“ We are what we eat ”

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We are what we eat . Professor : Pamela aza. Milk Cereals Vegetables Cereals Etc. Fried chips Hamburgers Pizza Sweets Etc. . Types of food. Food. Meat. Vegetables. Fruits. Drinks. Fast Food. Healthy Food. Preferences. Like: Do you want some tea? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>We are what we eat</p> <p>We are what we eatProfessor: Pamela azaMilkCerealsVegetablesCerealsEtc.Fried chipsHamburgersPizzaSweetsEtc. Types of foodFoodMeatVegetablesFruitsDrinksFast FoodHealthy FoodPreferencesLike:Do you want some tea? No thanks, I dont like it. Rather:Would you rather drink juice or a fizzy drink? I would rather drink juice.</p> <p>Prefer:Would you prefer to eat meat or a fruit? I would prefer to eat a fruit.</p> <p>Is it healthy or fast food?Healthy food</p> <p>Carrot</p> <p>French FriesFast food</p> <p>HamburgerFast foodFor this and more information visit:http://englishandu.wordpress.com</p>