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It's Best Movies Ever annual top 50 readers choice of the scariest horror movies ever to watch for Halloween. It changes up each year, but some classics stick around.

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  • 1. 50 Scariest Best Horror Movies Ever For Halloween & Beyond Written by Curt JohnsonYes we missed a year doing our best horror movies ever for Halloween, and you all let us know so this year, weve done a very large one for you. This time weve done a big 50 best scariest horror movies ever you must see by Halloween or beyond. Some of these arent technically total horror, but we liked them enough to put them in this big mix. This is a great list for people who havent been exposed to that much horror and keep running into the same lists that put the same horror movies that we all know about. Some are very well known horror films and some are those smaller ones that only hardcore horror fans will ever know about. Now you can have some extra films to scare the heck out of your friends or just yourself. Weve added a lengthy breakdown description of each one too in case youve never heard of it. Be warned, not all of the movies we chose are in the above best horror movies ever image collage eithertheres a few cool surprises we added in at the last minute that just couldnt be left out. These are not in any order of importance as its hard to do that with so many of these great horror classics that cant really be categorized that way ever so theyre in alphabetical order (kinda). Im sure some of you will have something to disagree on so put those in the comments below and list what you think are the best horror movies ever.

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Take a burnt alive, badly scarred child molester and put razors on his hands and you have a movie that has lasted through the decades despite a digression in every sequel since. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a must see for any horror buff. The casual observer will be more than mildly terrified. Many years ago, in a small town, Freddy Krueger was burnt alive for molesting children. Now he has come back in the dreams of the offspring of his murderers. Once Freddy is inside your head the insanity mounts and in a rage of disarray these teenagers are committing suicide. A Nightmare On Elm Street has plenty of gore within it but never goes so far so that it seems the movie may be out for a cheap trick. Couple that with the terrifyingly vivid and warped scenes, that play on the border between reality and dream, the effect of the movie causes true heart racing jumps and squeals. Robert Englunds role as Freddy has become an American household image with his striped sweater and severely burnt skin looking out from under a worn fedora while his razored hand teases his face or grasps outward. A Nightmare on Elm Street made 1980s American horror relevant amidst other failures. 3. A Tale Of Two Sisters (2005) A Tale of Two Sisters is based on a Korean folktale. The movie has been referred to as a creepily effective, confusing, horror movie. Kim-Jee Woon directed this film and the premise, acting, and horror factor do deliver. Su-Mi and Su-Yeon are just returning home after a period of hospitalization brought on the by the recent and sudden death of their mother. During their time away their father has married Eun-Joo. Immediately the girls despise her for moving in to take their loving mothers place. Their father is blind to his daughters feelings and is old-fashioned Korean, so wouldnt care even if he did sense their hatred. Su-mi soon begins to have strange and violent visions that somehow revolved around her new step-mother and she becomes increasingly convinced that Eun-Joo is hiding something sinister and horrific from the rest of the family. Now she must convince her sister and figure a way to protect their stubborn father. The American rights to the Korean film were sold to Dreamworks in 2003 and horror fans that follow the pulse of the genre are eagerly awaiting the films release. In the meantime, however, the frights that the foreign film delivers are enough to warp the mind and cause the heart to skip a beat. 4. Alien (1979) Some horror movies become known for their special effects. Others find a following because of its odd and shocking scenes of blood and gore. Alien could have done it all in one simple line. In space, no one can hear you scream. This space horror was able to combine the terror of Jaws with the frontier of Star Trek. If youre looking for frightening, blood-thirsty supernatural beasts wreaking havoc upon a space ship then you need look no further. After receiving a distress call from a nearby planet, the crew of a spaceship lands to investigate. One of the members is attacked by a creature which latches itself to him. The member is allowed back on board despite the objections of heroine Ripley. Once the creature detaches and the crewmember seems healthy all hell breaks loose. The spawn of the creature erupts from the belly of the infected crewmember. Mayhem erupts as the alien begins to stalk the other crewmembers and they are forced to battle what is the most terrifying killing machine they ever could have imagined. Alien spawned a series of sequels and crossovers with the Predator creature. 