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  • Administrative DetailsSmoking AreaBreaks / Lunch Turn Cell Phones and Blackberries To VibrateCourse MaterialInstructor ManualCD ROMCourse FormatCBTsInstructor Led DemoHands On With DevicesTrainer Teach BacksProgram Schedule

  • Program Schedule

  • Introductions Name and LocationJob DescriptionTraining ExperienceSiebel ExperienceClass ExpectationsTell Something Unique About Yourself, OR Your Favorite Vacation Spot, OR Something Youve Always Wanted to Do and Never Have

  • Wireless Handheld Video

  • Wireless Device Benefits Improved Field Technician ProductivityEliminate the need to call a dispatcher or HSP call center to activate and close activities on most activity types.Technicians can status, activate and close activities using their wireless-based equipment unitsLook into customers equipment historyReal time visibility to activity changes. Cancelled or rescheduled activities are removed from the activity list view and order line item changes are updated on the OLI list viewIndividual view of equipment on hand (electronic)Ability to delete non-serialized order line items without user interactionA single device doubles as a phone and activity status handler

  • Wireless Device Benefits Automated And Streamlined ProcessesOptimized, automated scheduling for technician routes based on service region, schedule and skills (exceptions are handled manually by dispatchers)Automated equipment inventory management and tracking via bar code scanningEnd-to-end view by warehouse technicians into inventory transactions for DIRECTV components onlyDetailed, timely view into technician attendance and average daily activities completed

  • Wireless Training

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceUsing the Intermec CN3 Wireless Device QRC Section 3Onscreen Keyboard and StylusTo show or hide the input panel keyboard, use the stylus.Tap the input panel icon.Tap the keys with your stylus to type the following.Lowercase letters, tap the keys with the stylus.Single uppercase letter or symbol, tap the shift key.Multiple uppercase letter or symbols, tap the cap key.

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceStylus

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceScreen IconsThe screen icons listed will appear on the navigation and command bars to provide applicable statuses.

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceTurn Device On / OffTo turn the device on, press the yellow power button once.To turn the device off, press and hold the power button for about two (2) seconds.Note: By default, the device goes into a lower power mode or turns off after two minutes of inactivity. Press the Power button to resume activity at any time.

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceCapitalize a Single Key Using The Device KeypadTo capitalize a single character on the keypad, press the shift key, and then the character. To type all alphanumeric characters as uppercase letters, enable the caps lock feature on the keypad.

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceCaps / Num / Alt Lock On The Device KeypadTo enable the caps lock feature (light stays green), press the orange key on the keypad once followed by the up arrow (shift) key. Press the same key sequence to disable the caps lock feature (sometimes required twice depending on if in caps lock or num lock / alternate.)Tap or double tap orange key to switch between alpha and numericTo enable the num lock / alternate features, press the orange key on the keypad twice. Press the orange key once to disable the num lock and alternate features.

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceAdditional Keys On The Device KeypadSpace Bar KeyEnter Key

  • Intermec CN3 Wireless DeviceAdditional Keys On The Device KeypadTab KeyBacklight Key

  • Access the InternetClick on the Start Button

    Click on Internet Explorer

  • Select Internet Favorite LinksClick on the Menu Button.

    Click on Favorites.

  • Clear History and CookiesSelect Tools from the drop down menu.

    Select Options from the drop down menu.

  • Clear History and Temporary Internet FilesClick on the Memory tab.

    Click on Clear History to clear previous URLs.Click on Delete Files to delete temporary internet files.

  • Clear Internet CookiesClick on the Security tab.Click on Clear Cookies.

  • Wireless Training

  • Wireless Basics CBTsWireless BasicsUsing eTrust Identity Manager WirelessLogging Into Rio WirelessUsing the Main Menu WirelessUsing the Menu Link WirelessUsing Links WirelessWorking with Lists and Forms WirelessWorking with Records and Fields WirelessLogging Out WirelessReviewing and Acknowledging Todays Activities WirelessViewing Truck Inventory and Todays Equipment WirelessSearching for Products in Inventory WirelessReviewing and Updating an Activity WirelessMapping the Customers Address WirelessUpdating Order Line Items and Capturing Parts Used WirelessActivating Using the Wireless Unit WirelessClosing an Activity Wireless

  • Wireless Basics DemoInstructor Led DemoLog in NavigateMy activitiesTruck inventoryTodays equipmentEquipment covered (on truck) equipment required todayEquipment required (additional) required today not on truckActivity detailReceiver listStatus activitiesLog outHandout activity / assets worksheets

  • Wireless Basics Hands OnTrainers Hands OnLog in NavigateStatus activitiesStatus all activities to AcknowledgedStatus the first Activity to En RouteLog out

  • Activity Scenarios CBTsInstall and Upgrade ActivitiesInstall WirelessInstall without Pending Services WirelessUpgrade Relocate WirelessUpgrade Swap Relocate on Secondary Receiver WirelessUpgrade Swap Relocate on Primary Receiver WirelessUpgrade Swap Replace on Secondary Receiver WirelessUpgrade Swap Replace on Primary Receiver WirelessUpgrade New Unit Wireless

  • Activity Scenarios DemoInstructor Led DemoClose one Upgrade Replacement On a Secondary Receiver

  • Activity Scenarios Hands OnTrainers Hands OnEach trainer will use their handheld wireless device to perform the following tasks Close one Install ActivityClose one Upgrade Replacement on a Secondary ReceiverEach trainer will complete the following when closing their activitiesStatus the ActivityAdd a comment (40 ladder)Add the DIRECTV Protection PlanClose each OLIClose the Activity

  • Trainer Teach BacksTrainers Teach Back (30 Mins Each)Two chosen trainers will teach back an assigned Activity to the class using the URL on the trainers PCEach trainer will Have 5 10 minutes to prepareHave 10 15 minutes to show how to perform the following during their teach backShow the class how to use the QRC for their scenarioStatus the ActivityAdd a comment (40 ladder)Add the DIRECTV Protection PlanClose each OLIClose the ActivityClass feedback (5 10 mins)

  • Trainer Teach BacksTrainer Teach Back #1Technician CTOH000102 (Ironwood)Close one Install Activity

  • Trainer Teach BacksTrainer Teach Back #2Technician CTOH000113 (Mastec)Close one Upgrade Replacement on a Secondary Receiver Activity

  • Wireless Training Wrap-up Day 1

  • WIRELESS TRAIN-THE-TRAINERAll materials are proprietary, confidential and subject to change. Field Performance Management / Version 1.2. Copyright 2008 DIRECTV. Unpublished work. All rights reserved. Revised 10/10//08