BRAC 2005 Change Overview The BRAC 2005 directives made by the Defense Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Committee dictate that Retail supply, storage.

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  • BRAC 2005 Change Overview The BRAC 2005 directives made by the Defense Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Committee dictate that Retail supply, storage and distribution functions and associated infrastructure supporting depot-level maintenance will transfer from repair depots to DLA. The objectives of BRAC are: Integrate Industrial Activity material support with DLAs Supply Chain Process improvements eliminate redundancy Better utilization of inventory stage inventory close to the Industrial Activity Visibility of planned Maintenance Requirements to support material forecasting position material Just - In - Time Provide equal to or better material support
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  • Due to BRAC 2005 changes, the industrial customer will not have resources to submit Supply Discrepancy Reports, thus DLAs Supply Department (Former SY and FISC employees) will continue to submit and respond to Supply Discrepancy Reports as they have in the Past. Point of Sale is the physical exchange of materiel Submission System will change from PEDREP/JDRS/WEBSDR to DSS. 2 touch points for submission of SDRs Receipt into the industrial activity After Issue to the Artisan Worksheet title: 20090305_SDR_v4.doc Flow title: 20090305_SDR_v4.ppt 2 NAVY SDR Process Overview
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  • NAVY SDR Process Changes DSS will implement submissions of Type 6 and 7 SDRs WebSDR will need to provide info copies to the PEDREP/JDRS system for submissions and responses. PEDREP/JDRS system will accept submission and response info copies so that a replacement demand signal can be transmitted from MAT/MRPII. (Manual input to MAT/MRPII today, will be the same in the future) Implementation date targeted for Jan 2011
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  • NAVY SDR At Receiving High Level Process Flow Discrepancy found 1 Receiving Process Local DSS RDO/order Vendor Contract Type 9 Type 6 Type 7, 8 or R 1a WEBSDR Material Manager/Owner PDREP Shipping Activity Action Activity SDR Submit 1b 2 2a 2c1 2c2 2b Type 7 or R Type 6, 7, 8, 9 3a 3b 3a1 3b1 ACTION RESPONSE INFO 4a 4b 5a 5b 6 MAT/MRP II Manual Entry 7 Replacement Demand Signal RESPONSE 5c
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  • Source of Supply NAVY SDR Discovery After Issue High Level Process Flow Action Activity (Material Owner) SDR issue Discovery 1 Site QA checks local DSS for good asset Yes Custody Storage Nav acct. (other than Short) MAT/MRP II No DAASC Local DSS (Shipper) ISDR Inbound SDR 2 3 3a6 PDREP Local DSS (ADRS) Outbound SDR Type 5 submit Type 5 reply WEBSDR Type 7 submit MATERIEL MOVES 3a1 3a2 3a3 3a4 3a5 3a 4 8 5 7b 3b 9a2 ACTION 7c 5a 7d Replacement Demand Signal Other than DLA Ex: N32 (NSDRS) Credit customer INFO 9a 7a 9a1 Good DLA asset available to swap? Swap materiel, DAC to J and submit type 5 to owner. EBS 5b 5c 6 ACTION INFO ACTION Disposition Instr. 9b Disposition Instr. 9c Disposition Instr. 10 Manual Entry 11
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  • USAF SDR Overview The Air Force (AF)/DLA issue process is twofold, AF purchases materiel using a FB___ Document and resells to the AF Industrial customer using a M__ Document. The Point of sale/ swap (DZC) transaction is systemic, no human involved for ownership transfers, this results in denials on M__ document requisitions. (resales) Solution is for AF to submit a SDR to DLA for total nonreceipt on denial materiel so credit can be processed.
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  • USAF SDR Overview (continued) DSS will validate the SDR against the denial and forward to EBS (DLA) recommending credit EBS will provide 100% credit and respond to the SDR WebSDR is tasked with supplying info copies to AF (D035K system) for all forwarding and response actions. Implementation date targeted for Aug 2009
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  • DAAS IMSP AF Warehouse Denials Proposed SDR Process 3. MRO A5_ AF D035K 1. Requisition A0_ (FB ODN) DSS 5. Receipt D6_ (FB ODN) 6. MRO A5_ (M ODN) EBS 2. Status AE_ 4. MRO Confirmation AR_ 7. Denial A6_ (M ODN) 8. SDR 842 (FB ODN) 13. SDR reply - 842 14. Email notification (SDR Reply) WebSDR Inventory washed to AF ownership MRO processed upon receipt Post Goods Issue Sales Order complete Partial or full Denial of AF owned stock if not enough stock on shelf - No link to FB transaction Denied M ODN linked back to FB requisition ODN Sales Order created Provide 100% credit in this scenario EBS and DSS records will appear clean Maintenance requisition received by D035K and placed on backorder. D035K generates FB requisition to fill requirement. AF will not build inbound 842 for this release 9. SDR 842 10. Recommend Credit 842 11. Email notification (SDR Forward) 12. SDR - 842


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