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ng 2: Network Services


N i dung

Names and Addresses HOSTS File LMHOSTS Domain Name System Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) SMB and CIFS Mail Services Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Dynamic DNS Active Directory Basics2

Names and Addresses

name (hostname)indicates what we seek.

address (IP)indicates where it is.names & numeric addr be used interchangeably

route (tuy n)indicates how to get there

Name are easier to remember and type correctly. Applications use IP addresses, but names are easier for humans to use


Names and AddressesIn most cases, hostnames and numeric addresses can be used interchangeably. User can ping the PC at IP address by entering: C:\ ping Or by enter the hostnames associated with the address: C:\ping The system converts the hostname to an address before the network connection is made.


Names and Addresses

to organize PC system names

2 common methods usedS d ng tn n gi n ch m i host. hostname ph i l gi tr duy nh t trn m ng (must be unique within network) V d : once the name pooh has been assigned to a host, no other host on that network should be assigned that name.

Flat namespace


Names and Addresses

to organize PC system names

2 common methods usedM ng chia nh thnh nhi u ph n g i l domain (Subdivides network into multiple named parts called domains) hostname

Hierarchical namespace

Gi tr duy nh t trong m t domain (unique within a domain) Nh ng c th c nhn i trong cc domain khc trn cng 1 m ng (but may be duplicated in other domains on the same network)

For example, a host named and another host named may exist within the same network in this case, the Internet.6

Names and Addresses

flat namespace is inadequate (khng



Tn c s n b gi i h n (Limited name availability ) A good computer name is short, easily remembered, and meaningful. In a flat namespace, all the good computer names are taken quickly, and you find yourself assigning essentially random names to your hosts.


Names and Addresses

flat namespace is inadequate (khng



C n qu n l t p trung (Centralized administration requirements)Gn quy n qu n l t p trung cho m i hostname c th lm cho ti n trnh x l ch m tr ho c t nh t (The central authority assigns every hostname, which can be a slow tedious process)


Names and Addresses



simple text file that associates IP addresses with hostnames

Windows Server 2003 systems

%SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts IP address a list of hostnames associated with that address

entry contains

Comments begin with #.





M i my tnh trong m ng dng h c m t tn NetBIOS duy nh t. M i tn NetBIOS ch a t i a 16 k t

i u hnh Microsoft


Tn NetBIOS c hai d ng: unique v group Tn NetBIOS d nh v thn thi n h n ng i dng a ch IP iv i

Cch xem NETBIOS: C1: Computername/ change/ more C2: Run/ cmd / nbtstat n (ki m tra tn NETBIOS name my mnh) Nbtstat a IP my khc12

Cc lo i NetBIOS NodeCc lo i NetBIOS node nh ngh a cc ph phn gi i tn NetBIOS sang a ch IPKi u Node B-node P-node M-node H-node Di n gi i Dng broadcast ng k v phn gi i tn NetBIOS Ch dng WINS phn gi i tn NetBIOS K t h p B-node v P-node, nh ng Bnode l m c nh K t h p P-node v B-node, nh ng Pnode l m c nh

ng php

Registry value 1 2 4 813

LMHOSTS (Lan manager hosts)

nh x tn NetBIOS sang

a ch IP

Trong %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc N i dung i t ng c a LMHOSTs (entry contains)a ch IP (IP address) Tn c a NetBIOS k t h p v i with that address) a ch IP (1 NetBIOS name associated

M t vi tnh n ng khng c trong file HOST (some features that not supported by HOSTS file)

Ch thch b t

u b ng k t # (comments begin with #).


#DOM: domain

The entry (entry in LMHosts file) preloaded into cache and permanently retained there speed up for frequently used hostnames


Xc nh m t my ch c th xc nh n yu c u ng nh p (Identifies a Windows server that can validate network logon requests. ) Specifies remote file that should be incorporated in local LMHOSTS file14

LMHOSTSreload with the nbtstat -R command

nbtstat -c cmd shows entries that are currently cached15

HOSTS vs LMHOSTSThe original method of name resolution was to simply look up the hostname in a flat file called a host table. The file that contains TCP/IP hostnames is HOSTS, and the file that contains NetBIOS hostnames is LMHOSTS. Now, however, both TCP/IP and NetBIOS support name servers. The database system used to translate TCP/IP hostnames to addresses is called Domain Name System (DNS). The name server system used for NetBIOS names is Windows Internet Name Service (WINS )16


DNS l h th ng tn mi m c pht minh vo n m 1984 cho Internet, c dng phn gi i ( i) tn mi n (hostname) thnh a ch IP trong cc m ng TCP/IP. V d : i thnh a ch PI DNS c so snh nh phone book c a Internet.17

Cy phn c p DNS


Cy phn c p DNS

t ng: Phn pht trch nhi m gn tn mi n v nh x chng thnh a ch IP cho m t server c th m quy n Domain names s p x p thnh m t cy, c t thnh nhi u vng, m i vng c qu n l b i m t server c th . Khng gian tn mi n ch a m t cy tn mi n. Cy con chia thnh nhi u vng M t vng ch a t p h p cc node lin quan c qu n l b i DNS nameserver chnh th c19

Cy phn c p DNS

M i node hay l trn cy c 1 hay nhi u b ng ngu n, ch a thng tin lin quan n tn mi n M t namespace n c th lm ch nhi u vng.


