Sustainable Energy Solutions, Mechanical Engineering Firm, LEED Consultants

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Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) is a mechanical engineering firm focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The extensive knowledge that the SES team brings to energy analysis and design has resulted in over $20,000,000 of aggregated documented energy savings.

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2. Experts in Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy WHO WE ARE 3. FIRM PRINCIPAL, DR. BYARD WOOD Fellow of: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) American Solar Energy Society (ASES). Founding member of the Solar Rating and CertificationCorporation (SRCC); served as the executive director until2005. Principal investigator for more than 55 projects fundedby the US Department of Energy, State of Arizona, State ofNevada, ASHRAE, NSF, Public Utilities, and Industry. Supervised more than 300 energy assessments withenergy conservation recommendations for schools, publicbuildings and manufacturing facilities. 4. FIRM PRINCIPAL, DENIS DONOVAN Founding principle of the Energy Assessment Center, Dept. M.E., University of Nevada, Reno Provided technical assistance to both Sierra Pacific and Nevada Power for rebate programs Served as the technical lead for Rebuild America: Nevada Secured several DOE funded awards for energy work in Nevada Worked to create the Nevada Energy Team, the Nevada Office of the Industries of the Future, the Renewable Energy Project of Nevada, and the Facility Operator Certification for Utility Systems (FOCUS) program 5. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Mechanical Engineering Design Mechanical Engineering Consulting Energy Assessments Renewable Energy System Designs Energy Systems Computer Modeling LEED Consulting & Certification Turnkey Projects 6. Cost & Energy SavingsCASE STUDIES 7. EAGLE PICHERGRAND SIERRA RESORT Innovative Design Energy Savings SES designed a unique Combined SES worked with GSR facilityHeat and Power (CHP) Plant for EPengineers to identify opportunitiesMinerals. The CHP combines for reducing energy usage in theirelectrical generation with thermal chilled water system. Bygeneration to provide very highimplementing recommendedoperational efficiencies. Recently improvements, the GSR was ablecompleted, at this very early stageto reduce the run time on theirof operation, operating efficiencies second chiller by more than 350have exceeded the design hours in the first month ofexpectations. The anticipatedoperation, saving more thanresultant cost savings will provide180,000 kWhr and $20,000 ina return on investment in under 3the first month alone.years. CASE STUDIES 8. CARSON VALLEY SWIM CENTERLEXUS OF LAS VEGASSolar ThermalLEED EB Gold Certification Designed as the primary heating Providing Lexus of Las Vegas withsource for the facility's main indoorproject management and energypool as well as the domestic hot efficiency services for their LEEDwater, the solar thermal systemcertification project led to manysupplies an estimated 85% of the successes including a 42%main pools annual energy usage and reduction in process water use andnearly 100% of the domestic hota 20% reduction in energy use.water usage. Additional design SES led the dealership through theimprovements at the CVSC includedimplementation of a new onerous and detailed LEED EBdehumidification system that green building rating processsignificantly improved air quality inwhich culminated in a successfulthe building.LEED Gold Certification.CASE STUDIES 9. Innovative, Energy Efficient DesignSERVICES 10. ENERGY DESIGN Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency Renewable energy system HVAC System Design assessment and design Combined heat & power Renewable engineeringsystems (cogeneration) design and consulting (PV, design solar thermal & wind) Plant-wide or focused energy Renewable energy systems efficiency assessments modeling DOE Energy Assessment andBest Practices guidelines Over 500 energyassessments performed 11. ENERGY SUPPORTCost Savings Energy Modeling Power contracts and energy Building and/or complete load shaping energy system modeling Energy Solution Design and (DOE Energy+, TRNSYS) Implementation Whole building energy Utility Regulationssimulation (LEED NC) State Energy Legislation Renewable energy systems Over $20,000,000 inmodeling aggregated documented energy savings 12. Mining Manufacturing Light Commercial Swim Complexes Hotels/Casinos LEED NC & LEED EBOM INDUSTRIES SERVED 13. Sustainable Energy Solutions


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