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Pa. Arican Sanitary ureau (laC.) Regional Office of the 15 August 1951 World Health Organization ' ORIGINALs _GLIS_ 14th MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Washington, D. C. 20-22 September 1951 Topic 6: PROPOSED PR_ ANDBUDGET'OFTHE REGION OF THE _ICAS, ALT. " ATiON, 953 ............. Background The Executive Committee at its 13th Meeting adopted Resolution III, which reads in part, "1. To instruct the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau, in his capacity as Regional Director, to submit to the consideration of the Executive Committee, at the earliest possible date, the Proposed Program andBudget of the _;orld Health Organization for the year 1953. "2. To review in detail the Proposed Program and Budgetof the World Health Organization for the Region of the Americas to the end that the Executive Committee shall make specific recommendationsto the V Meeting of the Directing Council." In accordance with this decision the Director has placed the Proposed Program and Budget of the Region of the Americas of the World Health Organizationfor1953 (Document 0D5/14) in the agenda of the Executive Committee as well as that of the Directing Council. Proposed Re_lution The Executive Committee, after considering the proposed program and budget, may wish to adopt a resolution along the following lines: _EREAS: The Proposed Program and Budget of the Region of the Americas of the World Health Organizationfor1953, has been reviewed indetail, THE EXECUTIVE O0__ RESOLVES: To recommend that the Directing Council, acting in its capacity as Regional Committee, approve the program and budget as submitted by the Regional Director, 51-685

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Pa. Arican Sanitary ureau (laC.)Regional Office of the 15 August 1951

World Health Organization ' ORIGINALs _GLIS_


20-22 September 1951



The Executive Committee at its 13th Meeting adopted ResolutionIII, which reads in part,

"1. To instruct the Director of the Pan American SanitaryBureau, in his capacity as Regional Director, to submit to theconsideration of the Executive Committee, at the earliestpossible date, the Proposed Program and Budget of the _;orldHealth Organization for the year 1953.

"2. To review in detail the Proposed Program and Budget ofthe World Health Organization for the Region of the Americasto the end that the Executive Committee shall make specificrecommendations to the V Meeting of the Directing Council."

In accordance with this decision the Director has placed theProposed Program and Budget of the Region of the Americas of the WorldHealth Organization for 1953 (Document 0D5/14) in the agenda of theExecutive Committee as well as that of the Directing Council.

Proposed Re_lution

The Executive Committee, after considering the proposed programand budget, may wish to adopt a resolution along the following lines:


The Proposed Program and Budget of the Region of the Americas ofthe World Health Organization for 1953, has been reviewed in detail,



To recommend that the Directing Council, acting in its capacityas Regional Committee, approve the program and budget as submitted bythe Regional Director,


Page 2: ALT. ATiON, 953

Pan American Sanitary Bureau CD_/1/_ (Rev. 1) (Eng,)Regional Office of the 11 August 1951World Health Organization ' ORIGINALI ENGLISH



Washington, D. C.24 September- 2 October 1951


OF %_E



FOR 1953

Page 3: ALT. ATiON, 953


Corrections hsve been inserted in the following pagesof the original document CD5/14 (Enge)_

Nose 6, 9, 10, 11, 36, 42, 49, 58, 73, 75, 90, 92, 95,

102, 128, 129, 130, and 142.

The following p_ges have been edded:

Nos. 130A _nd 138A.

21 September 1951

Page 4: ALT. ATiON, 953

,.- ,· .. Page £


Pa'Introduction 1

Noteson the Preparationof the Budget 3

ProposedResolution 5

Summary of the Proposed Program and Budget for 1953 6

The Regional Office 7

RegionalAdvisors 19

AreaSupervisors 23

Argentina 26

Bolivia 28

Brazil 30

Chile 36

Colombia 43

CostaRica 49

Cuba 52

Domtnican lepubIic 55

Ecuador 58

E1Salvador 67

Guatemala 73

Haiti 84

Jamaica 90

Mexico 95

Nicaragua lO1

Panama 103

Page 5: ALT. ATiON, 953

Page ii

': Page

Paraguay 105

Peru 11_

Trinidad 128

Uruguay· 130

Venezuela 133

CeuntriesUndesignated 136

AnnexI 143

Page 6: ALT. ATiON, 953

' (rog:), Page t

. .

comments of .the Re_ce,.e_ /Omunit_ee._ be far,arden,' _th the _r_l_als,to the _Director-Oener_ for coordination into the 19_ program and

':budget "_s_imatmecc_ t_ Wc_rld _h .Or_anil&tio_, ' _e:p_have beendeveloped in the light..c_ decisiens of_t_ Fourt_.W_ld. He_t_ Aes_lyand of the Executiv_ Boa_ at its ,Eighth Scanlon. _

reaolutions of the World Health Assembly, pe.rticularly A_3_, .Form ofPresentation of Progra_ne and Budget"; A_/37, "Concentration of Y_ffortand _esources"; A2/[_/79,"Coordination of Technical Assistance Pro_grammes"; A4/_/87, "Coordination of Planning of Programmes with UNICEF."Reference is made to the decisions of the Executive Board, EB8/_/28,Rev. 1, "Form of Presentation of the Programme and Budget for 1953."

At the request of the Executive Board, it will be necessary toinclude information regarding the local funds that may be expected to becontributed by each country in respect to specific programs being car-tied on within their territory. In those cases _where agreements havebeen signed, the information already has been compiled from agreements.In those cases where the proo_ramsare being proposed, the informationwill be compiled during discussions with the members of the _egionalCommittee. It should be clearly understood that information regardingthe possible contribution of a cooperating government toward a newlyproposed program is, in no way, binding upon the government. 2sther, itrepresents the extent to which the m_nbers of the _egional Committee be-lieve that their government might participate should the agreement ma-terialize. In order to expedite the compilation of the material regard-ing governmental contributions, the f,egional Director has conmmicatedvritheach government on this question.

In developing the program for 195_, the Regional _irector has hadin mind that one of the major roles of WHO is to help governments in thelong-term orderly development of health services, including educationand training services. Therefore, the emphasis in the program proposedto be carried on under the regular budget of _'HOin 195_ has been placedon activities developed with the long-range objective of assisting govern-ments in strengthening the national health administration. In accordance_ith the decisions of the Assembly an_ the Executive Board, a coordinated

program of internationally-assisted health work is presented for eachcountry. As in the program and budget presentation for 1952, infor_tion is included concerning proposed activites under the United NationsF_nded Program of Technical Assistance.

Page 7: ALT. ATiON, 953

i o" ·

Page 2

The column "Required Import_ Equipment and Supplies for 1953"embraces material which will have to be imported to fulfill the foreseenprograms. UNI_ has informed us that, if the economic position of thecountr7 _o indicate_ and to the extent of availability of_its resources andto the_ that proKeamm fall within the pr_ri_ies establishedits Board, it is ready t_.cooperate in the _shing of supplies amdequipem_, with the ur_te_atamd_g that each allc_at_en and the plan of

.operations for each allocation be approvedby its Executive Bc_rd.

The Pan Ameri_n Sanitary Bur.eau is in the process of decentrali-° zatioh..The deOision to _ecentralize is in accordance with the policyof I,HO,and _0 will _aup,pOrtth_ n_ve to strengthen the field officeorganization of the PASB/WHO. It is Believed that the effectiveness of.bOth organizations will be greatly 'increased _en decentralization isfully operative.



Page 8: ALT. ATiON, 953


'Page 3


Generally speaking, the format followed in the presentation ofthe Proposed Program and Budget of the Region of the mmericas, WorldHeaith Organization, for 1953, follows the format presented in OfficialRecords _e_ 31, "Proposed Programme and Budget Estimates for the Finan-cial Year i January- 31 December 1952."

The budget of the Regdon of the Americas appears in .sUmmaryandwith supporting schedules as follows:

The Regional OfficeRegionaI AdvisorsArea SupervisorsCountry Programs

Explanation has been provided for all act2_lties.,.

It will be noted that figures for the years 1951 and 1952 havebeen provided for comparison with 1953, and that the sources of fundsfor projects have been indicated.

It should be noted that costs of activities for the years 1951and 1952 are based largely on the figures presented in Official RecordsNo. 31. _en the material is finally presented to the Health Assemblyby the Director-General, changes to the operational develo_ents andstaff regulations may result in variations between detailed amounts.However, funds made available to the Region for 1951 and 1952 have beenaltered on the basis of present activities and plans for operations andare, therefore, difYerent than appear in Official Records No. 31.

For 1953, costs of Personal Services and Allowances have beenbased on projection of salaries and allowances paid to the incumbentsof listed positions. In those instances where posts are presentlyvacant, averages based on the total experience of the World HealthOrganization have been used. a table shoving the average is includedin this document.

A detailed Justification has been provided for duty travel.Duty travel has been based on the actual costs of anticipated trips.Travel costs resulting from application of the staff rules for initialrecruitment, travel on home leave, and repatriation have not been Jus-tified because it is mandatory for the organization to cover such costs.

Common Services are Justified in the explanation of the costs ofoperating the "Regional Office",

Page 9: ALT. ATiON, 953

CDS/_(_g.)..... ' Page

Costs of Supplies and _mterials for projects are based on es-timatedneeds. ..


, Installation Children 's Education Repatriation ,

Oroup Grade __er diem _!l_:e.: _G__nt..... ar_t _- ] · .... _ .... V......

II D2-P_ 810 ' 233 75 50III P_-_ ?_0 182 75 50IV P_P1 aSO 60 75 50V Gl-G6 225 21 75 50


Group TravelonHeadquarters Initialand Regional Recruitment Travel on Transportationof0ffices.... Grade and RepatriatioA Home.Leave_ Per.s_,na___,Ef,fects

II D2-P5 760 1,950 ' 580III P_'P3 39h 1,120 445IV P2-P1 160 590 111V G1;Gb 50 90 _O

Fiel_._.dd 782 1,350 25C

Page 10: ALT. ATiON, 953

Page 5

Proposed Re_s0!utionWHEREAS:

The Proposed Program and Budget of the Region of the Americas ofthe World Health Organization for the year 1953 has been revieved indetail,



1. To approve the Program and Budget for 1953 for the Region ofthe Americas as presented by the Regional Director;

2. To recommend that the Director-General, W_-ld Health Organiza-tion, include the program and budget as presented in the consolidatedbudget of WHO,;

3, To instruct the Director to transmit the Program and Budgetwith the recommendation of the Regional Committee to the Director-General,

Page 11: ALT. ATiON, 953


,-- A.,_c_ m,i/'A(oom'. 1)

'F_.,.,d,,.., [ I IISI _1 _m, aSA mdt mA

,sa._ .,cs I [ *;'_ _ _, 1o 18 ;_o arz(:zxA _ 25o.igd& _iO0 ,_67.:_T lO.O._ 8t,.3_ 9b,.TSa _}=__ i.,.m:L!g h_w,_ ,..9

$ill_Cio6 rs: _ ! 8l_ClC8 rm

N&ZIz'ia lind :_ C.,_.t.z,ol

x x 2e :_8 _ cema,d, d, Z_,,et_ :r ,_ _ _,_06 _,T'_ 30_,000 6_;,QOO _O, O00 2id_,ak_; Jm3o986 2._;_ ic17,ek_ 9_,_ _8,85o'

5 _ _ z _ lh _ _ _a,_7_ r_,_5 57,135 _26,512 _t(_0oo _15,oco _o,_o _,7_ I.I_.ZS_ _,TQk . _7,1Q9 _e6,_Ym_4_ml DiNmm

6_,6_ a,c_a _,_ _h, me _lbcoo ' _,ao 8_,761 99,a1_ J_o,_;$ '_,a_3 za_ar/

7 6 6 7 7 _aremmdad_ Ym_reaa


2 2 6 7 7 Ouma _ r_m_ib_ _,_ 29,a90 _9,_a _,eeo 2_o,oco 2co,om _8,8_0 87,_ _,230 aT_kl_ _,_PublicB_tJl Axtatnisl_ation

1_*.-_ 5aait,atic_

2 _ l_ ,,_mualaato _ !'bd:Lo 28,,50_ _,027 1,_,703 38,1,a_ 28,5C_ _,_? X'_l!_

1_41t,b gdm_t.ion _' t._ P_I/e

I 1 1 i gdm_ci_nSmiUu_a de _- _obl_ h,200 5,600 16,0_LO 9,2_0 Ll,2_ _,_ 13,1_O 16,_8 _'lltemsl amd C!d_ldib_lt_

2 J ;1 1,O Il; 26 ltit_Lm_ v.,t,mmo.T_t'_ 28,775 !_.,6_ 1_7,Z2% 7'_1,000 T'Z_,O(X) _,8_,000 98,936 Z62,].Q_ JO_,2],2 S_O,TJ.1,· IFJ_,777 8_?_llT]_mt41 !k.O.t,a

atlim., _ 1_,200 9,8oo 1_,200 9,800I_tz.it.t.,,,-

1 _tr_c_/- _,200 9,800 '/2,1f_ 1_,20_' 9,800 11,162

2 2 2 6 1.1. 16 E,duo_ic_ · idie.t,z'utento 1._,_26 311_,78_ Z/'b,788 .' 80,170 1,._,_23 b"13,&_ 21_,OSKr _(_,311 788_,bTO

_._ _ra _,s_ -, :' ' '

_ota.l - A4v/eorlr 6ervtgm.,.a Y",_ld Pro3eot4Tot,a.Z - Serv'lcios de l-wo._o 7 ,Servl_o m .-1.,

21 ._} 21t 1 86 1,2,_ 1,t0 1_ 146 "-_ _ ._8!;.IJ_ 6.1_.,212 "_.6.1_ L#?_.._ 1.87_.CX:_01.210.000 768._j_ .l. 787.J_ 2._.6_ L8.c6.1_ 1_1_.711 ._.GI,.?.I07

62 '_ 78 1 _,6 _ 1_ 1,,g9 9_.18_,n _o_- 05.838 I_7...%12.Z..Oga..o00 ::L.Ill2.b""JI2 1.671h000 t.21D.O00 611.1;80 1.8TJ..O..TIt2.1L..A.NII,_ Ll1_.930 b..6_-_J,_ l l.i,ld_l.l,l,6

Page 12: ALT. ATiON, 953

'_ Page7


'TI_ costs of a_tivitteB 'and s_ces ah'own under %he 'i_formationschedule entitled "Regional Office of the Americas" arise'm_il_lyfr_m theoperation of a central office in Washington, D. C.

Pe_sonmel listed therein WO_L_d, if classified in tbs ,samemanner asthe ccmpIementar7 staff of the Pan American Sanitar7 Bureau, appee_' asfollows: ' ,. "· ; _ ' ",

, _ ·

Regular ?echnicml Assistance


' 1. 'Office of the Regional Director - 2 , ':,'2. EpidemiolOgy and Statistics _' "_ ' ' '3. Library 12. Public Information Office 2

5., Lega{. Office ... 1 16, Translating Offlee' 2 :

7. Administration and Finance

a,-Office of the Chief 2 1

b. BudgetOffice 1'c. Finance'andAccounts Office' ' 7 _' 6d, _evsor/nel Off ioe 3 2 "e,SupplyOffice 8f. Office Services

Travel Un/[_ '_ 2 2Recordsamd Gommunications 7 2

· -Printing a_d Reproduction 1

g. A_m_mi_trative end clerical person-nel.assigned to the Fellowships_f.fice ·,':' _ ' - ,

h= Seuret_rial help for R_gional Ad-.,. visors 6_ 2' :' '"' ' '' .... - 54 20


The staffing of the Regional Offioe 'diff6rsf_ma :_a_ _f.o%h_ 'officesbecause:

" I_' 'thecloseness' to the nmJo_,_u_ces oF s_ppIy requi_e .a' _o_" sex. rice fuucti_ 'to be .performed for-Headqvaj_ers ar_ othei _ RegiOnal ,,Offices.

aa_o_s A_eoem_ttates _, o_oe:'lla_ng l_ge_*ma__ _ _e_Xb_' _al! ag

Page 13: ALT. ATiON, 953

¥ _ CDS/1A (Eng.)Page 8

the World Health Org ie_; an_ :

3- the existence of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau_ a major inter-nJtiOn_ _mblic _ealth org_izati_ perfiLt_s _ cg£ice to be _t_ffed ona ccxnplelaerttary basis. ' _

The l_rpome and functions of the Pa_ American 8a_'_,,J__au,Regional 0ffi_e_.ef_he ?World He_h Organiza_ie_ for the ;A_IGG_, _a¥#'been delineated in Official Records No. 33, Annex 12, of the Wo_.lA._hOrganization, entitled, "Organization of the Regional Office for theAmericas."

As /the'_pu_ses ar_'_3netions of the units of the Regional Officehave been Bet forth in CDS/_, "Proposed Program and Budget of the Pan

for 1952 of the Regional Offi e of the World Health 0rganiM_/1c_'! ;Lne7have been emitted from this text. _ ?

In _espect of the re_lar budget, it Will be not_ th_ '_ _''_ *the L_mst ofthe Regional Office is $_9,675 more than in 1952. __'


The additional cost does not result from an increase in staff'member s,the same number and type of posts being provided in 1953 as _n _9_2.

For clarity, a table indicating, the lncr_&se.s_tm th_ r_gu_ar budgetbetween the two years by type of expenditure has been pre_arGd.:


Personal Services $ 181zt_5 $ 219_196 $ 38,0_1Personal Allowances ' ' 55,836 3_,358 (21,/478)Travel and Transportation 17,O_6 . 19,536 2,_90Space and EquipmentServices 18,175 12,625 (5,550)Other Services 2/+;096 32,390 8,29/+Supplies and _aterials .10,8_0 32,885 22,0_5Fixed Chargesand Claims 1A,625 21_28_ 6,660

Acquisition of Capital Asset's 2,_27i _: 1_.500 _.! :(82_)

$ 32_,100 $ 373,775 $ _9,675r:_ : _ _ .,, :: _ _ _........................

Personal __e and Allowances

The inet.ease to Personal Services and Allowances amounts to _16_563 n_t.. AlL _coetaha?0 been.d_ve!oped on the basis of individual posts and aredetailed in the fol!owir_ _e, "Th_ Regio_ Office.,' The ' JJ_ee_eof1953 over 19_2 is due largely to the increase resultiag from the adoptionof __e tQ_:._.c_I_ _ ___ reeruited personnel that' ie in c_Q_nity with

and cemme_-cialenterprises,

#:_8:_a_ o_ WHO Official Records No. 31, pages 2_7 and 2_.

Page 14: ALT. ATiON, 953

,., Page 9l)

_Travel and TransPo_tat_n

Travel _and Transportation has increased _2_$90. Detailed Justifica-tion for all duty travel is provided, ........

Common Services

Common Services' costs fall into two broad classifications: thosecosts of housing, servicing, and supplying staff located in the WashingtonOffice, and those costs arising from the operation of an extensive publicinformation schedule. For that reason, separate analysis has been made ofeach classification.

- j

' Space and E'_pme_nt_Servic_

Space and Equipment ServiceB paid by WHOtoward the operation ofbuildings owned by the Pan American Sanitary Bureau is based upon thepercentage of WHOstaff, members to the total of the Regional Office andPASB staffs at Washington. The amount chargeable on the Regular Budgetfor 19_3 is $11,033. An amount of $300 has been provided for the repairand maintenance of office furniture and equipment. The savings of _5,550indicated in the table above result from lessened costs of operations tothe PASB due to the elimination of rent as a component of total costs ofoperations,


Poste_e - Postage costs have been estimated on the basis of experi-ence in i951. An increase of _100 per month has been provided to covercosts in 1953.

Total postage, $_,220.

Telephone - Telephone and equipment rental and local messages arebased on 1951 experience to date. Total charges estimated at $4OO nmnthly.

Toll charges $ _,800 ,.Equipment rental - local messages 2.592

Cables _nd Telegrams - Cable costs are based on 1951 fi_:_res.Totei c_bl-es _nd :telegrsm_-'-$3,6oo.

Hos_y -CSsts of hospitality are esti_w:tedat $1,4OO, anarbitrary amount ]oased on the provision in the 1952 regional budget.

Iilscellaneous - Physicol ex_minations for new employees i_ $1OOannu_lly-_-_s__)52 co_ts.

Page 15: ALT. ATiON, 953

Page l0(corr. i)

An arbitrary figure of '200 has been ectablished to cover miscel-1,_neous e_peliciture_. These.items are aq_ed together, and appear on, Page13 under "Miscelianeous Contractual Services"j to, al - $300.

' Fret:r'ht' _d Traae._.rt. '_[on '00s._._ An" a_0_nt :of $500 i_as been providedto cover the'COS$-Of qpersting ar_ maintainihg the sthtion wagoD usedbythe Regional Office for pick-up and mail delivery.

Supplies ant Materials . "

Pr...r.Lg_- An arbitrary sum of $200 has been provided to cover theCost of printing forms and special stationary required by _he RegionalOffice,

_$u_- Supplies cover the cost of stationery and expendable officeequipment such as paper and envelopes, ink, paper clips, etc, The amountprovided has been based on Der capita expenditure of _162 annually. Thetotal cost for supolies is $10,368, This approximates the amount providedfor similar material by Headquartors, Geneva (Official Records No. 31).

The total for Supplics and M_terials is $10_568.

Charges and C!qtms

Under this classification is grouped the costs of reimbursing staffmembers for state and federal income taxes, Calculations have been made onan individual basis and arc b_sed on 1951 ratos, St_t_.· income taxes havebeen computed to be 3% of the total a_ount reimbursod for government incometax, The total for Fixed r.h_,_........_s and Claims is $21,285.

Acquisition cf Capitol Assets

An arbitrary mount has been established for the replacement oftypewriters and other non-expendable equipment.

.Public Informe_tion- J ! L_._UJ : . Il , Illl I ill. I ' I ·

For clarity, public information activities are discussed on a "projectbasis,"

Press Releases" ' 1951 1952 1953

Number _:fcopies distributed 8_,000 8_,000 120,000"" _'.' ' t ' !"75 _; L'! ";-" ' i{"' J,l;7",,-, J'-j-' --


. Stencils $ &5 $ _5 $ 6&Envelopes _41 _1 631Paper 225 225 322Postage ._ __ __,300 _,300 6,!49

$ 5,011 S 5_Oll $ 7,166_----J_ _' "- :--_ '_.:_"- 'i:'_ . ,.:, _ _- _ '.....

Page 16: ALT. ATiON, 953

-, ,Page 1X .

Sr ish; .' · ,,Press releases

average monthly number of press releases for 1951 is seven. It is riotanticipated that this hUm.bet will be increased_during 1952. However,expanded activities of the !_O duo $o the activation of two new regionaloffices during 1952 is expected to increase the average number of pressreleases in 1953 to ten. Distribution figures have been prepared on thtsbasis.

News Letter


Printing ,3 8,_00 $ 14,_00 $ 1_',600P_stage 980 1;_OO 1,_00

Envelope, s ,.,_,.' 125_ _ ...... 1..72..... _........ .179_ '. _ 9,505' _ 15,979 .$ 15,9_

The Region of the Americas reproduces the WHO Newsletter by th_ photo-offset m_thod. Also, the Newsletter is translated into Spanish andPortugue se ·

It will be noted that the costs of mailing the Newsletter is sub-stqntially less than the cost of nailing the press releases. The reasonfor this is that approximately 17,000 copies of the Newsletter ere mailedin bulk thereby reducing costs considerably. For em'_ple, 8jO00 copiesof the En_,lish version of the }'ewsletter are provided to the, U. S. PublicHealth Service and that organization attends to the distribution of thismaterial without cost to WHO.

Celebration of World Health Day (Production of Kit)

The information Kits usually distributed in the Western Hemispherein celebration of [_orld Health Day are produced and _rinted in the Americas.It is assumed that 9,000 Kits can be distributed because there were requestsfor this number in 1951. Costs of producing the Kits ares

Printin_ $ 518Negatives 150Paper 550Po_tage 1_, _6


Information Folder, ¥mo

An amount of $785 has been provided to cover the cost of printingthe _O Information Folder.

Exhibitionsi i i i i HI ·

· The Regiongl Office produces, maintains, and shows information con-cerning the activities c_ the.PAS_ and_'_HOat medical ar_ scientificmeetings throughout the hemisphere. It is estimated that six exhibits

Page 17: ALT. ATiON, 953

__ted durir_1953. The attendant costs are:- e

" "' ' age al'of ce, ' '"$ ' ''" Average t_anSportation costs 150

' ,. _andlir_g,ihstalt_ion_packing, and prepar :ing' space __0o'

400 x 6 = :','_2,_00

As one-half the cost of these exhibitions is usually borne by the Bureau,

an amount of _1,200 is requested.

Visual _ateria _

Mater_l exhibited at'scientific and medic-1 meetings must be broughtun to date and kept in a state of repair. Doubtlessly, new material willbe added or ?_plaeements_made to th_ eXhibition material already on hand.An amount of _1,500 is required for t_purpose. In addition, .ii500isrequeste_ _ ceve_ the eost of phetography.

Other Requirements T public Information

Subscription to newspapers .$ 85 ,Clippingservice 500Teletype 360


t ,t _. '

Page 18: ALT. ATiON, 953

r,, . ' ".', Page 13

1953 BUDGET,

comon Ser ce

" _' Administrative Public

S_rvices .Inf2_t ion T6__al

Spat_ e _d .fquij.nment .Ser. vi'oes $ 11,333 $ '"-' $ 11,333

OtherServices ,.

Communications 16,212 9,81.5' 26,027

Hospitality ' · 1,&O0 ' - . 1,_00, ,

' % ,

_MiscellaneousCon_ractua!Services 300 500 . 800

. · - :

Freight _nd other Tr_.nsportationCosts , 500 &50 9'50

SuppliesandN_terials 10,568 20,&3& 31,002

Fixed Char_.esmid Cla'__ss 21,285 -- . .21,285

Acquisition of Capital :_ssots !_500 - - 1,500_: _ _ i_ - .j ._: _-,-,,__. _: _ . _ _ -. ,L. , ; u, _._-' :_ :: _.-v ._--_ . - : :_. "

TOTAL.,............., $ 63,098 '$ 31,199 $ 9&.,297,,.



