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  • 1. SABANCI CAP GRADUATE AS A PROFESSIONALCompany Action Projects at Sabanc UniversityDeveloping Cap ProjectsFrequently Asked QuestionsProject CalenderCompanies that Proposed CAPsRecent ProjectsPartner Company CommentsStudent Comments

2. Welcome to the Sabanc School of ManagementSabanc University, founded in 1996, has already gained a reputation as one of the premier universities inTurkey. Equipped within the state-of-the-art facilities of Sabanc University, the School of Management is ayoung and rapidly growing school which takes an innovative approach to education. The Sabanc MBA programhas taken the best aspects of management education from around the world and built in aspects that fitthe uniqueness of the Turkish context. Our MBA Program focuses on developing young professionals whopossess a global vision, equipped with well-developed analytical and managerial skills to lead Turkish and globalorganizations in mastering 21st century challenges.Known as Turkeys one of the most innovative, research oriented Universities; Sabanc University prides itselfon its close ties to industry, an important asset both for students and companies. Sabanc Universitys strongties to industry and commitment to practice are most evidenced through the Company Action Projects (CAPs)of the MBA Program at School of Management.Company Action Projects, where student teams take on an actual project of a company, is the focal point ofthe MBA Program. CAP puts student teams right in the business world and creates many opportunities for bothour students and companies. While the students gain hands on work experience and learn how to link theory topractice, companies gain the reflective value adding perspective created through close collaboration with thestudents and the School of Management.We look forward to having you among our CAP Partners to fulfill Sabanc Universitys vision of creating anddeveloping together.Nakiye Avdan BoyacgillerDean1 3. COMPANY ACTION PROJECTS AT SABANCI UNIVERSITYbenefits to cap partnersPartners obtain innovative solutions to strategically important problems at low costPartners get the chance to work with a student team with fresh minds void of corporate biases towards handling problemsIndependent third-party perspectives of project teams help companies to identify the true nature of existing problemsProject teams incorporate the latest management methodology and analyses techniques into partners projectsDistinguished faculty members of the School of Management contribute to projects as advisors to project teamsPartners receive professional quality project reportsCAP creates a great opportunity to establish a sustainable with the University and academicsCAP also creates an opportunity for the Partners to get to know the students for future hiring message from the cap coordinator Welcome to Sabanc Universitys Company Action Projects (CAP). As the coordinator of CAP it is my responsibility and pleasure to provide full support during project development, selection and execution. The success of CAP relies on the sustained fit between students expectations from and preparation for a real life project and the dynamic demands of the projects offered by the companies. Therefore, from the initiation of a project to its successful execution and ending, I work as a mediator between the students, the Faculty and the company. The projects require a good deal of hard work and planning. However, the mutual sense of achievement we get after the a successful completion of a project more than makes up for the long hours of work. I am delighted to be involved in CAP, the most exciting element of our MBA Program. I look forward to having you as our CAP Partner. Stephen Moroz CAP Coordinator2 4. DEVELOPING CAP PROJECTS Each spring, students taking the Practice Development course of the first year curriculum write a paperconcerning their life career and project vision (LCPV statement). These papers help us to ascertain the projects and companies which would motivate the studentsConsistent with the interests of the students, companies are contacted by the CAP Coordinator and invited topresent their current problems as potential projects in class. Actual project selection starts in October, the following semester.CAP projects are expected to be of significant importance to the sponsoring company so that they represent sufficient challenge to the MBA students and important contributions to the partner company. Projects are conceptualized and defined in cooperation with the sponsor company. 3 5. