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Composition Techniques  Rules of Thirds  Framing  Perspective  Focus

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Text of Composition Techniques  Rules of Thirds  Framing  Perspective  Focus

  • Composition TechniquesRules of ThirdsFramingPerspectiveFocus

  • Rules of ThirdsImaginary guide lines for framing your shotImage feels balanced" and pleasing to the eye.

  • Rules of ThirdsFrame is divided into 9 sections

  • FramingUse natural surroundings to add more interest

  • PerspectiveShot at Eye Level, High, or LowScenery shoots have a cool perspective when shot low. People shots are a little more flattering shot high.

  • Eye LevelSame height as your objectGet down on their level Try to get eye contact

  • Low point of view

  • High point of view

  • Focus TipsZoom in to focusPress the shutter button halfway down to set the focusCamera Shake: Camera is waiting for more light.

  • Distance

  • Close Enough?Fill the frame with the subject Frame your photoLook around the edges of your photo before you clickIs there anything extra ?

  • Portrait or Landscape?

  • Your Digital Camera

  • FlashGood up to 10 feetRemoves shadows from daylight shots

  • Macro: Close-Up ShotsAllows you to get close to your imageI to 3 feetBest to use a tripod

  • Action ShotsPress the shutter button lightly half way to focusWhen focused: it will beep two times and indicator light will turn green

  • Preview Pictures

  • Download ImagesDownload images to your document folder.

  • Questions

  • ResourcesComposition & Framing Techniques:


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