% ., t

Page 19: ALT. ATiON, 953

- * [ Page 14

Regi ,oual Director

Tt is essential that the Regional Director or his delegate visitSouth and.central American countries and those located in the Caribbean inorder to confer with ministers of health on matters pertaining to programevaluation, The amount requested under the regular budget, $6,960, is thesame as for 19_1 and 1952. .

Public Information_ III1 _ I . I I 111 IL . . . 11_ I

As in prior yearsj the Public Information Officer will be r_quiredto maintain close contact with the information officer in the New YorkLiaison Office and with the information office of the United Nations. It

is also expected that he will be required to visit the field offices ofPASB/WHO to develop methods of disseminating news locally and obtain firsthand information on programs. Also, one trip to attend a medical healthconvention has been included. Total cost - $2,683.

Aa_ministration and Finance

Administrative ,andFinance _Officer

An amount of $2j660 has been provided to coves one trip to fieldo offices for inspection, liaison and orientation of local administrative

officers. Included in this total is a trip to Preadquarters,WHO, for the. discussion of current policy and procedures.

P,e,rsonne! ,,Officer

For the _urpose of briefing local administrative officers on staffrules and regulations, one trip to each field office is required. Cost -

Budget Officer

In order to obtain information that will facilitate the work of the

budget office, it is proposed that the Budget Officer visit Headquartersduring the last two weeks of May and the first week of June. Two tripsto United Nations in order to obtain information on changes in administra-tive policy. Cost - ,1,060.

In order to determine effectiveness of internal controls and to audit

Page 20: ALT. ATiON, 953


local accounts, one trip should be made to each field office. Cost -_2,633.

Special Services Officer - Supply

An emount of $908 is requested to cover trip made in connection withinspection, market investigation, etc.

Legal Officer

An amount of $1,139 is requested to cover the travel of the LegalOfficer to Headquarters, WHO, for briefing and discussion of legal mattersrelated to agreements with govermments,

Page 21: ALT. ATiON, 953


Ihm,_ _llmmm_ m _ Zxpe_ltle_

cfr_ of _ n_.Lm_ _ofxe_m dsl _eter _

1 I 1 _ blrXom/ 1],_0 13,_0 15w_

? AetSvidAd_


1 1 2,8_'J 3_,?00

1 1 1 Jm_/.t._- ,4- .,_lm._ 3,3oo 3,_8o b,_?

k 6 9 3 _ s, sem_,e_o 9,960 3A,9_ 28,50T T,_O 8,cl,o 6,2o';

Clerk. $t_m_r_r_2 _1 I ?a'_lnXl__l° 2,?20 ?,0_1 2,810

_t_ and _ Ot_l_G-I I I _e de Adm.n_ta._,n y rJ.mm_m 7,660 8,08_ 7,916

Ponomol Officer

I i 1 Jefe de Perm,m1 6,_35 6,_3_ 7,712

· _get Offt_I i I Je,fe de l'mm_m_r,o 5,.,_5 5,600 6,bO0

?eehnical _ee_tE_t

_ctal S4r_lc_ O_fie_.

_ ! 1 Funetonarto de _rlcio4 bpeci_Le. 7,THO 8,1_ 9,_7 3,950

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... ii m_o 4. 2dm {rim · Cc_tomCl/eu/ai4m

IIMedalr _ _ Or. lo ]bi. Ilar SuppL_d,_ - B_Lipo y $1ml_a- iJi_nuta T4_l e4 TOTAL

-._-,- ust usl usl m3s usI _l .mi r,,, m,__

Proa_lmlu_ /der _.4mtI i 1 JUmt/il_ de ia Oftaiml cb SutinisLroe Fi 3,870 h,080 5,000

Reference Llta.m_Lia _'1 I I Slbliot,_&rio (C_.Llqa_lo_u) n )t6?O ),870 h,_OO

'tr--,.m_,cee! t ! ?rldkict4rle FL 7.]_0 ,,?_0 10,266

· _' ! Cmst*_. 1'1 /_,767 7,3&0 ,,600

AN:Letmt keeemM,mt{ { I I 1 Coata_r IsxLlt_- I_ 5,792 6,600 3,771 2,_7o 3,700

1 1 A,_lli,_ d, 1- o_lc_,, 6, _.lnietm. _8 2,8_ ),705

_md_et Conl4q4 _· · I _ de ia _ielul do hamlto WL8 3,13{) 3,3_)0 3,765

C,iarkI I I II_G_m_ 111,7 2,600 2,970 J,{,88

_almlplrI I I ?taldlor do Ltbr_m q_ 2,_ 2.680 3,11_;

I IL · Soer_tJufie lW_ 2,_20 2,680 3,11;8

C:brk St,m,,qi_lPhoru.t 3 {I 2 .1 .t ?lqu_r,_fld l_5 7,3199 8,180 12,772 I.,_{_O 7,780 9,]75

k 6 · _ !_ 8,7h0 lh,o_o 2,870

Il · 01_%-- _ 2,076 _,ThO 2,900

2, --CSi__ !_ ),9hO _,270

/11e C/.srk_


I I ,1,, 0Nr_o,t- {_j5 1,_ Z,IB_, , )fib?

Iii _i _ {D mn _O _,318 1_o.772 219,_96 2A._ 0 A7.990 6g.o82 16]a_28 _8a762 2Bk.278


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B]_.,Ii31N_(]!TrCloriGIN& AT(ll(:lli_

IlBqe_r,4 md Teel_.c41 Aaebtan_

_:l _ll _ll U:Sl _,a _l mi usl mi ma sul

y..!l!.,.,_ *,'_60 2,_80 2,,_.q";

mqmtrs,au_?!_lmtzd_etike 1,000 1,0(30 182 _6

40 _ 18_,978 2hm237 29,50_ 3,h._ 6,1_0 9_11_

SIIt,_ do pereom_L 1,%2 2,1,Oe 1,fA2 lID 653 52cj

Coet _' I_aC _t

A_lt4 pm. onto de _ 19,652 25,(_,-_ Ii_?00 B_?00, vtaf4oo

_nKt_'(,_rtiou,rodri,fi,U 9,_o 11`,_o 28,1_o

Recruit_t md _q_triattm

Cmtmtaei_ 7 rs_tri_ciga 160 33o

_rt_tion of p4_oml effe_t_

de efecto8 perIP_,.!.- 1/1!lc.,e lea_

Ltaeacta para _La_t4r el lupr de or_t_ _9 2,._6 I,L_ 29_ 670Camm afr_o(m_tel Olmriltl

S_ee and Sq,J4--mt S,r,_,,LI_L_r_, _,rtcioe 7 Y4m_

(I_)(_ll · _lpo) 12,_ 18,17_ 11_333 2,000 l&,200 3,6_0

Otr_lS4drV_(ELoI 1_s796 2/,,096 29,177 2j220 ];__._,0 _;1210

_-4_4-tr_l y !_at4r_&lao 10,81<) 10,SJ_0 31,002 1,7_;0 2,._00 ),2_0

_z,d _ugl_ aad _

lcqLILoitt_ Ca!_Lt-L1.Aosotm

ic]klp_tLeiA" _ AcU'v'o 3,'_56 2,32'7 '1._00 _7_

_ SI& ]LO 16 _0 250,h3_ 32J.,100 367,387 l_,o_ 8J4,33_ 91,,752 293,1_68 1,08,_!; 1,_2,1_

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(mm.)' Page 19. _;_

Reguiar BudMe,t

Duty Travel

Regional Advisers will be required to travel as indiceted belowin order to advise snd assist governments in program development andto strengthen e_isting health services. They will be required to pro-vide general aupervision of projects and activities under wa_and tocontinuously evaluate the results of such programs. _tegionalAdviserswill confer with governments as to the advisability of init_ating newprojects in future years.

, ,, ,. ,e e.

The Regional Advisers on education training and fellowships arerequired to visit medical schools and laboratories in order to Obtaininformation as to existing facilities and curricula and to provide helpand advice to those ¥:HOfellows presently studying. Fast experience hasalso indicated the need to follow up the activities of fellows on apersonal basis.

Amount provid ed........... 1953

Adviser on: Countries to be visited US

Malaria All South and Central American coun-

tries; principal non-self-governingterritories in the Caribbean . , _ . . 6,087

Tuberculosis Ali Latin i_erican 2epublics; principalnon-self-governing t erritorie s in theCaribbean...... , . . . . . . ... &,955

Veneral Disease Ail South and Central American countries;Mexico; Haiti , . . . . . . . . , . , 6,972

Brucellosis Costa Rica; Lima; Argentina; Uruguay;Brazil; Venezuela; Guatemala; hexico;Cuba; Colombia; Dominican Republic;Haiti; Jamaica; Ecuador , .... . . 5,963

Public Hsalth Ail core,tries in which healbh demonstra-Administration tlon areas and public h_lth adminis-

traction programs are in operation... 5,082

Environmental Santio_o; _rgemtina; Lima; i_e_co;Sanitation Guatemala; Panama; short trips in U.O.. 5,288

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Page 20

Amount provided1953

Adviseron: Countriesto be visted US _ ....

Health Education Ail South and Central Americanof the Public countries in which there are

projects that will require theservices of a health education ex-

, pert;Paraguayand Ecuadorto su-pervise health education projects . 5,000

_ternal and 'Ail Latin Ame_'icancountries; prin- 'Child Health cipal non-self-governing territories

in the Caribbean , , . . . . . , . 6,088

Nursing Three trips of three months durationeach for the purpose of surveying thefacilities and curricula of schools

· of nursingin LatinAmerica. . . . 5,000

F_ucation and Ail South and Central American coun-

Training (including tries; medical schools located in theFellowships) U,S. . . , . . . . . , . . . . . . _,890

Duty travel provided for Regional Advisers whose personnel costsare financed through the Expanded Program of Technical Assistance havebeen calculated on the same basis as those _%egional Advisers fallingunder the Regular Budget of _HO,


· · · $

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The IJ_OUL.. *m_ou C05/_


imrL.qo_ sn_vic_ AID FXSLO_OJSC_ _WSm_o_SaWZCIOSr_ _sssofamnTo z _u_cIos _

ao_ Ad_d.aemJ_ellOZlWRmg,:lmm!_ae_

!ira_ dm_ P'l.,,m· Coerce CiJL_Tuctm.tee.1. Oz.ub Boqutzo_ hport_l Bquipumt awl T_lmtcel _t, wmo

bedm, _ _ _et*edo Bolt_hr 8uppiloe - Bqutpo 7 8umtnAs- iststonobl lh_e_Lo4 TOTALAatatencia t_ _ de :Zmpmletlotam

Hoe_th F4m_&t.ton Idvioez*

1 _eeor _ -zeaea._u sa_mita,zt. l_h 7,.:_

Mur81ng Saueot, tou _tfLsor1 imemm-aa _._mo,_:tgmd* gat'e_.mr'_ PA 7j300


1 I aa,mm- emF,IL_J.. ?h 7,300 7j5,?.I;

Insect Ccmtro2. AdrJaor

1 i 1 *-uor en _ de Inmeot_ P_ ],6_O 8,o_ 7,6_8

i 1 1 leee_ m i_ab_-ouloeie Pis 8,_}; 7,1_ 7,6,t8

VenmTM1 l_laeeao _c_

1 1 1 _ee_ -- Snferm4ad_ Vm_r.u P_ 7,660 7,7_0 8,000

BruosLl_4 - Adam c_

Puhlio lbalth AduLnt_trat;Lc,u Advisor

I 1 1 1 1 _eec_ en 4clml_ de SaXud t:_blica 1% 7,300 7_2_; 2t,{_mO ?,k13 1,6_

Publ_Le Health A_llm_l_tiam a_JLsc_ (TA)

i i i J._- ,m __ de Ssiad_blioa (_ Ph 8,0C0 8_0 8.666

1 1 i Ju,eom- eu Vot4e,.l.mu.l_ ch, s.,d_ _lica 19 3_60 6,lC0 6,JKX)

!brixam_m_LX_mita_Lm ldTi_cr

1 1 1 A_m_ ._ _--to do.].hd:Lo l_ 7,664) 7,._ ?,7_th.

!'ktermLl and Child !tNZlr_ iSq,iocr}. I 1 Aseec_e_ El_i_ Hatezao-Infea_tl I_ 8t08S ?th.13 7,638

F,du_t._on and _ Ad_f_r ,-_

Aui_tam i_ and i'rai_l_A4_l_cz

i 1 1 18,,,_o, l_llim- en z.e_e_l& _r_,_GGtC ]% 3,_0 1,M.3 7,6_8

z_ _bi_or

1 1 I _eeor ea _ ii, 7JL,qO 7,_13 7..6_ ........Tc,t,al - Zltabl.181',,,,d Bmtl

6 _. 11 5 :; :; .'ot_ - P_uu _,tabl_ld_m _,3_O 70,_ 87,_3 _,6oo JT,_:LI JT,mO

_,.am _mea c_t_m&t, oria._

F,_ m.,,,-.m i,_. h,263 _777 11,9_6 I,_IE; 2_1.


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ThA,,._,,, a)S/:_Los AmG_Leas _rhu_l

ao_oml JLdV'IJOn,lae4Mn,e Rqd.em..bl

m&'_mk _'"'Ir%mmm __mmmqd_mdhm_ BI,damm md T,dmd,eeXl_

ka3fr _ Or,do Bquhr 8q_.be - _ Ir 8,i.,,,:lp- ia:Lsme,m_ TGtd.ea ,j_,_t.rao ieeeom,t.M dB himqdud&

US_ USS 28 USS aSS OS& mi mi mi mi mi mi

J,e,n,_ehnd4, _ 6,5_c8 9,e_ 22,_,_ .%3_ 5,nh 5,3(I

f Jtus.ff':Lmm-amesecm.o do Pm-s(x,_ _? S_O') 0)6 ._O 5n IL_


DuVh _ ofiabJ. 28,_?5 b6,,_ .q6,32S _,oco ac),coo _,_8_

7 nqs_3_h z,_ Tee _,_76

1_,- or E_raem_ e_ree-tdT3mmparb cb ereet,_ pnsambs 1,3_5 Ox) 1,78o

bMZd.--._- _ v'b:Ltar _ luL',L,'de ca.'_m 9,_3 h3_8 5..)6_

Stupid.bo --,d r,qu_.ln,akO'--'s'"t'_'ee 7 K,_L]L:,O

_Lxed Chsrlm and c3&tmr_13r_%"%.1ce7 !!4e3mmme_kcmew

JBw_ad_m'wmme_mcdr_meeme*.m_Re4mbo,,laodo :LmpuHst,c4 isobre la renCc4 20220 _1,7 7.1&.T? 2JJOb. 2.9._ 2.5'P_

_ z_ 3,953

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Page 2_


Re__, Budget

Duty Travel

Area Supervisors whose function is to provide the advice of aspecialist to limited nu_ers of countries within a region are requiredto spend a substantial amount of time travelling. For example, an areasupervisor conducting a Diptheria and Pertussis Campaign in severalcountries would be required to travel between the c,untries in order toconfer with appropriate members of the several Ministriesof Health. Suchvisits permit close supervision of prnJects and the compilation andevaluation of data in respect thereto.



Advisoron Countriesto beVisited _ US _

BOG To all Latin American countries and non-

self-governing territories in the Carib-bean, in which c_npaigns are in operation 4,589

Tuberculosis Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia,(2) Venezuela,Brazil,Uruguay 6,_31

Typhus Five trips between Bolivia and Peru 3,271

EnvironmentalSanitation _) Ail Latin American countries and non-self-

governing territories in the Caribbean 16,612

Maternal andChild Health Guatemala, E1 Salvador, Haiti_ Mexico,

(2) Peru, Colombia, Argentizm, Paraguay,Uruguay 10,687

Duty travel previded for Area Supervisors whose persmnnel costs arefinanced through the Expanded Program of Technical Assistance have beencalculated en the same basis as those Regional Advisers falling under theRegular Budget of WHO.

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Th &merlin



Area Supr_omSqxtr,t_ d_ lr4m8

Ihlldjj/ll? 'IIMMdI,- --dl ]dWP3JS F,ILi.!lt..eCl K31PtadJLLlreE 9

UlCD_ ims,t,t,mm OMdo lqubr Sqpp3Jm - Bqdlm · kd,,4,,- - tsJ.f,t4me_ 'l'*_Lc_ _'rALl,d..ta=_ tro. bm.re'Lin d. Xq,.EW_"-"- =8 uss .ss uss Et. mt IBm mi _Jk aim& il& mt

BCOArea Suprvbor " ' -1 1 1 S_wimor do Z_s IBru BCG 1_ 7,._0 5,016 6,210 . .,_-

MutrtkLce &tm _et,.msor .x Suprd..c,r do Zo... _.,.8 Uut_,A' et 7,638 _-

Trims l_m _pm_f_1 1 1 Superior de Tam IL'a _-fo fdrz 6,MO ?,bl_ 7,6_8

Ir,evlrement&X 61mXta_Lon&rea $uporvllf1 2 .1 &zF_urr/JmrJ h 9ar'a S4uwk_Emtedel 'lecr_L(Ph 7,660 22.023 _P.688

A_'m Ikqmz,,,bar2 2 SuperTbmr de Zam para Tuber_lmb 1% l_E_O 15,O'jO

_tmmal mst CMld Health ln_ Oupr_aoraqw'vi_ M Zma para JU,,t_.Emoaat4wno -

,, ,1 2 2 , 2, 2 _dr_M_41 _ 6,80o xJk_5 _.2'1'_ T..,T00 1/b_6

.1 9 :) X ,. 2 2 ,_. 21,t_ 66,,.l.q. 6_,667 10:_00 1J.b826 7,6J8

&f_lmdmo, Coqpemato_m


_opm_ontoIratlLtarM 2_7 2.G_6 10971 257 · _ _1_. 2_'7


Pe,'a_:l.oa Fund

C,4Jacb PeasJ.ou_ 3,OOj 9,2_ 9,229 669 1_72 2,4:)76 1,070 ,StAff :Lmw'anoe

de F,e_ 2T7 925 668 83 · 1o_ _ lO7


CoBt_t._L&_ r a._tr_m 1_.6_2 782 762 768

/_m't, atlo__g peFo_l effectaTrln_por. te do efe_t4eperoonalee Xo_:CX) 2_O 2_0 890

Soue leawJ

Liconelaptrayloitirel luflrdo c_tgen 62_ 2,700 _0

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Tm 4m3_Lo4m

$_Fdlz_d_m_'ledm _.Qm4m

T*alm.to_3L Or, dm ll_ Z,_ Ik_ m Tmchmd.e.mli.mm_Lsf,mae

T4"_IIII_ da ].ll)Olmr.IO_klkl"_.4 _""""_m4 0_l IISI[. OSl USl _l lEI mi Eql mi twii mmt, _

}"_ld_ _ Gl&tmC_.mo, ]Pi.IQ, Z ]i*o._mma&om,

_l, meur.of _oom tax

,,, _.... _.mboz._,dm _q=_m,t_m.dr,,h r._ 1._8o _._ _;,2_o ....... _ ]..300 _0 . L - ·3.95Z Z_c_2 _3

3 _ _ .1. 2 :_ 1 6 _ _lo roru. _6.7_. 1,_.,_,2 _.8,.,;_ zh..,,;_ z8._6 28.(:,cl) u..l._ 6._,,.._0 1.6j.387 1_,71_.

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Page 26


Eduoation _ Trainin_

Ve_reA1 DiseeseControlSeminarIllJ ' w-- _ ---. _ , _ .... ; , I I _ ,, [I,

Fellowshipsare providedfor the purpose of technicaltrain-ing in VenerealDiseaseControlto be carried out in conjunctionwiththe seminar held at SKo Paulo, Brazil.

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iPYZSO_ mmTzc_ wp _ !_aCT'3_TZCI_ DZ Am3OI41_!To ! 8]mTlCl08 D_ CIiPO


r ·

· _ of Poet. " Xat_ated _.dLturee °

bedm_ IB2Clr Aoobtinoo 0redo de&,u:hr 8upt)lbe - Bq_!m 7 SqudLnto- ]L_LstMuDbt _oa IL'OTALt.z_ _ de Zmpm.t,m_6u _ .

A.._...,__' ,iRl usl _1 usf, .st _li mi ma .BI ma mt .. ,


Tmmel_Ll _ C_trol ''

bmb.,rto . 8b Peub,_II_oU, ,,,

Nl._mmJ.lm 680 ,



1: I

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Page 28


Re_lar Budmet

Educa%ion and Trai.,r_n_

Venereal Disease Control· . . i , J, ii , ,,,,, . _.

Fellowships have been provided for the post-graduate train-ing of medical officers in venereal disease control through an intra-regional venereal disease training center to be established at Callao,Peru, in 1953.

Required Imported Equipm_$nt ap d,,supplies

Mater2al and. Child Heal t__

Childrents Hospital in La Paz

UNICEF has approved $75,000 toward the equipment of thischildren's hospital. It is anticipated that additional funds may bereceived to fully equip this institution. Such funds will hereto befurnished from sources other than the regular or technical assistancebudgets of WHO.

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m_iclos m &s_oat_a_o _ srj/c_s ne camo t_


'hmhn.t_LlL Cemt_ ¢,,1.-.!,.,I..Acme,let ammbt,m_

-laS_.lsm. j._ A.t,_ _ '-_ Z,B,_ S,pd_ ..,, Ir._m,,t,,,,x J,,_d_,t,,,.,, i

_..- :_ _ - Ildim · Bebibl- JtidLitmmbT(,o,dL_" Other Cc.m_eab.le LJ_tmmamem. Ct.rrnaSmfdummdmdmmrram_...:_.

l_y_ht'$Co_t_olControl de Tiro

Supplies m3d _luJLpmentSumlnlstros _ '


NabernL1xed Child _eal*J_H$ 1erie_a_

Childreme8RoepltalIn ][4Pm.z_]!oaFtt.m_..TJUrmt..tlmm ]..mhz

tfeeha,!cll. _eer _n_ltant ~ Fe_llConaultor _ Ink, erdak'eeantca - _',one-r_wlo.

:. _, c=R_e,t_,. -$taU_ /mur_ee

., Se_ro _ _ -'11



dr .

!lmdl-bmz'mM_tof _Mmm 1_Rmmmlx_lmoelm:impasto-tMmotrin_,.

_.'_.o_o,,- _'/_,_ .... '

_i,a_miton .,_ _',e.tmdmm kO.COO liP.coO _t:,_ 20.00o . '

v_ 12f_,m_ Control

callao Z%et ar_mte Itra_u_ c4m4rCentro de adEutam_e_o par_ Gra_

* · ___ - C._o., - ___ll_a__ecaemeca_ - 1?n_3

.- _ ._,o0o. l,o,_ · _o,eoo _o,ooo 6o,_ re,ax)

Fondoe aprobadompar UNICEF

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ccos/lPage 30


Environmen. tal. S.ani%ati.on

Garbage Disposal Project

Because of the relative lack of u_eable experience inmunicipal garbage disposal as simpler methods of garbage disposal havebeen largely neglected, a field pilot plant d_,onstration study projectis proposed in Brazil. This plant will study especially the sanitaryland fill with domestic garbage in small densely populsted areas. Theestimated duration of this Project is three years during which timetechnical personnel and supplies will be provided. An appropriatenumber of fellowships have also been included to assure the continua-tion of this Project after the withdrawal of international personnel.

Education and Trsinin_

V_ereal Disease. ,Control. SemSn.ar

To complement the training activities of the serologicalprogram at the Faculty of Hygiene and Public Health of the Universityof Sgo Paulo and in view of the apparent _earth of trained venerealdisease control persozmel in the Americas, it is proposed to organizeand conduct in 1953 in that educational institution sm intensive train-

ing course, following the workshop approach, on the modern techniquesof veneresl disease control, with special emphasis on the epidemiolo-gical methods, correct use of antibiotics, and acLm_nistrationof pro-grams dealing with venereal disease problems. It is expected thatseveral neighboring countries will be very interested in tnis courseand will cooperate by se_ding trainees. The duration of the seminarwill be one month,

Technic _ Assist .anco

_terna ! and Ch.ild, Health

This project which began in 1951 will contribute to the healthneeds among mothers and children in the four northwestern states ofParaiba, Piaui, Ceara and Rio Grande. The re-evaluated program is ex-pected to develop in 1952 and continue in 1953, in accordance withestablished principles of public health _ith regard to maternal andchild health services with technical personnel and fellowsl_ipspro-vialed by the Organization through Technical Assistance Plmds,

Page 36: ALT. ATiON, 953


, (mm.)

Technical As,sista_,,ce

_enerea! Disease Contro!. oero!o_ic_ Train'_ng_Pro.leCt-,S_o Paulo

This project, which began on 1 August 1951 will continue tocontribute substantially to the adequate sero-diagnosis of syphilis.The University of SEo Paulo has appointea the necessary professionaland auxiliary personnel to carry out the project during the existenceand after withdrawal of the Organizationts technical advisor.

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Ln AnA'L_

_ SIgL'VI_S lmm IPXi_.D _ _,_rw.l_ DragA-qiSO]M!flBJ_ ! URVICTr_ mm

BBmmtl _

m,mmdm,*e_ Pemb IhmeAmed!hpeudiba-eemm, b, ,'b,, Ce,,_ Cae..' ..-_.. ....... 3.

_ m,qd.m hpet. Ud Bmr.imm m __

__Ir _ _ _,J-,.,t,_ -,._-',m_._ -- uBl USS U88

Ib__ramm_m3. 8a_Ltad,:l. aB


h_erem _ la in41,a--,.._e_ do i_epe_tcLm

aaadLt,az./ !Ini_aeez'J. ae Cem_l.t, ut, - lee.

