Cultural Regions of the World

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Cultural Regions of the World. Language: English Religions/Beliefs : Predominately Christian (varied denominations) Government : Representative Democracy Economics : Free Enterprise Economics. Industry is varied but focus is on high tech manufacturing and services. Trade : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Culture Regions

Cultural Regions of the World

Language:EnglishReligions/Beliefs: Predominately Christian (varied denominations)Government:Representative DemocracyEconomics:Free Enterprise Economics. Industry is varied but focus is on high tech manufacturing and services. Trade:Benefit from Free trade agreements with NAFTA and CAFTA Exports technology for

DiversityMulticultural varied races, ethnicities, religions and nationalities. Some division within. EX: French QuebecMajor Features:Democratic Values Free Enterprise Inalienable Rights

Language:Spanish & PortugueseReligions/Beliefs: Predominately Christian (Catholic)Government:Mostly Democracy/Republics (Except Communist Cuba)Economics:Developing Economies Trade:Benefits from NAFTA and CAFTA

DiversityBlend of Native American, European & AfricaMajor Features:Developing Industries & Deforestation of Amazon Rainforest

Language-Many different languagesEnglish taught for businessReligion/Belief system-Christian, some IslamGovernment-Mix of Republics and Constitutional Monarchy (England)Economics-European Union, most use the euro as currency

Trade-Manufactured goods/machinery/luxury goodsDiversity-Fairly diverse with somewhat homogenous populations in individual countriesMajor Features-European UnionTOURISM

Language-Russian and regional dialectsReligion/Belief system-Eastern Orthodox Christian and some IslamGovernment-DemocraticEconomics-Capitalism after years of Communism

Trade-OilDiversity-Russians and other ethnicitiesMajor Features-Corruption threatens democracy in this area

Language-ArabicReligion/Belief system-IslamGovernment-RepublicEconomics-Subsistence agricultureOil

Trade-Exports: Crude Oil/PaperImports: MachineryDiversity-Diverse tribal cultures united through colonization & later spread of IslamMajor Features-Arab Spring (overthrow of rulers)Access to water (Aswan Dam)Suez Canal (connects Mediterranean Sea w/ Indian Ocean)

LanguageVarious combinations of Bantu, European and Arabic Religions/Beliefs: 41% Christian 31% Islamic 25% animistGovernment:Predominately Dictatorship, Democracy (South Africa) Economics:Subsistence Agriculture and herding. Small number of commercial farming.Trade:Cash Crop Exports: Coffee, Cacao,

DiversityMany diverse ethnic groups and tribes were divided by colonial powers resulting in conflict and oppression. Major Features:Post Colonial period Low levels of Education and Political instability mixed with constant drought and disease have made development difficult

Language-Mandarin (China) & JapaneseReligion/Belief system-China-BuddhismJapan- ShintoismGovernment-China- CommunismJapan- Constitutional MonarchyEconomics-China- Free Market Economy w/ some state controlJapan- Free Market

& Japan

Trade-Imports: Machinery/OilExports: Manufactured Goods/ MachineryDiversity-Homogeneous CultureMajor Features-High Population DensityMassive Economic growth in China

& Japan

LanguageHindi (English is the language of business) Religions/Beliefs: Hinduism (63%), Islam (32%)Government:Parliamentary Republics (Unstable)Economics:Subsistence/Commercial Agriculture, cottage/Commercial industryTrade:Textiles and clothing

DiversityVaried religions, and ethnic groups have created tensions throughout the region.Ex: Hindu-Muslim conflict in KashmirMajor Features:Slow but consistent development.Globalizing!!!!Exploding population growth struggles with low standard of living and deep seated social inequalities.

Language- Many different languagesReligion/Belief system-Mix of Buddhism, Islam, w/small amounts of other religionsGovernment-Mix of Communism (Vietnam) and democracy (Indonesia)Economics-Developing economiesVietnam is opening to a free market system

Trade-Exports: Oil (Indonesia) & TextilesImports: Steel, MedicineDiversity-Fairly diverse except VietnamMajor Features-Steady GrowthTerrorism


Language-EnglishReligion/Belief system-ChristianityGovernment-Parliamentary RepublicEconomics-Free Market

Trade- Oil & mined mineralsDiversity-Aboriginal, European (mostly British), AsianMajor Features-Drought & Bush fires-AustraliaEarthquakes- New Zealand

Language-Arabic, Hebrew in IsraelReligion/Belief system-Islam, Judaism in IsraelGovernment-Monarchy Saudi ArabiaTheocracy IranRepublic- Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, IsraelEconomics-Oil

Trade-Export: OilImport: FoodDiversity-Arab, Jews in IsraelMajor Features-Fertile CrescentBirthplace of Judaism, Christianity, & IslamPlagued by war

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