyato attend our son, David's wedding. Billy, our olderson and his wife, Leah metus there and we got the younger boy married. His bride, Kara was simply beautiful. Now both the boys are happilymarried to sweet Christian girls, for which we praise the Lord.

    Upon returning to Zimbabwe we faced the fuel shortages, and the constant uncertainty of the politicalsituation.Diesel fijel was not available for more than a month yet the attendance at the National Church Conference atMashoko Hospital was greater than expected. I printed 1500copies of "Prediscipling" (How to Become AChristian) and passed themout. They were inShona,theirovmlanguage. Also given out were studies, again inShona, on the Holy Spiritwhich DaleMarshallhad translated. I printed 650copies ofthis 50page study and theyhave ail been given out.

    Plans for the future? Yes,once again I will be asking for donations for the special needs ofthe people there. Zanais still invery tight constraints financially and the Chamonyonga children have another school year facing themandthey need help.

    It is planto returnto Zimbabwe inFebruary or March to printmany more studies, but I will be going aloneatthat time. Then sometime later in the year. Dale Marshall has asked if both Carolyn and I would return so he couldtake a much needed Rand R for a time in the States. We are very concerned by his condition brought on by thestress ofthe situation in the country. That trip will probably take place closer to the summertimehere. Since I stillhave permenant residence permitin effect it would be easier for meto go than anyone else. We ask for yourprayers forthese plans and forourtravels.Yours in Christian Service,Billand CarolynP.S. Any funds sent that aredesignated forZanaor forthe Chamonyonga children will beused forthat purposeonly,you can count on it. Any checks written to the FirstQiristian Church and sent to P. O. Box626Herrin. Illinois62948 are tax deductible and will come directly to our work in Zimbabwe.

    Printed for Mission Services Association

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