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#entmar book for DAMON, Winter 2011


<ul><li><p>A film directed by Nick SnyderA marketing plan by Amanda Vo</p></li><li><p>1Table of ContentsOverview 3 Executive Summary 4 Film Synopsis 5 Cast Biographies 6 Crew Biographies 7 Fundamentals 8 Target Audiences 9 Marketing Opportunities 10 Marketing Obstacles 11Film Festival Strategy 13 Festival Strategy 14 Target Festivals 15 Key Art 16 Festival Kit 17 Marketing Activities 18Securing Distribution 19 B-2-B Strategy 20 Distributor Research 21 Activities 22Consumer Strategy 23 Overall Strategy 24 Distribution Strategy 25 Creative Advertising 26 Media Strategy 29 Publicity Strategy 33 Partnerships &amp; Synergy 36 Internet Strategy 43Conclusion 51 Acknowledgements 53</p></li><li><p>2</p></li><li><p>Overview</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>4Born from HellDAMON: boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy and girl live happily ever after.</p><p>Except it isnt so simple at all.Boy is Damon the Antichrist, born and raised for one thing: evil. Girl is Ginny, a motif for purity, innocence, and overall goodness. Love is forbidden for Damon, because as the Antichrist, he must kill Ginny...the one he loves.Happily ever after? Well...its harder than it sounds.</p><p>In this dark comedy, growing up can be Hell. With elements such as being yourself, gaining independence and first love, this is a film that anyone can relate to...even if it is about the Antichrist. His story, regardless of the dark and devilish undertones, ultimately has a halo of a silver lining. This film depicts a common antagonist in an unconventional setting, with moments of humor, horror and love, all of which will keep you yearning for more from Damon.</p><p>DAMON will have a platform release through Summit Entertainment beginning September 28, 2012, screening in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Chicago. The amount of theaters will exponentially increase to allow for a wide release on October 26, 2012, intended to be an alternative movie-going experience for audiences who want an eerie Halloween story without the gore. With multiple partnerships with an array of organizations, DAMON will be able to reach audiences in a synergistic manner.</p><p>The following pages will depict a cohesive marketing plan that includes festival, distributor and consumer strategies. Through the use of press kits, guerilla marketing and social media campaigns, we are aiming to not only spread awareness about DAMON, but also garner interest, knowledge and attendance to see the film.</p><p>We would like to cordially welcome you to the ceremonial experience that is DAMON.</p><p>EXECUTIVE SUMMARY</p></li><li><p>5Damons StoryConcept CapsuleBorn out of a deal made with the Devil and raised by a family of misfits, Damon has been raised for the sole purpose of evil. But when the reluctant young Antichrist falls in love on the eve of his initiation ceremony, his humanity is put to the ultimate test.</p><p>Full SynopsisDamon was born under unusual circumstances: he is a young man conceived through a deal with the Devil himself. As he walks, flowers wilt. His eye contact with others only induces fear and a sense of hopelessness. He is alone, with only one purpose in his life. In order to fulfill the debt his mother made with the Devil, Damon must make a sacrifice at his initiation ceremony, where he will be rightfully deemed the Antichrist. But when he meets Ginny, his ceremonial sacrifice, she gives him something he has never experienced before: kindness.</p><p>Damon begins to spend more time with Ginny and fosters a relationship with her. As Ginny introduces Damon to water balloon fights, ice cream and un-dead daisies, he realizes that he may actually have a chance at a normal life--one that is not governed by Lucifer and his family of Gothic misfits.</p><p>Finally, the day of his initiation ceremony arrives, and Damon is torn. His mothers devilish friends all gather to observe the metamorphosis of mortal to fully-realized Antichrist. As Ginny begs Damon to reconsider, he musters up the courage to stand up against his family and live the life that he has always yearned for.: a life of kindness, happiness and, above all, mortal love. Damon and Ginny run away together, as his family is condemned to Hell for eternity.</p><p>FILM SYNOPSIS</p></li><li><p>6The Devils Advocates</p><p>Growing up, Clayton was a big fan of Gene Kelly. Because of him, Clayton began taking tap classes at age 3 and continued dancing all the way through high school. Upon graduation from high school, Clayton knew it was time to leave Tucson, Arizona and head to Hollywood. He planted himself at Loyola Marymount University, where he received a degree in Political Science while at the same time </p><p>studying acting outside of school for the past five years.</p><p>Chelsea Taylor grew up performing in regional theatre in her hometown of Friendswood, Texas. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue her love of acting. Here she has studied at well respected schools of acting such as The New York Film Academy, Playhouse West, and Warner Loughlin Studios. She has appeared in various plays around town such as Fool for Love, </p><p>Imagining Brad, Laundry and Bourbon and When Hope Arrives. She currently resides in Los Angeles.