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24 page 2009 Roslindale Open Studios brochure that includes 97 artists in 44 locations. I provided ad sales, designed, and built the brochure. 10,000 printed.

Text of 2009 Roslindale Open Studios Brochure

  • 1. ents the 5th Annual The Ros lindale Arts Alliance Pres 97 Ar tis ts In 44 Locations our ART!inner For 2 At YEnter T Win a D staurant. See Page 19 o * e Re Favorite RoslindalRoslindale hasPhoto by Bob Ward

2. RO S L I N DA L E O P E N S T U D I O S 2 0 0 9 About Roslindalespot where I create my Open Studioswork. This is a very excit- Now in its 5th year the ing aspect of the Open Roslindale Open Studios Studios event. Visitors are is an annual signatureable to chat directly with event sponsored by thethe artists who make the Roslindale Arts Alliancework and are able to learn that draws people into ourabout the various methods community from all over and materials fine artists the state. For two days inuse. Here we have art November, local and visitingappreciation in action, not artists enthusiastically shareto mention fine art for sale their wonderful art in home without the hefty gallery studios, group spaces and prices! businesses. Highlights at this years This year over 97 artists event include: will be selling and displaying in over 44 locations Preview Show and Reception on November 6 at 6:30 throughout Roslindale. Mediums represented include: p.m. at Longfellow School, 885 South Street, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, fiber, Roslindale. Here you can meet the artists, get a bro- ceramics, mosaics, mixed media,chure and map and see work from sculpture, music, jewelry and more. Thehome studio artists. Light refresh- event is free and open to the public.ments will be served sponsored Participating mixed media/photographyby Equal Exchange and Roslindale artist and Vice President of the Village Main Street. Roslindale Arts Alliance, Kasey DavisFree kids activities sponsored Appleman has this to say about by the Roslindale Arts Alliance her experience in Roslindale Openand the Girls Scouts of Eastern Studios, Its been the perfectMassachusetts in the Cafeteria atCongratulations opportunity for me to meet neigh- bors and to share my skill and passion for fine art. Participating as a home studio provides a uniqueSacred Heart School, 1035Canterbury Street, Roslindale.Enter to win a gift certificatefor a fabulous dinner at aon 5 Fabulous Years!opportunity to show in the sameRoslindale restaurant (see page19 for details).Roslindale Open Studios 2008.Photo by Stephen BairdRoslindale Open Studios is the best Support Roslindale Open Studios Buy a Raffle Ticketand Moses agrees! Longfellow House885 South Street (site number 1 on the map). To help defray the costs of providing Roslindale Open Studios, Linda Burnett, Rozzie resident and Realtor please consider taking part in our raffle generously donated by Equal Exchange, who partners withKeller Williams Realty, Boston-Metro.co-operatives of farmers who provide high-quality organiccoffees, teas, chocolates and snacks from farmers all over the www.GreatHomesInBoston.comworld, including here in the United States. Raffle tickets will(617) 335-2824 be available at the Longfellow House during the Preview Show ONLY. Visit equalexchange.com 1 3. ELLAN D H ANDS W CRDILKY BAST L SRS PAFN WAT P RL T RDYREIG U PKAR VE L O SH W VFWW TOWPKY OD R D WY