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This is a presentation about Art Deco.

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  • Art Deco

  • Content

    The Style


    Its effects on society

    Important People

    Relevance to Graphic Design

  • The Style

    simplicity, symmetry, geometric, and abstract styles

    used Cubism, Futurism, and Purism and turned these styles into trendy fashion

    promoted perfection and visual appeal in seduction

    There was a fascination of confrontation of new values and old, fragility and tragedy(ex. The Great Gatsby)

    was handcrafted, rare and luxurious materials, intended for an elite, mass produced designs, aimed at a popular market

  • Influences

    It was influenced by several different historical styles as well.


    Ancient Mexican (Aztec)

    Ancient Rome

    Ancient Asia


    Art Nouveau


  • Influences

  • History

    1966 - The name Art Deco occurred in France

    1900 - Many different societies started to experiment with a new style

    1925 - The Paris 1925 Exhibition

    1939 - The style was popular through the 1930s

    Present - It still influences us today

  • The Paris 1925 Exhibition

    The Exhibition was the defining moment for Art Deco and helped it spread all around the world

    The idea for this exhibition started in the early 1900s

    There were concerns regarding the taste and quality of production in the decorative arts

    At this time France dominated this market

    There was competition between France and Germany

    It was held in the Center of Paris

  • The Paris 1925 Exhibition

    The Grand Palais

    It was held in the Center of Paris, and opened in April

    PomonePavilion of Au Bon Marche

    by: Louis Boileau

  • The Paris 1925 Exhibition

    Everything was designed to dazzle the causual visitor

  • History

    1918 - 1939 the opinion of the mass consumer was important

    1925-1940 was Art Decos highest point in History

    Technological Development:

    Electric Power

    Manufacture of plastics

    Man-made fibers

    Refinements to the combustion engine

    Advanced Building techniques

    The need for advertising

  • History

    Chrysler BuildingBy: William Van Alen1928 -1930

    Victorian Railways PosterBy: An Australian


  • Effects on Society



    Posters and Paintings

    Type and Bookbinding



  • Places











    The United States

  • Furniture

    Chambre de MadameBy: Andre Groult1925 Exhibition

    Triple Band ChairBy: Karl Emanuel Martin1937

    A Painted BedroomBy: Heal and Son

    1925 Exhibition (British)

  • Posters and Paintings

    By: Tamara de LampickaPolish

    Movie PosterGerman 1926

    French Train PosterBy: Cassand

  • Type and Bookbinding

    BifurBy: Cassandre

    France 1929

    BroadwayBy: Morris Benton

    France 1928

    GalliaBy: Wadsworth ParkerFrance 1928

  • Type and Bookbinding

    By: Paul BonetFor Guillaume Apollinaire


    By: Rose AdlerCheri


  • Architecture

    Chrysler BuildingBy: William Van AlenNew York

    Empire State BuildingBy: William F. Lamb

    New York

  • Architecture

    Hoover facoryLondon 1932 - 1938

    National RadiatorCompany BuildingLondon 1928

  • Important People

    E. Mcknight Kauffer

    A.M. Cassandre

    William Van Alen

    Jean Carlu

    William F. Lamb

  • A.M. Cassandre

    Birth name was Adolphe Jean Edouard-Marie Mouron

    Born in Charkov, Ukraine in 1901

    He also designed several typefaces

    In his posters he focused on the placement of type

    He is most famous for his poster art, but he also was a painter, graphic designer, and stage designer

    He designed hundreds of posters

  • A.M. Cassandre

  • A.M. Cassandre

  • E.Mcknight Kauffer

    He moved to England in 1914

    Born in the United States in 1890

    He returned to New York in 1940 and created posters for the government during WWII

    He went on to work for American Airlines

    He was orginally a painter, but then went on to de-signing posters in 1921

    He worked for the London Transport Board and for the Western Railway

  • E.Mcknight Kauffer

  • Jean Carlu

    He was a gaphic designer that specialised in posters

    Born in Bonnieres, France in 1900

    He focused on using schematic forms and expressive colors to fix a trademark in the minds of the consumer

    He started creating posters professionally in 1919

    He was influenced by cubism

  • Jean Carlu

  • William Lamb & William Alen

  • Relevance to Graphic Design

    Comunication with the consumer

    Designed for a purpose and a function

    Is still noticed today and used

    Designed for the consumer

    Has influenced many other designers

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