Domain Name System (DNS)

T ch c thnh cy phn c p t ng t nh cch t ch c phn c p c a th m c (organized into hierarchy similar hierarchy filesystem), bao g m: root domain top-level domains (TLD) Geographic aside for country in the world (by a 2letter: vn, fr, uk,jp, organizational com, edu, gov, mil, net, int, org (based on the type of organization)21

Domain Name System


Domain name server

1 domain name th ng ch a m t hay nhi u ph n (nhn), ng n cch b i d u ch m.

Nhn ph i nh t chuy n n vng cao nh t (toplevel domain) M i nhn cho n pha tri nh ngh a s chia nh hay l vng con c a vng trn n. V d : bi u hi n vng con c a vng org; bi u hi n vng con c a mi n

Domain name server

Domain name server ch a 1 t p c phn c p DNS server. DNS server c quy n cng b tn mi n v nameserver c a nh ng vng d i n. S phn c p t m ki m sot c a DNS server t ng h p v i s phn c p mi n.


WINS (Windows Internet Name Service)-

NetBIOS-over-TCP/IP (NetBT) l 1 thnh ph n m ng tch h p s n trong Windows c nhi m v phn gi i tn t NetBIOS name sang IP. C ch phn gi i NetBIOS name: a). S d ng Broadcast. b). S d ng WINS Server. Gi i php khng s d ng Broadcast h i a ch IP c a m t my tnh trong m ng l s d ng m t my ch l u NetBIOS Name a ch IP c a ton b cc my tnh trong m ng, my ch ny c g i l WINS Server.25


Cc thnh ph n c a h th ng WINSMy ch d ch v WINSSubnet 2

C s d li u WINS

My khch dng d ch v WINSSubnet 1

WINS Proxy

How a WINS Client Registers and Releases NetBIOS NamesName Registered Name Released

WINS Client

WINS Server

1 2

My khch g i yu c u

ng k t i my ch WINS

My ch WINS ghi nh n thng tin v g i l i thng s thng bo ng k thnh cng My khch yu c u h y b tn My ch WINS g i xc nh n h y tn

How a WINS Server Resolves NetBIOS NamesLin l c 3 l n My khch My ch WINS A

1Subnet 2

Subnet 1

2 3

My ch WINS BSubnet 2

1 2 3

My khch lin l c 3 l n v i my ch WINS, nh ng khng nh n c h i p My khch lin l c t i t t c cc my ch WINS khc t i khi no nh n c h i p Sau khi phn gi i thnh cng, my ch WINS tr k t qu l i cho my khch

Resolving a NetBIOS name

h-node WINS client resolve NetBIOS name to IP address in following mannerIf WINS client cannot resolve name from its local cache query request to WINS server.

sends name

If WINS query fail client sends IP broadcast packet containing a name query request.

contains the NetBIOS name of the computer to be resolved. WINS server returns IP address that WINS database maps to NetBIOS name. client uses IP address to establish a session with target computer. If target computer is on same subnet returns IP address to the querying computer and direct session is established.

If IP broadcast name query request fails to return an IP address, client examines its local LMHOSTS file , if local LMHOSTS contains an #INCLUDE statement pointing to a remote LMHOSTS file on a server, it examines remote LMHOSTS file as well.


Qu trnh WINS ReplicationWINS replication l qu trnh sao chp c s d li u c a WINS khi c s thay i t my ch WINS ny sang my ch WINS khcMy ch WINS A WINS ReplicationSubnet 1 Subnet 2

My ch WINS B

My A

My B

C ch Push ho t

ng ra sao

My ch WINS s nh c nh cc my ch WINS khc l c s thay i trong c s d li u c a mnh C ch Push p ng nhu c u ng b ha cho cc ng truy n c b ng thng l n 4 Replicas sent 3 Replication sent 2 Notification request My ch WINS WINS Server A A My ch WINS WINS Server B BSubnet 1

150 changes occur in database

Subnet 2

1 2 3 4

My ch WINS A c 50 thay

i trong c s d li u i

My ch WINS A nh c nh my ch WINS B v s thay ny My ch WINS B yu c u ng b ha u ng b ha

My ch WINS A g i xc nh n v b t

C ch Pull ho t

ng ra sao

My ch WINS yu c