Cmmu.l.t,_.m _ .SadL_. Ham-

z'uz_Loo 9wOO0



do pm'_m.l 326 --

ViaJem dol Core.tm* 7_,200

md _t4_m_r t,

_s_tmmt, z_ y !_t_ 7,.Soo

Ch,u_ee md. ct,.*.,.,

Caz'l_m ]Pl..tee I' _---etmea

_mnt, et _ tax

Roemb_lfo 6o :i.ml_es+.._ m_bro ]aL z-ent,a 900


, z_,b,oo

38a226 31l,_'_


Sul_p].lu and )$q_d.pmm'b

_kZLzst._t.z.om _ ]._mOOOm', ,

]-]-2000 ' i'm

_q_prov_t _ uuxcmYmd. om apm,oba_o- par, UFAT.EF

Page 38: ALT. ATiON, 953


_ smuc_ J_ _u) moJA_rs _pj_3q_SE_VIC/OSDE JLSESO_J_fi_! $_ICIOS _ CAMPO


_/ lam Fl_t

Ted_haleal ;Orlde Boq_r_ _toBCL_,_imC id TNh,d.._ AImLstmii q

leedm- _ _ Or*4o IJ_rahr Supp]im - IM_Lpo f Sud_Lo° As_steneJa T_eu_Lee TOTALAOSJt4m_L.a _ Joaedler_aecioZ.NportiQ_L_m

,A..-- _' _ _, _S, nqfl TIS, mi mi tm, mi mt, ,Bi_W3

Nat_l_ em6 QdJLA ibalth

FbldOlr_o _ Cm_

NaINUI_L --d Cld2d Ik_th Adldl_

I hfoemea do _ 1_/_ - _etetm Iq 5,1_

IP--i llll,lll _!I

_r _'___ _' &,oM

amdII_l.lpmmt 123,0C0_210)(X_0o l_O,O00 ]_O,OGO

_ 8,OO9 ,,,"' :_1 '" 21o,ooo 2'_3,ooo' loo,'c_o ak,Wa _LO,CCO _3,OCO l,_T(d.

· , _ ,i_"oq,,od by UICI:CE!'ll'om:loeiprabe,dml pawO!l'_mr

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ladme' 4e _ _ E3qx,_tLm-eeId m &,lm m.,.,., c_',.w Ca3,culadm

?.d,d--I _ _ lapmqrJl _ _d Te4dmlc_ l_dlst4Me_ _ Ondo .q'tt.. _ - I_ · 0--4-4-- A,d_,4n_Sa _ea TOt&

u,_ Imeu.ta. dj h_etmeLIbUs! --1 mi _t mi zl mi mt _i .l .,,i --.Ima lm_ _ lm_ m(m _l _ l_ 'lPi_l _L_,J. _ ,a_FSJ ]L9S2 _ _ 19d_L _ x_t _t

_t_.atton and ?ro_Ltm

TenmmmXDl_umm Comtro!Caotw_Xde /N_e_mdbK_e_em_re_

_s_ to Zdueat_a_ I_titut_sArada· Xm_tt_ 4e L-_etmsa

SerologAe&lTrata_ Project- Sa PaeloFIroTecto de _d_ewtl_mi_ato ma .Sm,,o_L,a-

CoMuXtmt _l_ts_.I I X Cm_uItor en Setwlo_ 1,3 3,0C0 6,3/3 6,513


.,q_ac_o.# Ceepmaato_u




bptetettoabmtrtae_aa _O 5O

leastones _RO _ 912

staff lmlur_nceSegu_, de persmal _2 84) _1


DutyDe car_cterofieLat

Recruit_at and repatrxati_nContrataci_iy repatriacl_ 782

l'raa_portatLc_of pe_oaa_ effectsTraneporte de efectce pereonale. 2_0

_em leaveLicencia para YieAt&r el lugar dm

or_en 853

Sullies and _ll_ontSmta/atrc47 _quipo 1,500 3,000 3,000

Fixed Charg# and CAaimCar'soo FIJoq [ RecLimaeione$

Keimburseamnt of _ncem taxReembolso da im_ot_ so, tm la rmnta _0 _ _0_

Feilovshipme.... 6,o_o %ooo 6fooo_, ,

1 I 1 12,769 17,138 18,321 12,769 17,1_8 18,321

Page 40: ALT. ATiON, 953

511aflCl_6 1_ A._a$OilAiIIIWITO! S_RVZClOS I_ CA.qI:'O *_._


........ . . _. . .

Ihl -- dm lam Plato_ ,pqJJl_ .]P_ ' glrgJ.!lf,41d__ gxpsnd, t,m.ml1[_nhsVl,_11 OZlde I_lqld.zqK[C°exmPcrt.ed]ql_l_ ,md ?eCg[_..Al_

Bsldar _ _ Or.ado bSuhr Supplbe - _ · _ iftst, emh T_.end.oe TOT&Lt.-os M_ b Iupm"t_tn

&_ _l _l Uss _S gss usi si mi rna. mi wi& mi


IndumUeumi W,SntsS * -

_,t,_l (b ]_ernmdadee l_nArtu

8enmsa. - S4_ PualoS_bnz. tN - Slb _nZ,) -.

aiwl,t 11fn Cnmu.ltante -Feee

liemfar4-os Pm (_e_ltezm · _ flaao 2,_0

uq.n,t,_ c,.ee_t,,-_._,stallatlmhst,d,_tla

I'_la.Uazle ,


8_ff _

b_b,,, or,d,d, l. Ooo .-kend. Mmg, and nJlmta_t!mCumtm_ · mtm.trlaeMta

T_nspu.tttm oepermunlofrom

itam lenveMame_ pm_ vl.a_taf, ol bl_e d,-

u, tem

TuoMaS SupAUm ma n_msm_sms_ 7 B_q,o 6s_ boo

mind Omrlm esd Cl,ttm

ctt_ ..._; ..bobm,dmm _ .kdlMroemut _drmtaBo_bolm de fn_mmtoo oo_m la _mk

_,_, Lm

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CDS/I_ (Eng.) (Corr. 1)Page 3b


Venereal Disease _Control,.,,. Cardioli_in Pr_o_uction Center

It has been demonstrated that cardiolipin antigen is advan-tageously replacing the lipoidal antigens; and since no cardio-lipin is being manufactured in Latin American countries and inview of the recommendations made by the Subcommittee on Serolo-gical and Laboratory Aspects of the Expert Committee on VenerealInfections and Treponematosis, "that cardiolipin production beencouraged in a few laboratory centers", it is proposed to setup a cardiolipin production center of a regional nature at the"Bacteriological Institute of Chile", which _.rlllproduce the an-tigen for distribution to several countries in that area. Thelong-range character of this project is emphasized and it isexpected that the Organization should assist this center for aperiod of not less than three years.

EnviroDmental Sanl tatio_

Comnostin_ Pro !ecs

Because of the relative lack of useable experience in muni-cipal garbage disposal as simpler methods of garbage disposalhave been largely neglected, a field pilot plant demonstrationstudy project is proposed in Chile. This plant _rlll study espe-cially composting with domestic garbage in small densely popula-ted areas. The estimated duration of this Project is three yearsduring which time technical personnel and supplies x,lll be provi-ded. An appropriate number of fellox_shipshave also been inclu-ded to assure the continuation of this Project after the with-dra_ml of international personnel.

Technical Assistance

Public Health Administration . Health DemoDst_ation Are_

The Government requested the assistance of _[H0 in the orga-nization of a Health Demonstration Area in a rural section ofthe Province of Concepcion. The area is both agricultural andindustrial.

The major health problems in the area seem to be: infantmortality, tuberculosis, diseases connected with poor environmen-tal sanitation, malnutrition, industrial health hazards.

Page 42: ALT. ATiON, 953

, (SAS.)Page 37

The preliminary survey of the area _ill be c _ompteted in 19_1,

. The project will star_ in.19§2 with the organimtion bf a.H_althUnit, which will be in'.charge of all the health ag.tivltiem in the ar, ca,Special emphasis will be put on environmental sanit_i_,n, u_ernai .and.child health services,-nutrition, tuberculosis and i.ndust_.ial'h_iene,

i9 3 it.is propose 'to maintain the .five be asS edto the project in 1952, Budgetary, provision for equipmen_ ..and..fuppl_..esare included in order to complete the _quipment of the unit: Fellowshipsare necessary for training local personnel to replace the experts appointedby WHO, when time comes for withdrawal of the internatior_l assistance,

_nvironm. ent_a!..S.. ;anit.ation. T,..'_ater_o. rks Operators, Short .Course

In an effort to improve the health of communities, the LatinAmerican countries have been constructil_ water systems with a view ofensuring a clean and reliable supply of potable water. However, thelack of personnel with adequate training in the operation of such watersystems has made it impossible to obtain the optimum results necessaryto Justify the large investment in this type of work and to meet thepublic health needs. It is proposed to have in 1953 one short coursefor pls_t operators in South America. During this course, instruct[onwould be given in public health subjects and in the maintenance of watersupply, so as to train technicians who will later take charge of opera-tions of the water supply systems in the principal cities of their coun-tries. This course will last two months, during which period thoseattending will devote 100% of the time to _ater problems.

Budgetary provisions are msde for two consultants, fellowships,supplies and equipment.

Maternal and Child Health---. --. _, , , , ,,, , _ --; _--_ _--- ---

The WHO has been givingtechnical approval to Supplies fUrnishedby UNICEF for a maternal and child health program, with technical super-vision being provided by the zone office.

Present needs indicate that supplies and materials may also berequired in 1952 and 1953 for extending this program. Funds will beobtained from sources other than the regular or technical assistancebudgets of _d{O.

Page 43: ALT. ATiON, 953


_ Page38

' ;' .A,r _'..quek_ h_ s been received in connection with the eonstruc_nof _ Antij_et_e Plant. Funds for the equipment of this plant will _befur_iehed frem s_rces other than the regular budget of WHOor TechnicalAss_$'anee.: Th_ werid Health O_anization Will give technical appr6valfor the Supplies and equipment. Should it be necessary to grant fellow-

e_pe:for the %raini_ of persennel in regard to this project, provisionwil_ _be _ade-from the amount established for fellowships under "C,,un-

-%_tes Undesignated."



Page 44: ALT. ATiON, 953



"__b_. ef _ete F,etL_ted Expemiltur_

nlm ,In laa __.a. l_lm_,ee c°et'_c_'c"l--'_l_7.a_e,t_'_'J_ehn.tedd. 6radc nad

l_mm'q_L _ Ce_._l

_ I._ ?,?65

, .. 2

=._.=,.T_- lor, t_


Page 45: ALT. ATiON, 953

· me &Bm-Xama

bw Am,eim _l__ 81glXvJLg Aim _ l_l)_B__4aVXGX06_ _UIWtXZM2O ! SEi_XC_OS,_

_ i,_ x,_mda4I_ ,ad _QmX kabt4mmekldm. _ imlftmm O_edo k_u.lm* Oq_ - {Welim · StainS,,- {_.Ke,,mSa heel_ 'iaea/,

·,&.w Ilemtm*_m do X_.,hr...,-- uSS Ual 1Il W I, mt, IS& m& m&

fmkIJ_ _ _k4.4.__kd'4 gkmetJm _ _ fl_

_mJLimmw_GJmL_,_PdzIJ_ iklXkk _dlbdJ_dmko_

3. I "t _i'k"i"'4_'tEl_ ({il _ ]Pdb].._ _ 2,250 ?,.,'_00 ?,_._

(3b:luu.-,,.3.ab,s:SLa_)Xndm_e.',a/) _ ?,.too 7,_5

seni_ Be_nNri i · m._=-o _m.ttaz"Xo 1_'- ?,_oo 7,_5

_bXte !mXth I_ /Adviser

2 2 _ .,-- Ei_,_Bee.'J_cb _ i_X.I, ci {'2 9,600 3.0,000

x 5 5 A,Umm__rJL_mea Cmmmut.or_u

X_mtr4Xmx:J.m., 3,L.qO

FmLIAam8 I, OM. 1,0{43.




3,910Yz'mnmpce_t.J.ou of p_na.1, et£_ct4_m_m_r_ cb efec_ perBcealea


paravllita_el l_ar (ilori-gea

S'mppl/w ma Iklmiimm%_miaimtm_m ·

_,000 _'0,000

22_; 2,_ 2,8,._0

3..O.OGO _0,000

]. 5 5 _,307 103.79_ 61.71_ kaJo? . 10].79_ . 61.,716


Page 46: ALT. ATiON, 953

h_ _te_



I_mbmr _ Poets Bstis_t_ _xpe_d_t_e_H mm i Iai Pl_ · Costc_ Calcu_

T_h_teml Ormde ?eehed. cal A$_Lst_cm_ICEF _ Orado %b_ular _ _ %_lullm_t and Asist_rmia T_e_ca TOTM,

A_t_c_a _ - _I m 7 _-

rommu ____3!_rl ta_ _ta%t_nI_m:l._o del N_lio

Pr_r_m para la !_l_act_n de I)_pmr-dlLeace

S_tt_ _ Ccwu_tamt - F_Ce_tor en X_ar_ Sanitaria- [tono-

_ ,,_,e .... j _,000Alloeancee



Staffinsurance_guro diepersonal 126

Travel of Coasultaat

V_ee del Cozsultor 7,200

SW_tte, ,nd _me_t



J8,126 ...... .. , ._8:__6 ._

IM.ft_rxa Pezt_,ac_

Sm.:lnist.z.oe · E,4:_t._ __ 18aO(30,x.' , .. :]'Bao00 _._termO. ami _k41d _t__em _aterm-Iafaat_

i .LTB.000..- _.ooo 2_.o0o ,],.1.8.ooo _.a_ 2._,ooo,_ ]_',o(pr.m]'l_=,a_.a. 9C0

· ut_b_otiem _:-- .,

_o_..tes aud ]_l_d.lp_mt

SuminAstrm 7 _ ___ __ 100,O00 100.0_0 .. 100,000 100,000.............



Page 47: ALT. ATiON, 953

J_w'Jsm_rsmmzc__D rJ]l_ moJzc_s (om.. 3Jumxc_m us LSmOSmml'Ox ,_TXCZOSm GUm)

r,M_4,r_hmM_ Ommm kem_ bmm_ I_d.mm md l_mmmm__Umm&mt.mm.

mmm_ mm_ w ammo _ W- _zkmmmmm,.m- _e,&mms_ eoem&J._Mmd4 _r_ INOM_ M _Fg_eUm_G.M-- OS8 BI _l Ii lB !i lA lA Iii Ii ii ii

·.k...-4Jf. lr id_,,t_._m_

bm4..m.mmt4XI'ki-,4tlUMLm_ ,kl Ik,dlo

'&t4nm,k O_-d4,,_ &r& Ca,mwCff.o IIm._ Van 0pEnUSm'NCbS'JL_,_M

0ama3.1m,,,t.4,._.t4eloz'k0pE,,a'UmrlhmeCrowE.Xram.m Ope.m_..mmM _t_M dea_u- mmnm._mm _m

_f'mu4ot,m.o.O,olaX J_,6a0

·.4m Z&p._ 7,5OOFizld C_rfM md C2JOI_0m.lm _ 7 &sohmoloaN

lIm:illbaX.'lmm_a_ :L1mcm_,f,ix

X6,UJk XyJ_i


.... z x 5 5 v'_9_o x_,ooo _5_ooo _5,ooo ,¥_r xo2;7_ r/t_o ,, ]_%:)o'/ ,_8tl_ ff_,l_O

Page 48: ALT. ATiON, 953

(Eng.)Page _3


Re_u!ar _BUcket -' '

Edac,ation a_, Trai/__n_ _ , , · -

Ve_rea! Disease C0nt__l

Fellowships have been provided for the pest graduate train-ing of medical officers in venereal diseases crntrol through an intra-regional venereal disease/training'C_hter:to be established at Callao,Peru, in 1953. ' _' ' ' ,_

Tec_ce!_ As_is,_ance _ , .

'F_al_'g :and Inse_ Contx*ol ,..... ,-: _. , mi II _1111 i -_ -

An Insect Control Program with special emphasis on A_deeadgypti eradication and control of Malaria_in comjunetion with a yeliowFever Program was started in 1951 and is proposed for continuation dur-ing 1952 and 1953. This project will have the cooperation of the CarlosFinlay Institute of Colombia in the production and distribution of YellowFever vaccines to other countries of the hemisphere.

It is proposed to provide technical advice, supplies andequipment.

Public Health Admi strat on

Health Demonstration Area

The Goverranentof Colombia requested the assistance of WHOin establishing a Health Demonstration Area around a Proposed "modelcity" (Fusagasuga) with an estimated population of 25,000 of which18,0OO live under rural conditions.

The health problems of the area are considered tc be con-nected with p_or environmental sanitation.

The preliminary survey will be crmpleted in 1951 and theproject will start in 1952 with the establishment of a Health Unit

Page 49: ALT. ATiON, 953

,. ::: CDS/I· :, ': Page /d+

which will be in charge of all the health activities in the area. Special

emphasis will be put on environmental :_a_itatien.

It is proposed to maintain in 1953 the three experts assignedto the project in 1952. Budgetary provision for equipment and suppliesare included in order to complete the equipment of the unit. fellowships

are necessary to train local personnel to replace the experts appointedby _ffiO. ...........

Mater!_a 1 and _ ,h!_ld ,Health.- Field Team

Startir_: lnltilelatter .partof !9_ and continuir_ flu-ouch195_',a field team will demonstrate'modePn techniques of maternaA carethus extending to the rural areas adequate maternal services carried outby the public health department.

Training of mid-wives in cenJunction with %he :_Ch_l _f. 'Hygiene is contemplated. In addition, fellrwships ___. be awaked sethat the work of WHO technicians can be carried'o11aft_ the preje_ 'scenclusion.

_p_er_ and supplies win be prov£aed from other so=cee,




9 _

Page 50: ALT. ATiON, 953

&DVI30_ _ lID FI]LD PROJBC_SS!_l_l_3 DE _RdlflllTO y SEB_I_I_$ DEC]J_O


· ' _ '_ Pm, btUste4 _,_lt _`!lit ql dB IM ln_,_,, Coetoe c!.)_l_l _

1_ Onde noq_LnKll Zmpat'tod-]k_ end ?ee_ _Belubr _ _ Oreo Bqular S_gIS_s - B_L.po 7 _- &_stene_l T_moa TOTAL

aet_dne_ tree beoearlee de _tu_--em _$ 038 U3I U31 _SI aSI _Si mi mi mi uti

118._ end Xnmet ControX_xlro3, 60 _uoe_ 7 _b N&lfu_.&

1 I I ddeo_ en Control de IMoctm PI& 3,819 7,_13 7,6_8

Xellm Feeer Advtfee

1 1 1 &mm_e eu Fi_br_ Amr_ll& 1_ ),1_6 6,513 6,73_


b b b I_lpl_tor _l_tfAr_o P_ 9,600 19,600 20, I_00

6 6 6 alxm,.aee._xenaetoau, cesp_,tor! u


ln_ t&l&ciefi 3_oo

Oependentaiem_liare_ 872 1,7_0 1,71aO

i_patrt atomL_petr_acim

Repetrtott ce

aepatrtactou _0 _0

_oloa _uud

Ce._, de PwmXor,m 2,F75 b.,636 _,870

Staff tmearuneo

aq_o 60 peruee_ 229 _6_ _90


_r_moportat_toa of perlmmLl effectal

Ttueapor_ de e4rectoe perooedlu 1,000 l_O00Bum 1_

LXcench pare vlLlitar el lufar de orteee 1,622 _,7_O

SuppLtes and Iq_L_met

·_a,t_t.ro_ _* II_,alJ_, 7_,000 _G{20 9,000 1._,_00 12,290

k_rlJeuent of zncoe.4tax

_oe de mp_desto_ sobre la recta 6_ 1,_68 1,_0


d 6 d ....._,ooo 25,ooo _,o6x _7,e,j6 6:_,8& _,o_1. 3._ a_

ii ii i i

Page 51: ALT. ATiON, 953



_r_SCl_ smwlcts AiD Fl&k9 _ _

Nm're' bh m Tedmml_ll !lmmll;ll_md_m_//tmd_ reelGm 'hme_-m--_amm_imt,am

,,P.r-_-- us$ .si mil al mA mi mm,

Iml J lim_m_B Ilmt4r_

BeeJ_ Ada_tmtor

PlbLto 8ealtb

I Jt _3 Allomm_


Ca_ de ]PeN_ 2,716 2,806

_,aff _eer_ceSe_ dm per,lOeWI _2 27]. 282


Deearl_4r o.._c.txl ].,800

l_ramixa_atiae of _ effect.?raeper_ d_ ezec_ pe_o_ 7_0

Lto_ota para _J_tar el _ de

_-trom y _ b,O,OOO 8,000


Ri,tM_mrmmm_mtof i_ taxReembol4o 4e bq_to8 _obm la re_t& 225 ,l.j._Sl& Z_7_

FellommJtipe_ecu ..IO_OCO

Page 52: ALT. ATiON, 953



m_ A- 2al FI_ d

(]_lde 'I _-%14_ _ Teeb_LemlAsld_t4lwe

aaiJte_a tr_ _ de I_ewtae_--

- ['_t, ern_. _nGChild Health_le_ Mater.o ~Infaatil

Field Team_ru_ _ C_pe

Ma%erm_ and Child Health Advisor

i i i _eeor en a_ieM l_terno-Infantil 1_ _,817 7, In3 7,638PublicHealthNurSe - )ttde_fe

1 1 I Enfermra de $alud P_blica - 0bstetra P3 3,1_0 6,100 6,_0

2 2 2 &ll_a_em


Ieetalaei_ 1,_0






De car_'ter _iciel _ _00 _ _, w

_ecruttmnt and r_patr_atioe

_trataci6n y rep4trtacl_ 1_

Tra_sportatio_of personaleffects

?-cnsportede efectce 9erecr_les 5_0Hqme leave

Llcer_ta _ar. vIskt&r el IV_a_ de

2,700l_..md Char_es_._dClaimCa_ce lrl._Z _eela_cimea

_eembolJo de ha_stce oo_re la r,entc _9'7 1_1_ 1_19_

S_Is ,-.4 _l_Lpm_

_a&au_,,ea_ ..... 7o,ooo,.. _,o,x,

Fouloe o.]pt,olldoe pet _f'mEF

Page 53: ALT. ATiON, 953

ldm ]mmmm_omm


s_mrzc_sAm z s_z m m!zz_ Pc_n_l_s


Il(mm dim]_mmP'lmmm _ ¢.,._,,_.l.d.._ mmq._ hmm4_ Bidimm m TMmmlm% $mmsm

kjdmm* _ iwd. dmm OFedo limwmbr Oul_,.tm - IqmLpo_'OumdJmio.. _ l_emm,em $ntmL.btm_ *nmbmm_ do Z,pemdmd_

,F_,._,, usl _l mi 1181 m dl mi mi _ mi mi mbt mi

___.e__et_6m ,__lXeat.rmmm:r_o

_EmJtrode md4ewla.mt%mm&operm _-6ow - OelJ_mo


3,_mo 2,_m0· .

DS_ end Po_D-,z_e*l_%%,*4mmr_mSUlpp].S.wmd ]Equ:Linm_

_ Famm _ _r a_o_Fonaoe mpm,ot_!m,m_ mm_:_'

Page 54: ALT. ATiON, 953


co5/ (mm.)Page &9(Corr. 1)

COSTA RiCA..... 7-

Tec ._cai_Assistee

Edueation ar___TraininR

School of Nursin_ - San Josg

' The main objective of the reorganization of the School ofNursing in San Josg is to make possible preparation of Public Healthnurses for first level positions since at present public health nursingis not a part of the curriculum. The preJect is planned te cover a fouryear period for the preparation of national instructors through a fel-lowship program, In addition to international personncl, provision ismade for teaching equipment and supplies, including books, Fellowshipsare also provided for the purpose of training Costa Rican nurses to re-place the international personnel after the termination of the project.The project was ix_itiatedin July 1951 and will continue as indicated.

Reauir_4 Im_por,,,ed E_ipme nt=andSupplie s

Malaria and Insect Control_ : z- _.L_ _ , i mll, ll._

It is anticipated that supplies and equipment provided in1951 will have to be supplemented in 1953. Provision has been made asindicated and WHO will be responsible for giving technical approval tothe list of material.

BCG' Pro gram

It is anticipated that a BCG program may be carried on in1953. This program would be generally supervised by the BCG advisor andfunds for supplies would be furnished from sources other than the regularor technical assistmlce budgets of WHO.

Page 55: ALT. ATiON, 953

Aa,4c&s _150 j

Las btd_ELcas

,tl_OISOi! SF,IWIC:,'SAID FIELD ]PROJECTSSr,'Hlrlczos !Z LS_[I_iITO ! S]tiYICI06 DBC,_4FO __'_

Costa i_L,--, ;_,

m _ _ _ _qwAtm- kdprkmmdm- _'t_ _ ..-- _ _ _ Zmme,qia4m -_


_ma,d mmm'_sm J_mbmh _ _, sa. jo,,/ .

b IMa4stef . °.1 2. Itdmede_ 60 krf.um_ · P3 3.000 3,000

guawo IMumtor - Cmim.teob_ _ .Idindj_ de ilJfwrit_ - It,nfemnda6m , '

Wumbd_M _ · -' _,800

Jumm _m-. Pmr_*_,q.

.. _0800

IMUeitf - (hstetr_cs

1 I glmdont ds Endrenu._a - 0betetrf. eh Pt 20J_ 2,_0

IknM ]kaaeatm. - t'ed_tr.]_

x unmd_a 6. hr_ - hd:t,,tria ' _ _.eooXdamt4t. - _ &rko

Sd[t_nno_ hr ermrb, - ir+._ dmx x 1 _ a,boo _,_o 6,_co

_ll_mter -PubLtc !ioalth

. I X I IMn_ do lulfonmrd[a - Si.had Pdb,lJ.ct FL ]..800 3,?00 3,_00

Atd,fm, d. oa,_ CemAx,,mato,._,, ./

f_4J_ez_ 33J 1,0_7 270o

Ibq_trJmti_m,_,h,?,.h__ &

28O 2OO

$t4ff _em.'_ee

nefuro 6. inr.on_ ._ds boo 2?7Tnt'vol.VbLJeo

k_-_ttn,m an,in,Sstr4.A_Cont_td_,_e y r_atr_cten _,128 1_

rr_ do _feete_Taraea&l_ 1,000 .,_00. .leaw

Z_c_a p&ra _Lt_r el l_Bardo_Ce

Page 56: ALT. ATiON, 953



Coftdl lt_oa

i_.mmm e_ P_O Esthst_t l_pendtt_# oldm _ · Ccust_ Ca._n_t_

Ite4dm, _it_CO* aod.otm_ Or'ado beubr $upp.L:Loo - B,iu_o. l $ad.n_- ifttt, t,o._Lu ?_ren.toe rOI*AL_ro8 Ikmma_oo do htpm. tu_u

AqUiLa Osl 0S$ _081 03'8 BI . mSl esi unt ual

· .- 4, ___

FiXo4 Cbirge8 _d Cb dCar_ Fl_oe Z _eolaacio_m

Re_t of incom taxReeabolso' do :Lmpueatco 8obre la

·E3msut_Y ]kl_ipo de berumm - _0_,000 5jO00 10,000


Bocu . , _2f000 ......

l_.m do mute de -_ dro do _umci_n.

