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Grid Toolkits Globus, Condor, BOINC, Xgrid Young Suk Moon

Grid Toolkits Globus , Condor, BOINC, Xgrid

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Grid Toolkits Globus , Condor, BOINC, Xgrid. Young Suk Moon. Grid Requirements. Resource sharing / coordination Resource discovery / management Job managements Security Delegation Monitoring Communication Interoperability. Comparison to OS. Needs for Grid Application Developments. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grid Security

Grid ToolkitsGlobus, Condor, BOINC, XgridYoung Suk Moon

Grid RequirementsResource sharing / coordinationResource discovery / managementJob managementsSecurityDelegationMonitoringCommunicationInteroperability

http://grid.rit.edu2Comparison to OSGrid RequirementsGridOSResource sharing/coordinationGIIS, GRRPMain memory (heap area)Resource discovery/managementGRAMFile systemsJob managementQueuing SystemsIR (Instruction Register), process schedulingSecurityGSIPermissionsMonitoringGMAStandard outputCommunicationvia network systemsBuses on computer boardhttp://grid.rit.edu3Needs for Grid Application DevelopmentsStandardized mechanismsAPIs / SDKs for Grid protocols

http://grid.rit.edu4Grid ToolkitsGrid ToolkitsCategoryGlobus ToolkitGrid ComputingCondorCluster ComputingCondor-GGrid ComputingBOINCPublic-Resource ComputingXgridCluster Computinghttp://grid.rit.edu5Globus ToolkitOpen-source projectSoftware toolkit for Grid applicationsBeing developed by the Globus Alliancewww.globus.org

http://grid.rit.edu6Globus Toolkit RequirementsResource location & allocationCommunicationsUnified resource information serviceAuthentication interfaceProcess creationData access

http://grid.rit.edu7Reference: from the slide Globus: A Metacomputing Infrastructure Toolkit. p.12.Grid Architecture & Globus: Fabric Layerhttp://grid.rit.edu8Access to the resourcesComputational resourcesStorage resourcesNetwork resourcesGlobus uses existing fabric componentsIf they do not exist, GT provides the missing components.

Grid Protocol ArchitectureCollectiveResourceConnectivityFabricApplicationGrid Architecture & Globus: Connectivity Layer - 1http://grid.rit.edu9Defines communication & authentication protocolsTransport, routing, namingVerify users & resourcesGlobus Toolkit : Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI)Public-key basedX.509

Grid Protocol ArchitectureCollectiveResourceConnectivityFabricApplicationGrid Architecture & Globus: Connectivity Layer - 2Grid Security RequirementsSingle sign onDelegationIntegration with various local security solutionsUser-based trust relationships

http://grid.rit.edu10Grid Architecture & Globus: Resource Layerhttp://grid.rit.edu11Resource managementsInformation protocolsManagement protocols (process creation, data access)Globus ToolkitGrid Resource Information Protocol (GRIP)Grid Resource Access and Management (GRAM)GridFTPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)Grid Protocol ArchitectureCollectiveResourceConnectivityFabricApplicationGrid Architecture & Globus: Collective Layerhttp://grid.rit.edu12Access to global resourcesResource discoveryTask schedulingMonitoringAuthorizationGlobus Toolkit: Meta Directory ServiceGrid Information Index Services (GIISs)Grid Resource Registration Protocol (GRRP)Grid Protocol ArchitectureCollectiveResourceConnectivityFabricApplicationCondorCluster computing toolkitDeveloped at University of WisconsinRuns on various Operating SystemsProvidesJob queuingScheduling policy (job allocation, migrations, etc.)Resource monitoringResource management

http://grid.rit.edu13Condor ArchitectureA central managerDetects idle machinesMatches job requirements to available resourcesSubmit machinesOnly submit jobsFull Install machinesSubmit & run jobshttp://grid.rit.edu14ClusterCentral ManagerSubmitFull InstallFull InstallSubmitFull InstallCondor - Flockinghttp://grid.rit.edu15Cluster ACluster BSubmit JobRun JobNo available resourcesin cluster ASend the jobto cluster BRun the job in cluster BCondor-GGrid computingUsing the Globus ToolkitCan access a Globus Grid

http://grid.rit.edu16XgridA Mac OS X applicationSecurityExtendabilityA plug-in architectureEase of use

http://grid.rit.edu17http://www.macresearch.org/xgrid-leopard-good-bad-ugly-and-new-stuffHow Xgrid is usedAd hoc participationPrograms are run at idle computersDedicated GridComputers are dedicated for programs

http://grid.rit.edu18Xgrid ArchitectureAgentRuns a job (dedicated mode, screensaver mode)ControllerQueues tasks, scheduling, handles failoverClientSubmits jobs to the controller

http://grid.rit.edu19Xgrid ArchitecturePlug-insFor specific functionalitiesNetworkingBEEP (The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol) http://www.beepcore.org/SecurityXgrid requires a passwordMD5 hash

http://grid.rit.edu20BOINCStands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network ComputingPublic-resource computingAlso known as peer-to-peer computingDifferent from Grid computingGrid: resources are owned by organizations (universities, research labs, etc.)Public-resource: resources are owned by individuals

http://grid.rit.edu21BOINC - participantsGive credits to participantsNeed participants to make a more capable systemMeter contributions (computation, storage, network transfer, etc.)Participants are interested in their rankings

http://grid.rit.edu22BOINC - [email protected]@[email protected]@homeCERN [email protected]/Intel study of Internet resources

http://grid.rit.edu23BOINC - FeaturesComponentsA master URL, scheduling servers, data serversTools (Python scripts, C++ interfaces)Redundant computingDetects errors and compute againFailure / backoffCongestion controlLocal scheduling

http://grid.rit.edu24ReferencesGlobus Website: www.globus.orgPresentation Slides, The Globus Project TM, The Grid and Globus. Argonne National Laboratory, JSC Information Sciences Institute. users.sdsc.edu/~ludaesch/ECS289F-W05/ECS289F-W05-16-globus.pdfPresentation Slides, Harhad, F, Globus: A Metacomputing Infrastructure Toolkit. International Journal of Supercomputer Applications, 11(2):115-128, 1997. www.cct.lsu.edu/~kosar/csc7700/slides/Lecture05a.pdfFoster, I., Kesselman, C. and Tuecke, S. The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, 15 (3). 200-222. 2001.Habib, I. Getting started with condor. Linux J., 2006(149), 2. Website: http://www.linuxjournal.com/node/9058/printCondor Website: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/Anderson, D.P. BONIC: a system for public-resource computing and storage. Grid Computing, Proceedings. Fifth IEEE/ACM International Workshop on, 4-10. 2004.Xgrid Guide Apple Computer, Inc. 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014. March 17. 2004.http://grid.rit.edu25