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This is a great guide to help you with womens bodybuilding. What you may not know is that most of the information out there is designed for males. The male body is different than women and a different approach needs to be taken. This is what the guide is for. It is the bodybuilding for women guide. I give you the approach from the female perspective. I even talk about the things that you don't hear about. How do you deal with the people around you that don't support you bodybuilding. There are a lot of little things that get you down and can't sabotage you when it comes to bodybuilding. That's what you are going to learn and if you need more information, go to Womens Bodybuilding


  • Female Bodybuilders Get Ripped FastBy Elle Nash

    Womens Bodybuilding

  • Copyright 2008All rights reserved to and author Elle Nash.People are free to distribute this freely, but the content must not be edited.

  • Table of Contents** Introduction** What do you want?** What are you going to give?** Diet Planning: You are what you eat!** Routine Planning** Enablers and Disablers** Dealing with failure** Conclusion

  • IntroductionWelcome to the wonderful world of female bodybuilding. Im pleased to be in this position tolead women into this great sport. I was once afraid of jumping into this, but havent regrettedit. I wanted to share with you some things I learned along the way that will help you reachyour goals. The information I present is for bodybuilding, but the information even spreadinto effective weight loss.

    What I want each and every woman to get out of this thread is a sense of empowerment andcontrol. Theres nothing more satisfying than reaching a predetermine goal, sitting down andplanning it out and watching yourself succeed. This is the biggest high youll ever get and itsover power and control.

    The first part of this ebook will get into what you want? What youre looking for and whyyou need to answer these questions. Well get into goal setting and how to properly set goalsfor you. Next, well examine the planning phase. This is the most important part of the book.If youre going to read only a few pages in this book, make sure you read these.

    Diet is the single most important aspect of bodybuilding for women. Theres no escaping it.As women we have genetics playing against us, but we can beat it by learning how foodaffects our body. With this information, you can become an efficient muscle-buildingmachine.

    Next, well get into the fine art of your mind. The way you think, will probably determineyour results. We need to identify the things that make you succeed and identify what thingsmake you fail. As well, Ill give you the things I look out for and the things I use to help keepme in the zone to succeed.

    Lastly, well discuss failure. I like the saying it isnt if youll fail, its how youll handlefailure. Let me tell you now, you will have failure, or as Napoleon Hill says, temporaryfailure. You will have a moment of weakness and splurge. You will get on the scale and notmeet your goals. It happens to all of us. What counts is how you choose to react after ithappens.

    I hope you enjoy my ebook. Ive tried my to pick my own brain of all the essentials that willhelp aid your success. I want this ebook to feel like Im a trainer with you while youre at thegym and when youre in the kitchen. I thank you for downloading a copy and please enjoy.

    I think it is important to point out that I used Iron Dolls to learn what I know today. It is theonly comprehensive guide (300 pages) on bodybuilding designed specifically for women.

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    What Do You Want?How do you expect to achieve what you want, when you dont know what you want? Itsamazing how many people start something and really dont know what they want. Askyourself, what do you want? Answer it.

    Look at your answer. Is it vague like, I want muscles or I want to shed my body of fat??You have a better idea of what you want, but its vague. Psychologically this leads toflakiness and youre in a position of having a hard time measuring results. A good goal wouldbe I want to gain 4lbs of muscle this month or I want to drop my body fat percentage by3% by April.

    These goals are good for two reasons. First, they give exact numbers. There is no ifs or butsabout it, 4lbs is 4lbs. You need to gain it and you can easily measure it. Secondly, there is adeadline. We usually view deadlines as bad things that stress us out, but here are the factspeople, we accomplish more and work more effectively when placed closed to a deadline.Use this to your advantage.

    Take your goal setting skills now and write down exactly what you want. Use exact numberswith exact deadlines. Look at it and remember it. You must never forget it. This is your goaland everything from this point is based on this very goal.

    What are you going to give?

