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Study Notes for Seton History 5 Chapter 2

Text of Ach His5 Ch2

  • 1. The First Cabinet Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State In charge of foreign affairs Helped work out treaties & agreements with other countries Became the 3rd president Edmund Randolph Attorney General Advises the president on legal matters Attorney for the government

2. The First Cabinet Henry Knox Secretary of War In charge of the Army & the Navy Later this post would be called Secretary of Defense Alexander Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury Oversee financial affairs Pay off war debts Brilliant in money matters 3. Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) Located in the South between Maryland & Virginia Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton worked this compromise out The Southern states agreed to help pay the war debts 4. Taxes Tariff Hamilton proposed a tax on imported goods Hoped to raise money & help establish American business Did not produce enough revenue Excise Tax When the tariff failed to produce enough money, Hamilton proposed an excise tax This would products made in America 5. Early Treaties The Jay Treaty Washington sent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay to England England agreed to withdraw its troops and give up its forts around the Great Lakes. It didnt deal with the issue of England taking American sailors. The Pinckney Treaty The coast of the Gulf of Mexico belonged to Spain Spain controlled trade along the Mississippi River Spain signed a treaty with Thomas Pinckney settling the area in the Florida panhandle and making New Orleans a free port 6. John Adams Became the 2nd president Ran as a Federalist Ran against Thomas Jefferson who was a Democratic-Republican Jefferson became his Vice President They had once been friends but now disagreed over many things 7. The XYZ Affair America refused to pay a bribe to France. 8. Unpopular Laws President given power to expel any foreigner with the Alien Act Freedom of speech and freedom of the press were taken away with the Sedition Act