Comparison of marketing strategies anna karenina vs the avengers

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Text of Comparison of marketing strategies anna karenina vs the avengers

  • 1. Comparison of marketing strategies: Anna Karenina and The Avengers By Liam Hynes and Charlotte Cann
  • 2. Official websitesThere are many noticeable differences between the two websites. Anna Karenina only has fourpage options at the top showing that their website is not massively developed. This does not doa great deal for their advertising campaign and may not grab the interest of the potentialaudience. Due to the type of film and the target audience, the website is not developed becausethe film is set in late 19th centaury. Also, the film has a low to medium budget of 30 million sotherefore
  • 3. Whereas, The Avengers website has lots of different features along the side. When The Avengers site loads, it automatically plays the trailer showing people exactly what the film is about and giving them a taste for it. Secondly, the website featuresoptional music to add drama. Thirdly, by placing your cursor over a character you canclick to access information about them, giving you options for downloads, their bio all whilst playing clips of the various characters in the background. The budget for this film is $220 million, which is a noticeable difference to the budget of Anna Karenina.
  • 4. Posters The posters for Anna Karenina arent particularly inventive. The left hand side poster demonstrates the era with the large chandeliers and show the class of the film. The second poster is the same as the website, demonstrating different couples and aman standing on his own, implying he has possibly been left on hisown purposely to give the audience a hint of what may take place.
  • 5. The posters for The Avengers are far more detailed and eye catching. The one on theleft shows destruction in the background and gives the audience a small flavour of the action going on in this film. The explosion in a building adds to the drama as potential audiences become interested as to what is going on. The poster to the right is more simple and shows likeness to the organisation S.H.I.E.L.D because of the black background creating a more serious mood and the world in the background symbolising that they let The Avengers loose on the world in order to protect it.
  • 6. Social networking As you can see, Anna Karenina have set up a Facebook page in order to gain support of their target audience, around 40-60 year olds, as well as get young people interested. They made adeal with LOVEFiLM for the release of Anna Karenina so that a younger audience may also takeinterest leading to more takings for the company. Although the page may seem quite basic it appears that more effort has been made on the Facebook page than the officialwebsite, suggesting that they believe that they can gain more support and interest through the work of social networking. This may prove to be a good decision as Facebook announced this month that it has 1 billion users.
  • 7. Although The Avengers Facebook page is not too different to the Anna Karenina Facebook page in terms of settings etc. it does have different options. The Avengers page tells you how manylikes the page has received and allows you to access The Avengers Hub. Also, in the bottom right hand corner of this shot there is a list of characters to like therefore gaining further publicity for the individual characters within the movie.
  • 8. Newspaper articlesIt is obvious that Anna Karenina did not get brilliant reviews as both newspapers rated it three out of five stars, however for a film with a budget of 30 million this isnt particularly bad.However, with negative headlines such as Poor Keira, shes out for the count this will not gain them much positive media attention which can result in a loss for the film.
  • 9. Whereas, the Avengers received a minimum of four stars out of five throughoutcountless reviews across the internet. This film received no negative headlines or bad publicity, meaning that it will have gained more media interest because of the high praises from critics.
  • 10. Conclusion So, in conclusion the marketing strategies used in Anna Karenina aremostly traditional methods such as posters whereas The Avengers usesa more developed website and latest technology to grab the audiences attention. Although they had different budgets both advertising campaigns reflect the nature of the film with Anna Karenina showing the classy style of the film while The Avengers shows explosions andaction hero qualities. Overall, it is clear that The Avengers had by far the best marketing strategies whilst Anna Karenina possibly didnt use enough of their budget on the various methods of attracting the audience.