    Sit down with another piece of paper and write down what youre going to give to achieveyour goal. Its surprising how many people set a goal, but theyre not willing to give anythingto achieve it. Are you willing to go to the gym after a hard day at work and beat your bodysome more with weights? Are you willing to take the time to do all the rigorous dietplanning? Are you willing to drop social stigmas to accomplish this?

    Write down what youre willing to give. If youre unable to give enough, you wont achieveyour goal.

    Diet Planning: You are what you eat.

  • This is the most important area to concentrate. If youre going to dedicate time, dedicatemajority of it here. Diet determines everything. If the workout is the same, diet will determineif youre putting on muscle or shedding fat. And when Im talking about diet, I define that asthe food we eat.

    Eat every 2-3hrs: Muscles require being repaired consistently 24 hrs a day. Theres noescaping that. You cant slack off, or miss meals because thats a point where your muscleswont be repaired and you wont grow muscle. Protein only stays in the system around2-4hrs. After that, your body is running dry of the amino acids required to build muscletissue. Eat protein(along with a meal) every 2-3hrs and youll maximize your muscle growth.

    Breakfast is important: Never, ever skip breakfast. After a long sleep your muscles are cryingfor food. Get yourself eggs and eat them, every morning. Do not skip it ever!

    Carbs + Fat = Bad: Stay away from this combination of food. High carbs and high fat are nonos. These include things like French fries from McDonalds or some sweet and sugarydessert.

    Dietary Fat is Good: In the media there seems to be a lot of misinformation. Dietary fat iscompletely unrelated to the fat on your body. Dietary fat, which includes mono andpolyunsaturated are essential to the body. Most of these will increase your metabolismallowing you to burn more calories.

    High Fat Protein Before Bed: Well, if youre not aware, dietary fat is a very slow process forthe body. It takes a long time to digest. When youre going to bed, youll probably sleep 8hrs,so you need the protein to last all night. The high fat and protein mix will allow yourdigestion to slow enough to keep your muscles fed all night.

    Unused Carbs = Fat: Carbs are your energy food. If you dont use that energy it gets stored asfat. So if youre planning on going to sleep, carbs arent a good thing to eat. With that said,carbs are good to eat before and after you workout. As well, theyre great in the morning tostart out your day.

    Next step is to get a piece of paper out and write out the meals youll eat tomorrow. Includethe exact time youll eat it too. Ill explain the reason behind this later when I get into more ofthe psychological aspects of this. Remember to calibrate your diet every week. Sit down andevaluate your success or failure. If youre trying to put on muscle, you need to be gainingweight. If youre trying to cut the fat off your body, you should be going down in weight.

    Calibrate accordingly by increasing or decreasing the amount you eat.

  • As for the amount of protein you should be eating. Good fair number is 1.5g/1lb of weight. Ifyou weigh 120lbs, that means you eat 180g of protein a day. If youre eating 6 meals a day,which means each meal will have 30g of protein. No more, no less. Remember to space outyour protein throughout the day, since your muscles repair throughout the day.

    Ingest your dietary fat during periods of down time like before bed. Eat your carbs before youworkout, so youll have a lot of energy. Eat carbs after too, to replenish your body the lostglycogen reserves.

    Routine Planning

    Everyone has his or her own philosophy on what is the best way to workout. Each personsbody is different and reacts differently to different stimuli. What you need to do is try theseout and see how your body responds to them. Some will leave you with very little gains,others will leave you with a lot.

    Body Split Workouts: These are probably the most popular workouts youll see at the gym.Basically the plan is to break up different parts of your body to workout throughout the week.

    Monday: Chest, Shoulders, and TricepsWednesday: Back, Biceps, and TrapsFriday: Legs, Calves and Abs

    Its simple, basic and easy to follow.

    Hypertrophy Specific Training(HST): This one is a little more complicated and some peoplemight feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved. Every time you go to the gym youneed to workout your entire body in one sitting. That means chest, shoulders, back, legs,triceps, biceps, traps and abs all in one workout. HST website recommends doing various setsat 10 reps each.