Public fie&Tth ,tdedm_otrat.t.ce4d_b_.lstrac_ de .._lud _(_bltca

_bort-ter_ C_ rant -F'_Ce_ultor · Corto _laso -Jionorarloo 1_200

-?rave/-V:La,,lea __ _gGO ,1, ,. ,, .

....... r i , i _ ,.hlm_ "'d IMeet Cee_ol

hppltoo md !kplpmt .-

10,,(200 _,0_000 [. 20.000 _,Of,O00·.,BCOh,o_rmPl'.gnm BCO

8_ep.Ttm mi _q_tlm_


__, L


Page 57: ALT. ATiON, 953

cDs/Page 52


Tec_l Assist_

_a_ia and Insect control

It is anticipated that an intensive nation-wide Insect ContrelProgram will start during the latter part of 195l and continue through1953. This program will emphasize A_des ae_ypti eradication, controlof malaria and combat of the insect vectors of haman diseases.

Provision is made for technical persnnnel as well as suppliesand equipment te carry on the supervision of this work in 1953.

Page 58: ALT. ATiON, 953

c_Las Al_ioa8




!1 rechmtcel R_at-r $_t_ - !_ · $_- _eteneta 1_eLtma _f_

Asm_utamco t_ I1_ me Iml_'._-'_' _! %! _ _, ., =, =, =. =, .. .. ..Ualaria and Zusect Conta_l_ntrol ce Insectoe y de )[&la,Aa

Insect Control Aov%sor1 1 I Asesor en Lcntrol de Insectos 3t6_ 7,41) 7,63_

$anltars4n2 2 2 '_epector _aaltar/o b,p800 9,800 10, L:_O

Aax{_naciones Com_ensatoriaul

L_a tall_ktc_

Tnstalacl_n 1,6_O

b_p_n_mt s_Lliares 265 52? 527


Repltria tlc_

Repatr_e_i_ 120 150

Pension Ru_d

CaJa de Pensione$ 1,183 2,410 2,_98

Staff xnsurarce_ruro de persona/ 119 2_L 251


_kVDa carlcter o£1czal

Recru_tnent and repatriatioelCo_trat, acL6_ M r_patrtactSn 2,3_6 2,3_6 _ w ,

Traz_ortation of personal effects

_anm_r_e de _fectos personalea 750 7_O

H_ leave

Licencia para visiter el lurer de origez

Supplies and _quipmnt

_Lnzstros .v It4ui_o ?5,000 2_;,000 5,000 5,000 5,200

P'lz_d C_rr_-e_ and ClaAea

Cargos FzJos .y_Reclauaeclcnes

Re_burseu_t of income tax_eee_olso de _li_uestoa sabre la recta 65_ 1,_O_ 1,4_O

3 3 3 ... ?$,ooo 2_,000 20,bju5 36,816 3l,ozc 30,k3_ lOX, mA _,OZO

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gi'_ ]DEJi..qla_lll]_rJ_ T _mWXC]DD81tmCJLII:O

.... Cdmt4.C__ mqE_m xmqm4_ &lm_mm_ mm 1,,met_e_A_m._m

·_d_._-- BS _J _a _l _l Ii mi mi mm, m& mm mi


_rmmmXmf _eEJ._rIf_lE_ ck _Xmb_ dm J._rse_t_ 7_0

_.m4_r_l_,m_._m_cielmm C_m_r_.-m_- _.]w_ J .

_,_ 20,_

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cDs/_ (Eng.)Page 55


Tec ,,h_t,cal AssistanceL

Insect C_ntrol Pmaram

It is anticipatedthat in 1951 an insect controlproject, inwlv-lng the eradicationof A_des ae_$ and includingmalaria control,willbe implemented. It is expectedthat this projectwill continuein 1952and in 1953 without furtherassistance fromTechnicalAssistancefunds.

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Tho Amm-icu

Lu im_Xau _SS&ZW'3_QRrYS!_TI_ laid _S._i_IC20S IZ _ ! r41VXCX05Il C_NlPG


._-,._. _ _._,_.rdm_ _ ,=d hdmb_ Aa_pt_u

eese_e, _ _ Oredo aqe.la- htq_ee - B_.p_.aeda_. A_meeia_t_ee leeemu_ee de _EmffUl_B

_B _S _$ g31 mi ma& mi uae mami mi _AMNC'I !_LI_L IJKI 1:KIP

Zalee_ 0om4.oi.

_,m.,_Ld, bNN,,_p

X X ULb,,'LL14o d, 4,mo. ?,a_._an:Lt.az_Lm

IIq,ae,,'bud.ia 680' 640

Ca3a de Pemm _1 t,2_

s_arr _

seeu_ do pmqMMA 006 13_


bena_,_, sadnrpae,_oent_ · mpaerta_4a _,_6

_'_1_ dl ere_._ _ _0

IAeeuo_ parevba_u, eX hear do _ ),_X9


_O,_X_ m,_O ?0_00 80,_00

lPLmdC_ md Claim ,Cat.os !_AJ_o7 BoebmaoAmsm

IB_ or _ueem fezBNabOlOO do lqaaee_el i_M Xa nmia


II , .I . iii

_J 2 :MtOQO fOtGGO i.]J O _k__l_ _b. TM _6

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Tho Aimrl. oas

cu_r.,,. Amer _.u

SERVX¢t_ AMD FIZI_ -_ERVlC_-_.3E_ZCI_ Il J_I_TO _ $&_VlCZQS ng

· i),:,,lnl_ it_m,miu_c

· · _bLtca Do_Lnicana

/J{{ll_ dig _ ......... _ 'EXlmnditue_ m,

ma'_ da 3,tm r-.m.,., C_B CLI.cuI_ -

_ _ _ wes ,_,, .me, ,:4 _ ........ _,.v%, _5a ],_.m, _ _ _ _ _ l_i _ _ ,cci -Venereal Dloe...e, Cfmatrol ---

c..,._l_, ihr,,.m,d,de, v_. ,,,_,

Yaw and S_s .

n-,,bui_;..s_l, '] .

Veulreolol. io%X Veaere61ogo " 6,_60

Serolo_st .,· ..... _z_k].o_ 5,600

ran$1_ _lh

e_e_aUe_I_tar'_eo_k 6_

I_ta, Aa&A---


Sq_rv 4,, l_eee,_l 16_

ns _ orieid·_ ,v .

_'mepol'_ea of per..omG efFoa_Tru_porto do erootoe pero_m_M

I_m leawL.toeoe_iA pure v_o_sr el lud_ 6o


I, _ dj4 lailmoetee _ la _ta

-,_. _ _,m, , i.......... r, ....... , ,,.i

,, _1_ -- . _

_ _ _ _ ,.t, , ,. , , , . ,., , ;' ·


. ru.d. '_='o,'d b_ mmm_

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¢n5/ (Ens .)Page(corr. l)


_d.ucation,and Training

Technical Training on the Bacteriology of Tuberculosis

It is proposed to set up in 1953 a program for the purposeof training national technicians on the bacteriology of tuberculosis. Inaddition to technical services of a consultant, provision of teachingequipment is contemplated in order to facilitate the objectives mentionedabove.

Venereal Disease Control: _ i , Ill I Il Ifil Il I mil..1 , 1!

Fellowships have been provided for the postgraduate train-ing of medical officers in venereal disease control through an intra-regional Venereal Diseases Training Center to be established at Callao,Peru in 1953.

Technical Assistance. i

Tuberculosis Teaching Center

During the latter quarter of 1951 a Tuberculosis Center will beestablished.' This project will continue for a period of eighteen monthsand cease during the first quarter of 1953. In addition to the workcarried on by the technical person;_elsupplied by the World Health Orga-nization, qualified nationals of Ecuador and other countries will betrained in Tuberculosis Control techniques and the government is providingtwenty-five fellowship, years for the training, board and lodging forfellows to this end. This will insure the continuation of a tuberculosis

control program after the withdrawal of international personnel.

Vensreal Disease Control

A relatively high incidence and prevalence of venereal diseaseshave been reported in selected surveys of rural and urban areas, and thisproject, which began in 1951, will help to bring the venereal infectionsunder control. The operations will emphasize the epidemiological approachin the control methods of the venereal diseases used in rural areas. TheGovernment has taken steps to provide the professional and auxiliarypersonnel for the continuation of the program after the Organization'swithdrawal.

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' CDSIPage 59

_1111 I · IIII -- I I -_T- _ _ _ _ _ ,

The Governmmt' ;.of Ecuador r_tue'sted the assistance of "V.._/Otn'the e_stabliohm._nt ora Heatth_Demonst_ation_area in 'th$_Provfitceof Los Rios. The province is '_lo_att_l ink, he most 'ag_icmltuFal.re'_n '_Of the ¢omitry. ;

The.main health problems of the area are malaria, intes-tinal perasitosis and enteric infections.

The preliminary survey will be completed in 1951 and theproject will start in 1952 with the establishment of a Health Unit whichwill serve the area. Special emphasis _dll be put on environmentalsanitation.

Although no provision has been made 1,_the 1952 budgetfor this project, funds assigned to countries undesignated - HealthDemonstration Areas - will be used.

It is proposed to maintain in 1953 the three expertsassigned to the project in 1952. Budgetary provisions for equipment andsupplies are necessary in order to complete the equipment of the unit.

_t_nal and Child H.ealth

Rura_l_ Demonstration Pr0_ram

High maternal mortality in both town and country due tolack of hygiene and adequate help during pregnancy and childbi:_th,andhigh mortality rate a_aongne_-born children for the same reason, withthe three main causes of death being infant mortality, malaria andtuberculosis, has pointed up the need for a program for development ofmaternsl and child health services, and for the development of trainingfacilities for technical and auxiliary personnel. This program, to bestarted by 1952 will continue in 1953. A field team consisting of a

l_edicalOfficer, Nurse-Mi_Afe and Public Health Nurse provided by theOrganization will be complemented by local personnel provided by theGovernment. Fello_mhips will provide training for the local personnelwho will eventually take over the responsibilities of the program. Fundsfor supplies, equipment will be made available from other sources.

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CDS/l (nng.)_. _, Page 60

Health Educat'i0n Project_

It is proposed to begin this project in 1953 with the_objectof assisting the Oovernme_t in organizing a_f developing a mm%ion-_idehealth education program in order to i nqrease and strengthen the publichealth services related to health educa%ioh through'deveI0pment ofcourses and in-service training for local personae !. It is expected top_oviae from .technical assistance fun2a a health educati,on-consultantfor. one _year, two' fellowships for. personnel who _ill assume the contfim-ation of the work when international pers_mel are withdrawn and equip-,,me_t necessary for demonstration and teaching ptu,poses.

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lid lm/ricas 61



..... _ Prate 'i!l_l_ _ ]l_ EItilated E_f_nditm. elFJill · Co4t_ Caloulad_

T_teal 0ride _ _ _ ioa Tleblieal All_tla__ 4Le_Jt4em 0rado Beplar h_Lee - _ y Sella_- _lnci, ?_iea 1_1_

t_ Ueoeurtoo do _l A-

_lo Conteol and Tod_kl_ Contra-do Ik.m/hns. 7 Coet_ do ru_reuloei-

1 _o *d_o'_t_PPatlJ°loft'et

hno_ S+4d_ PZ_OldamSpeo_- !'eel

eu ol PToe_l$.q_onto Fun_ionsJ.

_. 30 do1 b'tud.t.o do lag _ Hoeorari_ 2f,2_0 3.750

z .lq. Toe_e_ -tm

]1_ b Ti_mL_O411RIdio3o_ - HaUOT_Oa _t_O 3f*_$ 5 I

CoJa do l_miouee 511 2,060 _8Ste_ mm

Seen_ de pefeom_ _ _f_TrtulV_


9e _ o/Se/ial _.boo 9.ooo

_rmqurta_ _r pm-_ndG _ff_t4

k_ of W te_

__ b_ ,4- _to, Mbr_ 3,, ru, t, 5'JS aJ6T..... i ....

5 5 a ?_,ooo !m,_lO _o.o_5 6,_',...2 _ _,oTS 6,,_1.1'lrtlsl _Nmr pelt ....... . .Plm do m 6o m dGo

·mdg _n,ud by _]n'F_xt_ fq_'obmt_ pet.

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haM_L Grid. kid.n4 hFMdM ]E,Id_iM ul hMMMI X,,_t_m

_J _l _l mi mi mi mBA iml mit

Velmqll.lD_lmJle(_al:4_C_ dm mw_eM vedm

v,mm,qNGq_1 1 1 Mm'e6]qlO _ _),6_0 1,k13 T,M8

hb3_ Bm3m Ik_le1 _. 1 Bd*emB,_ dj M1M Pe)]JM n _s(X) k,_O 5.1Q0

2 2 2 M

_Xl _.,Cs.Il de ]Pim_nel MIT l,?lk 1.'/61

M,dd_ lmmnm,MSeem, de _ _ ].19 ]?6


_Krh _ or.ti1

bamdJmlms ina zlJ_'b.J._'la_Cmt,_'k"MM 7 rq_t4.JJo_m 1,M_ ?_

?nmq,m._ _ pe,emU e.'Teot4'mmq_r_4 dm eteot,oe _z._om3M ._0 IS0

]Sam_m,__muds ps.s v'ud.t_ el ].N;s. (k

Y23M, (:kl. lm md G3LI.t.mC4rmae/'4..IM 7 _

R4,tibu.N_m_ _ _.,,v.m t4x

Fel/MmULFeBeou 2mo_o, mao_o .21Q_o


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IM Bio db lam _ · _CmBt_C_

_ _ 6r_o ]lel_lar _ - _ 7 !_Ln_- _.stl_ '

°"'JP4"_-- _1_ IISI USI _ll _1 _fk _fi mm nmi midi. mba milll, llllrl 'lLQdrJ 1Gel

Holl_ idain.tstrat_onb.daluio_a_ do S&l_ l'_blica

![mLlth _Lo A Aresb de Dmm_n_L_m 8a_L_

Publie !belth Admtn_trat_

1 i 1 Adminiatl_dee 6o Mud P_h)liea J_ _,250 7,300 7,5_;Smitau._

., 1 _.,p_..o Sm_Lt&,do _ 7,:X)O 7.5_

!,id)lb Ibllm mUFIO1 1 _ m _m-fa do S_lud1_ P2 _,800 _,C_O

Ga,ia do Pumdmme 2,696 2,808

Staf_ Smmmmm

b_a,,'o _ pea',moG )2 :r&

b oadLebr _ 1,&_O

_mmt md _eget,z_Latten

CQ_te_Uh7 z.mt_k _,_8_ape_ar_bm of pm_mml _ta_'mq_" a' _ 1_''_ 7_0

k-' btam

7 _ _,OCO ?,eeo

_oJabmmmmmt o_ _ fmc

.4,. _ _ _ nmta _; 1.._k 1,1'60

· _ __ _ ,,

· _! _ ..... a,.,_r e,,m _.,6e_ _ &,.rTz_ ........ ,,

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The _mrlc_

_miVICIOS_]_i.S_BOI_Qrl_O! S_CIOS ne


Ikmlme_ mmmmm bLt._mtedEz_tm. em

WmmtmG Camm, mm_ 3q_ r4_ m heading LmJtamoIlmlmhm. aCi_f Ammblmmme Gr_clo IqEbr 8qm!GXem- iq_ 7 oared- lm_ T_

-- _ _ _ _qs--.d '3158 mi mi nmi

IkkmL'Lm of the fd)..U.cr,,dmmmd_Smmttd.l_ _ 1. fobX_L_

b,J.t.k ,.d,e,U., _,,,.Xt_CmmmXtorm !kkmmeJ._ Sut'tar'.J 7,_

JLJ3.mmmmm4A"N_w, C,,m,,*tG_LM

:ZJJmkLlL_t.XcmXmt4X,_& 750

D,pmd,_rW_L_S 257

C41a dmP_wtome _.,0mjA

Staff inmmnmee_ro dmp,namJ. X06


TZ'k_FG_kit*tOn Of p4.rlomL1efiect4Trtnmport4 cie _oc*_m per'mort&les 250

S_MULu md Zqu_tSm_.sta'c4 _ Equ.t_o 3,000

fella_MApfhca .......... f_O_ ......

_,77_ L%77_


hppl.btm end Ik_Ll_mmt

8umm&nM · !_d. po _.qOmQOQo _Ts0GQo ....X_,CCO _7,000 X.cO,QO0 Y_O00


. _ mppro_K__ 0H_OEFFondus_roblcl_s lxn* _l]I_

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wd lm_eu CD_;/I_




_ P#%4 F4t_ _.dit_lam _ e .. Ccmt4eC_

Itqdm, _ _ Oredo Befu_r S_Uee - iked_o · _min_- Lu_tenc_a T_ntc8 TOTALt_o m de bp_te_6u

Nat.err,al aJr*_lC_d HealthH:l.&d._ ifa terno-Tr_an t:L1

]b2ra.TDemQnst,rat:Lce PT'o(_-a,mProEr_na _ural de DeBoat,raci6n

J_at_rmG and G_hld Health AdVisorI I Aa*mcren aigie,_ Xat.erne-lr_'ant,t.T PI_ 7,300 7,52_

Public Hu.lth Nurse _ ]rtdw'lfe1 1 _'eruera oe Solud l_bltca - Obstetra .°2 _i,80o _;.2o0

Public H_G.t.hliu_I I J_nferm_ de Salud l_:aica P2 _,800 5,200

is_ciones ,,C,_,ye_atorims

Inate/lati_onInftalaci_ 1_(_0



aqMtr_t_eat_tr_&c_ IR) 1_0

Pension l-dUd_dm_ade INm_iomm 2,366 2,h97

$t_f' f.Mur'eoceS_g*_u',ode ]_mmal 2_7 2J_9

_ ofichl

_t_Qn Of per_cedll efr_,ctoM mf_toe pe_onL_l 7_0

y _ 21,000 7_;,000

IP_md _ end Cl&tm

_ _ t_e_ taxBo_bolf_ de lqNmrtos sabre lamntl 1,_ _.,A_O

· , Be_s . 8,_0


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LI_ .arum.imm

A_%S_% S_E_S _ F_LO FB_!IICtmSII_]OS mt _ T _Ju_ _

-'-=! l=tId Fodo ho JPJJs,,, C,oet4m_

I Sqs,.U-- - _p,,,rh-S,nJ..- I ,L,,_._mbh,/_ I

, , ,-. =. ,.I l '"ta!***"*'tat*n'"'"drl'_ I =,, -. -. I .. -.

_e Bmm_

Cmw_t _m h_l_ - %wewCommltm* ,mi B_ - Honol*m_oe 3,000


St,Lf'r_beu_ do Pet'fou&t ha

_1 of c_mlt_

SWpl.te,, --d _S.,.d,,4,,tro8 7 _ 1,_Ioo

¢mrltmBFl..l_. 7 a.ecl-..,_onmj

]letdme,mi-,t of :Lnecm t4xRNubobo 60 tmpuootoe oobre h

?,aid ?,aid

Venereal DteeaseControl_ontrol de _'eruedadeB Ven_reas

Callao _st Orsduate .'rain_n_ C_rCe_tro de t_fiestramtento para Gr_ua-

do8 - callao


Ii IJ. _ e,.gd 21,6,o00 :i._,000 bo,e_ 2,_,,6N uA,e08 ae6_3, a66,(dia sa_,jSo

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Technics! Assistance

MaternalCh_!d Health

Field Team::_ i j J! _:

It is proposed in 1952 to initiate a program to /inproveand increase the preventive maternal and child c_re facilities in thelocalities where there are health services; to extend these services tothe places where there are none; to improve the type of assistance andcare given; to increase the number of hospital deliveries; to increase

the number of home aeliveries attended by docto_.sand !'urt_r t- trainmidwives, International fellowships have been provided in order totrain national medical officeIs to assure program continuation,

P_Ublic He e lth Administration

Healt.h Demonstration_Area

The Government of E1 Salvador requested the assistanceof k_0 in organizing a Health Demonstration Area in the Valley of 5anAndr_s with a population of 167.000, and an area of 1200 sq.km, FAO,UNESCO and ILO declared their interest in the program.

The major health problems in the area are: dysenteriesand other gastro-intestinal infections, pulmonary tuberculosis, malaria,malnutrition, infections of the resFiratory tract and intestinal infes-tations. The following problems are considered significant: cardio-vascular diseases, accidents, syphilis and gonorrhoea, problems of preg-nancy and childbirth, whooping cough and dental caries.

The supplementary Agreement was signed on _y 1, 1951 andthe program started immediately with the recruitment of personnel, TheChief }[edical Advisor arrived in E1 Salvador on July 6, 1951.

The program will include health, agricultural, educationaland labor activities. As far as health activities are concerned, environ-mental sanitation, maternal and child health, control of communicablediseases, vital statistics, health education, nutrition as well as medi-cal care are contemplated.

It is expected that in 1953 the central services inQuezaltepeque and the eleven field stations, covering the whole area,will be fully developed. According to the philosophy of the HealthDemonstration kress, the training program will benefit not onl_ Satvade-ream personnel but also persomuel of other countries. ProvisiQn forfellowships is necessary to train local personnel to take over the re-sponsibilities of the international experts.

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.. 5/z4' Page68

There is good indication that the program will be con-tinued for five years. The Government is at present taking the neces-sary steps to appoint the local personnel which will take over theproject after the withdrawal of international assistance.



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Lm_ ABeric_m p_LWISORX$_FIC_S JUlDFIEIJ l_OJ_t'J 69SF.J_IOIO6 _ A_E_01_L'O ! $E_4YIo_0GI_

_ Amd._ Gr_o Bquhr 8upp._el - Iklu.tpo · Su_n_- d._st4nobl l'_oA_t TOr6LAsbt, e. lc:Le troe Ih_ll_L_ de _

Coan_t4* es 'hee_- lb. 6;800

1 PablAe Ibalth Jume

_m_m_kedL_X _ do _ P2 h,535

_tmLlat. l_Z_a2a_

· _u_. t-

ZAeme_A _ _la_ar eX _ do

Boluhsro_mt ar S]tom, t4z

Bsllb°l_ dB M Ida_ la I_a 2p960



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The ammr_Lc_

E1 Sad.vlK1ml-


I1_ _ tzm_W,mme Oz-mlo _ 1_ . _; Sm_d,_- _U_st,4m_ _ee_.oa lmm,a-t,ami mmmr'JLowdj Zzqpm-t,ad_rm

'ia _ _ _ "A.:',, '_ _:,CS._'q, I..V51-- _ _ 1.951L _ _ _ _ ]_:1 _ 1_

Natm'il 4mdQd.14!mltk

X ]. .leL4,e _ ?,3oa 7,_

Ilmlllh _®

z 1 !_f_ dj _ Mbl_a-Cbetetm !'2 _,,_ 5,:]_0_ 2 2

fmt2J, u_ _a ._2

da pee_ce_ 169 1.783


Ilee_t._. and m_tr_at%m

Cmt_tmeUlm · r1_tr_e_lm 1,_6_

T_nsportdt_ of per_atl effeet_?Jemelpem dm e%_w _reeaalm 500I!ai ]ueeTAe4melaperm_:l.rJ.tl_ el lu_:_, die


aqpI,LtN m _qmtlPa..t

mxa4 Cma_e_ a.d clatn.

m.Jo. ;, II_lnaaci_

I_Ledmleemm._ of t..._ tax

aNebelao d. Jalme.to8 eebre la r_ta 963 1,070

...... 8.,,ooo· I,, ., , i ,,.


Fond.os _p_ob4dol pov Ut_ZCEF

i J

Page 76: ALT. ATiON, 953

The ABor_oas

gl Sal_

. i/mm M _d _ · ..... Co,tee Ca_ .,ro_ed_ Ozub noq_n_ hportod Iqu_oGt _ Tecb_I ise_tmeo

kfu3if Bruit ddmJtan_ Ofado Xofuhr 8ka_3t_ee - r.q_po · 8utdJdj- l_starmLu TE_mXel TOTALiobbw_4 tr_ Boema_. do bBOX'b_G,_

.... 'f,,r.,_,i,_ 0S$ t_$ _l _3J mi ' _i ISI mi .mi mi _t mi

Ik_bXic_alth &C_lnlBtritiofi_c_B_iltraci_m _ $alud _Bliea

_&lth Da_edtrltion _reiZo_a de _tracz_ Sanitaria

ff_lXc _ealt_ A_-_n_trator

I I I XKEmX_ SmX_a_lo _ 3_Je _3 ?,6_

_kdXe_X_to:7 _Xce?

Fubl_c _eLlt_ _tutlstI _elatt_tacie$alud _lica 1_ 7,300

I _ s._to_o P3 6,_0

?r_n_ Off_cori 1 I P_CtaMU*XOcb Adiestrm_ento P3 3,000 6,300 6,MO

_alth _h_atcrI _ S_ait_,.io pi 6,0O0

I X X _o cb S_],udP6b_ca P2 2.bO0 &,_O0 _,:WO

_lic bel_ Bure_f_ ad_oerI 2 2 _ Em_nfemrfJ de Salad_lica i_ 2,ilO0 _,_QO 10,1_0


z _6].c,lo P_ _,80o .