</p><p>Chelsea Taylor - GINNY</p><p>Clayton Frey - DAMON</p><p>Sharon Sharth - EVILYN</p><p>Clint Carmichael - TONY</p><p>Jenna Stone - BEATRIX</p><p>Clint Carmichael is a versatile working actor and award winning filmmaker who has entertained audiences for over two decades. A veteran of film, television, and commercials, some of his recent credits include: Desperate Housewives, Big Bad, The House Bunny, NCIS and Two and a Half Men. As a filmmaker, Clint has produced two award winning films: the supernatural thriller feature The </p><p>Open Door and the comedy short film The Action Heros Guide To Saving Lives. Clints future plans are to continue to work in front of and behind the camera.</p><p>A bi-coastal actor, Sharon Sharth has starred on and off-Broadway as well as in leading roles in film and on television. She was a longtime member and lead player with the prestigious Circle Repertory Company in NYC, home to some of the finest American actors and playwrights of the late 20th century. Sharon is also a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. An award-winning </p><p>author, Sharon has written sixteen books for various publishers. She is currently working to produce and star in her award-winning play, Waiting for Grace.</p><p>Eighteen-year-old Jenna Stone has had her sights set on acting from a young age, beginning classes at age 11 and road tripping to Los Angeles with her mother for 4 years before they decided to rent an apartment in Burbank. Since then, Jennas resume has expanded to many different project types, be it music videos, modeling, commercials, hosting, and short, student, and feature films. After </p><p>graduating high school at 16, she attended Santa Monica College for a short while before having to drop out due to a busy work schedule on the award winning web series Miss Behave. Jenna currently splits her time between Texas and California, and in her free time enjoys many other artistic outlets, such as writing, drawing and painting.</p><p>CAST BIOGRAPHIES</p></li><li><p>7Satans Little Helpers</p><p>Imagination, wonder, escapism. These three words are responsible for the inescapable stranglehold that movies have on this young filmmaker. They are what drew Nick to filmmaking and are the fuel to his creative fire. A native Minnesotan, Anglophile, cartoonist, graphic designer and graduate of an all-male, Catholic, college-prep military academy, Nick has a wide variety of creative skills and an </p><p>unstoppable work ethic. Like so many before him, Nick wants nothing more than to bring to life imaginative and unforgettable stories. With an MFA fromChapman Universitys directing program, he now has the industry and technical insight to do just that. So now more than ever, its time for him to share his passion with the world.</p><p>Throughout her life, Julianne has always loved the arts. Not only did she once plan on becoming a Disney animator, she enjoyed acting and participated in her high school and college theatre programs. After earning her degree in business from the University of San Diego, Julianne immediately wanted to pursue her MBA. When she learned about Chapmans joint MBA/MFA program in film producing, she </p><p>knew it was a perfect fit. Movies entertain and inspire her, and she wants to produce films that will impact people the way her favorites have impacted her.</p><p>Spends his time observing the world in order to properly destroy it in his writings.</p><p>Nick Snyder - Director &amp; Co-Writer</p><p>Julianne Breseno - Producer</p><p>Nick Torokvei - Co-Writer</p><p>CREW BIOGRAPHIES</p></li><li><p>8Genre: dark, romantic comedy</p><p> Anticipated Rating: PG-13 for crude humor, language and some surprising moments</p><p>Tagline: Growing up can be Hell.</p><p> Big Idea: First love, independence and rebelling against authority...Its all part of the Hellish experience called growing up.</p><p>The Groundwork FUNDAMENTALS</p></li><li><p>9Horror film enthusiasts and nerdy by nature, fanboys are ultimately gamers will go to any convention they can manage to attend. They are socially awkward, intelligent and a moderate to high income, and the dictionary definition of nice guys finish last. They thrive in online forums, raving about the latest and greatest in the world of comics and games.</p><p>Positioning Statement: You know who the Antichrist is, but do you know where he came from?</p><p>Secondary Audience: RomanticsEnchanted by the idea of romance and love. Romantics have been subconsciously prepared to embrace this kind of story with the ideals presented in fairytales, romance novels and movies, and television. Typically young women, high school and/or college educated with a liberal mentality. They are optimistic about life and are simply waiting for their Prince Charming or Sleeping Beauty.</p><p>Positioning Statement: Its the kind of forbidden love that youve grown to yearn for.</p><p>Primary Audience: FantasistsOffbeat, independent and driven by creativity, fantasists are enticed by the idea of true love in an unconventional setting. Young, college educated adults with a degree in liberal arts. They are the kinds of people that will buy movie memorabilia and be proud to say I heard about DAMON first. Fantasists are influenced by music, independent films, fairytales and each other.