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  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    Jim Crow LawsJim Crow Laws

    Angelina AtwellAngelina Atwell

    April 21, 2011April 21, 2011

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell



    The schools of white Children andThe schools of white Children andThe schools for negro children shall beThe schools for negro children shall beConducted separatelyConducted separately..

    1977 25 women start at NMMI1977 25 women start at NMMI

    20032003thethe first Africanfirst African--AmericanAmerican is Regimental Commanderis Regimental Commander

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    ReformReformSchoolsSchoolsThe children ofThe children ofwhite andcoloredwhite andcoloredraces committed toraces committed tothe houses ofthe houses ofreform shall be keptreform shall be kept

    entirely separateentirely separatefrom each other.from each other.

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    IntermarriageIntermarriageThe marriage of a person of Caucasian bloodThe marriage of a person of Caucasian bloodwith a Negro, Mongolian, Malay, or Hindu shallwith a Negro, Mongolian, Malay, or Hindu shallbe null and null and void.

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell



    No colored barberNo colored barbershall serve as ashall serve as abarber to whitebarber to whitewomen or girls.women or girls.

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    BeachesBeachesBlacks and whitesBlacks and whiteswere not allowed to bewere not allowed to beon the same beach.on the same beach.

    Chicago's mostChicago's most

    famous ra

    ce riot of thisfamo

    us ra

    ce riot of thistype occurred betweentype occurred between

    July 27 and August 3,July 27 and August 3,1919. The violence was1919. The violence wasprecipitated by theprecipitated by thedrowning of an Africandrowning of an AfricanAmerican teenagerAmerican teenagerwho hadcrossed anwho hadcrossed aninvisible line at 29thinvisible line at 29thStreet separatingStreet separatingcustomarily segregatedcustomarily segregatedwhite and blackwhite and blackbeachesbeaches

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    ParksParksIt shall be unlawful forIt shall be unlawful forcolored people tocolored people tofrequent any parkfrequent any parkowned or maintainedowned or maintainedby the city for theby the city for the


    se and


    se and

    enjoyment of whiteenjoyment of whitepersonsandpersonsandunlawful for any whiteunlawful for any whiteperson to frequentperson to frequentany park owned orany park owned ormaintained by the citymaintained by the cityfor the use andfor the use andbenefit ofcoloredbenefit ofcoloredpeople.people.

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    Circus TicketsCircus TicketsAll circuses, shows, andAll circuses, shows, and

    tent exhibitions, totent exhibitions, towhich the attendance ofwhich the attendance ofmore than one race ismore than one race isinvited or expected toinvited or expected toattend shall provide forattend shall provide for

    the convenience of itsthe convenience of itspatrons not less thanpatrons not less thantwo tickets offices withtwo tickets offices withindividual ticket sellers,individual ticket sellers,and not less than twoand not less than twoentrances to the saidentrances to the saidperformances, withperformances, with

    individual ticket takersindividual ticket takersand receivers , and in theand receivers , and in thecase of outside or tentcase of outside or tentperformances, the saidperformances, the saidticket offices shall notticket offices shall notbe less than twentybe less than twenty--fivefivefeet apart.feet apart.

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    HousingHousingAny person...who shall rentAny person...who shall rentany part of any suchany part of any suchbuilding to a negro person orbuilding to a negro person ora negro family when sucha negro family when suchbuilding is already in wholebuilding is already in wholeor in part in occupancy by aor in part in occupancy by awhite person or whitewhite person or whitefamily, or vice versa whenfamily, or vice versa when

    the building is in occupancythe building is in occupancyby a negro person or negroby a negro person or negrofamily, shall be guilty of afamily, shall be guilty of amisdemeanor and onmisdemeanor and onconviction thereof shall beconviction thereof shall bepunished by a fine of notpunished by a fine of notless than twentyless than twenty--fivefive($25.00) nor more than one($25.00) nor more than onehundred ($100.00) dollars orhundred ($100.00) dollars or

    be imprisoned not less thanbe imprisoned not less than10, or more than 60 days, or10, or more than 60 days, orboth such fine andboth such fine andimprisonment in theimprisonment in thediscretion of the court.discretion of the court.LouisianaLouisiana

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    RestaurantsRestaurantsAll persons licensedAll persons licensedto conduct ato conduct arestaurant, shallrestaurant, shallserve either whiteserve either whitepeople exclusively orpeople exclusively orc




    peopleexclusively and shallexclusively and shallnot sell to the twonot sell to the tworaces within the sameraces within the sameroom or serve the tworoom or serve the tworaces anywhere underraces anywhere underthe same license.the same license.GeorgiaGeorgia

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


    MilitiaMilitiaThe white andcoloredThe white andcoloredmilitia shall bemilitia shall beseparately enrolled, andseparately enrolled, andshall never be compelledshall never be compelledto serve in the sameto serve in the sameorganization. Noorganization. No

    organization ofcoloredorganization ofcoloredtroops shall be permittedtroops shall be permittedwhere white troops arewhere white troops areavailable, and whileavailable, and whilewhite permitted to bewhite permitted to beorganized, coloredorganized, coloredtroops shall be under thetroops shall be under the

    command of whitecommand of whiteofficers.officers. North CarolinaNorth Carolina

  • 8/6/2019 Angelina Atwell


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