M_um_ee. Cmyefieator_s

Y_ tal_ation

tepaahn_Fmdlh_eo _ l,zTo ),,JdL$

Staff _m_meesq,,u,_ do per'mmpi ZLT _ 8'_

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Sl Salva&r

CMt,m _l,,_._ ]_lpaz_d Zxmf'tM ]kttLimm, / 'A,ea_L Jum_a

_ .4_d.et,anm or,do _ _ - _ 3r_ _ 'egeaaee

?ravelV4,, ,_

DutyDe earaeter oficlal 1_

Recruitmmat and repatriationccatmt_i6,, Y repetriac_ ),,.910 I,.S_ 3,1_

Trempoe_,atl_ of pergoedl effectsTraMpoFtede efectQapersoaale8 1_0 _00 ],OOO

HcaaeL_a paravioit,ar el l_ar cie_'_a k,Ja0

S_R_iJJsaad !_pue_s_tr_ · ku_po 6?,oeo bO,,OQO lO,CO0

Fixed C_m.ges ;.nd ClaimCm.f_ FI..JQeI aeclmacioneo

b_burse_eat off l_cmae tax

Fellc_hl_se_,u _.Goo _o_o

_d Tn_ct Control

_-mtrol de Xn_toe 7 M aalaria

Su_ and _r_,utS_d_-_ 7 _,o _CC_ _CO

59,ooo 5_

hpplAee and tquiFmntS_etroe y _ 30,O00e , _a000_ .)0,_00 3_a000

............ i , ,,,i

_ 8 33 _,9_ _,ooo 2o,ooo _o,oo0 _,_ ]J?,sxt x6j,o67 a_08_ 237,',,, ax.%_67... ....

Fmdoe _pz,obedoo _ I!1I_$'

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¢t)5/_ (Er_.)Page 73

, .., (Cor.r. 1)...


_ug_on' aad',_aini_l, . , .

BrUo,e!losis TrainineS_nar for Caribbean.Area

To complementother VeterinaryP._lie Health activitiesinthe Western Hemisphere,it is proposed to cona_icta seminar_hat.wtilemphasizethe epizootiologyand immunologyof brucellosis, The durationof this seminarwill be three weeks and twenty traineeswill be acceptedfrom the countriesand territoriesof the CentralAmericanCaribbean ,.area8,

Education .a_.. ,Tra_._me "

· _T_for massX-ray serve, es

It is proposedto set up in 1953 a programfor the purposeof trainingnational personnelon mass X-ray techniquesto be used intuberculosiscontrolprograms. In addition to technicalservice_f aconsultant,provisionof teachingequipmentis cnntemplated'inorder tofacilitatethe objectivesmentionedabove.

Technical Assistance

'.Malaria and Insect Control , '

In 1950 an intensivenation-wideInsectcontrol-PPogramstartedthatwill continuethrough1953. This program_iI1 empasize'_des ae_ypti eradication,controlof malaria and combatof the insect'vectors of human diseases.

''Provision is made for techai.'c,al' perso"nel ,, ,sUppliU and'equipment to carry on the supervision of :this' _ork in' 19_3, .' ,'"" ,"

l_is project classified under 6uatemsla is for the_e,'_ ,_conducting-a progrs_ in _11 Oentrsl American countries ond Panamaswith't_e SupS[ ision Of PASB_O:Z6ne Office, '

_ _ , _ ,

Page 79: ALT. ATiON, 953

· . CD5/ (Eng.)Pag _. 71_

yes-real :Disease Control

Serological Laboratory

This project, which will begin in 1952, aims at the con-tinuous support and promotion of standard methods in the sere diagnosisof syphilis used in the Central American cmuntries and Panama. It isproposed to continue this project in 1953;

Maternal and C_0i_dHealth . '

The infant mortality rate of 117._ and a high maternalmortality rate indicate the need for additional preventive public healthmeasures in Guatemala in this particular field. In order to provide thesennlchneeded health services for mothers and children, a progra_ to developthe maternal ciz[ldservice is to be formulated in 1952 through health serv-ice demonstrations and provision for training of technical and auxiliarypersonnel. The development of the project is expected to continue in 199.Fe][lowshipswill be provided in 1953 in order to train national personnelto replace the international experts assigned to the Program. Funds forsupplies and equipment will be made available from other sources.

Public Health,, _nistration

Model Heal,t,h Uni}_

The Government of Guatemala requested the assistance ofWHO in the establishment of a multiple project of insect control, assist-anee to Nursing Schools, Public Health and Development ora Model HealthUnit. It is indicated by the Government that this Medal Health Ur_tshould be located in Antigua and that it should cover the entire depart-meritof $acatep_quez.

The complete plan of operations for the Health Unit willbe developed in 1951 with the assistance of the experts from the Guate-mala Field Office and the project can be started in 1952 with fundsallocated to countries undesignated - Health Demonstration Areas - inthe" u et.

Although no. further details can be given at present, itis estimated the project wi'_l be helpful to the country since it will

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CDS/ (m,g.)Page 75(Corr. 1)

consist of a health unit which could be considered a model for duplicationby the Government in other departments of the country. Furthermore, theproject will serve as a field trainin_ unit for local personnel to beassigned to similar health units in Guatemala.

It is proposed to continue this project in 1953, maintainingthe two experts assigned to the project in 1952. Equipment and suppliesare included in 1953 since it is expected to complete then the equipmentof the unit,

Education and Training


It is expected the project will begin in 1952 for the purposeof strengthening nursing educational techniques in the National School ofNursing. This will be accomplished by providing an international team ofnurse instructors and the granting of four fellowships. Teaching materialand equipment will be provided as required.

Reqt_red Imoorted Eauinment and Sunnlie_

Bm Pmgr.

It is anticipated that a BCG program may be carried on in 1953.This program would be generally supervised by the BOG advisor and funds forsupplies would be furnished from sources other than the regular or technicalassistance budgets of WHO.

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m a_Ylc_s i_ _ _L_s

f q.

1.4.3_ _ i.d_mm Qndo _ Sqq4be . !h_pTSU_L_. __..d_- _A,_Jt4n,_,,F,,Z..4_ _$ US, UBSII _e_14_ ]llqme'ia_iaBi _ll mi .. .dk .IL ..

md _ Camlz_lCont_'_ _ 7anl_t_ 7 de Xn_Lr_

I I I tdeeet -- Ceat_-ol cie 7_mmto4 ]1_ 3.6_0 7. k13 ?_6_Sm_LtaG-JJ_


Inst_a_i(e 2.1GO

r,m_zL-_ ]33 66_ 6M




ca3a ch, l_mi_ 1,51.9 3)0_ 3,1_Staff t_mr_ce

Se_d, _ l_Z _0 32OLiving quart_ all_AloJmrl_mto

Travel_aJes ' *

Dut_De cirJeter of/Qta/

_t _d repata-_aLioa

G_trat_16n · repatrJJc_n 3,_8 3,]28?rl_l_on of pereo_G e_fect4

_'lnsporte de e/'ect_, pencma/u I_GOO l_OOO'HgmeleaveLlc:4mc4apara l"Asttar el lugar de


Sumniotroo _ Iqui,oo _8.000 170,_0 6_,000 ii, mo_t_ed C_ _ ClatmCarK08 Ft_oe Z leclamacd, oMo

_eZmburs_% of IJ_ccme tax

Ree_bol_ode JJmk_ae$_s_Z'e, la _t,a _ X,_7 1_0 ,

I Fel1owihip8E_ca8

i _, _, _, z,o,oco ',70,000 r_,ooo _._,_)6.. 27,s,_ _f_.T_;' 67,_06 ,_7,_ _c_,].7_;..

Page 82: ALT. ATiON, 953



eg _ !_t. tsatad r.,zlmudit_Ii ua_ M 2m plm · Coetoe C_

_-'_ _ k_arsd Xnpartdd _at aaa Tee_eal Auist4we_ _ Ofedo kpO_f hpplAes - la.fpo _ Susia? Asis_emia l_eaAoa IfOTAl,

A_ _.x_Gs_eOE_ta_.me4 lBpor_ao_,_.... _--_-- _S 08S _l B3/ 1ZSJ _l mdl mi ma mi mi emi

]lqm. _ _ _ mO lL_L _ mmc!,m_K1 l_ _ , X,9_J _ Lg_ _ ]Lg(X ltor_ 1_% _ l_ ieC_

Venereal D_IeME _tt_L

Bcetrol de %AfermclaMoVeMreao

_4a'gXol_._atLabel%er7_%orio .S_'ol_ lOo

_ms Gl%aat 9erologist



lm_aiael6a _O


_Xaru _7 2_

Ibq)etri_t xonIx;atriaex_Se

llepat4_LatXo_bp_trXoei_m _0 5O

f_xcm hnd

Staff JMurcmoe

Sq,wo _ _rs_s.t _ 87

b ae4cter of fetal 7_6 76_

IISC_Li_ &ndleep_tr%ot%_

_4m_aLact6a y _el_.t.rt_t_a _ _ .w ._lwr_atioa of I_rSOMI efrec_a

Tre_l_n. Xe de efee_ i_rsonal_

I!em ltea_Ltee_cia para visitar el 1wlarciaerk_

8-_AN md I_,xm,m_l_.aw _ kuxpo


d'_rleamt of _ tax

I 3. Xoa_88 ,8.r]_ , ]_288 8.?_

Page 83: ALT. ATiON, 953


APriCOt _ m rind ?B)JL_SSmWICI06Dg &_SOiU_I]gI_ T SIIETI_I_S ZZ CallF0 i


_ _ Q_clo ilefa._,,, hpplJ_ - _ ·Smd. e_- l.sS.s.te_ 'I'G_:_ ! 'J_li,tern _ dl _al

_dmd 8m_t4r_ m_b3_

Pmb]_ bNGth _Lrito_

I I _ emEmdr_ _ _GGd Pdb:_r_. D2 _,6QO S,CCC

2 2 Zl/ammgwC_am_Su

Zmltd/]At_7Jm_m3acdlAm 1,200



_q_t4dat_m_ta_k_U_ 1,_ 100

Cm3ide Pene_LoaN 1,7_

SelrU_ de i_:eom! 16_ 176


Z_ OId_o_ o_cLI/

beSPrent md _pitarlAtLce

?mmlm_t_ of per_emLl effeota?z_mpo_ta de e_ect_ peseta _00

Bmmele__mcl_ _ _l_ta_ _k l_pur de orlg_

s_sm.m_,raeI s_._po _,ooo 7,0oo

RmdilmmNmem&of tnoom taxcb Lmpu_t,_ eob_ la _nta _J 1.070

_'ellmmhApe9emro . 10_000

2 2 _3_ 2_.017 LI3,6_2 2J,017

, ,

Page 84: ALT. ATiON, 953

The Am_ou CD_r.. Amrieu PUplT9AD_SO_ S_VXC_S AID FIELDP_



d , ,, C¢_t.I C_.ouI._INTeeh,Ac,aX O,rede Beqmlx_d hlL,fked Ik_4pmut ma Teelud.oe.1. i,,_u'ka,Me

be, dar _ im,Aot,en,:e G,'_o Bquhr Oqpl.tm - _ 7 Omi]b,- AeA,m*,=S,,,,Tgemm, 'JL'OTAL

ioAirt,m,,c_ _a'_aIbeeoar.Aee do Z,qpee.t_ I,, _.....,- ,mi ,si ,ns uss usl .si mi ..,,,.. _,. ,... ..?

Mawrnal aha Ght.ld i_,ta

_l_t,,,e ",- terA_Infaatil


· atormG Ired Child Health Advisor

X iaeaoreu mgiene Materuo-Infant_l 1_ 7,300

Public Health Nurae - VSdeire

1 _afertarudo SaludP_011ea- _tetra PT _,SG_


1 _'erMra de Salud l_Glc_ F2 k,8_O

3 i AlAomacee


XnstfO.a_tm 1,6_


Fuullh_u _7



Rep_6, X_O


CaJa de _ermioaeo 2,hi0


Seg_rode persanal _d


D_t__e earlcterofic_al

18cruttmeatan6 r_patriatlQa

Gont.J'at.aci6n y _epatriaci_m 2,._116

'Trmsport,at_Loao_ per_al effort8

?runaportede efectoepersonalee 7_OBone lea_[t_._c_tpara Vlsitarel l_gardeoF_eea

_li_ and _il_m_

Cargoe _A308 y Recl_c_cn_

Jtal_t of lncam tax

ReeubQloode lapuesto_sQtrela reuta l_q0Funou,AXpe_ecu

. 8f_O0 .


Page 85: ALT. ATiON, 953

_w _w


rech_J_l _ Ik_J_ _ _ wd _ekm4_X kNd_tm__ ,t_ml,st,4om G_r,_o _ !k_ - &_ · !kmXslJ- Aatsk_r, Aa IL'_(mA_ _llffll_ M Illtlb

IR& Iq&

kk_ttm md _ ....


Edzeetor at _tiemal I_l_em3. ]MJqqrt4. del Pmlp'wm Bhaeat.:Lvo P3 6mOQO

XMtr_b-ta- (km_ Jurm)

1 (J_t4e ck Snrmm_uO x_ k,Sco

nurstnc _ (t_ aee.Tth S_,s_n__m IlnfeornerSa

1 (Sarmmria de _ P&bXX_m) P2 _,80o

x_wtom em IfEeir_

__ cw_u,to__ltallatl_X_wJj_k, 2,100



_mli_ IFmdC_a de P_tl.onee 2m_'_

_t,a_ tnmumn_

lilorn.,t_meed_and repet,r'_Co_tmtaet_ y _triaei6_ 3,X_

T_wportatia_ of pememl effeote_qlalq_o_,,edieefeQt,e_ peeoe_alm XeO00

L_eia part _laita_ el l_sa_

Page 86: ALT. ATiON, 953

T_ _Uue_c_

Iii _ dm lu _ · C_t_ Calculalo $r. ohn.te_t. Or.de bq, d.red _ _ ud ff_lmt, e.at J..d.et,moe

_ ,twdwtmee Oreo ]toeular Sq_tJ.ew - ]tqu_w 7 Suatn_- _.wtene_, lhf.on.t_ t_r,_l.Asl.wten_m tree ]boeea_oe de lqx=._,_*-(-_

_-_- _t ,st _sll _sl mit esi eel mil mA m- =l w,af .I

b_ of bmoom tax Z,_ l,_!llmbol_ di__meiBtow eob_ ]LArimta

IY_ll°mmkt_ 16_OOO 16,0C0

empplbm amd]_mat_, j' Zqa_,o d. Bq.]m.ekua, __ , . lO,OeO ...... lO_OOO


ec_ e_F-.

_co . . _0o0 lO.O00 . bO.O00 . 10._00

ILO,000 10_000 _Ol(X)O lOj0OO

Page 87: ALT. ATiON, 953

_us mS/_

LM '-_'riw _m3Jm_il*/c._,_aid FIELD

6gZF/C/G5 n_ AS_._U_JG_tO ! -S._ICIG6 DE CaI_O


Co_,,4_ CLleLla_e

ur_zr W _eclo llq_Aar aqUA# - Iq,a.i,e7 _- IJm,,t,e,,,_l'_e_c,e frail,

.t,_..4 _ 0S$ _l gSIJ m& mft _i mi tut& uml

_,du_t_L6fi _, Ad_est_auieul_o

B_ace/l_it T_ain_ _ for Cartb_eamAr_

S_in&rto de &d_otr_temt_ Em _rucelos/s

Jato la _ de laa _mt/Ll_

B_uc_U_is Commltamt - Fee_Coom_ltor Em 9rucelo_/_ - Honorartoa 2,250


A,,iimaC_LC,m, _t._A _,,

Zaltallat. lo,aX,aat.4Llacthn

Z_xnJC_FmS. lialm_

IMpl tria t.Acn_peLr_acl_

_epatrt atlce_epatrl acifm

Pension Fund

C4Ji de Pensiores

St_f lnour_mceS_ur_ de personal


LvtyDe carict_r oficia/

1,800Recrttit_nt _d repatriatto_Cofitratact_m y repatr/acio_

Transportation of p_rsonal effects1Yan_port4 de efoctos personale_

liooe leave

Licencia para viwitar el l_ar deor,ce.

Supplies and F_ti_en%S_diim. aLro8 y ,r_,Apo

1,_00Fixed Charpa and Cta/m

Car_oa _Jos _ It_.am.:iones

_a/_bure_t of _nco_e tax

Ree_,olso de te_pueetos sobr_ la rent__26


Page 88: ALT. ATiON, 953

Anwin, (_/2k

Las_ _pEt_383c

:ssJ_]_0S Ft ASI_0RJifXEITO Y _I'CXI0$ IZ CJeIP0

Jl_um_f.- Xss_. F,stXse_ed]_pHdl.tu'eoCo4_ogcJ_,.'tmk.

I TE_UXeeX _ Xnpm*t4d_t md Tedmiod.JLfefJtftuoid. stlm_La trod,_s do _mrtMi. on_L2gX

4 fat Ihum'"__ z-a_r hu._LouAdLX._ ]pdu.a_m.,.4..oi_ikKILo2_pm

m', Ot,.nd,. Orapo.

Id,O00 t'_.O00 _:bm X9:906 'nYJl _ _...X2_,-_ _ _J06 id-4FaI f_

Page 89: ALT. ATiON, 953

cos/lPage 8/+


Venereal Di.sease Control


The prevalence of yaws an Haiti has been reported as beingvery high, especially in the rural areas; and since the actual beginningof the project operations on July 20, 1950, appro:cimately/+50,000per-sons have been treated with peuicillin in several extensive areas of thecountry. The Goverr_ent has taken active steps toward the trainin_ ofpersonnel and the eventual development of a yaws service. The Organiza-tion proposes to continue with its technical support of the project,aiming at, in 1953, the control of the work carried out, the surveillanceof foLlow-up units, and guidance in the development of a yaws service.

Technics& Assist.ance

Insect Contrgl and _Mlari a

It is expected to start in the latter part of 1951 an In-sect Control Program aimed at the eradication of A§des ae_yoti, thecontrol of malaria and the control of other insect vectors ofhuman

diseases on a national scale. It is proposed to continue this projectan 1953 and provide personnel for adequate supervision and necessarysupplies.

?u.blicHealth Administration

Health Demgnstration Area' ' -: I i ill _ I .... - . IJI II

The Government of Haiti requested the assistance of ',iH.O-in the establishment of a Health Demonstration i_ea in a section of the

district of Petit-Goave, with a population of about 100,OO0.

The major public health problems of the area are listed as:malaria, pian and ankylostomiasis. Syphilis, tuberculosis, tropicalulcers are also considered important prob]ems.

The preliminary survey will be completed in 1951 and theproject will start in 1952 with the establishment of a health unit in

the city of Petit-Goave. This unit will develop a well-bal_ced publichealth program, with due emphasis on environmental sanit_.tionand con-trol of communicable diseases, particularly yaws, syphilis and tubercu-losis.

Page 90: ALT. ATiON, 953

Page 85s

It is proposed to maintain in 1953 the four e_sassigned to the project in 1952 in order to present a full develop-ment of the program.

Budgetary provision for equipment and supplies are nec-essary in 1953 to complete the equipment of the health unit, Fellow-ships have been included in order to train personnel to replace theWHO experts upon withdrawal of international assistance,

Requ-iredIm_orte.d ,Equi_nt and SUpp!_,_

BCO o ram

It is anticipated that a BCG program may be carried onin 1953. This program would be generally supervised by the BCG advisorand funds for supplies would be furnished from sources other than theregular or technical assistance budgets of V//O.

Page 91: ALT. ATiON, 953

jmfi_so_ _ JEI) _ Pio,Jf_'__lt_CXO,q l_ _ ! SaN'_I08 mt _ .3

I_tt, X r *'

I Jhllmfl af Prat4 I_.X.IS_G_ l_mm'_t,lfw 'Co_w- _rom_,_L _ mmqmb_ bB,.imm _ mm ! Ir_W_L Am, t_.

_ aa,d.Kex,e r,,do _ _ _ _ lr S,eda__ - [ La:La'tem_-,'rqm,_oa .; .rOrAT,._fa?,__t_e_.a trammewmmffLm de bmm_, _8 _su BSO_t _$ ?,_S mi mi . mi sm I

.T.Ifdml,mm_-laand._ Ce_,tm,ol_nntrol de Irme¢_os voe Fe..1.ar'ta

8am tariam

1 1 1 Imp_._tor Saat_r_ _ I 2,h00 L,900 %10C

2 2 2 lllmma_em

X:iih'Mlciomm,o Ccmml,Mnm_ator'lu

ImmtallaticaIns '.alacl_m 1,_00

_per_m_ramlliar_ 197 _T_

!b)atr _at_tm_q_ata-ta_t_m

_patnat_onM_pmtrtacl_ 100 1_0

Ca.$mdo P_mio._ e&7 1,7_ 1,_

Stiffinaur_nceSeeur_ de pe3_lomd 85 _.T_ 1_


mt_Do _-..ar_ctorofictal

Recruitmot &nd r_patriattxmCo_at_i_ y r,patri_i_. 1,_

'l'ramq:_-tat:ton of /nn'aonal _'f__m_orte de *fectoa permo_lN gOO f_

_m lea_m

Lic_cia para vtml_ar el lunar de ori_

Sq_ll_ and f_upmntS_lnistro_ Z B,_po Y'_,cC0 :),ocs) 5,0Q0 5,CQG

FLed OharL_ma_l Claimll'l.]oll 7 leclmact ,o_m

blmbarsmmt of incomm taxR*mmbclsode imp_eotommc4)rola re, tm _8_ 963 1,0'_0 ''


!Co l_-mer_m ecg

s_At_ md _ts_mtaimt_ y _z,,ipo _%ooo __o,ooo

Page 92: ALT. ATiON, 953
Page 93: ALT. ATiON, 953



_ _ t _


ji i! ,.,,_ _jjejjJiijJJ,jj,j,_j,jJtilil!,_

jj _[ ,,


Page 94: ALT. ATiON, 953

The /tmrtcu Ci)_,/_ ;/-

..- ·m_tf

.... _. .. _ ..........

hedm. _ _ Orfdo Bela/ar _ - !l_Lpo 7 S_mi_Ls-- ls_Lsgecla Td_m/ca TOTAL

tam Ilimcma_oo 6o Y.mm'tagl&s , ·' ...... _J _S '_'4) _l_ _J use - mi mi _, mt mt tnt

- _ _ wni u b ]Mn) _ , _ '_ _L .... ]_Z 1952 ]_3 . - _US'I' _ ]m_ ' ,, . ]91_., , _ _¢C_ _oCi ]_ _OC_


t. .

1 1 1

: ,, , 1 1 Zn_ntero _uddm_lo ' _ 7,_o 7,_5

PubZte Bnmlt_ Bu_m

, z 3. _ en zntm'mrJ_ 6, s_d._ Mu.t_ n _,8oo 5,ooo

, . ' _ ,'"- lMmt,,,.. , ._?'j8 1,_ -

. _ _ _atr tmunnm

hefdtma__ ..d _t_Ld4m.

l_,.'Mbn.sr s-,',,.,su_

]mmi_lm,mi'an_C3a_u :* ' : _,_ Gram.]_..j a,.._.--..,-.-- :' . =

.... _ I _' lmmm ¢lu_ * .,

...... _ _ , ' ._ _ l,L__m _ _5._J.L ._.__L id.__._.. _ 95.911 ._._n_

, _i _ . , , , .. . .._ _,. _._ _ _ .,_ ,_.?._,,.,. _,_ ,..., ,,.,_

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(Eng.)Page 90(Corr. 1)


Regular Budget

Education and Training

?echnical.Tr_nin_ On the Bacteriology of Tuberculosis

It is proposed to set up in 1953 a program for the purposeof training aational technicians on the bacteriology of tuberculosis. Inaddition to technical services of a consultant, provision of teachingequipment is contemplated in order to facilitate the objectives mentionedabove.

' for, mass,x-tm7 services

It is proposed to set up in 1953 a program for the purposeof trainirgnational personnel on mass X-ray techniques to be used intuberculosis control programs. In addition to technical service efa eon-sultant, provision of teaching equipment is contemplated in order to facil-itate the objectives mentioned above.

Technical Assistance

and !n.,e?.tControl

In 1951 an intensive nation-wide Insect Control Program start-ed that will continue through 1953. This program will emphasise Aedes

_n eradication, control of malaria and combat of the insect'vectorsdiseases,

This project classified under Jamaica is for the purpose ofconducting a program in all countries and non-self governing territories inthe Carribbean Area. The program will be carried on under the supervisionof the PASB/WHO zone office.

Provision is made for technical personnel, supplies andequipmnt to carry on the supervision of this work ih 1953.

