Native American Cultural Regions

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  • 1. We are a unique and beautiful people.We are the Native Americans. WA-SHEA-KWU (Lynette Shawano), Wisconsin

2. Chapter 1, Section 2: Migration Routes of the First Americans

  • Ice Age exposed land bridge connecting Asia & North America 30,000 years ago
  • First Americans migrated on foot from Asia across a land bridge (Beringia)
    • Migrate- to move from one place and establish a home in a new place
  • Native Americans eventually became hunter-gatherers

3. Migrating Routes of the First Americans 4. Chapter 1, Section 3: Native Americans Adapt to the Environment

  • Used natural resources for food, clothing and shelter
  • Developed their own cultures over generations
  • By 1400s, 1-2 million Native Americans lived in 10 cultural regions
  • Believed in a strong spiritual connection to nature

5. Native American Cultural Regions 6. Native Americans of the Northwest Coast 7. Native Americans of California 8. Native Americans of the Great Basin 9. Salmon and camas were dried in the summer and stored for use in the winter. Native Americans of the Plateau 10. Native Americans of the Southwest Made homes from adobe (sun-dried clay) 11. Native Americans of the Great Plains Followed buffalo herds most of the year 12. Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands Design of an Iroquois longhouse (from archaeological evidence) 13. Native Americans of the Southeast Moundville Archaeological Park, in western Alabama, was the site of a Mississippian Indian settlement from about AD 1000 to 1450. The flat-topped earth mounds were used as building foundations.