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Awareness of MySpace

Awareness Internet SafetyDiane TravisArtina OrumParis ConnerConner, Travis, OrumWhat is Internet Safety?Internet safety is mainly being safe and careful on the Internet. There are many ways that students can encounter problems with security and safety while on the internet socializing, researching, or whatever. But how can students prevent their risk of not being safe? What actions can be done to resolve the problems? Most of all what are the different types of way students can be aware of the dangers of the internet?

Conner, Travis, OrumStudents Be Aware!Social Networks

Cyber bullying

Cyber stalking

Conner, Travis, OrumSocial NetworksThere are many social networks where students should be aware of about their safety. Most of the social networks are valid for introducing individuals from all over the world.

Conner, Travis, Orum

Types of Social NetworksConner, Travis, OrumMySpaceFACEbookInteractiongamingChattingBeBoTaggedWhat is MySpace?MySpace is a social network that allows people to communicate, meet new friends/enemies, and share personal desires. MySpace , according to the article MySpace: Safety Highlight, is a global form of ways individual can communicate with one another.

Conner, Travis, OrumHow Is It Safe?Hemanshu Nigam, Chief security officer, says that MySpace is to keep people safe online through unique safety technology. However, there are cases that show that MySpace is not safe for individuals because of any individual can get an account even ones with criminal minds.

Conner, Travis, OrumThe Dangers of MySpaceThere are many dangers that individuals should be aware of when navigating on MySpace. Dangers that students should be aware of are:Written contentImagesPredators (Cyber bullying and Cyber stalking)Unsuitable friendsBad behaviorThe contents written from students are their personal information such as age, gender, race, family, friends, location of residency, and much more.Conner, Travis, OrumThe Dangers ContinueAll ages of students should be aware of the above listed because each one contribute to the initiation of the other. According to the article, Parental Spy: Startling Facts and Stats, statistics show that an estimate of about 725,000

children have been aggressively invited to meet individuals for non-safe activities causing parents to become threatened about the safety of their child(ren).Conner, Travis, OrumContinue.Too much personal information could cause more harm than good to students. False personal information and inappropriate images lead to predators such as cyber bullies and cyber stalkers.Conner, Travis, Orum

Dangers ContinueThis could lead to unsuitable friends for students because of misleading information and unintentional but intentional behavior inviting unwanted messages, phone calls, following from strangers, and other dangerous behavior from an online predator that you regularly chat with online. Conner, Travis, Orum

Preventions of MySpace Danger!According, to the article, Parents Have 10 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online, it mentions that outlook of internet safety and security has brought about concerns to prominence. The article gave several ways that parents and guardian or any caring adult could prevent danger events from occurring from social networks, MySpace in this particular case though. Conner, Travis, Orum10 Ways Parents Can PreventKeep computer in public viewing areaEstablish and teach internet guidelinesUnderstand social networkingLet child know to keep personal information protectedCreate false names and protect passwordsFrequently check Internets historyHave child to show their favorite site to youTeach cyber ethnicsBe computer savvyTeach child to tell you or trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable about something Conner, Travis, OrumCyberbullyingWhat is cyberbullying?Cyberbullying is the intentional harming of someone through technological communication being repeated, frightened, and hostile.

Conner, Travis, OrumCyberbullying alters Student Safety?Cyberbullying alters student safety by making them feel tormented and afraid. The students feel hurt, embarrassed, ashamed, and sometime experience much pain.

Conner, Travis, OrumHow Can Students Be Protected Form Cyberbullying?Refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages Tell friends to stop cyberbullying Block communication with cyberbullies Report cyberbullying to a trusted adultNever share your Internet passwords with anyone, except your parents. Never meet anyone face-to-face whom you only know online.

Conner, Travis, OrumCyberstalking

What is Cyberstalking?Cyberstalking is the use of the internet and other electronic means to stalk someone. Conner, Travis, OrumWhy Is Cyberstalking Unsafe?False accusationsThreatsIdentity theft Damage to dataSexual harassmentVerbally harassmentPhysically harassmentConner, Travis, OrumHow Can Students Prevent Cyberstalking From Happening?Give nicknames or false namesDo not provide too much personal informationDo not fabricate about your ageDo not meet anyone new face to faceDo not tease over the internetDo not post negative commentsDo not post inappropriate images of selfConner, Travis, OrumInteraction GamingInteraction gaming is a type of social networking that allows children/ students to play games that seems to a have a real life perspective to it. It is a way to communicate with other players and actually hear their voice. Conner, Travis, OrumInteraction GamingIn the article, Interaction Gaming, Safety, and Privacy, it mentions a case where kids were actively involve in a chatting computer game that later become to be not so fun because older adults and other children start to cyberbullying a teenager girl and she was very much hurt and the game had become into something that wasnt fun anymore.Conner, Travis, Orum

Again Students Be Aware Of:Conner, Travis, OrumCyberBulliesCyberStalkersSelfAgain Students Be Careful Of:Conner, Travis, OrumYour Personal InformationBe Careful Of:Conner, Travis, OrumNot Fabricating and Growing Up Before TimeStudents Be Cautious Of:Conner, Travis, OrumDisplaying InappropriateImagesOfSelfRemember Parents!Try to teach your student (child) the negatives and positive of the internet. Encourage them to use false names or nicknames, not provide too much information, and be careful while on the internet because dangers awaitsConner, Travis, Orum

In SummaryStudents and Parents be careful the way you use the internet for social activities. It is fine to use the internet to have fun but as long as you are not hurting anyone or putting false information on your page on your social network page or account to encourage anyone to do harmful things upon you. Conner, Travis, OrumReferencesInteractive Gaming, Safety, and Privacy. The Procter and Gambele Co. copyright 2009. www.beinggirl.comOnline Safety, Langley Advance. Langley, B.C. August 22,2008 pg. A.19Parents get tips on Internet, Emily Kampschneider. Omaha World-Herald. Omaha, Neb:November 8,2008.p.k.4Parents have 10 ways to keep kids safe online, Journal-Gazette Ft.Wayne, Ind:November 30, 2008 pg.A.18Parental Spy Software.InfoBureau.copyright 2008. www.parentalspy.com

Conner, Travis, Orum