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  • 1. ART DECO STUDYFirst Study of my Designers Eye

2. The Reading Studies on Deco Cinematography Storytelling Fashion and Trend Introductions Industrial Design Language 3. The Blog Tumblr Inspiration Page Blogger Writing and Reflection Page 4. Sketching Through Photography Art Deco cues became a theme discovered fromdiscussing Tumblr inspiration pageI found 3 iconic Deco Buildings in Chicago to photograph as a study 5. Photo-Sketches Photos were taken of anyvisuals that grabbed my Then images were narrowed down to 25 best photographs Then photos were edited inLightroom to quickly addattention emotive emphasis 6. IMAGE STUDIES 7. Many images had high repetition in unbroken parallel lines Images were roughly sketchedover to study their line When compared with found images from Tumblr, I noticedproperties parallel lines werent the only element that grabbed my attention 8. Striking Tumblr images weretaken for sketch study Main elements looked forwere Line, Focal Point,Repetition Here I began to see the ideathat deco has spills that theeye is drawn to throughvertical lines 9. As I studied more images, Ibegan to see how importantfocal points were to theinterest of the image The image to the left keepsthe eye traveling through thescene, telling continual story The image to the right mademe realize the gatheringdynamics found in the womangetting out of the taxi on theprevious page 10. The EndMore Studies to Come...