Tuberculosis c0.,ntrgl._.an d BCG Program

It is anticipated that an island-wide Tuberculosis ControlProgram will begin in 1952 and be continued after 1953 by local personneltrained during the operation of this Project. WHOwill provide technical


Page 96: ALT. ATiON, 953

?_ _rica8 CD5/14Las _ricas Pa_e 91




eg Peete F_.etL_atld Ez_emiit_a_uIM 1_ Costoe Calculade 4

I _h_bateal ,de _ I_ted ]_atl_ amd TeebBt_al AJ_t_ee

_ A_eta_e _lo RegulAr SwpplbNB -- _ · $..Lm1_- Aai_e.=la _eatca lxTra_trae W_eea_ _ IaF_

i , _J _! _! uss uss usi ust _i n_l uq_l_JlC2

I(alaria a_ IJmsec%Ccmtz,ol',ontrol de Inoectcs _' ce Malarxai

;nleCt Control AdVisor 7,_51 1 1 Aiesoren Controlde Insectos Pt. _,650 7,413

Sem_terlaa3 ) 2 l_r Sa_l_ario F2 7,2C_ 14,700 10,200

Secretary1 1 1 _ecre_aria 1,2Oo 1,200 1,200

5 5 k All--caAsil_acic_e_Cc_noatorias

Imltallatic__n_t.a._act_ 2,1OO

_e_mde_ta 333 270


_j_ t.rt. t..toa 1_ae_eer_actga 160




_aape_tice of pm_t effectsTt_ _ efd_ J_Ero_nolo8 1,00) 2.<0

leew 8001.te_i_e_apar_ _ltar el lunar_e ori_

e_xe__ w_ Cla_

_tnu_m_t or tw ta_MmbQl_ de IJr_iestoe _r_ la recta _ 1,_7 _60

5 5 k _;,ooo 5,ceo _.0o6 _,_2o _,ee5 al,,m6 j_;,_o ,.lO,M5: ,,),

Page 97: ALT. ATiON, 953

The _U,,,eri c._, CU_;y'_




_ Meee_u'leedm Zmixm'ta_

_ 're,m, 'mc'_ I _ac__ ¥_.__ m_qg_,' us{} uss '0s{{ _S _l usl ,m_


_rcu_ cc_ aad I)CG {_"c_a. _ y Qmta.ol de ?a_mx_:lmeis

/,Ib_ lil_lLt..h

1 1 wemmrfa d_ _rl.m_ P_bl/ga P2 h._ S,O00


Z_ae_{k, 1.9'50

6kY _m

_mtxataot6m 7 _i_.t,r'l_t_ 2,._.6

y_rt, at'u,n of I;,e_L'SQmLZefL'met,_?rl_M_o_,e ,b efeotom pe:,_m.l_,,

ZA-,-,v-_,, /mz.m*l_._lr el l_m:r de o:'_em

mq,p3U_N,,u,d m_L.im,_

Sm_Jmia_a-_7 _ 90,ooo, 16,o00- 5,0o0 5,000

_ _qm_ a_ Claim,

_ o_ i_em_ tax

b.mbo]Um die Ja,p_e,,t._ aob_ 1.. r, mta 1.1;_ 1,760

3 3 90,000 16,OOO .Th.787 :_,,o_9 5)OjO00 _,707 30_

_mmm, amm,_,_ _ muum,Fon_osapro_adoapo_ _IC_'

Page 98: ALT. ATiON, 953




Mumblr o£ Poet! _ gwtilmt4d gxpendlturel

T_ctm.t,_d, Required _ F,qut._t *ad Toetmf.eaX tssistmae ]_Wlg_ Am_wt_eo l_*_u_r Suppliss - !ki'_t.po y S'md.nis- l_wt4nelA t_tt_ TOTAL

Astor& t2'o8 Necesariom de _pm'tael_

, ,r_,,.,,"'_ I_11 _ll USS OSl _t. _]Sft usft mit mia ! ,mi ,ua mi

Edlueat,ton and Tt,'u.tnin_Educaci_n y Ad/sstrmtonto

Tu_U.]_Zs Bmct_eio 1o_B_t_l'iolo_a de La Tubmrculo_ts

Consultant in Bsct,erlol_ - Fees

l_oesAs:t_nacio_m Couqpenoa_

Staff lnmvraneeSett'.u'o d_ lNn-eonal !_.

T_vel of CoM_t_Vtm..'J_ del Coslm_t.,e_ 2,1800

l'l,,_l Chm'lpll am Cla,lmC&rll_ !_og y I!oc:bmaotonl-

Boemboloo de lmpuo81_mooolwe la _0Ttm_,a

Page 99: ALT. ATiON, 953


31mTIC_ ll_ FIEII) P_O,T[L'__I_;I_ DE JL._g_ ! SIRTICIO$ IZ C/IIPO

J iL_.Ca

. IN m4e ]LmmF2mmm CQ_s*:,Q8Cal_'l-,_,_[ _ Grede lbqui3md _ _ _ ?eQIImLcalAmd.e_

_ OrfKJo eqnlar $1_ppl.tu- EqL',ZLpoy Sqz_att_- As_._ _CZLtQa _C_Jrl/,

I I uss USS OSl n3ii O6il I%Sl mi mi mi mi nmi

'r,,'lv_P,ttm and Tratnir_[%._)n y lcIMLeet,.-m:lLwnto


for' _ Z-_bcrSerri_mAd_o parm8erq,'_ctomibdlo.1/._

%_ Can.mu.Trim.%- _'e_mC_u_OL_or itad_tCo - .onorar_oe 2j2_-_0


_4.4p_ei_w Coaq_tori_

Tm_l of Cem_lt_t

s_pp_# ,ad r,qnipmd.

!,_ cl_ md Clah.,.r'lL,_ow7 _ecL_icion_

_t of _ t_xn,eee_la) de t,elp_t,_ _ lA _P_ ....


_,60T 5.807

i -'_ 8 T _.al_ _,ooo _z,oco 5.ooo 21,oo6 _._7 ._,.._a_ _j.,co6 86,OOT 7L_6,:_

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". CDS/_Page 95

(Corr. 1)

1_.._CO -" ':

Regular, Budget

Education and Trainir_

Oomunity O_a_ieattcn

Because of the pressing need for more a_equately trainedpersonnel in health education services, it is proposed in 1953, to

· assist the School of Public Health in lle_ico to organize a three-monthscourse in Community Health Education for post _rsdaate students ofpublic health. Courses _dll be given in those sciences which enablethe students to deal more effective]_¥with people and carry out com-munity education for health. T_aching equipment, literature and other'health education materials will be required in aadition to the serv-ices of consultants.

. ·

Technical Assistance

!nsect..Controland _ialaria

Starting in 1951 and continuing through 1953, a nation-wide- Insect Control Project a_ing for the eradication of A_des a_,the control of malaria and the combating against other insect vectorsof human disease, will be carried on. It is proposed that technicalsupervisory personnel and limited amounts of supplies an_ equipment willbe furnished during the operation of this Project.

Health Educatio n of the. Public

.F.und..ame_tal, Educationand Training_ Center in..Latin ,,,America

The activities of the health education program in theregional office have been increased during 1951 anU 1952. Cooperationwith UNESCO and the Organization of American States is being carr_edout in the field of FurMamental Education. An expert of :HO has beenconducting health training and conununityorganization activities as amember of the staff of the Fundamental YMucation and Training Center inPatzcuaro, Mexico and will continue giving his services as a member ofthe staff of CREFAL. Experts of ',HOand U_ESCO haws visited Jointlyseveral Latin American countries and lmve assisted Governments in plan-ning and request_lg projects for Fundamental and Health Education (CostaRica, Bolivia). Consultants have been adv-s_g health authorities inseveral countries in operating and developlng nation-wide programs ofHealth Education (Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras). In addition, limitedamounts of supplies and equipment will be made available. A limitednumber of international fellowships have been provided.

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:' Page96

Cmrba_e Disposal Project

Because of the relative lack of useable expePience inmunicipal garbage disposal as simpler methods of garbage disposal havebeen largely neglected, a field pilot plant demonstration study projectis proposed in _£exico City. This plant _.1i s_dy especially thesanitary land fill with domestic garbage in small densely populatedareas. The estimated duration of this Project is three years duringw_ch time technical personnel and supplies will be p_ovided. An appro-priate number of fellowships has also _been included tO assure the con-tinuation of this*Project after the withdrawal of international personnel.

Professional and administrativefellowships are being pr.o-vided for the purpose of developing trained personnel for the operation,maintenance and administration of the clinical and training facilitiesat the Oaxaca Hospital.

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The _r_¢as C05/_,

_s _ricas _._viso. sm_vxcEs _rD _ P_o,rmTs

s_rxczos o_ _se_L'x_m_ y s_vxcms ox c_mo


_r eg _ _t_l Er,mndituresN_sro do _ _ Costo8 Calcul3doe

WICU Aaalatea_ 0tad, Rep,-, [ Supplies - _r_tpoy S_- Asiste.cLaT_nA_a I_fALAa_ateacia _ tree_arloe de Xaportacl_

Malaria and Insect Control

_ntrol de Irmectos_ de Malaria

InsectControlAdvisor2 2 Asesoren C_nt,r_ Ge Irmectoa P4 ?.300 14,826 15.323

_anxtarian2. _ .2. Imspect_' 3uAtarXo P2 4,8_J 9,800 10,200

Alloww_c#Asiinacicees _r_a toriao

Installat_c_Irustalac_u 2,1_00

Depen_ents_ealliam-_l 394 784 1.727


R_atriaticn_epat_Aaci_n 2_0

_eaaic_F_ndCaJa de Pmeiema 1,_ 3.$J_ 3._?_

SS_'_e4_al 169 _ 3_9


.'lma_ortation of ]_r_caa] effects_,te de eflfct_ Fer_e_le_ i_0_0 _50

LA--La para_Lait_r_1 lunardo or_4_e_

FixedChar_ md Clad--

of _ tax_ae de _pues_os ecbre Ia r_mta _ 1,926 1,_0


k k h

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The Aaric_las imricu S_

LDVl_O{_ _ AID _ BIOJ{_2_9]_WICIOS _ l_{_OliJITm2_ ! 2_RgICIOS n_


lmm _ m _tom

A_U_,I,/.._t ,,_ _8 _$ _l _1 BI t]Sm mt .RA mi mi ma me

[ --I{_eaith_ducotion off the Public_ducaci_ Sa,it_ria de ia i_biacl_n

Fun_ _ducation _ud ._'alni_ C_mtarin Latin &mrica

C_entl-_ ae _ducacl_u l_tai y Form_ci_ia _rica Iatina

Health _ucatlon C_msultan%

1 1 1 _nmultor _ _h_,_i_n _l_ria P3 3,000 6,100 6,_33


InstallationI_.__aiaci_u 7_O


F._atria tionz_patr_i_


_-_i_ _0 _o

_Ja d_ ;_ionea _20 _ B82

Staff insurance

$eiruro de ]pelraon_ _2 _ 88

Liv:b_. qu_z_.er_ al].o_u_ee

AloJam:Lento 788 _,18_ 1,183




De car_cter official

Recruitment _,d repatriation 2,__u_tratsci_,n y repatriacl_n

Trlm_portstlcdm of personal effects ·._raru;porte de cf ecrus {_rsonaiea _)O

Ho._e leave

Llcencia para Tieitar el luear de 2j_oz'i_en

_uppltes ard B_uipm_nt

$umirieiros ,v {.._lpo ._.t_O0

Fi:,ed C.n,r_e, and C:)at_

_ar_oe Fl Joe Z Aeclamacionee

_eipuurse_ent of _come

{let-t oleo cc lmpuestos $c_r_ ia renta ]52 _;_

FellowshipsBecas 7,000

1 1 1 9,2_0 1_,_8 23,680 9,_0 Lt,2_8 _3_80

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Page 105: ALT. ATiON, 953

_e A,_e.r:LCa_

P lO0


IN .o 4m _. _ l Co_os C_Lc_lad_



20tO00 _OfO00

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CDS/U.Page 101


Tec_cal Assistance

Na%ernal an _ Ch_ld Health

It is proposed to promote the development of maternal andchild health services as well as the other basic public health servicesin Nicaragua through the organization of maternal and child health dem-onstrations and provision for training of technical and auxiliary per-sonnel. It is envisaged that supplies and materials will be providedfrom oUler sources at the initiation of the project, that the Organiza-tion will, through Technical Assistance Funds, provide internationalpersonnel and fellowships, and the Government will provide local per-sonnel and operational costs to assure continuity of the program afterinternational personnel are withdrawn. It is expected that the projectwill continue for at least 2 years with the Organization providingtechnical assi,_ance for that length of time.

RequL_ed Imported Ecuipment and Supplies

BCD Pro,ram

It is anticipated that a BCG program may be carried on in1953, This program would be generally supervised by the BCG advisorand funds for supplies would bo furnished from sources other than theregular or technical assistance budgets of WHO;

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_OVISOE_S]/1_IC_ ANDFIELD PR/_/_C_ _Corr, 1) .

/_rICIDS DE )$ESORAYIE_TOY $E_g'EZO6DF CAKFO _._ .__liearagaa

-_''-'-_-_ ! E.sti.._ated -_-_endltur'em * ._

}r_io Se,eular hqut.t'sd Imparted _t aaa ?ee_al A_dst_ae

Public _mlth _e : [

i _nferMra de SaludP_mlAca- _ 4,800


. I Bntee_erade SaludP6blica , _,600

.. _


, 1,6_0


raa/3Aare, 527

i_pat, r_t,J, aa_teXaci&a



Segaro dm _e_aoaal 3_2?rnelv_

m_7_e r4_Act4_ o_.Aal

_ral_t a_t repatriationCoatratacl_ay _J_i_i(m _,_

?ra_portatioa of personal effect4l_w_or_e de efe_t_e per_onale_ 66?

leaveLLoenolaparavisitarel la,ardeorXe,a

mqq_t_, ud Sq_t_tSmalaistz,o8 y _ 3%,000 2_,GGO

F'l.xedChar_ amdCla_,,,,,CaMr_oiFi_ol_r_oi_nea

Re_mbcmleaeataf iacom tax

Rembol_o de t_eet_ sobre la refita 1,_0_elloushl_Becas


_ _oer,aPro_rma 9C0

Cc_2'ol de lz_eetoe 112_000' LL2_,O00

112,00o _,000 7_,000 _2,710 112,oo. Y_,O_O lO?,TlO

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Page 103


Technical; ssistanceiiiim ill_ i i iiiii


Environmental Sanitation - I!{a.terworks Operators' ,.,_.aini.,,r_ Course

In an effort to improve the health of communities, theLatin American countries have been constructing water systems with aview of ensuring a clean and reliable supply of potable water. However,the lack of personnel with adequate training in the operation of suchwater systems has made it impossible to obtain the optimum results necessaryto Justify the large investment in this type of work and to meet the publichealth needs. It is proposed to have in 1953 one short course for plantoperators in Central America. During this course, instruction would begiven in public health subjects and in the maintenance of water supply, soas to train technicians who will later take charge of operations of thewater supply systems in the principal cities of their countries. This coursewill last two months, during which period those attendin] will devote 100%of the time to water problems.

Budgetary provisions are made for consultants, fellowships,supplies and equipment.


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_--:: of Poets ' _,_ _----I.,,--;ltmm,,m

II1_1_' Amd._ Or. to lletealarAai.,mmcia AJd.._mmei,u1'_m%_ 'rOT_Sapp.lim, . !lqceq_ · 8ml.._Lata_

"' ';'"" "'J USi 03{{ I{{k {mSI TBll mdL- tRl mi w_dl mi

_-,_-,,_t:l.m_&ncl2'rttnlnge_-¢llm 7 _ieatraaient_ ' '

_ntal _tation '·.Ssnm_nto del_

_at4r_rk Operators abort cour_C_reoBrevepara Operaclorudm Slatemu

d, A.but4cb,_t_ d, .q_

CommUter ia _atervork Operatio_-Fm _C_ultor m O_racic(_ de 3tste_

cie Aba_,,e_"i.,'s-._t.o,.- i_m .41onorart,os ' _.._OO

_p,.i,:,.*. cam,m,,._o..'.,.,,

In_f_LUat ionInstalacMm ' '


bp.tz-i, tio._q_t.-iici/km


De _ter oftctal 3,600

Rscrait_ut ,md r_pBtriatic_Co_tmtact_ · r_pat_t_

?r_nlportation of personal _ffectlT_x'to de o,fee_,oo IMZ'OOntld_

Horn l,_voLtce_cia para vlJitar el lunar

de orca

Sappl_ md8mm!n_t,z_m7 _11_


O&rL_8 _ Y kl'-'.,-elomm

a_sbure_sut of tncc_ t&x_bobo de t_pu_toe _obre la renti


, ,. , _6._.1k _6.m._

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Pa_e 105


Regular . . . : .. ;.....

Venereal Disease Control Seminar

Fellowships are provided for the purpose of technicaltraining in Venereal Diaease Control to be carried out 'i n conjunctionwith the seminar held at S_o Paulo, Brazil,

Technica! :ASSistance

Tu.ber.culosis'Demons%ration Project

This project whic4 began in 1952 and will continue through 1953envisages the amplification of'the Tuberculosis Control procedures inAsunci6n and the extension of the scheme into a number of larger ruralcommunities, The services of technical personnel, and minimum suppliesfor the continuation of the project _dll be provided, Fellowships havebeen provided for the continuation of this program after the withdrawalof international personnel,

.V..enerea_ Diseases C0ntrol

[!rban-R.ur..al.,Control Pr_oJect

Th_s project, which began in mid-1951, will copewith aconsiderable venereal disease problem in an urÙan-rural area with anestimated population of 400,OOO inhabit,stats, The operation will payattention to the adequate diagnosis, treatment, epidemiological andh_alth education efforts in the control of venereal disease, in closerelationship with other preventive health n_as_res being put into effectin the Asmlci6n-Villa Rica Area,

' Technical personnel and minimum of supplies ahd equipmentare to be provided. In addition it is requested provision be maae forone or two felloWships to insure that the project will continue in Oper-ation after the withdrawal of international personnel.

Other Commun.i..cab!eDiseases:

Hookworm Control

Hookworm constitutes an important public health problemin Paraguay with an estimated 80_ of the rural populst/ionbeing infested.

.,Thus, this.disease criates a serious economic and social probl_m./_'_': -reducing tee individuals working capacity,' .Therefore,a"c_i_oI;:_r6_

. 'il_cl_ld_g education of the public, treatment' of the sl"_k' and p_. __,/for demonstration _f .proper rural'.excreta disposal Will begin: _-_Xg_'. :and.......... ,., , , :_ ?. _ _ _,_ '_:_,:,:,.

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,,_'' " CD5/14 (Eng,)· _ Page 106

.... ;_ .o .

continue through 1952 and 1953 in the rill&-Rica-Asunci6n Aro_, It isproposed to provide Technical personnel and..m_lim_l,supplies _nd equip-melt for carrying out this project from techmical Assistant funds,

,. . Field Team . -. "

According to' the available information on vital statis-tics, the area selected for this program has high maternal aeath ratesdue to obstetrical causes and stillbirths; high chil.dmortality rakes,mainly in the newborn and high incidence of communicable diseases.


This project to begin in i951 and to continue through1953i proposes to organize,and develop pre_mtal and post-natal serv-ices as well as adequate services to mothers d_ring deliveries and thepuerperium; end to promote the health Of and control preventable dis-eases and deaths in children from birth to the age of l&, $hroughorganization and development of neonatal, infant,pre-school an_ _choolchild services. . °

In order to implement this program, the Organization isproviding international personnel. Fellowships are $1so being providedin order to train local persomlel who will carry on the project wheninternational personnel are withdrawn.

.. Health F_uca_ion .of%h e _blic

· Hea!th,,Ed_uc,ation,_,,Projeco

It iS proposed to begin this project in 1953 'with the.object of assisting bhe Government in organizing and developing anotion-wide health education program in.order to increase and strengthenthe public health services r elated to health education through develop-ment of courses and in-service training for.local personnel. It is ex-pected to provide lycra technical assibtance funds a health educationconsultant for one year, two fellowships for personnel who will assumethe continuation of the work when international personnel are withdra_and equipment necessary for dmionstration and teaching purposes.


Nation_ School of Nursin_

It is anticipated that a team of specialists in nursing' education will be sent to the School of Nursing, Asunci6n, to help in

its reorganization and to estfolish ade.iuatenursing educatio_ techp/questherein.. ¥g_nimumquantities of supplies and equipment willbe pgovided.

_.F._,0_. ps !areprovided for the trainin_ of nationals in .order % hat" ./_they may continue this program under the auspices of the government,subsequent to the withdrawal of international personnel,

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_,,,_,, c_/_

er.nm xu{ADFISOI_5_rlC]_ AND FIELD PROJ_T5



II Costce Calculadee_de Required I_orted Eqgll_ent and Tec_cal _a_stamee,ado l_&ular

Supplia. - .F_ptpo 7 Smtn_- _istem_ l_c_tca TOT_ia.ce #ecesa._os de Impoz.taa_on

I I I1_berc_l.oes' Dem_tratic_ Projecti m I_t_ de De_etmc_ de _rculoa:La

Tuberculoa_a (iH) Officer_ttco _c_mliata em Tub_rculoa_-

T_b_ Cee_ltaat1 1 Cemmltor m _berc_lee_ _b 7,JO0 ?,_2_

1 1 _ae_ _t ' e_ 6,000 6,200

_ _nfer_ffa_ SaludI_l_ea !'_ 9,600 10,000

6 6 _llma_


1,176 9:32


_at_a_te_--_ _o )¢c

de _ _,_CO 5,o76

· _',,_tmLaetga h,6_ _,_2

T_ttm _ _ermeal etfNtadie _eet_ _ 1,5410 1,_O

_ _ _o,CCo lO,OO0 _,CCo _,?Co

Carme _ _ _

·e_dmm_m_t e_ _ te_

_ _ _ la _ 2,T,_ ),0_

Page 113: ALT. ATiON, 953



i ! **wa._.l _ caatrol ...._mm_l ds _m!H_du v_-_

Ooma_l ProJ_er_meto d_ co_..r=l UrtmaoZ _,rLl

Vm.r_olol_1 1 1 V_ 1_ J,6._ 7,_L3 7,638

e_blJ_ _altb _ ·1 1 1 I[afm de _lud _ablica P_ 2_00 _._0 5.100

2 2 2 A,l.lemamm_t_cteme Ceqpem_tortu

Xa_.4J3atloa_lfm '1_200

Oqmdm*4_mLlta_e 136 :_2 392


b_tartat Loc_ae 8o loo

_FEmaCa,iad_ fmtone_ &1_7 1,7_, 1,783

Staf'f _d_ _r,_al 8_ 173 1_

z4.h_ q_art4_ _llmmm_


!_ ear4keter oftc_l

Reer_tamst and repatrXat_mCaatratact_ y _trtact6n 1._

Tre_pertatt_ of p_r_mn_l effeet_de efletom perlmmalee

Hem lemm

Lteeneia para vivitar el l._ de orig_ 2_700

s_p_ ,ad _t

s,m.a._tz_ 2' _,.t_o ,.coo 8,0oo 8,o00

Fixed Ouwgel a.d ¢]-_Careoe FiJc_ _ _cl_acion_

bi_bu_t of i_cow tax

R#mbol..o de _uepuestol eob_ la fanta 582 _6_ 1,,O70F_ipe

Page 114: ALT. ATiON, 953

Aub-- er Pet. _'_ ! h*b._l _,.lt=.**

do _ _ =., C_t.4wCLtc_l.adeq

bislf_ _ _4_ Bot,u3,_ kppl/m - lA. po y 8udfqo- if_stemla T4an.t_ TOTALtr_ YdmMo,*_toedo bpm-tlo16a

USS USS US& _SS _S _SI llSI mi uti nlqMI M$

_,uur _b re.mm.

i Boo&:goru0oat,ml

pub34_Ke4LlthAdm_nt]tt_tt.ol*1 1 i Aam,t.,=4_'td_,. deMud P6611eJ, 1_ _,a,(:60 7_ 7o5_

hn_t.,_ Bnf_uou.1 1 1 _ ...,4.._aenttm-lo P_ 3.6_0 7_33 T.6_

Hm/th Ilduut,o_:L x 1 Sdum,d__nsur._o Pt J,6_o 7,,_ 7,620

senLtu7 zm,p,Kt,m.1 1 1 lnqxmtm-bf,.:J,tarl.o P2 2,_.QQ b..4_0 5,leo

Sau.ttar77.mp_tor1 1 :L ZnspNtorSmJ.ter2o P2 2,h00 _.,_0 5,100

idl_trat,rtVt, Officer1 1 1 _ _mtmtivo P1 I_SCQ 3,700 3,_QO

6 6 6

t'emS3.t,.,r_ _ :!..1_ 1.CSl8


som_r, do poruem_ _6 _O 519

LtVl.lq qu.-,t,e-o_Llo3mbut4 6,_ 1.3,6C9 1J,60.3


bO_rmr4et,r of_4-,

banl_tmat emi mlmtr&at,_aco,m,t,.e_ 3r,,,p&t.FL,e_ _,,_

Wu,q,,rt_--,.,- or por.,m3,efTmt..?ruspor_ d..r. et_ _. 3..5ooIf<mmlmvoIA_ta peru v'b_Ltar ol _ do 6._0

sq,p.ttm,ud b.ttm=t M,mO 10,m0Saman.tstn_ Ir Ib doo

rl3md(hrpe '"d ChSmC,.,-fo,rs.Jo,7 _

R,_,dmrwmm_or S,ucatoMx 1.b06 22_ 3.121Ree,,bo_mdol.,.f:q_st,oe8obn__t rant4

6 6 6 _,ef,o 68tr'-.L .,w_&_6 _e.ato #.u2. rr,Jddl

Page 115: ALT. ATiON, 953

P_m_oA_i_o_ _Jiylc_ AJlD_ _

.f-_%'_ _ ..._.. .T.dmt_t Omd. mmqmtmm bsm*,mm mqmtpm_ ma INmtmomt amtm_mn..

bmm_m, mm_sm, _ _ nmmt_r hmma._m = mmm_y_ aat,,(mm_

l_m.l,th rm_dmmn_.omof t.hmm_1.t.¢ ---

_._--_._..._'?_.. ,._AsMmu:Xmu _.pe.nator_..

FU[I._t:NU, 257


C4_ dm _ 1_

S_f lm_

_t_nd._ 2,267


_'nnslx)_'ta_o_ of persont_ _ffect_Transpm-t_ cb e_r_.os I_ont]._ 2._0


_.0_ fi.mO:_

m xnmot Cont_'ol

Cmta_l de Inmetms 7 dm Ilalar_

1,6,000 _,_nO ...


t .k _

Page 116: ALT. ATiON, 953


J_l_qO_ _ZTJCOZIS_ _ PBOd'_T5


i_ _ _ ]_tL_d Kx_rdSt_MmIM FI_ · CoetM ¢_

Teeh_ue_L Oz"t_e Zlmluired Y.mpoe.tedktu.t4mme_,ired Teebe_caJL aaaXstemoe

U_dm_.l troe _mmmr_e M _xx_K_&n

_& _S8 _l _SS ISS gS_ NSS _l nmi mi mdb mi___

aid _kShl k4Ltt_n_t4mo_mtsz

lfS_ldlTEmlaaz.e_od_ _4lm

IMt4zlal i_l _z_LI_lle4LZtJa&d_iJ_Xf

f_Uo IIm_

Im,tm _Ldg_®1 I Z _ I_ 2,_00 b,_)0 5,100

3 J J Lllamm_

M_m_m_ Ceq_mwa_


M hmsmm z,_ 2_o a_

8t,&rf slmmmmeq_m Mim. NmZ 33_ zJU.

