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  • 1. VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO Connected Generation From Liking to Leading in a digital world Virginia Sharma Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, President, IBM India/South Asia 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 2. VirginiaSharmaThe Millennial #DesiCMO 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 3. IBM Student Study lends some insights into the Millennials We interviewed 3,400 students worldwide who represent this generation via the 2012 IBM Global Student Study and compared their views to those of CEOs 54% from growth markets, 46% from mature markets 39% under 21, 40% b/w 21-25 63% male, 37% female Student Study 2012 CEO Study VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO3 2013 IBM Corporation Source: Millennials: We R Who We R, Feb 5, 2011, Millennial Marketing
  • 4. Millennials will look for companies that are open and empower them Organizational impact from competing influences 58% India 68% 48% 35% 37% 33% 33% 30% Students 17% CEO Outperformers CEO Underperformers 9% Operational control Balance between Organizational openness Tight operational and financial control openness and control Opening of organizations internally to ensure compliance; and externally and empowerment of avoid waste; and enforce standards, individuals to facilitate innovation, norms and behaviors collaboration and creativity VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO4 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 5. VirginiaSharma Millennials seek a collaborative environment, #DesiCMO ability to innovate and work-life balance life Organizational attributes to engage employees Students CEOs Collaborative environment 59% 63%India 74% Ability to innovate 54% 51% Work-life balance 54% 35% Ethics and values 46% 65% Purpose and mission 42% 58% Financial rewards 40% 31% India 53% Work flexibility 40% 24% Personal autonomy 38% 31% Cultural diversity 30% 21% Stability of the organization 30% 37% Comprehensive mentoring 27% 18% Industry leadership 22% 40% Customizable compensation 19% 18%5 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 6. Millennials take technology for grantedMore preoccupied with the economy and its impact on job prospects VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 7. Millennial consumers use social media and websitesCEOs still believe in face to face India 63% India 37% VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 8. Millennials understand what it takes to be successful CEO characteristics for success Students CEOs Inspirational leadership 56% 60% Global mindset 52% 48% Competitive instinct 48% 38% Leadership teaming 47% 58% Environmentally / socially devoted 39% 16% Risk tolerant 36% 33% Customer obsession 34% 61% Financial skills 33% 24% Boldness 33% 35% Disruptive creativity 33% 33% Transparent 32% 34% Technology savviness 30% 23% Diversity-driven driven 26% 20% VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 9. Millennials believe corporate social responsibility is a criticalsuccess factor for business, not just a nice to have VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 10. VirginiaSharma #DesiCMO Collaborative Citizenship Genuine, not just generous Talent that complements our technology Not just getting involved but staying involved CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP @ IBMReading Companion EXITE Camps MentorPlace Corporate Service Corps SAHANA 2013 IBM CorporationKidsmart Reinventing Education TryScience On Demand Community SME Toolkit
  • 11. VirginiaSharmaRelevance not Visibility: Aligning Corporate Citizenship #DesiCMOEfforts with the National AgendaLets also make sure that a high school diploma puts our kids on a path to a good jobAt Letsschools like P-Tech in Brooklyn, a collaboration between New York PublicSchools, the City University of New York, and IBM, students will graduate 2013 IBM Corporationwith a high school diploma and an associate degree in computers or engineering.
  • 12. A brand must deliver exceptional Millennial Ready web experiencesacross all functions, not just marketing Social Portal, Employee Engagement Workplace Citizen Engagement Ease tax filings CHRO Company web presence, Emergency readiness Buy, Market, Sell, ServiceEducation advancement Demand Generation, Food Safety CMO On-line Sales Transport Systems Officials Brand Loyalty Exceptional Web Experiences Business Unit Service/ On-line Banking, Executive Support Optimizing Self Service, Patient Portal Call Center Claim Processing CIO VirginiaSharma Integrate/migrate existing applications, #DesiCMO Streamline IT operations, enhance employee experience
  • 13. Are you Millennial Ready? Integration Content