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONShow does a company become a potentialof completing the project successfully. Students ofcap partner? similar interests form teams to execute the projects.Each summer the CAP Coordinator contacts CAP teams consist of three to four students andcompanies operating in the sectors identified by must be formed before mid-October. At the finalthe students. However, companies with interest instage, teams submit essays to the Project Sponsorspartnership and with important management projects at the Project Companies indicating their interestscan also contact the CAP Coordinator any timeand preferences. Companies make the final selectionbefore the end of August each year so that they arebased on the essays submitted.scheduled for presentation, should they match thestudents interests.*how is the cap process initiated? After the selection of the projects, the teams preparehow many projects are proposed each year?a project proposal as a first step of the CAP process.Typically, the number of projects offered by The project proposal includes a definition of thecompanies exceeds the number of student teams by a project, the scope of the work and the deliverables.large margin. Companies may present more than oneProject proposals are formulated in collaboration withproject on different managerial subjects.the sponsoring companies. The companies and the students sign letters of agreement and non-disclosurehow are students teams matched to projects?agreements, which clearly define the rights andConcurrent with company presentations, studentsliabilities of all parties throughout the CAP projectmake site visits to companies to see the physicalduration and onward. Project Proposals are attachedand social environment and better sense theto the signed agreements; hence they become bindingcompanys commitment to the project. They sharedocuments for projects considered.this information in the Practice Sharing class and get * For applications please visit: from faculty members as to the feasibility4 6. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONShow are caps managed?In the six to seven months following the formalstart of the project, students spend two days of the CAP Management Systemweek at the company site, interacting closely withcompany executives and staff, while receiving support CompanyMBA Programfrom faculty and academic advisors. The partnerResources andCourses Datacompany assigns a supervisor for the project, providesDevelopmice a ctenrelevant business data as well as access to key staff Prt JIT Company Seminarsand enables meetings, should they be required. Project Owner CAPCompany Action ProjectsTeams meet with their academic supervisors each an dSseh a r i n g Co u r Managementweek to talk about project achievements and to get CAPSkills WorkshopsCoordinatorfeedback.Academic SupervisorThe Practice Sharing course, on the other hand, servesas a medium where project experiences of all teamsare discussed, common and project-specific issues arerecognized and reflective learning is achieved. As a what is the cost of caps to partners?requirement of the Practice Sharing course, students Project partners are required to compensate thewrite down weekly progress reports, where they out-of-pocket costs of students in the project teamrecord what has been achieved in terms of plannedin accordance with company procedures. These costsactivities, possible delays, and outline the following include transportation and lunch expenditures ofweeks planned work. students for the two days they spend at the company site. Some companies choose to employ the studentsJust-in-Time Seminars provide the project teamson a part-time basis during the CAP Project period.with special knowledge which may be required at anyOther project related costs would be according tophase of the projects. the project plans expressed in the Project Proposal and agreed upon before the Project starts. They mayThe CAP Coordinator of the MBA Program overseesinclude travel and accommodation costs incurredthe project execution process and ensures that by the students and Academic Advisor due to theprojects progress as planned.project, the outsourcing cost of market research, etc.5 7. PROJECT CALENDARTime ActivityEnd of April Determination of student project requirementsMay - August Companies send in CAP application formsLast week of AugustDeadline for CAP ApplicationsMid-September to Early October Companies present project ideasMid-OctoberProject selection and team formationFirst week of November Teams begin work at company sitesMid-November Teams prepare formal Project ProposalsEnd of NovemberDeadline for signing of contracts and nondisclosure agreementsFirst week of December Team presentations to companiesMid-JanuarySubmission of Progress Reports to companiesMid-JanuaryTeam evaluation report from companiesMid-JanuaryTeam evaluation report from Academic AdvisorsMid-JanuarySemester BreakMid-MayValue Added presentations delivered to companiesEnd of May Submission of Final Reports to companies6 8. COMPANIES THAT PROPOSED CAPS AirTies* Eczacibasi Giriim Nestle* Ak Asset*Efes Pilsen* NetOne* Ak Emeklilik Eli Lilly* Nike AkansaETI* Novartis* Aksa*Express KargoOracle* Alcatel* Fiat-Tofa*Pnar Food Division* Anadolu GroupFinans Bank* PDF finans ARI Movement FlormarPfizer* Arkas* Gdasa Polin Water Parks and Pool Artesis* Galatasaray Sport Club Polisan