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Ark Vision – Ark Mission

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  • ARK Vision ARK MissionVision -> Mission -> Alignment -> Structure

  • Seeing and DreamingSome men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not. George Bernard Shaw

    I am especially drawn to the idea that human beings are not only astoundingly creative but also that with our fertile minds and varied emotions, we are actually dreaming this world Mary Carroll Nelson, in Toltec Prophecies

  • The 3 Vs Of Manifestation

    Visualize VerbalizeVitalize

  • The 4th VValues (Ideals)

  • VIBRATION (the 5th V)I would like first to make sure that you understand this fact: Existence is vibration.Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages In Water


  • Water Crystal (Love & Gratitude)Music and spoken words are vibrationwritten words themselves actually emit a unique vibration that water is capable of sensing. Waterchanges these vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye.Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

  • Flower Model (early ARK concept)

  • ARK Graphic

  • ARK Logo


  • How To Save The Earth

  • Example: structural diagram for Peace Within Organizations

  • Example: Task Groups Structural Detail

  • The Whole SpectrumCommunications/MediaInformationEarth/EnergyFoodScience/TechnologyComputersArts/CreativityEntertainmentBusiness/EconomicsEntrepreneurshipEducation/ChildrenLearningManagement/PlanningFuturesPeace/JusticeConflict ResolutionSociety/PoliticsCultureHealth/WellnessMind/BodySpirit/KnowledgeVision QuestCommunity/TransformationValues

  • What is ARK? Whats it for? Whats it do?A Salon?A Coffee Klatch?

  • The Levels of ARKLevel 0 The Level of serendipity Coincidence, conversation, creativityLevel 1 The Level of ideasLevel 2 The Level of planningLevel 3 The Level of action & feedbackIndividualGroup

  • Mission Statement Example

  • Ravis Mission StatementARK exists to reverse the human species' prevailing momentum towards self-annihiliation. by enabling us to overcome our prevailing condition of fragmentation, confusion and conflict by empowering us to fulfill instead the unlimited creativity, intelligence and ability that is intrinsic to us in our true identity as the Spiritual Dimension of the Universe which is manifest in the Material Dimension of the Universe as the human species.

    ARK will address and accomplish this mission -by providing a forum for the exchange ofideas, capabilities and resources that can contribute to thedevelopment and dissemination of content, methods and technologies that will deconstruct, dissolve, and defuse the prevailing distortions in the Conceptual Dimension of the Universe (MIND, individual and social) which distortions havebeen root cause of our prevailing fragmentation, conflict and confusion - and our resulting destructiveness.

  • Johns Version Of Ravis StatementHuman Race, About Face!

  • NoelleARKs mission is to educate and inspire.

  • Don

  • HaroldEnlightenment & Connection

  • RobertaSupportCo-creative inter-dependence

  • CraigTeam-work

  • ReginaHarmony & balance

  • NicolettaMagnificentPhatUnchangeable, everlasting goodness. Beautiful in the face of conflict A group of repair-men & women repair people for the EarthHope

  • ARK A SalonRemember, the ark was built by amateurs. The Titanic was built by professionals. Anonymous

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