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issue #4 of ACHE magazine, a quarterly magazine created by and for young people around the world. released on october 29, 2011.

Text of ACHE Magazine October 2011


  • OCTOBER 2011004 note from ACHEa letter by the editor-in-

    chief of ACHE to read-ers of the magazine.


    style icon: ebba zingmarkACHE spoke with ebba zingmark, a sixteen-year-old lover of fashion from ume, sweden.

    nymphan editorial by anabel navarro llorens, featur-ing model aina reij and clothing by devastee.



    deck the hallsACHEs clothing picks for the holiday sea-son. prepare for the festivities with the right wardrobe!

    103bon hivera collection of clothing for winter... look crisp and clean while you stay warm.


    style icon: jenny ongtwenty-two-year-old jenny ong is from los angeles.

    005 creature comfortfashion editorial by natalie kucken with kayla @ direct.


  • 002

    gregory euclidewe speak with the tal-ented gregory euclide, bon iver album artist from minnesota.


    musicwhat were listening to: autumnACHEs playlist for the season, featuring artists like m83, memory-house, and fleet foxes.





    valeria lazarevawe introduce valeria lazareva, twenty-seven-year-old ukrainian photographer.

    megan tippsinterview with megan tipps, twenty-six-year-old fashion photog-rapher from houston, texas. megan shot the cover for this issue of ACHE.




    aaron feaverACHE interviews aaron feaver, thirty-three-year-old photographer living in venice, california.


    marina kochetygameet marina, twenty-eight-year-old photogra-pher from ukraine.


    tanya and zhenya posternakinterview with the posternaks, twin sisters from kiev, ukraine.

    what were listening to: get crunka list of songs, including music by nicki minaj, drake, and gucci mane.

  • CREDITSjackie luo, editor- in-chie fjackie fu , editorcover pic ture by megan tipps , featur-ing model hol le i graves @ musepic ture (p.001-002) and pic ture (p. 003-004) by jackie luoparanoid font by kev in yuen kit lopic tures in bon hiver (p. 045-048) and deck the hal l s (p. 103-106) cour tesy of websites l i stedcorrection for noah emrich and nicole lohers feature in the july 2011 i ssue : dress (worn by nicole) by julia cookespecial thanks to ever yone who con-tr ibuted work to the magazine!

  • 004

    welcome to issue #4 of ACHE magazine! nearly a year ago, jackie fu and i conceived ACHE, a work that has

    been growing and improving s ince our f i rst re lease in januar y of this year. we didnt know much about star t ing a magazine, but our mutual love for fashion and ar t led us to endeavor to create something that

    would last . f rom its incept ion to today, ACHE has been a labor of love. ever y three months , a new issue f i l led with people of ta lent and good taste has been released to the world, and the response we have received has been enormously grat i f y ing . contr ibutors and readers

    a l ike, thank you for making ACHE happen.

    as a lways , ACHE is looking for submiss ions f rom ar t ists , des igners , photographers , wr iters , bloggers , music ians , and more. were open to adding writers , photographers , and editors to our staf f , so le t us see

    samples of your work!

    to submit , send us your fu l l name, age, c ity and state/countr y, and any other informat ion we might need, a long with your work.

    weareachemagazine@gmai l .com

    keep l iv ing young, keep making ar t , and keep reading ACHE.


    jackie luoeditor- in-chief

  • jenny ongSTYLE ICON

  • 006

    meet jenny ong. j enny is a twenty-two-year-old g ir l f rom los angeles , ca l i fornia . her sense of sty le ranges f rom sof t , femi-nine looks to edg y, cool out f its . she t r ies to f ind peace of mind through fashion musings . her blog , f rom the block , i s an ar t ist ic out let to counter the monotonous days she exper iences as a col lege student . f rom the block i s fu l l of gorgeous pic tures , chic c lothing, and interest ing stor ies and comments on l i fe .

    TOP v intageSHORT S v intage

    CLUTCH j ess ica s impsonSHOES forever 21

  • ACHE Magazine: Describe your personal style.Jenny Ong: I feel like Im a bit tomboyish, a bit girly, laid-back, basic, slightly eccentric. AM: Who has influenced your style the most? How?

