Conner Elliott My Family My Culture My Life Conner Curtis Elliott October 24, 2000

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Text of Conner Elliott My Family My Culture My Life Conner Curtis Elliott October 24, 2000

Conner Elliott

Conner ElliottMy FamilyMy CultureMy Life

Conner Curtis Elliott October 24, 2000

Me and My Gang

Christmas 2011My mom, Bevin HawkinsMy stepdad, Sean HawkinsMy sister, OliviaMy sister, KaylaMy brother, PepperMy MomBevin Pilgreen Hawkins

Born March 1978Graduated from high school in 1996.Graduated college 2000.She has been a nurse for 12 years.She is a Baptist and values her time with her family.

My DadDouglas Elliott

Born June 1965Graduated high school 1984He works at Red River Army Depot.He loves to fish and camp.My Gran Sarah Elliott

Born June 1942Graduated high school 1960She is retired and volunteers and St. MichaelShe loves to read and do crossword puzzelsMy great grandmotherWillma Livingston(the one in the red shirt)

Not sure when she was bornDied in 2003She was a house wife and did not graduate. She loved to read and sew.My great grandfather Floyd Livingston

He was born in 1911. Out of 4 kids, he was the only one to graduate. He was a share cropper. He grew his own garden and canned veggies. He later died in 2001.My Nannie Charlotte Rogers

Born in 1957.Graduated high school 1976She has been the Operations Supervisor for Yellow Freight in Texarkana for the last 20 yearsShe raised 2 kids, my mom Bevin and my uncle Brent.My great grandfather Timothy Curtis Pilgreen

He was born in 1954. Graduated high school 1973. He went to work at 18 years old and eventually retied form there. He passed away in 2000. He loved to spend time with his family. My great grandpartentsSydna Ann Dodson

Will H. Dodson

My great grandparentsSydna and Will Dodson

Sydna goes by her middle name Ann.She was born in 1927. She graduated high school and worked on a farm while growing up. Her daddy had a caf and she worked there too. She eventually married and had 3 kids. One of them was my Nannie Charlotte. She worked for Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant until she retired. She loves to cook and fish.

Will was born around 1925. He was never sure because he was an orphan and did not have a birth certificate. He left the orphanage at 17 years old to join the Army and fight in WWII. Later in life, he worked at Lone Star and retired form there. He loved to fish and play at the horse races and spend time with the family.

My moms first birthday

Me and My Sister

My first birthdayMe and My Mamaw Ann

My mom and sister Olivia

Monster Trucks

Me and my brother Pepper at Cowboys Stadium

Me, my mom, Kayla, Olivia, and Pepper