VFLL STVA 1 BUSSE RO S L I N DA L E O P E N S T U D I O S 2 0 0 9Y ST GATTRNEW S DRYEY STST N CIRW RE AL NTK RD HICE LL3 ST4 CO NS M ARIS EN ArnoldDA TO DUArboretum KN N STLE RD M O HEPRLL ST STHWIM SH FA 5 UTSTRQLE ASRO EF TTSOSTFL SY HFSE 9 FEUH STETSTIE IE CO ARMSTRLDST RDM LDN CH ES 10 STE ST TONG HERRD T RE UG BRRESTAL 2NGST T STSTADRO NT SVE W 11EN EW FIBOHIST 6CEELPP ARAS1 VI D HealyTA IR AV SOU 7 AY ST WTH SFAEH 29 FI Field UT TNW 8 RT AINSWORTH SO BE HRD CO ROXL IEW13IRV HRK AVESOUTHST FallonEFAOUT M Y BET URRD L RR ILST FieldRTRA STEAFT H TYNDALE ST 2128Y ST 22SOUBAHIST 25 24 20 TH STSI L TLRBR 12 CO 23 LE 30 BELGRADE AVEST D POPLAR RI NEPONSET AVHYDE PA STNT 19CUBELGRADE AVEST RE ST 44 HLSTAL 16 MST TBR ST RS E MI ND 43AV27NC 15HE NSHAD LI STRCPEN STG AM RE W FIEL ER ST OM G D STOBIT T O14 M OFLORENC EROHW STNANS LBSEFL NT CAD BUE STIO LOCOSTYPAIN SVAMDO26 WSYNHARRLE ALTNE TO THOEL CO AIST BA AR SSTSTNE PESHNG NO RE STHILLOCK STDU31HIPOPLO ST RN ST 18WALWORTH STASE AMTREDG EL17CSYST W E COLALAV T CUNSBU CHSTRN NDMAKITWMI 41 ELER DRRGST MTO ES 42L SHIN ALNE IF T SST ST CLWUR ROENE39 HWAV BEMLicence # 7836DG O XBETTB EC N Y AV RE RO URW ES H DE TT POOSST NT W Y BR TUKI ONLITAUS TE W40 N W PK RG HI LEGENDEL AUTF AV WLSE OYMR# COERVI 38 D Studio site with map numberSTBURYST RD RNPOPLA E37 RRDATE EL STPlumbing, Heating & A ANRNL 35 C R ST MBTA commuter rail train (Needham BLine)VE STOAVEALE NRK AVEST ECR ONT STECST LE RDMRemodeling Contractors H EST ST R GRD CLARE ParkingInformationSTO PLAR 34 V EEWDG PINEDACLIFFM STRERAHYDE PA All Major Credit Cards 24-Hour TelephoneAV M STMS 32TT Wheelchair accessibleARDPETDE E617-325-3283 KILL NRO 36 AVTO E STPO Suggested studio routeSTH AR NGRLIT LAES4280 Washington Street, Roslindale, MA 02131 www.tbros.com ANP HI One-way streetPO MAS AVJA33 W DAWELCOME TO ROSLINDALE OPEN STUDIOS PARKING LE STST AN Proudly Serving TThere are 4 sub maps of this larger one; Longfellow Parking in Roslindale at the following locations; AS FR AM Richardsons Ice Cream. NO TAMPArea, pg 4; Roslindale Village Area, pg 7; Hyde Park Bank of America parking lot. EnterERICAN LEGION HWYNASTfrom AN RD LEAvenue Area (pg 12) and West Roxbury Parkway &MWashington Street or Cohasset Street.ET HTS T STMetropolitian Hill Area (pg16).TR NOAH S O ST Taft Hill Terrace Parking lot. Enter from South StreetPO ST R STRINFORMATIONLINS LLITA (opposite Wallpaper City) onto Taft Hill Terrace. CO T NThis brochure can be found at the following locations;POPLAHALLRON STE BOUNDARY RD AV MBTA Commuter Rail Parking lot. Enter at South St. ME DEF 1 Longfellow House, 885 South Street TR and Belgrade Avenue or on the other side of theBA OP O RETEMRES 13 Boston School of Modern Languages, 814 South Streetrailroad tracks from South Street (opposite the WINDHAM OL EN R RD Open Year RoundHAITAFIE AN Boston School of Modern Languages).T 26 Roslindale House,, 120 Poplar Street Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm,E STBE N LD ILLST Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm AVMajor credit cards accepted EC Sacred Heart School. Behind building off Canterbury St.EV 35 Sacred Heart School, 1035 Canterbury StreetH H682 RD3 STAS2T 74 GOFF ST S LODGE 0RRIN6897 4. TE WY EYSTST LO N G F E L LOW A R E A W REALNT K In residence at HI CELL Chittick Elementary, Mattapan. the3 ST4Performances and EducationalCONSpresentations in Roslindale, MArnoldARIS