&_o_tm_4 J_k_ 6_Wk 6_10_

_kmial_K4el_· _ 65,cco* fiG,oeo

_ _ Saeeletl_tiN, robin M XEm_M _ la _ 65) Z,J_ ZgdO


'3 ,. ','3 "J ' 6_,o00 _o_ooo ze,_7 , _e_620 J_ege rJrsz?_ 28_(_0 s_]?Me

. F_l. qqx'oqNMb7 _ZrW _ For OnC_r

Page 117: ALT. ATiON, 953


bm %sm- __

mJt.eo'_;. _ IWnztationd. Prolp"an1 1 Ddrk.-'Ewteffb Pfa_ I!_atim f3 6,000 6,ZOO

Zn_r'mt4rm cb Enf_m"ll

lMt,_ct_ (hb_ bL_ta)X X IMtr_tm' cb Snfm,Nril (Sa3.udPdM_) 1'2 _,,_OO _;,OCX)

· _ in_z_ter (Cmmm_o_bb Z)bNN_e)Znd,ru_lr,_r (il n_rermr'f.m

1 X (lnfmmmdmdm_XI,1N_ P2 _,8QO 2_CO

· _ Xw,tt3nset,m- (HK,Xe,,X_krKlf._,)1 _wt4_tor de !_emer_(_) 1'2 2_00

· _u. ei_ Znwt_uct_r (PecLLatr.tc8)


JLrJ.dinaoi_ r.d_penaatorlas%nstdO.la_

Inwt,al,&ci_ 2,100 _0

_p4mdmt_rm_JJ_ 662

CaJa de _ 3,038 1,3C_

8taf'f _d. pereon- l _ 3.13

iloJmi_to 9,070 p_,O70

e hrtial %em. I_etPhs_ do mare 6o u db 4o _

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_. _,.rio. (m_/ia


Poete _ _ _ltafseI ! c,oet,oe c,_Loul.ata[o._ ! a,,cmiz.a z..,_..a _ .--, t'_iic_ u,U_m T

""-- l_' I _ I=_"..Y_--'__ I """"'_" / "'TI5 tls



t_tw_.._te- oriola.T

Tr_sp_te de _.ctoa personals. 1,000 1,000

_ l_aveLtee_t. pez_ vtLm:l,tar el ]aqla.lrdm orllPe

Sapp].tu ..a__d.,ub_. Z _ l_OOO

Ftzl4 Char_ md _

_ of ieeese t,_ae,wbo.t.o as isp,_t.o. _ 1. re_ - 2,_7 1.&5

. . ILO_O0 L_,O00

n.._ 7 i,_lpo 4e lO,OeO

· -- _ _,m _S_ _--


1PemnJL1L_ea._ _



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CDStPage il&


Ed_ucationand Trainin_


Trainin_ for Eass.X-ray Services

It is proposed to set up in 1953 a program forthe purpose of training national personnel on mass X-ray techniquesto be used in tuberculosis control programs. In addition to thetechnical services of a consultant, provision of teaching equip-ment is contemplated in order to facilitate the objectives mentionedabove.

Venereal Disease Controli, _ :_ . ii i ill ii _ i i i

Intra-Regional Post ,Gr.a.duate '_"rainin_Center - Callao

In line with one of the main aims of the Callao

Health Unit -- to train public health personnel -- and broadeningthe objectives of the Callao venereal disease seaport demonstration,it is envisaged to establish, in cooperation with the National HealthAdministration, an intra-regional post graduate training center forvenereal disease control medical officers and allied personnel. Sev-eral countries in this area are vitally concerned with the develop-ment of venereal disease services at the national level, but cannotsatisfactorily promote this activity in view of the lack of trainedprofessionals. It is expected that the center will help considerablyin the meeting of this need, It is proposed to engage in trainingactivities of an international type only three months in the year butthe project should last at least three years.

Other Communicable Diseases

R,a_bies Conro!: Trsinin_ Cour...se

Rabies has reached epizootic proportions in sev-eral American Republics during the past four years. Not only isthere the problem of the canine-transmitted disease, but vampirebats are also becoming an increasingly important factor in its per-petuation.

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Page 115

. [his disease:in Mexico and on.th e ,_ed st_ter_c_b<_ _e_,e_ '-_.._,_Training'courses in .diagnosis, canine immunization programs am4, ..'.wildlife control _emonstrat_ons have already been carried outwith' considerable _ceas, - ' :,,"_ . .,. ;.

'_' ' V_xpert C on salt ant s will be provided to conducttraining courses for twenty trainees from several'countries _n all.'phases of rabies control including diagnoais, canine imnuniza$tonand wildlife aspects. _ ._, t


Technical Ass_stance . · .:. . .

Venereal Disease Control -D_ nstratton Project . .

· This project, established.late in 1951, is ex-pected to demonstrate techniques of approach in cont_elling vene- ,real disease in a major seaport. Special emphasis will be ,giv_en.,to case-finding and contact-tracing work, besides adequate diagno-sis and early treatment of these infections. Technical personneland a limited amount of supplies 'and equipment will be furnished.

. Fellowships are provided for the training of local personnel inorder that they may continue the project after'the withdPa_i 'ofinternation_l staff member.s,


Other Communicable Diseases

, Na_tion_..:.!Vet er!n_a_. :_b_iC;.: Hca!th Pro.19_ ....

This project is schedu_'ed to commence late in1951 and Will continue .through 1,95_ with technical advisory serv-

. ices beingprovided throughout this period in c_der to ass_et ,inthe development and coordination of national veterinary,publi_.health programs, l¥ovision is made for a fellc_ship and for other .post-graduate training of local personnel in order to continue thework when international asSisto._cein wiShdrawn, _ limtte,d amount

of supplies and equipment is requested in order to..imRlementtheprogram, i' / .

Public Health Administration ?

HealthDemonstrationarea ..

,., .... · ..... ' The'Goverrenent ,of Peru re.quested, the assistance_;..'. o_,:t,HO i..,_. ,bl. lShing, a Health Demonstra_!_ '_._'._ in & Sec$_.,f_ .:

the'Pro_ific$ 'of _htcl_o. The area covers ten distri_t.s:_,,_,.',.;,,,_ 'c

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'"':';·" Page 116

1,?_O,s.q._n. and a ?e[p_.ationof 107,000; There is a large city in thearea _d thelrttralsection is almcst entirely used for'agricultural 'ac-tivities. ' ', ,

· ..

The major health problems of'the area are malaria,plague, tuberculosis, intestinal diseases and high infant'mortality.

' ' 'The preliminary health survey will be complet'edin1951 and the project will'start in 1952 with the establishment of ahealth unit in the city of Chiclayo,

This unit will develop a well-balanced public healthprogram with due emphasis in environmental sanitation, control of com-municable diseases and maternal and child health activities as well asmedical care. "' '-

Budgetary .provisionwas made for equipment and suppliesin 19_3 .tocomplete,the equij_nentof the health unit, Fellowships wereconsidered necessary to train local personnel to replace _he _0 expertsafter'withdrawal of international assistance.

Public Health Demonstration Pro,ram in.Ca!_a_

The Government of Peru'requested a Public ltealthDemon-stration Program in the Constitutional r_ovince of Callao, near Lima. Theplan of operation calls for a comprehensive public health program to bedeveloped in the province. Although special emphasis, is put on maternaland child health services, control of communicable diseases (includingvenereal diseases and tuberculosis), environmental 'sanitation, schoolhygiene and health education are contemplated.

The pro.Ject started in 1951 and it is expected to con-tinue through 19_3. During this period the' services'of technical 'person-nel will be provided._ Equipment and supplies will be imported fromothersources. ,

l_ 1953 provision has bee.nnmde for the training ofnationals in c_der to replace the _40 experts'after ,_thdrawat_cf inter-national assistanc·.

Public Health Administration

Countr.v Advisor._, · .

'_,"_" _ Rs.quest was received in 1951 f'_r_mt.hegov_mt ,.forthe'se'_ceb of a mescal 'records librarian.to assist In t_ .organizationof the MSd[Cal Records Libra_, of the "5egttro05_._o" Ln i_' ami _o trainmedical records librarians for the hospitals of the country, This workwill continue through 1953.

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} terna! andChild He,th

The problem of protection of the mother and caiXd hasbeen of particular concern to the Government of Petal. Lack of transpor-tation and proper equipment has impeded the reaching of these _wo groupsin the rural zones. _le infant mortality reaches a high inde_ in therural areas and contagious diseases are frequent. Mothers received verylittle assistance during pregnancy and childbirth is left in the handsof unskilled personnel and midwives without adequate training in thefundamentals of hygiene. Predominant among the preventable diseasescarrying high morbidity in children are malaria, typhus, plague, smallpox,diphtheria and whooping cough.

This project, which is expected to begin in 1951, aimsto develop in the Lima-Pativilca-Huaraz area the maternal and child healthservices within an integrated public health program including communicabledisease control services, health education, nutrition and tuberculosiscontrol services. ID order to assure the proper support and implementa-tion cf this program, the Organization will provide technical personnel andfellowships. The project will continue into 1953.

.Education and Trainin2

Nursing Fellowships

Provision is made for four fellowships to nationalnurses to prepare them for teaching positions in the new school ofnursing to be opened in 195&.

=Required Importe d EquiPment and S,,upR,lies

DDT Plant

A request has been received in connection with theconstruction of a DDT Plant. Funds f_ the equipment of this plant willbe furnished from sources other than the regular budget cf _t0 or Techni-cai Assistance. The ;_orld Health Organization will give technical ap-proval for the supplies and equipment. Should it be necessary to grantfellowships for the training of personnel in regard to this preJeer,provision will be made from the amount established for fellowships under"Countries Unclesignated".

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_T%C%OS m L_iS01UI%%II_)% 31T%_ m _ . ,


!fm_ M %M Pl_m m GQWe.eW r,a]md.mll_

' ,.,Mm..m _ m.q._Mx_ _'--, _,,_b,xMb, m_ .....

_om_.lm%M !CW_wmwd_d_Ir.n_


z z z v.,.,,6,_m Fi' 3,1_ ?,.16o __,AU

% '1 1 a_f_ M'_ _ _ 2,500 k_8_o _,loo ,*!;_ 2 2 _- ,

%)gl)Emadl_ - _

100 60 100' ,.l_eicm'lqmd ..

(Il l_m_ 662 l,l"Jh %,T8_

kl_ M _r_onal 86 1_ %'/9


n_.rt'Lt, mnt and J_p_trht.tm

X.tc_oM _ _JJitar el lu4p_ d. orJ4_ r_,?00

_,000 6,000 6,000rbwd _ md C]jd_

_t of t,_Qm t4zIt_ax,3_ M Xq,uut_ _m._ la r_t4


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The Ame_ CD_/_

Lu lmr_w _u_9


;,_.... er _ F,_ F._ndAtm-E4,a_dm _ Fi.... Coet_ Ca.X=-_-'_.

_ luxstlnmBoldsf _ AOEUtEm_ a_'t40 bluh_ '-q"'"'_'""-'__--Sqq)lim - _ 7 Sushi- JL_st4neXa ?tlb_ TOTiZ,

t,r_ loomed,-, do XlSmz't,&_A-3_

_)ther ColmvnicableDXoe&eeo

)trao B_forlwdadeo Tra_oXoibles

National Vete_r4_ Public I_uolth L_roJectl_t_ l_eional de Stlud l_blic&%'ete-rinaria

Advtoor in _terxnary P_blic _&lth1 I Ales_ ea Salvd PGblicaVetarinaria l_ 7,300 7,52S

All_n ceao


XEdt_&UmlnotalacJAn 7_

D,pendeutoPaiSAXarea 257 25V


CaSade l_Amee 1,022 1,0_

X_a_anceS,e_ _e peraeaaX X03 XC6


_lta_et and repatrta_lcmGOnt_LBCX6__ _tp_t_4_a _2 792

'_ttm _' _r_e_l ettectl1$_alpertede efecteelxu_malew 2_0 250

L_OEOC_per& !_Xtar el luea_ deoe_ee

Oq_liu end BquipmutOumSm_1_m 2,000

mind Chort_ end C2_mC_'eme/'lJ,,e; !-cl_iemo

Belibm'lEmmt of 'inceme taxBmebobo d, lnlmUto_ oobre la ro_4 6_ _,


X 1. 19z,12_; 16m7'Ab 1.9._{2._ lg. T'J,{k

Page 125: ALT. ATiON, 953



m6kf_mmm.&lm el_ btL.st_ _,..0. i CQet_ Clleuladoe

I _ Beoum,,lm _ blm'ta_Lam,B,t,--.-- uss T_II uss uss mlk ma mi ma mdk ma m. --.

P_bl_ _mLTthadm_lmt_b__d_LnLItr_ci _t- do Salud P(Lb].t._

Zem de __ _l_

1 1 I Achin_trmSor _e Sal,2d i_LSlicA 1% 2.2_ 7,_O 7,52_

FublLe _lth _d&!n4ttr_tor(J_taru&l and _l_lld V_o&lth)

&dml_Lotra6mr de Seiud _blic_

· I (H_Lem I"Jaterno-Zn,f',_ntU ) _ 7,30o 7,_._

I 1 If&dloo do Zddmmtario 1% 7.JOO 7,_5

Sanitary InC_eer

I 1 In_niero S,mi.t.ario P. 7,300 7,_5

PublAc Health lu_e't 1 r.n_ermen&do So..LudP_l.r_ _ _.,800 _oC)CX:)

&slfneciones C_noator_


I'm't eh'"'t_"' 3, h._;o

Fa_tliarH 1,1_3 1,16]



PaMtri_ci_ 2_0 2_0

lP_Aon Fund

C_J&de Perdiones %760 h.,916

Staff l_ce

5q,,uro cio _r_onal 32 h76 _h


T.mt.yDe ca_cter oEi,olaL 1, SGo

l_crtitJiin% &nd repatrl&%io_

Cofitrataei_ y r_pat_laelSn 3,_10

?_a_portation of persceal effects_r&nsporte de efocto_ per_omleg 1.2_O

SUop]Ltu &nd _:lUll_ent

$wlaietrc_ y _q_lpo 55,000 10.000

_r_m FIJQe_ _acla_acimH

Reba_lroe.ent, of lncme tax

aedmd:x),,L,Bode imp_dst_ .ob.-_ ).a r_t_ 225 2,826 3,].hO


-- 1OfO00

lta,_(_Yi' .107.03_; 6_.063 )4ii,t0_ 207,035 65,063

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Idm iBm*LCU

_DV-_SO_8F,I_iC_ _u F_ELDFgOJ_Y_

. Coetos,Calmal_

..J_moJ4 teas leeeeer_e do hpartmton_l _S _S _S mi _S ma mi ma mba mm& .._

Ublic Hea_th Damc_tr&t$on Proi_im (M_)

_r_reml de r_u_traciSn Sanitaria (H_l)

Public Boa_th _8trator

1 1 I Ad_L_totrador do 5alud _bLtca _ 7_3Q0 ?,5_5

6_r_ _r

1 1 1 _,_mr_ d_ _ l_a_ 1'2 k,800 5,_0

IBedmbo d_ S. Imm_ oebm La emta Z.S4k I.MO

,M I , ,

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A_I50_ $_L'9_,z_ AJlDPJ.Ig,D !tlOJ&C'J__RTICIO_ Dl &5-._)O_AKIITO! _aTIClOS mt CiJ_)

,te,,,t,,,,,_,4,,_ IISl T_S _ffliJ _l mil-- mi !ad' mi naa mmik ,,aa mm&

Fublic Health Amm_trataonifb!n4_ttracl_ de Salud P_bliea

Country Advisor

Asesor destino al pals

kodical _cordo Librarian

1 1 1 Bibliotocario de J_-'e_dvew_ic_ F2 2,000 _885 5,085

Allovancee ·

Ins tallatice

Instal*et fa _0




Pension Ptmd

Ceil de Pw_sic_mla 280 _ '_4Staff Xr_me

S_ro de _r_om_l 26 f_ 71


Recrul_nt and repatriationCentrataei_n y repatriac2ga 782

Tr_sportati_ of personaleffects_*am_portede e£ectospersonales 2_0

HomeleaveLicencia para visitar el lu_r de origed

Su_pliewand lquxpuent

FixedChargesand ClaimCargos riJo8 v Recla_ac_o_ea

_ei_bursem,mt of incometax

_embolso de le_m_eetossobrela recta 190 3_0 _0


X x x _,_eo 6,017 6,_._o _._eo 6.01.7 _o

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I _ I _ we _o _ 8W_XXee - _ · _/a_e- A_4,ela _emAoa _OT_

I !_. _fee leoeoa,_ae _ Xnpm_dei6a, _ _1 list IlS t t_J WA tiS& mi mi mi mi lull mi ,

kterna]l, and Child _WilthL_ Nnt*rno-lnf B.t _l

rteXd ?earnGrupo d, C41Wo

F_blic Health Acmiabtrat_r

idmints%rldor de Salud P_blica _ 3,6_0 7,41] 7,638

lsublte bal%h Nurses

_r_ermraa4,,Saiu_ P_utica _ 2,1_00 k,_ 10,200


X 1 X Expor_odo Labora_orio P2 2,400 4,_0 5,100

_ AAAowkrt4e_AaifnaeX_nes C_nsa_m'xm.


Xn_Jllei_. 1,6_0

fuAXiafm 265 _27 662


C4Jdtdb PeaotmBo -,lB3 2,1010 3;211St4fYtmweoee

sqEfo d, pe_,euaX XX9 _X _0


Geatm_U_ei_m;_oiSu 2,266

_empef_a_iee of _E_mal ei_ee?J

leto 14mmI_eeaeia _ wtoi_- eX l_&r

SupldAm md _ _0,OO0- _6,m0e _G,000,SubdAru; Bq_po _0,0_

rAas4_qpo fad CAatmCea_eoYlJm 1 Uaobaue_eme

_8lab_!emmt or laeam t_

Ik4mbo3modim_ oal_r* _ mt.a 6_ %,::_K_ 108_0

ffEX.imwhXIml_4me II.E_G

_. rah ',;m.-,4 _r _,,'_'m,YQ_I_ _ For _mx_Ja_

Page 129: ALT. ATiON, 953

Lm_ _hADV'IH(]__ aim Fxlff__

_lWZC'xc8ut _ ! SIRVIC']n08USc/mo

Wudm.er IP_me _ Ib_tar, em&m dm'_ lmljmm C_mft__

'hdmML% _ mmm4pmSmm_ _ ,--.m l'_mmm{_t_m_t4memmmmmm, um_ i_ _ _ s,mmea.t_- _zs, m:m_ $.e.mte,,__ eOUt

t,,'.,ko,em?_ M bm,,m,t.,,z_m_A mimS 1188 _lt. u3Jj mi mi mi .omBI

sMmdkm mm l'm_dmimw

T.m4,,...:,,_Tnd_ rm.,lime L.k_ 8m.vSme ,_ttM_.amte_epm,m_ mmlSal_empe,*_ er,re,

Z.a_c_ - he,Cemme]tmrIkNU_J4e.Iienm'mmAM e,_O

_ Cm,pema+_rtm

Sta_Sqe,__ heem_X _m

_wml ofCemNltmtv_ MX C,amdtef x,Bm

swe3_,, mt _t9mS,Mata'_M7 Itqqd.po X,SIoo

lqt3mdebro'lmmmd C18AOOCIs,pe I,_L_o4· _3,,m4_L_

Bold_rmmm_ or tnocml_IBombo3._do M odz'e 2a f_

,;.em s.eo?


Page 130: ALT. ATiON, 953

_. A..f,w cmr_/A

s_r$clQ8 r_ J.SIB_BAX]]l_O CAJO0

-'- i=t ---_ IBqKLvmd_l_dNd _ i Tedl4N_ l..L. tmN.

_l.o. IIrL_ -d.' Z_

_'"-- I I USl OSl OSl _l mi mi mi nil .. _ _

_oltion aad_l_o_=l_ y AdUL#triB_imto

TImr_L1 _ame Coatarol

dj Irife_i(hKb8 Ven&r_m

lwtra-Regl_aX Poet Or&duate?rLl_ C4mt4r - Callao

Zatm-Z_l de *d_mtrmB_ento

_.rl Grlmmdkl - CallAo

Y_d_Qil OffXoer _d_l Coa_ultam_]4_ld_oo Cowm].tOr mR _ 2;2_0

Public Health Mm-al ?elchtn( CQmmltant_femmm de Sal_d PGbUca Ccmultora

8_ b_e-m_

C_t of Ltvtnt _m_mut_te per e_to de _lda


_t_e_rh_er oftcXzL )j6oo

r'L.11d C_ lad. C3Jl._lG,_t_ r_ioe ..-' li._LamoJ.oa#

b_o_a'NBeot _ Lno_ee t. ax


_e h_e

Page 131: ALT. ATiON, 953

The &uf_u _m_610 Shu &u&-amm


mmm_ ec P#. _Um_d b_Utuqo "!dlm dm lam Fire m Ceet4l _

_,mdm kmm_ hmm_ B_dlmm.m _'_dmmm__m

q_..A-- uss uss _1 _S ma mi mi _ m___

_haca_L6e ? Adtutrmima_.,

Curmo de Adi#Lrmteatode la IiablLa

$tl_'f J. mml_a_40 _moull 22




,_ earAetm* oficbl 1,20o

_m_lt_eat md repa_Aa_i_

_port4_ of perm_ _f_e_4_r_m_mrW de ef_t_ per_


_um mad_t

P_.xed OMrmeo and _a_mm]P_iJoa · Be_J. mma_onem

bbJxa-oemmt of in_mo tax

Jhmlb_oo de l_mueatoj sobre la rent4 1_0


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Page 133: ALT. ATiON, 953

CE .)Page 128


RequiredImportedEqui_ent and Supplies.

B_ Pr0gr.a_

It is anticipatedthat a BOG programmay be carriedon in 1953.This programwould be generallysupervisedby the BOG advisorand fundsfor supplieswould be furnishedfrom sourcesother than the regularortechnicalassistancebudgets of WHO.

Page 134: ALT. ATiON, 953


': 'm_wit;]_S DE ASESO_I_rI'_ · SERV_I_ DE C.WPO

'_- T'_.nf_a d

: ' _ _ _ Estimated E_Je_d.l_a,_ ·

A._,t4m&a {tr_ Ileo_ariae d_ Zelmrtaa_m

IISi _ riga mi& r_&I _S _Sl m_ '


' I; , , . .....

_cO 8,000 _,oQo 8,000

'.' _ _,p_o,ed brFoadoe ip_bldo_ _

.$ -'

· -.'_,

,. ., ,4


· Ir. ' '~ -

Page 135: ALT. ATiON, 953

CDS/14Pag_ 130

Rem_lar Budge%_

Teo_=hnica! Tra!_=_mi;n_on the Bacterio!o_Y of Tuberculosis

It is proposed to set up in 1953 a program for the purposeof training national technicians on the bacteriology of tuberculosis.In addition to technical services of a consultant, provision of teachingequipment is contemplated in order to facilitate the objective mentionedabove ·

Education and. Trainin_

V nereal Diseases- 9 . ii _ iiii .3 _f

Ve..._..real Disease Control $e_r. ,,.. , _ , _ , , ,_ , , , . _

Fellowships are provided for the purpose of technical train-ing in Venereal Disease Control to be carried out in conjunction with theseminar held at S_o Paulo, Brazil.

Tech__nic,al _,Assistance

_ter_a_ .and.Ch$1d Heal%h

,Field,, Te_am

In 1953, it is prmposed to organize health services to

mothers and children in rural areas of Uruguay through establishing fivehealth centers in the Departments of Rivera, Paysandd, Salto and San Josg,in which will be developed maternal and child health services within theframework of general public health services.

It is expected that supplies and materials will be importedfrom other sources. A field team of the one MCH medical officer, a nurse-midwife, and public health nurse and fellowships will be provided fromTechnical Assistance Funds in order to assure proper support and develop-ment of the program and to provide means for training of local personnelwho will take over the responsibilities when international personnel arewithdrawn.

Page 136: ALT. ATiON, 953

Pap(COFF, [)

Required Imported Equipment and Supplies


The sum of money indicated has been provided by UNICEFt_furnish materials and supplies tca Ba3 production laboratory, Thislaboratory should go into the production of B0G vaccine for internationalpurposes by the end of 1951 or early 1952 and will continue thereafterto serve the Americas,

Page 137: ALT. ATiON, 953


· Coe*t,4_C__ o_ _ _ _pammt _ Tee_eaX A_astmm

S_ - _cpo · s_n_w_m TOTALAaimt_a

l_mtmraal &nd Glttld Bealth ....

Hll_mm _teruo-Xnfaut A1

· teld TeemOreo _ Cm_

_ateroaX mM C_lZd Bemlt_ A_

_L llllOr t Hll_Lln° _t_i]M/.U ]_ ?,_JO0

X _a_ermra de SaladPf,bXAoa-_be_et4_a _2 J;,SCO


X Ea_e_mra _, SaX_ _ Pa &.800


Ash_aoLome C_q_am_t_r_aa


ZMtAhQA6a 1,6_O

_pmdm_rau_Ua,_e 527



Pme_m Il'mM.



b o_ erie,ha

bm_'_&mm_,m rqN_M'ml_Lm

Gemat.eoUtu · mpetrJ,te,lh _*,Jds6

IP_iaopQrlbtM.OUedtlmL'.mml d're_aJ?,',m,ua'_ do erin pft, mLb_ P_OIJam lelur.toeua_ pm.u v*J,lttm. el 11liLt do orS.pm

mppZb_ '"" !krdrimm_

r',3mt cbmq_ ,--,, re,da,cu.,o_ _.tu 7 _e,m,

b/mbqaFml_nt, or l_oato r.dlz

bmbo/mo d_ imlpmmmem h rmtu 1_0

kou-- .......... 8d,_O

J ?s_ _ _Juw _ m_ms,. , , , , , , .l , , , , .......

