Seeing is not believing

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1. FAITH LESSONS 2/4 Seeing is NOT Believing BUT Believing is Seeing. Seeing is limited to distance or boundaries our eyes can reach. For instance in humans body, there are germs, and even in the root of a tooth, maybe two or three billions of bacteria. These bacteria with their own ability always try to ruin the root. However, human body cant hear any working noise of these tiny bodies nor can be aware of their existence. These bacteria are also unable to see the human body, and they can never SEE it. In fact, to see human body and acknowledge him, bacteria should be out of human body and should have special telescope like eyes. Thus, being unable to see human body blocks their pe seeing; Seeing depends on where one stands. Seeing is based on where he is located and what tool he looks at with. If one stands on a hill his seeing will be much better than the one standing on street , One can see better and farther with telescopes than one sees with binoculars. 2. We can give another example in macrocosm similar to microcosm. Lets imagine that we are in front of a big telescope that is able to show us 4 light year distance. However the knowledge we have about universe is still nothing but a droplet compared to Ocean. The distance we can reach with telescope yet remains unknown because we can only make assumptions about it and we make another assumption based on the previous one. Thus we, finite human beings, will not be able to see our infinite creator and his governing of the universe because our perception and seeing ability are limited in macrocosmic and micro- cosmic world. We live within His creation. Think about Mona Lisa paimtimg and someone who wanna see Leonarda DaVinci inside the painting of Mona Lisa! WE LIVE IN THIS WORLD OF OPPOSITES Another point of view, we can distinguish different things only because they have opposite forms. For example, we perceive "dark" by comparing it to light" In the absence of such means of comparison, we have no way to compare or distinguish things in this world. We acknowdge the things with their opposites. So God has no opposite so that we cant see HIM in this world. Light - Everything is known by opposite concept of it - Dark Short is known with Tall so are Fat and Thin 3. God Has no ooposite becauase HE is unique since HE is beyond our imagination, limitations of our seeing, humanly thoughts and perceptions. "Whatever conception of God we form in our minds, HE is other than it." God is beyond all our understanding and worldly conceptions. Human wisdom accepts that God exists but cannot be comprehended by human reason or perceived by human senses. The only way to acquire knowledge of Him is through the Prophets, whom He appointed as bearers of His Revelation since all the prophets declared the same God, and His creation. God through His creation: Galaxies and planets that sail in the universe with high speeds and with a beautiful harmony without any crash; the sun as the biggest heater for us with an unfinished energy, stars are our night lights, our well-protected world with its perfect location, neither too close to the sun nor too far away from the sun rotating around the sun making years while it has been spinning around itself to make days and nights. Animals like bees that make us very yummy honey, cows that eat grass but gives us nutritious milk, chickens that dirt but give us another yummy food, eggs:so all these certainly require a creator and wants to make us aware of HIS existence through HIS art. While all other planets have no life conditions, that the Earth has all ife necessities from Oxygen making trees through sunlight and rain to all kinds of food and fruit veggies grown in factory like soil and serving animals, bees, cows, sheep chickens fish and very big heater like Sun which has been heating earth without any gas or coal IS JUST A COINCIDENCE? Who designed Helium in the SUN to get the reaction? If we see any room heater working with helium we will be amazed right, but we would not think that it just happened by itself. 4. Seeing God through His art A Man-made model system needs a maker! Who is maker real solar system? 5. Seeing God through His art 2 A supermarket owner has someone put all the food on the shelves Who puts all kinds o fruits on shelves of trees and kinds of vegetables of the soil table on the biggest supermarket like Earth? 6. Seeing God Through HIS ART 3 Moses of Trials made by Botticelli Who is the artist of this Earth with all colourful flowers, clouds mountains and best moving painting like human beings? 7. Seeing requires to see something, but knowing, comprehending, understanding and acknowledging requires not having eyes only but also mind, reason and wisdom. For eExample, we see that there is a well-made wooden table and chairs in the backyard; We see it and we believe that a table exists. Later we can think of who made it through our knowing, comprehending, understanding, and finally we acknowledge that somebody made it. It needs a carpenter to be made; 8. So we see and believe that Earth like a big ship loaded with all kind of food, fruits and vegetables, servant animals reVolving with high speed and NOT throwing us in the space and with all different races of human kinds exist like a VERY BIGH EXHIBITION ART GALLERY. So who is the maker our Earh ARK and best painting like human beings? Briefly, the saying Seeing is believing is totally a wrong conception. Seeing is the first step of acknowledging. The later steps, knowing, conceding comprehension and understanding are rest of the steps to believe in something that exists. Let me put it this way. There is a blind man and he just fumbles the same beuatiful wooden table. He does not see it but he acknowledges that there is a table and there is a maker for it. So acknowledging does not depend on seeing. Or seeing is NOT believing; We see with eyes of our mind, reason logic and comprehension to acknowledge something. To acknowdge something, we do not need to have our eyes but we need our mind, reason and comprehension. So we do not need to see to believe in something. We believe that earth ecxists but we cannot see His MAKER in tis world That we are unable to see the MAKER OF Earth, solar system and Galaxies does not mean that they dont have a maker because any existing matter needs a maker. The same way we do not see our soul but we feel it; we think about it; we admit it that we cannot move or act without our soul. We see dreams in our sleep while our eyes are closed. But we have reason that our souls exist and they are the ones who make us move. Our body is just like a clothing, a suit our souls reside in. We cannot see infinite things with our finite eyes A question can pop up why we dont see God here on the Earth? Because God could have created our eyes seeing unlimited things even the galaxies far far away or Himself, or Heaven, angels, holy spirits etc if HE would wish for that way. WE cannot see infinite things with our finite eyes. 9. We should believe and have faith with our mind, reason to believe in HIM. This is a test for us! If we see God or Angels on the Earth, then the test will be pointless. Like you are testing the class but you are giving the answers at the same time. God created this world like a stage and we are playing our roles, as a human being with the blessings HE granted us. He is NOT asking so many things for us to do; Just to believe in him, to be a good person and pray to Him. You can compare to a Robot maker. He made a robot that can speak, think, act but the maker made robots; eyes in a way that it cannot see his maker; but suddenly the robot starts talking like nobody made me. I was just made by myself. He denies his maker because he cannot see his maker/he is not allowed to see his maker. Or one sees robot but blindly says there is no maker for this Robot! If we just compare our selves to robot, needless to say that we are much more sophisticated than a robot! Regarding Gods blessings to us, even think about one of our eyes, they are the best cameras; they shoot pictures; they send to our memory, which is as big as a finger nail. In return for all HIS COUNTLESS blessings, it is not too much ask to believe in HIM WITHOUT SEEING HIM here on this earth and follow His orders. We will see God in Heaven through our faith in God while we live on the Earth. In other words, Seeing God depends on our faith in HIM through HIS arts on the earth not our materiliastic eyes; if all people saw God in this world then there will be no test for us and no difference between Newton and Darwin. Lets recap the wrong phrase: BELIEVING IS SEEING!