Photo composition 1 light, thirds, focus, depth of field 2

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2. Hard light Creates very bright and dark areas Often creates a very bright subject and dark background Soft light Smooth and consistent light, creates few shadows No harsh shadows or extreme bright spots 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. When you adjust the focus on a camera manually you are focusing on a planeand not a point. So if you are taking a picture of a brick wall and one spot is in focus,the entire wall will be in focus.Film cameras mainly had one focal point (generally in the centre) but new DSLRscan focus on up to 11 points. 12. If you are having a hard time focusing the camera it could be oneof the following reasons.1) You could be too close to your subject and your lens is not capable of focusing that close.2) In low light autofocus systems will have a tough time focusing as the autofocus depends on light to work.3) If there is little contrast in the picture the camera becomes blind. For example if you take a picture of a clear blue sky the camera wont know what to focus on but if there is a cloud the camera will focus on that because of the contrast. 13. Definition: The distance between the nearest and thefurthest objects that are judged to be in focus in acamera. ( 14. Long Shallow 15.