</p><p>Positioning Statement: Like Jack and Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Damon and Ginny have a unique kind of love: one that is unheard of, unfamiliar and ultimately unavoidable.</p><p>Witnesses TARGET AUDIENCESTertiary Audience: Gamers &amp; Fanboys</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>Falling in Love</p><p>The AntichristThe Antichrist is a character we all know, but the only constant amongst the myriad of stories is the fact that he is, unquestionably, evil. But what if he wasnt? What if he was, instead, a normal person living a life he never asked for? This brings a different spin on the devilish character, something audiences will embrace.</p><p>DaisiesDaisies represent shared feelings of affection, which is something we all yearn for. Flowers are a very prominent motif throughout the film, and they can be used as a constant that is present on all marketing collateral, whether they are dead or alive.</p><p>Good vs EvilWhats a story about the Antichrist without some internal moral battles? Damons entire world is conflicted, and this will appeal to all audiences: everyone has to decide between right and wrong; easy and difficult; good and evil.</p><p>RomanceWhile this will initially appeal to our romantics, most people ultimately enjoy a good love story, thus bringing in our fantasists and fanboys. Everyone wants to fall in love, but how far would they be willing to go?</p><p>MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Growing Up</p><p>Tim Burton-esqueTim Burton is a one-of-a-kind director who has an unparalleled vision. DAMON is a dark, Gothic comedy, similar to Tim Burton films such as Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands. It will be important to distinguish DAMON from Tim Burton films and ensure that this is not merely a cookie cut copy of his style.</p><p>Not the Addams Family</p><p>The Gray family is similar to the Addams family: Gothic misfits with a twisted sense of humor. But while the Addams family is ultimately a loving clan with eccentric qualities, the Grays are a bit more demented and evil. Similar to being Tim Burton-esque, we will need to differentiate the Grays from the Addams.</p><p>Antichrist Controversy</p><p>While the Antichrist may be our biggest marketable element, it can also be our Achilles Heel. There are a lot of negative connotations with the Antichrist, and it may repel some people within our target audiences from watching the film. We will need to ensure that while Damon is the devils child, he is not the evil one we have grown to fear.</p><p>Clich?The crux of this story has been told before: it is, ultimately, a love story between two people who are in every way opposite. However, there are many layers to this story, and our marketing opportunities will reiterate them. Our posters and promotional strategies will need to employ these opportunities to avoid the potential stereotype DAMON may fall into.</p><p>MARKETING OBSTACLES</p></li><li><p>12</p></li><li><p>Film Festival Strategy</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>14</p><p>Our festival strategy has two purposes: to spread awareness and peak interest for DAMON, and to obtain a major film distributor. We will use means of guerilla marketing, festival kits and key art that will create a noticeable first impact and a memorable lasting impression. We will also use social media to encourage festival attendees to learn more about DAMON and ultimately create buzz and word-of-mouth publicity.</p><p>Because DAMON is a modern film with a slightly twisted story, we decided to select a wide array of film festivals for it to screen at, in hopes that it will encourage both the media and dark subject matter-lovers to watch and enjoy.</p><p>Walking Around FESTIVAL STRATEGY</p></li><li><p>15</p><p>Palm Springs Film Festival: January 5-16, 2012, Palm Springs, CAWe will kick off our festival season with the Palm Springs Film Festival, one that is known for its ability to spread good word-of-mouth. DAMON will rely heavily on audience interest, so PSSF is an ideal starting point.</p><p>Sundance Film Festival: January 19-29, 2012, Park City, UTThe largest independent film festival in the world, Sundance would be an ideal platform for DAMON to be showcased. Many eccentric films have gotten their start at Sundance, including Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite and The Butterfly Effect.</p><p>SXSW (South by Southwest) Film Festival: March 9-17, 2012, Austin, TXSXSW is more than just a film festival: it is an entire arts experience. The majority of attendees will fall into our three target audiences, making this a premiere location to screen DAMON.</p><p>Seattle International Film Festival: May 17-June 10, 2012, Seattle, WASIFF has a reputation for being the audiences festival as opposed to the industrys festival, thus implying that audiences comprise the majority of attendance. This will be an important festival for DAMON to be screened at, because it will encourage word-of-mouth awareness amongst viewers.</p><p>Los Angeles Film Festival: June 14-24, 2012, Los Angeles, CAWith very high attendance every year and its reputation...</p></li></ul>