    Duel Factor Hypertrophy Training: This one is the most complicated one. Its the one Ipersonally use, but it is complicated and it is tough. But you can eliminate most of thecomplicated stuff by planning it all out in advance. DFHT recognizes that there is much moreto stimulating muscle growth than just weights

    Cycling Volume

  • Rest Periods Reps Speed

    DFHT has a lot of different factors that play in. Its sort of a more advanced version of HST.Since it can be very time consuming, we break the workouts into upper body and lower body.

    Heres the plan

    2 weeks at regular volume (4 workouts/week = 2 upper body, 2 lower body)2 weeks at high volume (6 workouts/week = 3 upper body, 3 lower body)2 weeks at low volume (2 workouts/week = 1 upper body, 1 lower body)Regular volume do 3 sets of 6-8 repsHigh volume do 3 sets of 8-10 repsLow volume do 2 sets of 12-15 reps.

    As well, try to work in specific days along the way that youll take shorter rest periodsbetween sets or days that you do your reps at a much faster rate. Youll notice over a periodof time youll put on a nice slab of muscle. Those are the basic three Im throwing out therefor you. Try all three. Its probably best that you try them in the same order I presented them.Give them a chance for 6 weeks and see what happens. Stick with the one that gives you thebest results.

    Iron Dolls contains some other great workout plans. Click here for more.

    Enablers and DisablersAt this point in the ebook youre in the position to make this happen. Its making sure you getthe work done in your day to day life. Heres the deal, we arent always in a determinedmood. If you set your alarm clock for 5 am to go to the gym, you may not get up.

    You need to identify your disablers. What are those things that happen before you flake orcheat?These need to be nipped in the butt. If you have junk food in your house and you know youcant control yourself, than you know whatll happen. If you hang around with people that aredowners, you know whatll happen. If you stay up late at night, and try to go to the gym earlyin the morning, you know whatll happen. Identify these disablers and eliminate them.

  • Conversely, we have to identify our enablers, those things that drive us to succeed. Are youaffected by peer pressure? Good! Tell your friends what your goals are and thatll keep peerpressure on you to succeed. Im sure youve been around people that just bring up yourspirits. They just seem to pump you up. Hang around people like that. Theyll keep you ingood spirits. As youve probably guessed, there are a lot more disablers than enablers, focuson finding enablers anywhere you can.

    Lastly, I wanted to talk about the psychological effect of planning. Basically the goal ofplanning is to eliminate emotion from the process. Emotion can be a good and bad thing, butmainly emotion will sabotage you. Its hard to get motivated to go for a jog in the pouringrain. A better example is figuring out what to eat. When youre hungry and go to the kitchento find something to eat, your emotions are going to sabotage you. Youre going to put toomuch on your plate.

    When you plan things out in advance, it takes all emotion and really all thought process outof the equation. You dont need to figure out what youre going to eat a 3pm tomorrow, itsdown on the piece of paper, and you just prepare it and eat it. Simple.

    Same thing applies for the gym. Theres no need to arrive at the gym and figure out what youneed to do, have it wrote down and just follow what it says. I do this all the time. I can tellyou what my workout will be 6 weeks from now. Its no mystery.

    Dealing With Failure

    Let me tell you, you will meet temporary failure. You will get on the scale and not meet yourtargets. You will try to lift that heavy weight and not make it. It happens to everyone. Thereal question is how will you deal with it?

    Its funny, there are two types of people, those that get more motivated, and those that getfrustrated and quit. Which one are you? If youre a quitter, than I ask you for one thing, faithin the process. The first time I tried this stuff, I didnt believe the information to be true. Allthe diet and workout stuff, didnt add up in my mind. But I put faith in the process. Even withups and downs, I continued down the path. Thats what you need to do, just truck along.


    Well, this is my ebook. Short, sweet and to the point. The next step is for you to apply it,consistently for a period of time. Remember the steps: Set a goal, assess how much youllgive for it, plan out your diet, plan out your routine, identify your enablers and disablers, andlearn to put faith in the process when you meet temporary failure.

  • If you need more information, I always keep an up-to-date blog at Please come and visit it.Also take a look at Iron Dolls .Thank you for reading,Elle Nash


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