Page 138: ALT. ATiON, 953

fa, m,._,u _,_/m&

_ silwlcls Aim _ p_

er _ [ {_ Zxpeaditm_m!i _, .'- Z,m {'m.m , r..eet4m Cal_

c{nm:m_ {l_ O,.sdo {am{_ $qq_.tm - _ % s_ {u,ietue_ l'_,_aa I_!'AL

' -- us{) us, ms, uss mit mit nmi _ ,, { ....j,j,

Cmm.ultee mn Baetf_to_.a. Honm'*m_e 3,GO0

alkm,me_Ast.f_aef.ouH Cemmmoatortao

_1 of Om_Gt4_via,,mm,,bl Cemmltee 2.boq

S,mpp._ --4 S(Fatmm,,,t9miAtwt_.ee· Squt_e 1,_00

letmd_ andClAtm_ _ _.Xmm_oub

Ro_buroemeA of tnccmo tax

ibMmbo]._ de b,pu_to_ _ la )00,%1_t4

Venmrma.l D:l.ommle ControlCm_eol do !hformdados Ven_rus

Sio Pau].o_ Bi*aLii-3emtnaz_oI _ Pim.].oI Brasi].


69o 61,o

He_mttal Admtmtatraticn InstituteTms_tuto dm Adm_AistFact_n 4o Hosl_Ltale8

T_lv_lar FaCUl_

ViaJoado If_rom dm ]at FIcult_ 11,6_0 ]_Jd_)

Pl_nt.in_ md Dietrtb_tim

aco er,_,,m IS,Oao S.m_

supp_, md _r, ap,ut

1._.o_o .. lg-nn_

:3 _ 7_,._ _,,ooo 7_;.ooo 2_;.(xx) ._)_ ],g,,oQo ?S.0Go _t.._r

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Regular Budget

Educatio n and Trainir_

Tube culosisi _ ,mI I ,

Trainin_ for Mass X-ray Services%

It is proposed to set up in 1953 a program for thepurpose of training national persorznelon _ss X-ray techniques to beused in tuberculosis control progre_ns. In addition to technical serv-ices of a consultant, provision of teaching equipment is contemplatedin order to facilitate the objectives mentioned above.

Technical Assist_ce

Public Healt h AdmSnistrati0 n

Health Demonstration Area

The 6over_ent of Venezuela requested the assistanceof _O in the establis_aent of a Health D_nonstration Area in the Tuy

Valley. The Valley is primarily agricultural, has an est_ted popula-tion of 80,000 and an area of 3,O39 sq. _s.

The _Jor health proble_ of the area are diarrhea andenteritis below the age of two, intestinal parasitesis, water-bornediseases and nutritional deficiencies. Schistosomiasis is also an im-portant problem in the area.

The preliminary stLrveywill be completed in 1951 andthe project will start in 1952 with the establishment of a health unitwhich will develop a comprehensive public health progr_ _ith special_phasis on enviro_ntal sanitation, nmterrml and child health, nutri-tional as well as field research on schistosomiasis in the area.

It is proposed to n_aintainthre_ cf the five expertsassigned to the project in 1952. Budgetary provision for equilxaentandsupplies are included in order to complete the equipment of the unit.Fello_hips are necessary to train local personnel to replace the expertsappointed by :,NO.

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T_e4,_cu _;/_Zm,b,_cu P.4__

° _i{_IOG DE ASESORAMX{_O y _VA_106 D_ Cl{B_O


- ..

_.1_ oC Po4ta FJtimat4d Zx_mmitt ute"Id _ dm %m _ d Cos_ Gl_cul.-_._

_,chalaal . Orede b_ir_l X,pcrt_dKqui_een_,nd ' T._ml_ IJ,m_t4na,

isiJJt4mJ, a t. roo l_u"i4_ de .tllfmrv. aozlou

__ uSI uss _l u_l _l usa mi mi mi mi.P 4{,4,.

lqQ 1<1<_1 _k'3 3_

Imu_ti,xt ant Tratning

!uc_ci_n Z Ml_t_-aelent_ c


Trt.t..nAM fct"*Malll l-_ Sorvi_o,

Adlost, r_t,o pets 3orv'l_c:Loe aedto_giOOlltptra Orandno OrUl)O,

X-IltmF Con_t._t - Feel

Staff Iumwm_e

Se_o de Permm-m ·


l,m3_ _ ,md C].,,.m...C4_ {'i._ y {_]lmciomm

_,eo7 ..,,. ;. ·


. .


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cDs/ (Eng.)Page 136


,V,enereal _,Dis ease ¢ontro!

Consult ant -Month$, : 7:: ? : _ i ,,, J _

The experience obtained in the past few years indicatedthat very often it is not feasible for the Regional Advisor to stay fora sufficient length of time to make an adequate survey in a country re-questing technical assistance. Furthermore, in certain highly technicalaspects of the field of venereal diseaseand humm_ treponematosis, it isdesirable to have a certain number of consultant-months available forspecial investigations.

Edu_tio_ and TratnL_g

,,public Hea!__h Adm_nistration

Seminar on Small Commuqit!es Health Services

It is proposed to organize a seminar in 1953 to take placein a conveniently located country for approximately two weeks in ordAr todiscuss a variety of debatable points regarding the organization and ad-ministration of health services in rural areas. Funds are requested forexpenses of approximately ten experts with experience in development ofrural health units who will be brou&ht together for this seminar, and forprinting and distribution of papers presented.

Se_nar on Alcoholism

It is anticipated in 1953 to ho]_ a seminar on alcoholism

and its relationship to physical and mental health in a conveniently lo-cated country. It is proposed to bring together ten ez_eyts in psychiatry,mental hygiene and social sciences to exchange po]n%s of view and makere-commendations regarding aaequate techniques to combat and prevent alcohol-ism and its related effects. Provision is made for the expenses for print-ing and distributing the proceedings in addition to the travel expensesof the participants.

Veterinar.y Public Health Fellowships

Provision has been made to grant three fellowships tospecialists in veterinary medicine for course of study leading to the de-gree of _mstere of Public Heqlth.

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cDs/ (Eng.)' Page 137

Cther Communicable D!,,_e,_ _ _ _ _,1 ,, :

, To ,Br_vtde f_,r*.fe_w.b.%l_ granted in connectionwith the Bruce_o'sis Training __S_-{=._ar ,pm_posed to b__!given' i_ _hJa_lm.


Rabies Control TrainingCours e - Lima

rabies control course proposed to b e ,given in,L!ma_ PemAi

Envi_nmental Sa__Aga _

' I"rovision has been made for thB, 8ranting,of t'ea_ ,..feliowship awards to sanitary engineers and six to sanitary inspecters,

· Provision has been made for ten nursing fellowshipsin order that candidates from five Latin American countries may have theopportunity to study at the Center for Trainim8 Instructors in Nursingin CommunicableDiseaseat SantiagQ_Chile. _'

.... , · ,

' aid .to E_ucational_Instit_utio_s _,,;__ ,. '.

Eyalgat,,ion of' I_[odical Sc,.hool.,s f.o r _LonRTerm Aid

rrovisionhas been made for sixteen consultm3%-=months in order that the facilities and curricula Of medical schoolsin Latin American countries may at the request of these institutions bereviewed. As a result of such surveys long-teton plans to aid andstrengthen the teaching facilities of these institutions will be made.

Technica! Assistance

F_ucatSon,,_and ,,?rai' ni,,nf

Envirgnmental Sanit,at:ion

Provision has been made for the granting of fellowshipsin connection with the :;aterworksOperators _ Traiaing Course to beheld in Panama and Chile. These fellowships will permit suitable candi-dates from neighboring and other interested countries to obtain trainingin the operation of water treatment plants.

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CD5/14 (Eng.)Psge 138

aid to Educational Institu_io_J

A,U{_t_oe tQ M__a of Pu_lic:]{_alt__ Latin A_erica

Or_ of the moss Valuable types of assistance that can

_e given to National Health Organizations is itHat for the improvementin the preparation of public health personnel, especially public healthadministrators, sanitary engineers and public health nurses.

Although there are at present four public health teachingcenters inLatin AmeriCa, a large percentage of fellows are assigned toSchools of Public Healthin the United States in spite of language dif-ficulties and differences of approach to the Solution of public healthproblems; By strengthening the Schools of Pablic Healthin existence in Latin America a larger number of well-trained personnelcan be prepared and consequently a far better chance given to healthorganizations to improve the quality and quantity of services providedby them. It is expected furthermore that the utilization of the_ecenters will better serve the Latin American countries, since their com-

mon problems are numerous, their stage of develo¥_nentvery similar andthe adequate solution for their problems very much alike.

The teaching conditions in these schools will be verymuch improved by this program in which provision is made for exchangingprofessors, for equipping laboratories, and for _roviding teaching ma-terial. Fellowships will also be provided in order to train heads ofsome of the department of these schools.

The project will start in 1953 and is expected to con-tinue for three years.

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&ddo 1Social and occupational He_th............. _ -- - _ ii iii j .

RehabilitatiO-..of..th.ep.h !oa dioap dIn order to familiarize experts in this field with the

latest techniques, it is proposed to award four international fellc_shipeto senior medical officers with previous experience in this specialty.These awards will permit the fellows to stay at hospitals and epeOializedcenters, observe and evaluate new techniques. Upon return to theircountries, these fellows will be in the position to make available thebenefits of their training.

Nutrition SYmpo_sium

The Second Conference on Nutrition Problems of LatinAmerica recommended "among the means of encouraging the development ofnutrition research and practical nutrition program_uesis the periodicholding _f symposia, attended by experts from a group of countries withinthe region, at which these subjects are discussed in their technicalaspects. The experts may appropriately belong to a group of countriesin which common and similar problems of ntrition exist because ofsimilarity in geographical and other conditions."

It is, therefore, proposed to conduct in 1953 a nutritionworkshop in Guatemala at INCAP. A group of consultants will be broughtto Guatemala and a number of fellowships will be provided for qualifiedpersons to attend the symposium. Also, it will be possible for thoseenjoying fellowship awards to obtain additional training at INCAP. Thesymposium will last for one month. Fellowships will be awarded forthree month periods in order to permit training at INOAP.

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AD_ _ AND _ P_J_CTS_V_mS _ _w_mrm_o T _cxos _ ca_o

Co_atri_ _tedPa_4e._

_ _ 1__ ! _c'__'_-

_ehaieal _ _ _ui{m. nt a_ TeehmAcal Aa_ta_e

Aaletencia_- _$ _$ _S USS !SS _S ma ma naa aaa .ca mi

Vemeeel _ Co_.rolC_n_rol de _fer_ldad_ Vel_rea_

Sbort-tera Consultant - FeesHceor_-_ para Commltor_ a cort, o pluo 2,_0


_t_,'_ _e 26Se_ de perloml



D_ oar$_terof_ctal 1,800

c_lll end Cl_

]_t of t.ncoemt.e=c

PublicHealthAdministration '"' iAd_inistraci_de Salud _blica

Short-tern Consul tan t_ - Fee,Consultore_a Corto Plazo - Hc_morarios :_,{_00

- TravelViaJes ltSO0

4,200 _,_00

Bealth Educattc_ of the Public_ducaci_aSanitariade la PoblaclSn

Skort-ter_Commltaat - Fees

_ltorel · Cort_Plazo- Honorario_ 2,400 3,200

- _ra_el

- ViaJea _{{_00 21hO0

Mater. al and _hild Health

atgle.e _atemo-Infa_til

_bort-tem Commlt4ata - Fee__ultore_ · CortoPlaao _c_orarioa _00 5,600

- _cavel

- _.aJes ;100, 4{200

'700 9,800 _CO 9,8Q0

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Tbm &mr'lcmm (Z)_'_/"2_m'

INrmmq,9dm !m m'!mm C.Q4t_mmC._L1Lcm2bmkqmmm_ Imm_m4 ImN_m_ md _md__.emXamJt4m

mmm._ minim, _ _ mmm,m_m - s{mgm_7 mmm_m._%- ..,,_,.,,_T_mi,m lO{_Am4_mt4md_ q_m immm&m{_ dm 3r_mm,qmm_6m

&_ _ {Z_S _l _S m m' mi mi mi mm,'me'

mm{ mm,_ mm_

_l_-t4rB Cc_lt_mt_ - Fe_Ccmsultores a Corto Plato - Ho_or_r_os 2,b00 %j(_O

- Travel- Vi,_e8 1.,800 _,200

_,_o 9,800 _,_o 9_0

u,,tr_t J.onNut_/c/6a

Short-t_m Ccmm/t_mts - FoesC.,m'mul_ · Corto Plazo - Hm_orartoo 2,,hO0 5;,600

- 'I_veZ- _m_s lf600 _b200

b,,2o0 9,800 b,,200 9,800

F,dGc&t.'i.m_tand Trmtr_n_Edue,a=t,c_uy .Ad.l.e_t,rmlent, o

I _ lle,a..l.t,J_.ILdi_La.,tat,_'_,t,,,',t.ee

Xdnd,.n:tata*_oL de ,S&tud.Pu'M.tca

Pa.rt,/e:l,pantd ' 'fra_

V:i.m,Jdmdm lmmPart.t_pm_ 9,200

P_in_d._au_ J_s%_but&m _]M.'i.e::Lc_ny Dlstrtbuc_c_ de 3.aa&et,ms 6a_O0

_6,ooo _,ooo8emdamron __Sm.mm_o m a2edmUfm

Ru't/etpm3t, m, TntvelV:L_ea de _ h.rt,/_t_ 9,200

PAntJk__ md M.mtr/but&_ _ PFoe_mdtn_F,d_c_:_ y Obta*J.bueto_ de ].aa ietu IlfSO0

Yet,e_. Publ/c Hulthhlud P_bl/_e qete:/mu_h



BrmM].loe_ Train._ Bemd.nfm.- Ouat,mu3,_ X_,O00,._o de i_temtrfumAonto em Bruee_ .



O,t:CO 8m6°°

Page 148: ALT. ATiON, 953

l_oA,,=_. C3)5/"A


Cotmt_l.M gnd_:t4p_t,_tl_tf.s_ sin

re,du:Loal Oz*_e bquXz'ed blLMrbd ]r4,,d.lnme and Tee,...4caX imd.otmoo_ Ji4udJt4mm Olldo Regular 8u]pS_t.ee - Jqu:Lpo· S"m4_-- Afsist4nc:LuT_,Cn_c& TOTAL

;,.--- ;mi uss mi ust usfl usi mi .afl ,,Il .. rat --.y 4

n-_'e_ Con4R_XTra'ln4n___ ._ax,ao 6o Ad_ee_a_nien_oon el 0ontroXde..la Rabia- _Lnt


En_ _,ni_a_iceSaMe_e_ko del_odio

Ft13.auid.lM ,,

W_t,eruoTt Ope_toz'.(Xu',mode _cllo.-_m cieS_stemo cto, ibMt4(d_.e_ cb Aim

Fo_vshipm ,.,

S,bo_t_m 0,m_tXt_t_ - Fee_C_mtl%o_oea Coz_o PISSO- JioooFarioo 2,hO0


- V:LaJu Xj000 ,..k,aoo &,too

L'valmtic_ _ _M. oaX Schools forTe_a Aid

ItvaAmcid_t d. kCmJM 4e l,k,d4,..4... ]pate.i,J..*,,wxaa Zm.pna,oCmanlt,an_ - lq,em

ConmLl_ - lnontrim 12,000

-Trawl- V:ta_em 9,600


A.:tmmatmm,, Ce,,ql,e,,_a_M

Staff :l.amuwmm

_ _a,_ a=t re,aim

itatmbmmemmt m_ iaoemm tm_

h.mbobo,b Mm.*-,- -ebr,,_-M_r_ ,.. %2_o_1.oo0 ,, , 2_ Ar.d

_peBo.d fihO00 · lJ nf_

...... s-

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bu, aai-'Xou

JWVZSO_SsJ_rzc_ ii) _ PR_r_rS (CoaT._Jfirzczos I Lqa:_iiKI_ITO ! 8_RVZCZOISDISCa.q)

Count.flu OUdNl_nat4dl_fjee etn

_ _ Fd_Lwted _q_endit4._I#k m_odrm2m t;3fs m C,O4t,OB_

bdm_Z omb aeq,Lwd_ _ ---, Too_d_timb_uokfdm. _ imdrJImm O_do aqpdm- Oq_tm - Bqutm 7 aumLub- iats_uSa t_L_ t_rtL

"""'"- ,qfp.._p _','_-,,- _1 _s uss mi mi mi .., ,... -.lotmle_l M_L_l _*tl_ _M_ _ _ ]953 ]tlt_L ISPJ2 _ _ _ _ _ _e_ __

&m4stdmes to Ikdneo3Jo_ Pub]Se_th£_ _ at' ToaeM.at C.cmd:LU.onB

lqh_Lm para !b3oz_ lea Oral.ones de

Ir_hmt;ton Cmamltmta - Foal_ ea._'_'._,'_,"_o- _ ]_,O00

- Tra:w_l.- v:L_l_ )6,,oco


8_ t.ull_Nmee

YL.loe y !i_AmK:L,xm_

BdNmbo._BOde :LuFuelr,oe eobr_ _ _ h,5_O0

Tmeht_ Supp].b, aad r,4t,tp.._

)._),],)o ]J_l,:t..110


13S,00o 276,662 _,o0]. 2_,82_ 1_,.t82 ].61_m5 28_fftl_ lk,O01,


, ,8oe 4-'t los Oc_ptt. toM.l HotlthHtdd.mo 8ootaJ. 7' Pt,oZutmutl




I - Trim].

- Vta3oo kt,_00_d.f'r _mmftnm

bgu"° d° Pe"entT

i _ of lnmmo t,m[:

i B..mbobod. tn[Lnm4_Ntt,. h ,',et, k,qO

L Teaching 8utt_]..tos md bnt,Ibnf_M · ]_luipo ds _ 8_0

Inm-es_ h,_/_


_,ooot ......


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·lmwxz ' , ovy/--' Page1_


'" WORLD'-I_H (I_G'_ZATION 'I . Il Il. 111 I ] _ _1 Il I I... LI II . - I _ II I III I ]J'' 't

m_hth_Session " EBS/R/28,/Rev il7 June 1951




"The Executive Board

Having noted the resolution adopted by the Fourth World Health 1AsSembly concerning the form of presentation of the programme _ budget,and

Having studied the resolutions adopted by the Fourth World HealthAssembly concerning "Concentration of Effort and Res.urces", "The

Rehabilitation of the Physically _andicapped" and "Co-ordination of Plan-ming of Programmes with UNICEF',

REQUESTS the Director'General, in planning his progrsmme and budgetestimates for 1953:

(1) to bear in nd.nd the resolution of the Fourth World Health Assemb_concerning cmzentration of effort and resources, and to co-ordinateproposed intexmat_onally assi_ed health projects for countries intoregional health pIogranmles,ai_ such regional health programmes into anappropriately balanced world tmalth programme, giving consideration tothe recommendations and comments of the Regional Committees;

(2) to contiIme to co-operate with the A_ministrative Committee onCo-ordination for the purpose of co-ordinating international healthprogrammes such as relief to the ci_illan population of Korea and alsothe rehabilitation of the physically handicapped;

_ -- . _ _ - . · · J JI. qll JI -- I

1 Resolution A4/R/33

2 Resolutions A_/R/37, A_/_5, A_/87 respectively.

Page 151: ALT. ATiON, 953

x CDS/_,tr._.)· '_i Pagel_,

(3) to continue'to ce.'opereteat the planninglevel with UNICEF and thegovernmentsconcezmed,._o developapp_opr[e%$internationalhealth prorgrammesfor _ich suchgcverrmentshave placed 0r prepeseto place re-questswith.UNICEF for requiredsupplies,and to indicatetentative

s for'such supplies;

(_) to reviewrequestssubmittedby governmer_sin order to ascertainwhetherthe proposed projectscan be implementedin co-operationwiththe governmentsand continuedby them after the withdrawalof interna-tional assistance;

· .

(5) to includefellowsktpsas a ccmpcnentpart of apprepriateprojects,or, where the Organization's participation in a proJe_t consists inprovidingfellowshipsonly, to indicatethis in the programmePropesedfor the countryconcerned; and

· -, ;. ,] : ,

' (6) to indicatelocal .fundsexpectedt_ be contributedto each'countryactivityby the governmentconcerned.

· (aix_hmeeti/_,·6 June 1951,mS/mn/6)




· .. , ..

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Page 1A5



FOURTH_RLU HEALTH '_._S]_IBL_ A___ -- :=:

25 May 1951



The Fourth World Health Assembly,

Having noted the report of the Exeou_ive Boara at its _vmnthN_m_ooncernin8 the increasing Co-ordination at the planning level ofWHO/UNICEF programmes,

1, EXPRESSES its appreciation to U_CEF for thi_ further evidence of

co-operation in Co'ordinating international health pre,rases; ,_:_ ..

2. REQU_T_ the Director-General_in planning his prograumm and bu_estimates for 1953 to bear in mind constantly that ih accordance withits Charber, UNICEF's rele inhealth programmes is to furnish,at therequest of governments the required _uppl£es for approve d _rUgram_ee.eligible for assistance from UNICEF; and

3,: INSTRUC2B the Direoto_]eaeral fha%' i_ titi, ee_c_,g ami co_rdi_mtir_ u'internatimYml health p=,grama_S he should oor__ %0 co_operate Witk :UNICEF, ,.' .' , .,_, , ...... _'.

2_ May 1951, A__iO).

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Amaxx CDS/ (Sns,)L.', '_ Page 146 ,_

I_011_I0_of': t,h_:',.

..... _'" ' - " 25 May 195.1.i



The Fourth _rld Health Assembly,

Noting that assistance in the field of health is furnished in manyoour_rtes_by _re'than one agency and in some eases,by several agencies;

Recognizing that the highest degree of co-ordination of the vari0_sassistance programmes is desirable;

Recogni$ir_ that such co-ordinatinn must be act_eved,both by co-ordination between the different agencies in their planning and particularlyby c_-ardinaticm of planning _r_ operatiOn in the host countries;


RecOgnizing that a major function of WHO is ,toact as co-ordinating 'authority cn international health work; ,

Recognizing that in some host-cnuntries a high degree of co-ordination!n _he field of international health prograane_ has b_en achieved throughthe oreation of_national co-ordinatt,_goommit_tees,traderthe Hlnister orDirector-General of Health;

1. URQFS upon Members the desirability of promoting such co-ordination

(1) by encouraging agencies furnishing technical assistance toob_rate _tth WHOwhen planning their activities;

(2) by establishing within their own governments single points ofcontact for outside agencies furnishing assistance in health matters;

(3) by establishing appropriate arrangements for consultation betweentheir own governments and such outside agencies with respect to suchassistance;

Page 154: ALT. ATiON, 953

- ' Page 1_?


(1) that, if no _verall ao-ord_at_ng arrangements already exist,a national co-ordinating committee in the field of he'_lth may bedesirable and this Or.. some similar arrangement should be activelyconsidered and promoted, and

(2) .tha%, if _verall co-ordinating arrangemer_8 do P-Tis.t,ar_./:2._:special arrangements in the field of health should be 'brought'wi%himthe framework of such overall arrangements; and

3. REQUESTS the Director'General to use appropriate means and occasionsto bring to the attention of members these and other suitable methods ofco-ordinating technical assistance progrmmaes.

, · (EleventhplenarY, mee$im_,

· .

# ,...

Page 155: ALT. ATiON, 953

Page 148

, ... RF_OIFrlOI_' ,. of the

' tm' TH

!fOUrTH _'I,D HEALTH AS$_LY. . A_/I_/37...... ........ ........ 2_ May 1951



The Fourth World Health Assembly,

1. NOTES_that the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Economicans Soaial Council of the United Nations on the subject of the concen-tration of effort a_d resources _d the suggested criteria for prioritiesbetween programmes Aare in general acc_d with the policy of theOrganizaiton;

2. POINTS OUT, however, that quantitatively demonstrable results arenot always obtainable in any public-health pr_grcmme;

3. REQUESTS the Director-General to be _uided by the resolutions onthe subject of concentration ol effort and resources in preparing theprogramme and budget estimates of _:IOfor 1953 and the y,_rs following,end in the execution o_ bhe p_'ogA'a_ne;

_. REQUESTS the Executive Bcerd, in co._mentingon the proposed programmem_ budget estimates of WHO for 1953 and the following years, to be guidedby the same resolutions; and

5. REQUESTS the Director-General to send Official i_ec_rdsNos. 30 to 3_to the Economic and Social Council together'wi_h dec_s-_ affectingthese documents as taken by the Fourth World Health Assembly.

(Tenth plenary meeting. .,


Page 156: ALT. ATiON, 953

ANNEX I CDS/14 (_ng.)Page lll.9







The Fourth World Health Assembly,

Recalling the instructions of the Third Uorld Health Assembly to theExecutive Board and the Director-General comcerning the form ofpresentation of the Director-General's programme and budget estimates;

Having noted the action taken by the Executive Board on this matter,and

Having noted a resolution by the General Assembly of the United Nationsrequesting specialized agencies, inter alia, to provide in their regularbudget document s information concerning the estimates for expenditure oftechnical assistance funds, as well as other extra-budgetary funds,

1. COI_[ER!k5the Director-General for havil_ csrried out theinstructions of the Third World Health Assembly so effectively;

2. COM_IDEES the form of presentation of the Progr_me andBudget Estimates for 1952 as contained in Official gecords No. 31as an adequate basis for the discu,_sionof the Director-General'sannual programme and budget estimates by the Health Assembly;

3. _%EQUESTSthe Director-Oenoral to continue this form of

presentation of his armual Progra_ne and Budget Estimates, and,further

&. REQUP_TS the Executive Board and the Director-_enersl t o

study ways and means of providing the Health Assembly withadditional information which shouldenable it to exercise tothe fullest extent possible its functions under the Constitution

to act as the directing and co-crdinating authority on interna-tional healt h work.

(Tenth plenary meeting.- 24 Nay 1951, A_,/_I_)

51- 680