Congress: Decisionmaking and Reform

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Congress: Decisionmaking and Reform. Congressional Decisionmaking Theories of Representation Decisionmaking Simulation Congressional Reform Incumbency Advantage & Term Limits Eliminating the Filibuster Increasing the Size of the House of Reps. Theories of Representation. Delegate. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Congress: Decisionmaking and Reform

Congressional Decisionmaking

Congress: Decisionmaking and ReformCongressional DecisionmakingTheories of RepresentationDecisionmaking Simulation

Congressional ReformIncumbency Advantage & Term LimitsEliminating the FilibusterIncreasing the Size of the House of Reps.

TrusteeDelegateVotes in the national interest, even if in conflict with districts interest

Should exercise her best judgment in voting, even if constituents disagreeVotes in the interests of the district, even if conflict with national interest

Should vote consistent with the wishes of her constituentsTheories of Representation

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