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Crete Public Schools. Nebraska – Crete Public Schools Demographics. Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Priced Meals. Nebraska – Crete Public Schools Demographics. Crete- NeSA -Reading. Past. All staff Mixed groups Extended time (four hours) Series of questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nebraska Crete Public Schools Demographics

Crete Public Schools

Nebraska Crete Public Schools Demographics

Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Priced Meals

Nebraska Crete Public Schools Demographics

Crete-NeSA-ReadingReading09-1010-11Grade 361%67%Grade 475%64%Grade 569%59%Grade 655%75%Grade 771%73%Grade 867%74%Grade 1176%71%

PastAll staffMixed groupsExtended time (four hours)Series of questions What are our current levels of performance? What do trends show?

CurrentRotation of three groups-three sessions-each an hourEach Group--60 participantsDemographicsData Overview

PurposeAll Staff Members-Best connection to the communityNeed to know the good Need a full picture of many sources of dataData SlidesProcessInvolvementImprovementCrete-NeSA-ReadingReading09-1010-11Grade 361%67%Grade 475%64%Grade 569%59%Grade 655%75%Grade 771%73%Grade 867%74%Grade 1176%71%

PerspectiveHighest and Lowest Standards-Reading 9-1034567811Vocabulary3.1.5aLLLLL3.1.5cHHH3.1.5dLLLHLComprehension3.1.6.aHL3.1.6bHH3.1.6cHHHHL3.1.6dLLH3.1.6eLHLLH3.1.6fHH3.1.6gLLLL3.1.6hH3.1.6jHHH3.1.6kHLHighest and Lowest Standards Math 10-11345678113.1.1Number Sense/SystemLLH H LLH LNT3.1.2OperationsLLNTNTNT3.1.3ComputationNTLL3.1.4EstimationHH3.2.1Characteristics of ObjectsH HHHNTNTHH3.2.2.Coordinate GeometryLH H3.2.3Transformations3.2.4Spatial Modeling3.2.5MeasurementH LLLLH3.3.1RelationshipsHL3.3.2Modeling in Context3.3.3ProceduresLL3.4.1Data Display & Analysis/Probability ConceptsHH LH3.4.2Predictions and InferencesL3.4.3InferencesH LH L16Closing4 X 6 CardNameCelebrationConcern

NRTsCelebrationsSome grades show improvementIn places, at-risk subgroups score similarly to traditionally high-performing subgroups. ChallengesMatching curriculum better to NRTsHelping students want to do better on NRTS

4th Grade SubgroupsMath% Meeting or Exceeding StandardsMale ____Free/Reduced ____Female ____Non F/R____

White ____ELL ____Hispanic ____Non ELL ____62%60%86%36%44%82%21%72%4th Grade Students Students Below Standard in Math = 50How many in ELL? ____How many Absent > 10 days? ____How many since Kinder? ____How many free/reduced? ____

21923(11 since Kinder)41QuestionsWhat does your grade see as our biggest challenge?

What suggestions would you make to address this challenge?

What is your teams role?Middle SchoolGoal: All teachers have ownershipNot just core teachersDivided teachers into teamsReadingMathELLSPEDGeneral Ed

Middle SchoolExplained how to use data filterQuestions asked of Math/Rdg. teamsLooked for trends/patterns in Math, Readingpassing vs. courses taken (RM level, diff. math)Who passed in 09-10 but failed in 10-11Scaled ScoreHow close were they either way?Which kids need extra help this year to pass/stay passing?Written response

CMS Student OwnershipData FoldersStudents graph the results of their assessments each year on color-coded sheetsBenchmarks are marked on the sheets so the students know if meeting/exceedingLongitudinal assessment data for each student in one placeFolders follow students from year to yearCMS Student OwnershipStudents Keep Assessment Data For:ReadingNeSA, DIBELS (5-6), AimsWeb (7-8), StanfordMathNeSA, AimsWeb, StanfordScienceNeSA, StanfordSocial StudiesStanford NeSA-WStanford Total Language, Vocabulary, Complete BatteryELDAMiddle SchoolQuestions asked of teams-written responseGeneral Ed questionsFind 10 lowest/highest students on each list. Any on both?What area was the biggest struggle for low kidsvocab or comprehension?With those lists, teachers then were asked how they could target instruction to middle/high kids while still meeting needs of lower studentsEvolutionSimplerPalatableUseableA startGained professionally in how to read and use a variety of dataChart30.670.710.640.750.590.70.750.740.730.740.740.710.710.67

CreteNebraskaNeSA- Reading 2010-2011 Grades 3-8 & 11

Crete ReadReading09-1010-11Grade 361%67%Grade 475%64%Grade 569%59%Grade 655%75%Grade 771%73%Grade 867%74%Grade 1176%71%

Sheet2Crete/NE ReadingG-3G-4G-5G-6G-7G-8G-11Crete67%64%59%75%73%74%71%Nebraska71%75%70%74%74%71%67%


CreteNebraskaNeSA- Reading 2010-2011 Grades 3-11