5. The intense pain seen on the face of the crewmember as the alien erupts from his stomach makes you grab your belly and shiver.American Psycho (2000) There arent that many horror films that have laid the inspiration for a true killing spree. Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo, however, stated that the character in American Psychos book by Bret Easton Ellis did. For that reason, the community of Toronto tried to block the filming but in the end the movie was made there. That character, Patrick Bateman, is the son of a successful Wall Street financier and he is following in daddys footprints. Bateman is everything that you would expect in a yuppie: obsessed with succeeding, style and fashion. The dark secret is that he also has an addiction to murder, rape and mutilation. When questioned about a murder that he committed several days earlier he arouses the suspicions of a local detective who begins to tale him. Under the pressure and constant eye of the police, Batemans cool boy image starts to evaporate and he becomes increasingly murderous and desperate. The movie is a macabre satire of 1980s America and the lure of Wall Street money. Rumors were circulated that Leo Dicaprio would play Bateman stirring fears that he would draw teenagers to this dark, bloody, R rated movie. The terrifying coolness of Bateman as he stalks, ponders and murders is disturbing because of the commonality he holds with any businessman on the street. 6. An American Werewolf In London (1981) Werewolves have been a piece of the soul of darkness since the early days of horror, even playing a part in Bram Stokers Dracula. However, what sets apart the American Werewolf in London lycanthrope is the amazing special effects of S.E. expert Rick Baker. While vacationing in England, two AmericansDavid and Jack happen upon a pub whose patrons warn them to stay on the road at night. Unfortunately, they dont listen. David wakes up in the hospital with a bite wound and is treated to a warning by the apparition of now dead Jack. Jack warns David that he must commit suicide or he will surely turn into a werewolf. David dismisses Jack as result of hallucination from shock or medication. Soon, though, David is barking, howling at the moon and craving blood. The transformation from man to beast is particularly frightening and well done. The refreshingly, if not surprising, lack of gore make the movie even more tantalizing. The hospital scene of ghost and man conferring is greatly disturbing as Jack is seen with the wounds of his death and decomposition in a digressing nature. Baker won an Academy Award for his effects and gave legitimacy to a movie that was initially scoffed at by American critics. 7. Audition (1999) Directed by controversial movie guru Takashe Miike, this movie is both grisly and shocking. It has elements of great beauty within it but the aim here is to contrast the two factors so that no matter how mild one is, the other will have that much more impact. The psychological horror/drama plays itself out like a fine dance with a bad fall at the end. A recently widowed TV producer is auditioning prospects that could end up being his next wife. In the midst of auditions he finds what he considers the jewel of a lifetime. A beautiful, ex-ballerina dressed in pristine white walks into his life and wants the job. He considers himself to be very luck. That is, however, until he begins to look deeper into the womans past. The future matrimonial vows are put on hold when the womans past doesnt quite check out and some peculiarities arise. She has particularly unpleasant scars on her legs and the widow finds a man in her apartment with his tongue cut out and feet chopped off. People in this womans life have a bad habit of disappearing and the man wants no part of it. He decides that she is not the woman cut out to be his future wife. Now, how does he tell her? 8. The Blair Witch Project (1999) Few movies cause as much a stir as the The Blair Witch Project did after its 1999 opening. Billed and shot as a legitimate documentary the movie combined voodoo legend, small town suspicion, and hysteria and filmed it from shaky hand-held recorders to give it a measure of reality that takes the viewer by surprise because they forget that it is a movie theyre watching. For a school film project a group of three students hike into the Maryland woods to do a report on the local towns evil legend. Purportedly, the Blair Witch incident was about a group of witches that tormented and murdered several children and then take up denizen in the surrounding forest. Everyone in town knows the legend but there are few details. After losing their map the students are forced to wander in search of civilization. They nights are dark, it is getting cold and the food is low. Panic soon starts to set in especially after they start hearing shrieking and howls from their tent amongst the pit