Condor-G Making Condor Grid Enabled

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Condor-G Making Condor Grid Enabled. Outline. Why use Condor-G Globus Universe GlideIn Status & Future Work. What is Condor-G?. Extensions to Condor to allow access to the Grid through Globus Two Parts Globus Universe GlideIn. Why Use Condor-G. Condor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Condor-G Making Condor Grid Enabled

Condor - A Project and a SystemCondor-G
What is Condor-G?
Extensions to Condor to allow access to the Grid through Globus
Two Parts
Globus Universe
Local Condor Pool
Friendly Condor Pools (via Flocking)
Through Globus, many more machines become available to run your jobs
Globus is primarily an infrastructure upon which to develop distributed applications
Command-line tools are limited
Some users don’t want to rewrite their applications to use Globus
Condor-G provides them a powerful interface to the Grid to run their existing applications
Full-featured queuing service
E-mail notification of events
Remote Crash
Proxy may expire before jobs finish executing
Condor can put jobs on hold and e-mail user to refresh proxy
No job checkpoint or migration
No remote system calls
Solution: GlideIn
Use the Globus Universe to run the Condor daemons on Globus resources
When the resources run these GlideIn jobs, they will join your Condor Pool
Submit your jobs as Standard or Vanilla Universe jobs and they will be matched and run on the Globus resources
What if a Globus resource kills my GlideIn?
That resource will disappear from your pool and you jobs will be rescheduled on other machines
What if all my jobs are done before a GlideIn runs?
If the glided-in Condor daemons are not matched with a job in 10 minutes, they terminate
Stages executable and standard I/O using Globus GASS
Jobmanager changes will be folded into a future release of Globus
Credential management in progress
Automatic GlideIn
Matchmaking in Globus Universe
Use Globus GRIS to create ClassAds for Globus resources and match them to job ClassAds