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AOnEye - seeing is believing

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  1. 1. Adaptive Optics Proprietary Technology gives Full Control of the Ocular Wavefront OLED micro-display projects a variety of Vision Tests in one finger touch Adaptive Optics to replicate & customize optical designs prior the implementation as Personalized Solutions for Vision HD Wavefront Sensor provides an Objective Characterization of the Eyes Optics Vision Testing Wavefront Sensing Vision Correction Personalization voptica Smart Visual Optics
  2. 2. voptica Smart Visual Optics Adaptive Optics Proprietary Technology makes Interactive Wavefront-Guided Vision Testing possible. The Patient Experience different Corrections while Personalizing the Optical Solution. Objective Assessments by a HD Wavefront Sensor Vision Tests at different optical distances Adaptive Optics for Inducing Vision Corrections & Customising the designs to be Implemented as Premium Optical Solutions Dr. Robert SmithKennedy, Linda

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