ENMattapan, Dorchester, DA TODU Arboretum KNNSTRoxbury and BostonLERD M O HEPRLL STSTH W IM SHFA 5 UTST RQLEASROVisit our website and blogEFTTSO ST FLSY HFSE9 FE UHST STto learn more: ET IE IECO AR MSTRLST RDMLDNCHES 10 D Swww.bostonpublicquartet.orgTESTTO NG H ERRD TRE UGBRRE ST bostonpublicquartet.wordpress.com AL2NGST TST ST ADRONT S VEW 11 ENEWFIBO HI ST6 CE EL PPAR AS 1 IDRVHealy TABoston Public QuartetAV SOU7 AYSTWI TH S FA ETH TFI RT FieldNWU8AINSWORTHSOBE H RDCO ROXLIEW IRV H RK AVE SOUTHST Fallon EY FAOUT BET M UR RD Community through Chamber Music L RR IL ST FieldRT RASTEAFT HTYNDALE ST Y ST SO BA HIST U TH STSIL T LRBR12CO LE Betsy Hinkle, Boston Public Quartet, 92R Walworth Street, Roslindale, MA 02131 617-513-5325 BELGRADE AVE ST DPOPLARRI NEPONSET AV HYDE PA ST STNT CRE ST H 9 Mary Russell UM L STAL 5 Erik GehringST T 1 LONGFELLOW HOUSEAnd The Beat Goes OnST RS E M NDAVNC60 Arborough Road INHENRYS HEH885 South Street87 Walter StreetP LISTSRCST G AM ENFBoutique Digital Music ServicesRE WPREVIEW SHOW OF HOMEPhotographyIELD Oil, WatercolorEROG OBIST T VARIETY MARKETT O MFLORENC E H RSpecializing in live continuously OSTUDIOS & ARTISTS INST NSLB SEerik@erikgehring.commrussellgardengoddess@earthlink. FL CA DBU WYSTmixed, mood-specific music E CO ST BUSINESS STOREFRONTSPAIN S catered to suit your nextwww.erikgehring.com com M DOWSY ONHAReception Friday, Nov. 6, 2009, ALT special event.NER STH EL CO O STBA GT ST 6:30pm-8pm. Refreshments served. ST 6 Robert J. Gray 10 Mary McCusker Mini Supermarket PE SHEveryone is invited. Sponsored by NO Mass Lottery-$1,000,000 winnerDJ HarrisonNRE16DSymmes Street, #216 Ashfield Street OPLA Live KenoRoslindale Village LLOCK STHI Main Streets HIU Metro PCS Wireless Dealer (617) 323-3033 OSTOil Painting & DrawingRN ST Mixed Media, Oil, Acrylic, WALWORTH ST We Accept Utility Bills ASDGE AM Purchase Money Orders2 Calla Fogarty ELllgray@umich.eduMono Prints, Watercolor C andthebeatgoeson@comcast.net SY P STW E L Store Hours: Mon.-Sat. 6am-10pm, Sun. 6:30am-9pm www.andthebeatgoesondj.net KITTRE COALST30 Hewlett Street #1 AV mccusker4@comcast.net CU BU CH STwww.marymccusker.com AN 7 Rebecca Fullerton892 South Street Roslindale, MA 02131 TEL: 617-325-3483RNNDPrintmaking, Drawing,M RM IELDR RG ST11 Fairview StreetHEM OCollage, Artist Books L11 Rick CarpenterS FT IN NEsupacalla179@yahoo.comPaintingS ST ISTCL W URapachurable@hotmail.com 18 Tappan StreetE NE3 Natasha NolanHW AVBEMDGOhttp://paintergal.becky.googlepages.comETSculpture TB116 EArdale StreetN Y AV RECRO reddotrick@yahoo.comW ESMixed H Media8 Steven KlarerDE TTPO OSSTNTwww.rickcarpenterstudios.comWBR TU(Paint, Spray Paint, Collage) KI15 Conway Street,NO #2 LITA www.reddotboys.comUS99missedkisses@gmail.comTE WComputer Art W NPKR G HI ELAU12 Randy Nehiladelicious cheeses4 Shoanna Crowell-KeyserTFsteve@klarer.net AWPOPLS56VE chocolate O135 Walter StreetTyndale Street YMR specialty foods CO ERVI Oil Painting & Print Making DHandmade Felt Bags18 Birch StreetSTLARRmany local productsYBU featuring local artistsST RD RNERoslindale Squareshoanna@scarlettdalila.com RDArnehila@hotmail.comST617.325.2500ER EL TAwww.bostoncheesecellar.com N 4172 Washington St Roslindale, MA 02131 617-323-5702 RNwww.scarlettdalila.comwww.tresgatos.usCA ST4 L5VEBE STO AVEALNECAVE ST T STEC STRDMRESHT STGR 5. BRGERT RE ST ADSTNTS VE S N RWENEWFIBO HIST STCEELPP ARRO S L I N DA L E V I L LAG E A R E AAS VIDTA IRAV