    JO: Im not so sure if there has been one sole per-son.... I think I look to a lot of bloggers, pick out one or two things I like about each person, and try to incorpo-rate that into my style. Of course, I love Rumis ( simple aesthetic... but on the other hand, I love how Jules ( mixes colors and texture to create an equally amazing outfit.

    AM: What is your favorite magazine? Why?

    JO: Growing up, Ive always LOVED InStyle. It just ap-pealed to me because of the layout, the relevant ar-ticles, and the fashion aesthetic. Before, I was just par-tial to InStyle, but lately Ive also been enjoying Lucky, Vogue, and Nylon.AM: If you had to choose ONE must-have accessory to keep forever, what would it be, and why?

    JO: Do shoes count? I am utterly obsessed with shoes. If they dont count, I guess Id have to say bracelets. I love being able to pile them all on and make my arms look entirely jeweled.AM: What do you hope to achieve in fashion?

    JO: I have yet to set major goals, but I do hope to dab-ble in it long-term. I enjoy it, and fashion and styling is what really gets me going. I always think about it. So I guess that means something!

    AM: What are your favorite runway shows?

    JO: This is hard! Unfortunately, my memory doesnt stretch too far back at the moment, so if I had to choose just one... Id say Chloe S/S 2010. It was the first time I was in awe of the simple eye-pleasing aes-thetic of mere neutrals. Chloes muted palette was so simple but chic at the same time, and I knew I wanted to achieve this kind of simplicity in my life. Such great pieces, every single one of them. AM: Which decade would you like to live in, and why?

    JO: I think living in the 70s wouldve been fun. I feel like that era was engulfed in fun colors, lots of love, and daring cuts so much freedom to really explore what you love.AM: What is your favorite thing about the place in which you live? How has it affected you?

    JO: I live in Los Angeles, and I feel like its a toned-down version of New York. While I do love New York, I think LA has a different flair that I can definitely appreci-ate. In LA, no ones really judged for what they wear, so its like a warm welcome to personal style. Speaking of warm, its always sunny here in LA, and even though Id complain about never getting to wear autumn and winter wear (there is no real winter here), Ive learned to love the constant sunshine. It really puts me in a good mood!AM: Where do you see life taking you?

    JO: At this point in time, Im not so sure. Im in the mid-dle of trying to decide exactly what I want to do, which, of course, is a huge, scary process. I just hope that I make the right decisions and, if I dont, that I end up happy regardless.

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  • 008

    TOP ak iraSCARF v intage

    SHORT S amer ican apparelSHOES n ine west

  • BL AZER v intageDRESS h&mSHORT S t rue re l ig ion

    TOP forever 21VEST v intageSHIRT h&mBAG n ine west

  • 010

    BEST ONLINE SHOPSsolestrucknasty galthe outnet

    one teaspoonshopbop

    best street shopsfree people


    forever 21thrift stores

    FAVORITE movies & TV SHOWS



    GLEE2009 to present

    FRIENDS1994 to 2004

    jenny ong's top lists

    Top TRENDSplatform boots

    wide-legged pantsmilitary jackets

    monochrome neutralsstacked bangles and bracelets

  • TOP forever 21DRESS v intage

    SHOES sam edelman

    im a bit tomboyish, a bit girly,

    laid-back, basic, slightly eccentric.

  • 012

    SWEATER forever 21SHORT S amer ican apparel

    BAG v intage

  • SWEATER forever 21SHORT S amer ican apparelBAG v intage

  • 014

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    BAG v intageSHOES j e f f rey campbel l

  • SHIRT denim ref iner yTOP forever 21SHORT S amer ican rag

  • 016

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  • 018

    TOP denim ref iner yJEANS sold des ign lab

    SHOES dolce v itaSUNGL ASSES ray ban


  • MODEL alyssa pasekST YLING l es l ie r ivasMAKEUP/HAIR bianca r ivas


    meet megan tipps, cover photographer for this issue of ACHE. her pictures are infused with femininity and softness, and

    were excited to present our interview with her.

  • 020

    megan tipps is a twenty-six-year-old fashion photographer from houston, texas. she worked internationally as a model for ten

    years and switched to photography just two years ago. her pic-tures, however, are full of depth and richness, and they reveal her

    talent and experience in the fashion industry.

    ACHE Magazine: What do you try to convey through your work? Why do you photograph?

    Megan Tipps: I started taking pictures because it made me completely happy and was a way for me to stay co