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Best book ever. American girl Caroline abbot By Kathleen Ernst. 1 Cup of Plot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best book everAmerican girl Caroline abbotBy Kathleen Ernst

1 Cup of PlotThe book I am reading is about a girl named Caroline who is nine years old. Caroline is growing up in Sackets Harbor, New York right on the shores of Lake Ontario .Caroline likes to go sailing with her Papa .One day Caroline hopes her Papa will build her a ship one day .Caroline Papa Oliver and Lydia went sailing one day when Oliver saw a British Ship. The British told Carolines Papa that Britain and America are at war Then the British took Carolines Papa and her cousin Oliver as prisoners The British promised to return Caroline and Lydia to their families Caroline promised her Papa She would stay strong until he returns2 Teaspoons of CHARACTERCaroline-She is a daring self reliant girl. She likes to go sailing with her Papa .She enjoys helping her Mama Papa Carolines Papa is a fine ship builder The British captured him and he became a prison of war. Mama A firm but understanding woman. She ran the shipyard while her husband was captured . Mamas mother mamas widowed mother who makes her home with the Abbots. She likes baking and she works hard 2 Tablespoons of EXCITEMENTI think the most exciting part of my book was when Caroline gave up her carpet so that they can wrap the cannon so that the bomb would blow up .Her neighbor told that the British will start fighting .Carolines Gran said they can use her shawl .Caroline didnt want her Gran to be cold so she gave her carpet to Mr. Shaw and it fit perfect. Another exciting time was when Caroline made a map for her Papa. She hoped to be able to see him and give him the map. Mix thoroughly and bake. When cool, frost with special icing:I thought this book was great I liked reading it because it has a lot of action . I enjoyed when Caroline sacrificed her new carpet for the war I dont care for when she was baking with her gran

Mix thoroughly and bake. When cool, frost with special icing: I think girls would like to read this book I think girls between9-12 years old .

Finally sprinkle your own connection:Im like Caroline because I like helping my mom when she is cooking I like cleaning up .I like sewing like Caroline does .Caroline likes to go on adventures just like I do . I also like to go adventures and see new things . She is outgoing and I am tooIllustration slide (put a slogan here)Wee were sailing come sailing with us