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1. AS1Tankmodule 2. AquaQlean AS1 TankmoduleTank module manufactured of a plastic 400L water tank with on top of this a system structuremade of 2 millimeters stainless steel. The module can simple and safe be mounted on the cargofloor (minimum 2 cm thick and waterproof) of a van or trailer. The water tank is expandable attwo positions with a 100L water tank, so the total tank capacity increases to 600L.The tank module is standardly equipped with a safe and functional storage system for poles.The filtration unit (standard with vent) is perpendicularly placed upon the cargo floor. By this means, amaximum filtration capacity is realized. The water quality is electronically monitored, thus ensuring that pure(mineralfree) water is used. When the filter is saturated, the machine automatically turns off after a warning.The machine is equipped with a membrane pump, which provides a sucking and pressing effect. Theintegrated 12V/70 Ah battery takes care of the functioning of the pump, the operating system, the waterquality control and, if used, the rotating brush. (The machine is standardly equipped with an electrical fitting 4 functions by remote controlfor a direct connection facility of a rotating brush. The operating is carried out by a remote controller (on/offand forward/backward movement of the brush).The reel has been designed to make the unrolling and uprolling at connected fittings simple. All importanthose connections are easy to detach by quick- or push-in couplings.The machine can optionally be equipped with a technical preparation to be directly able to connect theINDOOR cleaning system.The machine is standardly equipped with a chemical suction injector, so that during the cleaning process apre-cleaning can be run smoothly. Pole storage systemSPECIFICATIONS400 L watertank Manual switch over rinsing water in demineralised8 aluminium z-connectors for floor mountingor tap water Remote and manual operation Permanent rinsing water quality control using Maintenance free battery 70 Ah with LED level conductivity meter with alarm indicator Autolock outflow rinsing water if mix bed resin Plastic reel with 50 meter PU 8x6 DUO hosefilter is saturated Z-connectors for floor mounting Fully automatic 12 V charger Continuous filter tank air release Suction injector for cleaning agent Pole storage system Mix bed resin filter (25 L.) OPTION Fully automatic switch over rinsing water to cleaning agent TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Installation kit for charging vehicle Voltage V12 (with 5 mtr. cable)Maximum temperature (incoming water) C50 Minimum temperature (incoming water) C 5 Pump pressure bar 5 Total lengthcm141 Total width cm 69 Total width incl. DI 25 mounting (left or right) cm 95 Total height incl. pole storage system cm115 Total weight kg 148 Bracket for extra reel (hose or cable)VERSIE 01-2013